Thursday, December 6, 2018

“Boomers going bankrupt at unprecedented rate”

How Exciting! Another News Release from the National Libertarian Party!

Yet another revealing News Release issued today by the National Libertarian Party!
We at Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association urge you to read this opining with attention. If you have been living in your hovel in the wilderness, or have the financing to remove yourself from the meltdown of the economy which has been going on for over a decade now this will be truly shocking. 
However, if you hold a job, run a business, thought you could retire, or had some illusion you could follow the Boomers or Greatest Generation to college, obtain a degree or professional training at a reasonable cost and so enjoy upward mobility and security, you probably rolled your eyes and screamed or groaned. 
If you knew all too well that the homeless rate is rising past alleviation, millions of Americans are now living in their cars, rapacious banks, backed by the Federal Reserve are producing homeless families at a great rate and the regulatory burden on Americans now includes small children who want to have Lemonade Stands. 
And in case you did not notice, the cost of health care insurance is prohibitive and the exclusions continue to rise.  If you bought a home you may realize that 62% of homeowners are 2 – 6 months from foreclosure today. 
I could go on but why bother?  You get the idea. 
And the LP continues to ask you to under-write their salaries while they produce no solutions.  How good a deal has the money you write the LP been for you?
Are you investing to increase freedom – or contributing to a home-grown welfare system which sells you promises instead of solutions which move the idea of a free-market from fantasy to reality?  
On our Blog, Freedom Interactive TV Network Association, we are going to give you an analysis of how effective the LP has been with the resources available.  Reading it is free. 
Ask yourself why Free-Market solutions, which have been available for every problem outlined above. 
Start with why Libertarians could not afford to compete with Dem and GOP politicians on TV. and more other links than you can shake a stick at, so to speak.   

PS – People make money on TV if they are not incompetent.  

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