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About Earth Path Defense and why everyone must act now.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

What We Have Done Since 1989 (Now we can tell you)
It is time for the Earth Path Defense Fund and StarCo

Until the movies “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact” began raising public consciousness on the threat from asteroids impacting the Earth government ignored the issue. Astronauts and others working for government knew, but were ignored.
It was the frustration of two men, both experts on asteroid danger and other related issues, that put both movies into the theaters. Tired of being viewed as paranoid when a realistic alarmist, Brock d'Avignon and his associate, Stephen Cervantes, a collateral merchant banking specialist, wrote two proposals to Viacom/Paramount Studios and Universal. The proposals were each comprised of 51 FYI proposals and included a synopsis for a movie using a scenario for tandem asteroids, deliberately on the first page. It was sent, "FYI," meaning the studio had no obligation to contact those providing it. d'Avignon and Cervantes were perfectly well aware of this and confidently believed the studio would steal the synopsis but, cautious, not use the other technical proposals. 

Included was language provided by Admiral Crowe, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1989, to Brock, quoting President Bush. The President, briefed by Crowe on the asteroid, then one day away, was, "Oh My God." This comment made it into Armageddon, along with other language taken verbatim from the proposal. 

The synopses were sent in 1991 to and relayed to other production companies. As expected, each studio produced a movie based on the synopsis. 

From 1998, when both movies hit the theaters, public awareness shot up. Brock and Steve had achieved their goal. 

Understanding human nature is essential to enacting change. The movie industry now knew about asteroids, as did 2.5 billion people who have seen these two movies. 

In 1999, Congressman Dara Rohrabacher, head of the Congressional Science and Technology sub-committee, created an Asteroid Danger Commission which, with the approval of Congress, gave NASA the mission to locate all asteroids within ten years larger than one kilometer in diameter. 

As of 2017, NASA asserts it has found 85% of these Extinction Level Event (ELE) asteroids. In reality, they have accounted for only 0.0085% of 200,000,000 asteroids, there are 200-Billion comets of which Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) slingshot around the Sun coming at us fast at 70,000 miles per hour. Most asteroids travel at or below 25-thousand miles per hour.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has intercepted or landed on four asteroids or comets, prompting Stephen Cervantes, over the years, to lower the severe discount on asteroid mines playing hard to get from 1/10,000th of a penny to 1/10,000th of a dollar. This is still small enough for the world’s banking systems to absorb and begin to end generational debt. 

Today, the potential of asteroids as a resource for rare metals and other resources is well understood. 

Former astronauts formed the B612 Foundation to lobby NASA to experiment with deflection systems, which has not happened, though they have thought up a few, equivalent to what d’Avignon’s high school students over have identified. A study on the cost-benefit of both the B612 Foundation and NASA is forthcoming. 200 power point panels of technologies and policy for asteroid detection, deflection and development (ADDD), were available by 2003 with a price tag of $353-Billion to encompass Sol with helioscopes silhouetting asteroids and related point and zone defenses. 

Their proposals went to the United States Congress Commission on the Future of the Aerospace Industry which had $2-Million to interview 154,000 people. In the final ten ideas submitted to the president two were by d’Avignon students on the value of space collateral and how the development of property title could pay for all space missions in the free market. 

But, when the US and others realized the enormous potential value of asteroids they took steps to take possession of these. This is wrong in so many ways it boggles the mind. 

Less than 1 – 2% of the telescope time of major observatories, world-wide, funded by governments, are used for asteroid or comet-hunting. 

In 2004, the addition of digital recording with charged-coupled devices (CCDs) allowed unmanned observation which increased the automated discoveries 1,000%. However, the tracking and course projection facilities and budgets of the Minor Planet Center at Harvard Astrophysics, and the Math Department of the University of Pisa, Italy, have remained constant for the last 15 years. 

We began to lose track of asteroids which could hit us, beginning in 2003. The ‘system’ for projecting the tracks of identified asteroids was not funded. NASA’s budgets are always spent for the next five years, so it is turning to Junior High students to analyze streaks from CCD chips, indicating the existence of an asteroid. 

Humanity is still completely vulnerable. It is no better to have an extinction event take place by being hit with an asteroid made of platinum, than one made up of iron. 

