Friday, February 8, 2013

Note on the Real Idea Front

From Mark Lerner

To All:

I have been asked by EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) to forward the attachment to this email.  The Constitutional Alliance will be joining others as a signer of the letter.

The subject of the letter is "event data recorders" (EDR's).  As of September 2014 automobile manufacturers will be required to install EDR's in most light vehicles.  EDR's can record, retain, and report data related to the operation of a vehicle. 

It is not my intent to focus on all the types of data EDR's can collect or the different entities that can have access to the data.  I have attached a draft letter for those that would like to read and learn more.

For me personally the use of EDR's once again brings us to a broader discussion about the use of technologies and having sufficient privacy guidelines in place before these technologies are implemented.  Whether it be the Patriot Act, The Real ID Act 2005, Fusion Centers, Drones or now EDR's there us an undeniable refusal to provide transparency, privacy guidelines and implement what is referred to as Fair Information Practices before the use of certain technologies is allowed for and/or information is collected, retained and shared in accordance with the law in question.

Send your request to join the comments (sign on to the letter) to "Jeramie D. Scott" <>. If you have comments or input for the draft sent them to Khaliah Barnes <>.
Thank you for your support of this effort to get ahead of the data innovations that increase the amount and types of information collected on automobile operators often without their knowledge or consent. 

This potential for this technology in light weight vehicles to be used for surveillance further complicates issues like FISA, PATRIOT Act and ECPA.

If you can sign for your group or organization please contact by email  and ask to be added as a signer of the letter.  If you are an individual that belongs to a group or organization please forward this email to an individual that can sign onto the letter and asking that individual to do so. 

Mark Lerner

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