Monday, January 14, 2019

The Memo That Helped Kill a Half Million People in Syria

Available through Wiki Leaks and Mark Crispin Miller

James P. Rubin wrote it for Hillary, who loved it, and the rest is history (God help us).


The memo shows the advice Hillary Clinton was getting to plunge the U.S. deeper into the Syrian war. As Trump seeks to extricate the U.S. the memo has again become relevant, writes Daniel Lazare

By Daniel Lazare
Special to Consortium News
memo sent to Hillary Clinton that WikiLeaks made public in 2016 has not gotten the attention it deserves. Now is the time. After President Donald Trump tweeted that he was pulling American troops out of Syria, Clinton joined his vociferous critics who want more war in Syria.
Actions have consequences, and whether we’re in Syria or not, the people who want to harm us are there & at war,” Clinton tweeted in response to Trump. “Isolationism is weakness. Empowering ISIS is dangerous. Playing into Russia & Iran’s hands is foolish. This President is putting our national security at grave risk.”    
Actions indeed have consequences.MORE

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