Fortunately, free-market efforts began in 2001 by Brock d’Avignon and students at the Mojave High School Aerospace Engineering Academy d’Avignon founded, and has continued since with many other schools’ students, and professors who assay asteroids. These continued efforts have brought the threat and potential for profit to the attention of electronics billionaires and aerospace firms’ CEOs, to an awareness of Rare Earth Elements (REE) contained in asteroids; and their value to the world’s monetary systems. 

What worked for the movie industry, is working again! Greed, or more positively, aligning individual self-interest with available resources, gets people moving. The trick was watching them and ensuring they could see their potential profits. It was a trick carried out when reason failed, as demonstrated with the movie industry in 1991. As expected, the awareness of the threat had only minor residual impact. However, the awareness for potential wealth remains. 

The next round was similar. 

Government allots money. But after the PR is issued, and statements made, the money finds its way into other uses. 

During this continued negligence by government, politicians failed to take any steps to detect and deflect these potentially extinction level threats to humanity. 

Talk is not action. Detection is NOT deflection. NASA, like any other governmental entity, talked but did not produce. 

Another prod was obviously in order. 

Without a system rewarding millions of people for providing eyes in the sky detection will not take place. On any given night, only 300 telescopes are aimed at the sky, covering only 1/20.000th of what is needed. The obvious way to provide for this, beyond the resources of any or all governments and the resources of any or all corporations or wealthy individuals, is allotting a percentage share to people on Earth who obtain a telescope and begin sentry duty. Knowing this, can immediately benefit them far more and likely than buying a lottery ticket. 

Here is the payoff for you doing the right thing along with millions of others, being a participant in Asteroid Detection, Deflection & Development. 

From: earthpathdefense.com/title-rights (Training and explanations are coming. Check back) 
“ The Earth Path Defense Fund (EPDF) believes that neither government welfare scientists nor any military have the motivation, the clear mission, nor funding, to protect Earth. The failure of this paradigm is obvious. Trusting the concept of governing is foolish, instead of recognizing incentive-based earned property rights-to-title percentages for Asteroid Detection, Deflection & Development (ADDD):

  • 2% for the discovering astronomer(s) of an asteroid or comet from a telescope or helioscope.
  • (See Project Lookout! And Project Look-in! to discover 200-million asteroids and 2-billion comets)
  • 2% to the telescope or helioscope owner(s) of an asteroid or comet
  • 2% to the funder(s) of the scope that budget year instrumental in discovery of an asteroid or comet
  • 1% to the first confirmation astronomer, scope owner, and funder of the scope, to verify a new discovery, including at least a two time-lapse course track against the night sky
  • 3% for ground or space-based assay of asteroid surface by spectroscope, radar, infrared, or remote means (See Project Gehrels, which is now in development)
  • 3% for assay core samples of the asteroid or comet in 8 compass points by 8 more at right angles (See Project Shoemaker)
  • 6% for recording, tracking, observational and path projections, and publishing past & present title for next 500 years from 500 accumulated status observations. For property rights to title, no more than the first 20 track observations within any of the first 5 years post-discovery, and 20 per every five years for the next 20 years, will be shared from the first 1% of title rights. After that, no more than one first observation per year for property rights to title as a fraction of 500 divided into the remaining 5% will be rewarded, unless a slingshot course change occurs around any gravity bod(ies) changing its course is detected, (such as 1998OX4 was lost after sling-shotting around both Mars & Venus and threatening Earth while it was lost for 9 months in 2003 and subsequent observations narrowed its miss of Earth’s fantail from 89-million miles down to 5-million that year or it is part of a tandem asteroid orbiting each other until gravity field is disturbed by another object like the Earth or Moon). Then the first 20 more new astronomical time-lapse observations sufficient to track its new course will be rewarded another 1%. The deficit one-percents coming from re-navigation 15% when no party either had or had not prior assumed this responsibility with ability to perform.”

StarCo Space Code for Development & Property Rights for Mining, Transportation, Habitat (see StarCo.info) 

There are responsibilities prior to development totaling 40% Rights-To-Title, leaving 60% for either mining or habitat property rights. 

