Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Clegg backs demands for judicial probe into UK torture as Blair Government accused of 'secret policy of complicity'

From:  Mail Online 

  • Clegg said torture 'cannot, will not and is not being used' by UK agencies
  • But he said an inquiry might be needed into policy under Blair government
  • David Davis said Britain had 'turned a blind eye' to CIA torture 
  • Senate report revealed use of torture by the CIA was far worse than feared
  • 119 detainees subjected to torture such as beatings and waterboarding
  • One detainee, chained half-naked to a floor, died of hypothermia
  • Human rights groups call for a full judge-led inquiry into torture 
A full judicial inquiry may be needed to get to the bottom of claims British spies were complicit in the torture of terror suspects in CIA jails, Nick Clegg said today.

The Deputy Prime Minister said torture ‘cannot, will not and is not being used under any circumstances by British agencies' today.

But the publication of a damning report into CIA interrogation techniques yesterday has sparked accusations that the Blair Government was was operating a 'secret policy of complicity' after 9/11.  MORE

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