Saturday, April 1, 2017

US border agents are doing 'digital strip searches'. Here's how to protect yourself

From: The Guardian 

The number of mobile phones being searched at the US border is exploding, but certain steps can help secure your privacy

Searches of mobile phones by US border agents grew from fewer than 5,000 in 2015 to 25,000 in 2016. Photograph: JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images/Blend Images

Last month, the US-born Nasa engineer Sidd Bikkannavar was pulled into additional screening when he entered the US after a two-week vacation in Chile. He was taken into a room and told to hand over his phone and passcode. He explained that the phone belonged to Nasa and contained important work-related data, but immigration officials insisted and handed him a document explaining that the penalty for refusing was “detention”. He eventually complied and they took his phone into a another room for 30 minutes before allowing him to leave.
Bikkannavar never found out why he was chosen for additional screening. He had not travelled to any of the Muslim-majority countries included in Trump’s travel ban.
Cases like this are exploding. According to data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), searches of mobile phones by border agents grew from fewer than 5,000 in 2015 to 25,000 in 2016 (DHS told the Guardian that there was an anomaly in the 2016 data, but did not reveal how that changes these figures). Anecdotal evidence indicates that searches have risen further in the wake of the election of Donald Trump.  MORE

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

‘Americans Are On Our Side’: Al-Nusra Commander Says US Arming Jihadists Via Third Countries

When those with the facts reported truthfully that the Obama regime was arming the Al-Nusra terrorists that Obama claimed to be fighting, the presstitutes screamed in unison “conspiracy theory!”
Here is an interview with Al-Nusra commander Abu Al Ezz in which he describes the weapons delivered to Al-Nursa by Washington and its vassals and says, unambigiously, “The Americans are on our side.”

Thursday, March 16, 2017

No, it is not a Conspiracy - Watch the Video

From:  Jerry Day 

If you don't think your utility meters are spying on you for you utility company's fun and profit, take a close look at this short video put out by a company that sells software products that "analyze" your personal electronic utility meter data for your utility company.
Particularly ominous is the end where they say they package your personal data so it can be "monetized" by selling it to "third party organizations".
This video is not conspiracy theory or a hoax. This is an offer from a company to do exactly what this video says they will do. Onzo is a "big data" company based in London. See

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kenli Schoolland – How digital marketing is fuelling a revolution in education

From:  Liberty International 

“Think about what you wanted at 18 (years old),” said Kenli Schoolland during a presentation at the Foolish Things Salon on Oahu, Hawaii.
“Would you take a $200,000 bet that that’s what you wanted to do ten years later? . . . Or for the rest of your life?” asked Kenli.
Kenli said that education around the world has changed as government has subsidized higher education. “With these federal loans, people started to take gambles. They started to bet on what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives, with no money down.”  MORE

Thursday, January 26, 2017

NH House Committee Votes to Approve the Regulation Freedom Amendment Resolution

In our first Committee vote of the year, the NH State-Federal Relations Committee voted today to approve HCR 4, the Regulation Freedom Amendment Resolution sponsored by Rep. Dan Itse.

It should be scheduled for floor action very soon.

With Republican majorities in a record 68 state legislative chambers we look forward to many more chambers passing Resolutions (or circulating letters of support) similar to the Resolutions already  passed in 19 legislative chambers urging Congress to propose the Regulation Freedom Amendment
to require that Congress approve major new regulations.

Now is the time to make the regulatory reforms being proposed by the new administration permanent, so they cannot be undone by a future administration without the consent of Congress.

Three times in American history starting with the Bill of Rights pressure from the states has helped to force Congress to propose Amendments states wanted.

More than 900 state legislators, 7 governors and former governors including Mike Pence, a unanimous vote of the RNC, language in the 2016 GOP Platform, the American Farm Bureau, and the National Taxpayers Union have endorsed the Regulation Freedom Amendment.

Together we can make permanently ending "regulation without representation" one of the defining issues for 2017 and beyond.

If you have any questions, or would like to be more involved in this effort, please  contact me.

Roman Buhler
The Madison Coalition
202 255 5000

Here is the text of the NH Resolution:


State of New Hampshire
In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Seventeen

A Resolution urging Congress to propose the Regulation Freedom amendment to the United States Constitution

Whereas, Locke's Second Treatise on Government is recognized as a foundational document upon which American government is designed; and

Whereas, Locke's discourse on legislative power concludes with the nondelegation doctrine stating, "The power of the legislative, being derived from the people by a positive voluntary grant and institution, can be no other than what that positive grant conveyed, which being only to make laws, and not to make legislators, the legislative can have no power to transfer their authority of making laws, and place it in other hands.  The legislative neither must nor can transfer the power of making laws to any body else, or place it any where, but where the people have;" and

Whereas, the growth and abuse of federal regulatory authority threaten our Constitutional liberties, including those guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments of our Constitution; and

Whereas, federal regulators must be more accountable to elected representatives of the people and not immune from such accountability; and

Whereas, the United States House of Representatives has passed with bipartisan support H.R. 427, the Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act, known as the REINS Act, to require that Congress approve major new federal regulations before they can take effect; and

Whereas, even if enacted, a law may be repealed or waived by a future Congress and President; and

Whereas, an amendment to the United States Constitution does not require the President's approval and cannot be waived by a future Congress and President; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That the New Hampshire General Court does hereby urge that the United States Congress vote to propose the Regulation Freedom amendment to the United States Constitution as follows:

"Whenever one quarter of the members of the United States House of Representatives or the United States Senate transmits to the President their written declaration of opposition to a proposed federal regulation, it shall require a majority vote of the House of Representatives and the Senate to adopt that regulation."

That copies of this resolution be transmitted by the house clerk to each member of Congress, and the speaker of the house of representatives, and the president of the senate of every state legislature in the United States.