The United States Congress was asked, simply, by the billionaires activated by showing them the potential for profit to, formulate a law allowing them to retain ownership of materials mined from asteroids. The simple statement was signed by then US President Obama in 2016. It danced around the vagueness in the Moon and Celestial Bodies Treaty on property rights, government oversight of citizen activity in space, and the specific prohibition of governments being able to claim any territory in space. 

Meanwhile, in the tiny Duchy of Luxembourg, its legislature of bureaucrats, panting at the hoped-for business license fees and their officials issuing Certificates of Public Need, based on mostly largess of large ‘Limited Liability Corporations,” have already created a nightmare of unnecessary permissions. US politicians are now trying to emulate the Duchy to create their own government ‘management’ business extortion racket. Two of the three Billionaire-groups known as Planetary Resources Incorporated and Deep Space Industries, have been foolish enough to take them seriously and open offices in Luxembourg. StarCo and Earth Path Defense Fund rejects the asserted authority to take governmental and corporate incompetence into Space. 

The alternative paradigm, the right approach, requires the continued existence of Humanity be funded through the development of the resources Space offers. Repeating their behavior documented above, the only thing they have eyes for are profits and avoidance of liability. 

StarCo’s Space Code for Development & Property Rights for Mining, Transportation, & Habitat provides the essential security for Humanity to continue by acknowledging the risks and potential liability the aforenamed entities are trying, so elegantly, to evade. 

Starco’s CODE provides for Detection, Deflection and then, last for Development, because no other approach can preserve our species. 

The “Common Heritage of Mankind’ is the phrase used by collectivist dictators to control and plunder all the blue and black oceans utilizing their certified permission slips. 

StarCo recognizes the ‘Common Individual Heritage of Humankind,’ by issuing property by all humans who then have a self-interest in ensuring quality control, liability insurance, and externality factors, for instance pollution. 

Self-interest, in alignment with billions of people, will create a better level of accountability than government asserts for itself, meaning it has none itself and confirms the same for Limited Liability Corporations. 

Space resources are too dangerous and too valuable to leave to politicians and their crony friends. Any business that wants to go into Space will be answerable to property owners by parcelization or planets and moons, or by earned property rights to asteroid resources, prior to exploitation of resources, not people. 

Opening space can bring peace to Humanity using the on-point suggestion of Whoopi Goldberg on “The Letterman Show” for achieving peace between Palestine and Israel. Whoopi suggested parachuting Century 21 Real Estate Agents in gold jackets and sending in ladies from Chicago Title into the war zone to document ownership of property. After a long pause, the audience erupted in cheers, giving Whoopi a standing ovation. It could work there. It can absolutely work in space before conflicts begin.
Yes, what we need is honest title insurance in competition in Space. Additionally, we issue property rights to 75% of the 8 planets and 149 moons of the Solar System to every one of the 8-billions of us now living on Earth. This leaves enough territory to allocate to children born after 2023, providing common and transit areas. 

Everyone will receive a share, to use as they like. It can be sold, assigned, mined, used as collateral or, you can go there. It’s yours. If you or an aerospace company decides to go there, its collateral value will rise; therefore, you can borrow against its new value to get there. You will be very interested and know what is happening, as opposed to a disinterested politician or bureaucrat. 

StarCo studied frontiers throughout history to determine what works to create peace and prosperous people, living in freedom. These include Property Charters and Percentage-As-You-Earn finansurance. These were the kind of tools which ended indentured servitude and slavery, creating the largest voluntary emigration in known human history. We can do it again. Granted, this would take some capital, but it can happen by providing a system assigning liability for even failing to handle your waste, in this case rocks and dust, which can cause damage to your neighbors. These measures are necessary to avoid conflicts and harm to others. 

The need to ensure this happens, benefiting all of us to provide motives for all to do the right thing, is what led d’Avignon, Cervantes, and the much larger Earth Path Defense Team to start the Earth Path Defense Fund (EPDF), and Space-Property Title & Asteroid Resources Consortium (StarCo). You did not know we are working on this, way back in the late 1980s, but we were. See earthpathdefense.com abd StarCo.info for further on this fight for your freedom in the Solar System. 

Clearly, we will have to do it ourselves, and we can. 

Buy a telescope, sign up as a Detecting Sentry and Prospector. Stand with us. Get ready to deflect and go mining.

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