Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sisters separated as infants reunited at track meet

From:  MSN News

 By MSN News

 Reunited sisters: Robin Jeter, left, and Jordan Dickerson after being reunited at a track meet. Robin Jeter, left, a senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy and her sister, Jordan Dickerson, a junior at Woodrow Wilson High School were reunited after being separated for 17 years. 
Two sisters separated as infants meet by chance at a track meet after teammates note their striking resemblance.
They have the same shoe size, same double-jointed thumbs and similar-sounding voices. So it shouldn't be a big surprise that Jordan Dickerson and Robin Jeter had the same mother — except it took them more than 17 years to find out.
The girls, born about nine months apart, have lived their lives in the same city — Washington, D.C. — attended schools just minutes apart and played some of the same sports. But it wasn't until Jan. 9, when they crossed paths at a high school track meet, that they discovered they were sisters.
Jordan is a junior at Wilson High School; Robin is a senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy Public Charter School.
"My team was like, 'She looks just like you,' " Jordan told WUSA-TV.
The two talked, and Jordan started crying when she found out Robin's last name was Jeter.
Jordan, who was adopted shortly after birth, knew that Jeter was her original last name. She had bounced around as a child from foster care to a legal guardian.
"I asked her, What's your mother's name on your birth certificate, what's her birthday, what does your birth certificate say at the bottom,' " Robin told WUSA.
"I was like, 'What is this, an interrogation?' " Jordan recalled.  
Since the discovery, the sisters have been playing catch-up, visiting each other practically every weekend.
The chance reunion almost never happened. Jordan said she only tried out for the track team to stay in shape.
"If I wouldn't have, I would have never met her," she told WUSA. "I'm so thankful I joined track."

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