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VIDEO - Credo Mutwa: My vision is peace in the world. I blame myself for Michael Tellinger’s malfeasance

Credo Mutwa: My vision is peace in the world. I blame myself for Tellinger’s malfeasance


KURUMAN, SOUTH AFRICA – On a sofa in his home in rural Kuruman, South Africa Credo Mutwa, South African Zulu sangoma or traditional healer, author, and prophet, sits next to Virginia Mutwa whom he calls his sister wife.
Africa as humanity’s birthplace
Credo first touches on themes of Africa as the birthplace of humanity and how his discovery through an early mentor Prof. Raymond Dart that Africa was the birthplace of humanity had led to his work to bring together African and Native American communities after discovering that the Inuit and Zulu words for dwelling were similar (Igloo and Iglu).
As an author, Credo Mutwa is credited with co-writing “The Reptilian Agenda” series with David Icke.
“What I did not know was the viciousness of people seeking the same things I was”
“My grandfather said never blame other people, you have yourself to blame,” Credo said when asked of the current controversy as to whether publisher Michael Tellinger of Zulu Planet has honored his March 27, 2010 contract with Credo Mutwa to produce and distribute a DVD of a September 2008 video-recorded talk between Credo Mutwa and Tellinger and “pay Credo Mutwa 50% of all NETT profit from the sales of the DVD/interview.” [Ed. Note – See Contract below Appendix I]
Asked if he had ever received any money from Tellinger under the contract for sales of the DVD, Credo Mutwa looked at Virginia and both stated emphatically, “No.”
Never a prophet in his own country
Asked about his prophesying the 2010 BP oil spill[1], Credo replied that prophesying was one of his more difficult gifts. “They stone prophets,” Credo says. “I hope I did not upset too many people in North America with my prophesying that trouble for them. My wish for the future is peace.”
Credo Mutwa’s books include:
  • Indaba, My Children (1964). ISBN 0-8021-3604-4, 1st American edition (March 1999)
  • Zulu Shaman: Dreams, Prophecies, and Mysteries. ISBN 0-89281-129-3, 2nd edition (10 October 2003)
  • Songs of the Stars. ISBN 1-886449-01-5, 1st edition (May 2000)
  • Africa Is My Witness, Johannesburg: Blue Crane Books, 1966. ISBN unknown
  • The Reptilian Agenda with David Icke and Credo Mutwa – the complete series.
  • My People, the Writings of a Zulu Witch-Doctor (Penguin Books, 1977)[1] ISBN 0-14-003210-X

VIDEO - Credo Mutwa: My vision is peace in the world. I blame myself for Tellinger’s malfeasance

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