Monday, October 30, 2017

Don't Be Distracted...Focus on Making Reform Permanent!

In our era, a key progressive goal is to so distract decision-makers in the White House, Congress, and the pro-limited government movement, that we fail to seize this opportunity to focus on making permanent reforms, especially constitutional reforms, that will change the trajectory of government growth over the next generation.

There are some very smart progressives who realize that the most dangerous part of this Republican coalition, is NOT just Republican control of the White House or Republican majorities in Congress.

Democrats have dealt with those before and they know that the executive orders, budgets, tax policies and laws these majorities enact are only temporary, until the next Democratic super-majorities which come periodically, about once a generation.

What Democrats and progressives REALLY fear is the combination of Republican Congressional majorities, control of the White House AND majorities in the legislatures of 33, almost 2/3, of the states plus split, or near majority control in at least 5 more states and the power they offer for constitutional reform.

The emerging new technology of constitutional reform, refining the strategy of pressure from the states and the public that has resulted in the enactment of 12 of the 27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, could give 2/3 of the states who agreed on the text of an Amendment that was also popular with voters, the power to force Congress to propose that Amendment or something very similar.

States could force Congress to act  without resorting to a convention that is still a very divisive issue in American politics.

It was pressure from the states and the public that forced Congress to propose the Bill of Rights and more recently Presidential term limits.  It could be done again.

If there were active Presidential, Congressional, business community, or widespread grassroots leadership for such an effort to mobilize states to force Congress to propose an Amendment, it could well succeed.

And success for almost any Amendment would transform the balance of state and federal power, taking power away from Washington and giving it back to states and the people, where most voters believe it belongs.

Creating a viable path to taking power out of Washington would totally frustrate progressives' long term plan to create an even more powerful higher tax, higher regulation, higher spending federal government over the next generation.

Especially dangerous for advocates of bigger government is the possibility that pro-limited government forces will find a way to permanently curb the power of the so-called "deep state", often referred to as the administrative state.

The power of the "administrative state" now allows a President to, in many ways, "rule by decree" reinterpreting laws passed years ago, to essentially create new laws without the consent of Congress.  Using that power is a key part of progressive strategy for imposing their economic and cultural agenda on the country the next time they elect a President, without the need for approval by Congress.

Free from the fear of arbitrary federal regulation, the value of assets in energy, agriculture, natural resources, manufacturing, financial markets, technology, and small business could skyrocket, and our rate of economic growth and job creation could double.

But the current power of federal regulators and the near-certainty of a future progressive president who will exploit that power threaten our hopes for high economic growth, our resulting ability to responsibly fund both our defense needs and a safety net for the poor and elderly, our 2nd Amendment rights, our religious freedom, and the very checks and balances on the abuse on federal power that were intended by the authors of our Constitution,

That is the reason that the effort, now unanimously  backed by the RNC with the approval of the White House, and by Resolutions in 26 state legislative chambers, to mobilize states to persuade Congress to propose the "Regulation Freedom Amendment" to require that Congress approve major new federal regulations is so important.

With just a little more support and momentum, this effort could become one of the major issues of 2018, uniting libertarians, conservatives of all kinds, and a majority of the public around the idea that the people and their elected representatives, not unelected bureaucrats in Washington should make the rules that govern us.

That issue and the fact that most Democrats in Washington want send more power to Washington, and give more power to un-elected bureaucrats, things most voters oppose. could totally change the dynamics of the 2018 election.

And that is why the Regulation Freedom Amendment and the effort to "end regulation without representation" deserve your active support, including your time, your resources, and the contacts you have built up over your years of work and living.

We need people at all levels  to contact elected officials urging support for the Amendment, to attend and speak at conferences and political meetings around the nation, and to help us raise the money we need to grow this effort.

If some of your passion and energy were directed towards finding others who would like to be actively involved in this effort to "drain the swamp", you could have a decisive impact at a decisive moment in the effort to reverse the trend towards a more powerful, centralized and abusive federal government.

The historic "triple 'White House/Congressional/State Legislative majorities and the unique opportunity they presents may not come again for a generation, or ever.  We must take advantage of it now or we will look back with regret on the opportunity that we missed!

If you want to discuss, call or email me.

Roman Buhler
The Madison Coalition
202 255 5000

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