Wednesday, January 14, 2015

American Farm Bureau Convention Votes to Endorse the Regulation Freedom Amendment!

From:  Regulation Freedom 

by Roman Buhler 

By a voice vote which appeared unanimous the delegates at the Annual Convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation just voted to endorse:
 "The Regulation Freedom Amendment to require that Congress approve major new federal regulations".

The Convention will vote again later today to adopt the final report of the of the Resolutions Committee. as approved section by section during the debate today.   This provision on the Regulation Freedom Amendment just approved is Section 7.7 of Section 102 entitled "The Constitution."

There are 354 voting delegates at the Convention which is meeting in San Diego.

Our thanks to all of you who have helped with this effort!

If you or someone you know  would like to get more involved in the effort to mobilize states and state leaders to persuade Congress to propose the "Regulation Freedom Amendment", please contact us

Roman Buhler
The Madison Coalition
202 255 5000

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