Saturday, September 19, 2020

Elect Jo President and Remake America


Dear Jo,

I hope you have been reading the series of open letters I have been sending you about Victory via Satellite courtesy of the Freedom interactive Television Networks Association, Inc. posted at  As the Nominee of the Libertarian Party you have an ethical and ideological obligation to the Libertarian Party’s membership, and to Americans who do not understand the ideas of individual rights, and the power of the free market, to take all steps possible not only to speak, but to visually demonstrate these ideas. 

The time for ‘holding up the liberty flag’ with vague rhetoric is long passed.  Never has America more desperately needed to understand the power of individual rights and free markets.  And talking about these in vague terms waving the free-market like a magic wand in an invisible hand, is not enough; Americans need to see specifically how these can redirect our present slide to disaster economically and for freedom.

It took only six weeks of occasional inclusion of Bill Clinton on news shows for him to overtake a sitting president.  Clinton and W Bush used satellite daily to 1,200 news directors, winning when their competitors did not use it.  Now, all of us use satellite in at some part of the transmission of content, and this does not present an overwhelming advantage any more than the 1% of 20% receiving your message via social media.  That said, there are still millions of Americans who receive their internet by fiber-optic and coaxial cable, TV, phone, and cell tower device feeds originating through cheap satellite.  

I understand that no one in the LP, and your committee, understands how TV really works so let me provide some facts.  Our tech partners gave us the same discounts as low as $150/hour both in 1992 and now.  Our email notification blasts to all TV directors cost $600, 75% lower than market rate by media tech and connectivity people who don’t like censorship.  Oh.  I should have mentioned that as well.  We reject the power of the state to censor. 

One of the reasons I decided to declare for president was because we knew what kind of opportunity we could provide.  A daily interactive TV show from the road as a satellite uplink trailer is towed behind could radically increase the power to connect to voters.  We were pleasantly surprised you went for an RV since there are real advantages to the Road Show format, as Clinton learned from Brock in 1992. See   

A show, airing before 11am EST from now until November 3rd, can be on the air in a week coordinated with social media sites.  $100k for solely sponsor acquisition pays for $3M in sponsors quick for 90 hours of interactive TV.

Not only is this a free market campaign it sure beats begging for 3 hours on the CPD from the demopublicans. They will become irrelevant by November for a candidate using our array of technologies and approach.   

As I said, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to advance freedom.  And once people see it money will, as Brock told Clinton, “rain down from the sky.” 

Remember the Ron Paul’s Money Bomb.  That is an example of the power people feel when they can participate and see the numbers go up.  Having Americans see, experience, the free market is what we have before failed to offer. 

I planned to debate all the Debate Tourney candidates, especially those who are African Americans.  I have always been aware of the barriers they face.  My family ran a stop on the Underground Railroad, in the Benjamin L. Pillsbury generation from their homestead in Sandown, NH.  I was born with the commitment and I know you also feel the wrongness of discrimination. 

Think about it.  You can be debating other candidates seen at who could not break through the MSM barrier but are eager to debate you in non-censored format channels.  We have offered to partner for this with the Black News Channel as several of these candidates, who signed up with the 1:1 Debate Tourney, are African-American.  They are articulate independents with free-market solutions, and each has their own ideas for the problems we face today. 

Or, if debate makes you uncomfortable, you can have a dialog with each of them, and compare ideas on how you will get government out of the way, so the people can solve their own problems. 

Freedom is not a rhetorical device.  What we see demonstrated, we know is the only answer to our problems.  And at this moment in time, you can become a power for freedom like the world has never known. 

You are a woman and a mother; but you also in your person, stand for these ideas because you are the nominee of the party founded to enact these truths largely through repeal but that is not enough to win.  “NO”, no matter how largely written or spoken is never “YES”. 

I know this is a terrible responsibility; an opportunity which comes only once in generations.

For instance, you wish to order the troops home. That is government policy. But you can point out as a Libertarian that the Chinese Communists act like better businesspersons than the US does shooting up the place with plutonium bullets we never pick up. The ChiComs have signed treaties for $50T mining. railroad building, and harbor dredging deals in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and all the stans. American business could compete and build those and water pipelines from the Himalayas, and oil & gas pipelines from Kazakhstan where cheap ARCO gas comes from through 2 warzones and twice offloaded versus without the pollution socialists don’t care about. Nobody in a desert is going to blow up a partnership waterpipe or a money-making oil pipeline if its half theirs with individual stockholders across their stans, not governments.

