Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ProPublica: IRS Gave Us Confidential Documents


COMMENT -   And who was the first to use the IRS as a weapon for intimidating their political, and personal, enemies?  This was a  routine move for the NeoCons when they were in power.  I know.  They went after me to silence what we knew about Saddam Hussein's willingness to be paid off to leave Iraq in late 2002.  I had done nothing wrong and the IRS ignored this and the documentation provided to them. 

No one should use confidential information for political purposes.  Everyone guilty of having done so should be prosecuted and jailed.  Everyone.  

That said, it is highly inappropriate  for the NeoCon jabbermeisters to use the issue while ignoring the culpability of their own 'employers.' 

 By Greg Richter

The Internal Revenue Service gave confidential documents from conservative groups to the investigative website ProPublica, the website reports.
ProPublica says after the 2012 election it requested documents from 67 organizations, and the IRS sent information on 31 groups. Nine of the groups had not yet been approved for nonprofit status. Releasing information on unapproved applicants is against IRS rules.
All the groups for which the IRS sent information were conservative, ProPublica said — even though ProPublica requested information on liberal and centrist groups too.
"We requested applications from the IRS for all groups that didn't report their donors for political spending to the [Federal Election Commission]," ProPublica reporter Kim Barker said in an email to Newsmax.
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