The audience can weigh in on starving Somalian privateers attacking oil tankers for dumping barrels of heavy metals and Hydrofluoric Acid into their fishing grounds. The Iranian oil pipeline being built to Gwadur Harbor, Pakistan did not bother asking what the fisherfolk there thought. How do you use the free-market with real insurance to cope with bad guys who ignore the damage and extended risks they impose on Americans? See

Smartphone users on TV via our Video Call Center will tell you.

On November 3rd you could be elected President of the United States; you could overturn the lock the Republican and Democratic parties, now, even together, a minority affiliation for Americans.   Because of the low level of support for both Trump and Biden you could take one or more states and cause the Electoral College to send the final determination on to Congress.  That is a Congress which is divided and would never agree to allowing the opposing party to win. 

13% of women will vote for any woman, ignoring their party affiliation; many minorities are rightly fed up with how the Democratic Party has treated them; as president, you would ignore the issue of race and look to the integrity and abilities of those who served in your administration.  And Independents would provide you with significant support as well – once they get to know you through your show, Jo’s Show - For All Americans 

And debating is only one kind of segment we have planned.  You can tour the sites of 24,000 lead poisoning sites now bringing slow death and disability to Americans, especially children. Our environmental expert can provide you with briefings which are incredibly accurate and on point. Download our Eco-Emergency Alert phoneapp on Android that you can key to any zipcode you are standing in with 23 big databases on polluters, fire dangers via satellite. 

Even though firefighters are dying to protect us, the system which worked before the drying out of the microclimates there and the changes in precipitation began to coincide making disaster here, as it did in Australia, inevitable.  A private system, eliminating the failure of government to correctly analyze risk and the building regulations, kept in place by corporations who bought the right to control our choices through government, would have yielded to market mandates to limit losses. 

The entire West Coast is burning. You can hold in your hand our app which provides those in the path of death by fire, with what they need to know and what route to evacuate before the fire can reach them. You can advocate not for FEMA money, but show colossal waterbombers designs to be built by firefighting reinsurance firms that are paying the $125B/year price tag in California alone -- in the face of negligence by State & Federal Fire agencies that have nothing but puny helicopters and a handful of aged small tankers. You can showcase Rural Metro Firefighting Company for 3M people in greater Phoenix. It has no need to rise from ashes.

You can showcase Geopolymer Inorganic Ceramic Composite Infrastructure (GICCI)TM that is fireproof, waterproof, 75% less cost construction than government building codes, lasts 1,000 years, and lending for homes would be inflation-proof using Percentage As You Earn Finance that is also repossession-proof. Lead by visual example. As a candidate and then as president you can point to this; instead of ignoring the destruction of our economy.  And, as you know, the Federal Reserve is operating outside the law as it was authorized for only a century.

And you can follow the advice of Dr. Milton Friedman, who said, “If the only thing in business that is certain is uncertainty, then we should base our financial systems on uncertainty.”  My partner, Brock d’Avignon, worked on a tool for financing which provided certainty for both borrowers and lenders, yielding a good profit for those lending the use of money as the tool this is, and for borrowers, who would not be faced with losing their purchases due to the erratic nature of our human lives. 

The solution is NOT charity, it is choosing the tools nearly all of us, or those we love, will need at some time in their lives.  Disasters come in all forms and kinds. 

We are ready to launch Percentage As You Earn (PAYEment) Financing and Finansurance 2-way TV, which will eliminate foreclosure of homes, repossession of vehicles, and unburden students facing Rigid Installment Payment (RIP) debts on fixed schedules of college, and make health care available to ALL in the free-market.

You can show American business how they can use the free market to bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East, and America. 

Nothing we propose is a government solution, but they all work, and you can use these, with our help, to turn America toward freedom.

The delivery system for your show will be available from all devices as well as satellite & cable TV wanting to sell high-speed internet to computer PhoneVoters. Today, see about the Women Leading Interactive TV Network ramping up now.

The clock is ticking.  Every day, every hour matters.  Let us know when you can start, Madame President.

For Liberty - Now.


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