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Break Your Chains


by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Worried about inflation?  Stockpiling food?  If so, you have lots of company.   Interested in ensuring  you and your family are safe?  

While pondering the question, remember all problems have causes. This article takes you to the real causes, the ones no one mentioned, no matter how long you were in school or how many degrees you earned.  Here, we show you the enormous  over-riding problem everyone ignored.  You know about foreclosure, repossession, and more ominous terms; there are 47 of these.  You have seen what can happen in your own communities.  All of these are forms of Debt-Bondage, the inability to pay your debts.  Today,  81% of us have erratic incomes, which is a big part of the problem.  If you don’t know how much you will have to spend, how can you depend on anything?

As Dr. Milton Friedman said, "If the only thing Certain in business, is Uncertainty, then we must base our fiscal systems on Uncertainty." 

Uncertainty – Scary thought.  Milton knew it was the source of dramatic swings in our economy; he did not know what to do about it until 1976 when an enthusiastic young man called him, providing the solution based in part on one paragraph from Friedman’s bookCapitalism and Freedom”.

If the young man had not taken 30 years to exhaustively confirm his own idea, we would not now be facing an economic meltdown of monumental proportions.  The good news is this; a sustainable economy is possible for all of us, and he is sorry about that.  Better late than never.  The book will be out soon, titled, Human Investments (HI)

The problem exists around the world in such seemingly different places as Carbon County, UT, USA and Kolhi Villages, Sindh, Pakistan, two communities joined in scary uncertainty.  

Very different in many ways, these two places have a lot of history in common: each needs solutions to put things right.  Life grows increasingly hard for the families in Kolhi Villages and life in East Carbon has been economically challenging since the coal mines closed.

Both areas have historically been plagued by Debt Bondage.

Our Towns, the 2-Way InterActivist TV show series, focusing on East Carbon, UT and Kolhi Villages, Pakistan, each encountered this problems at different times in their histories.  Debt Bondage is an ancient, and current form of slavery.  Kolhi has always had subsistence farmers in their past and still, today; few now exist in Carbon County.  These died off or turned to different ways to make a living.

Tom McCourt, a Carbon County native, noted this in his book, “The Split Sky”, his narrative of life from the time he was 16 and working for the summer on the Nutter Ranch in Utah’s Nine-Mile Canyon,  included the problems faced by small farmers, driven to work for others to maintain their spreads.   

The incomes of small farmers remain erratic today; big operations evade the impact of erratic incomes, explaining the corporatization of food production and the reasons family farms have been disappearing.  Only smaller farms or employees face the harsh reality of not being able to pay their debts; this is known across time and throughout human cultures as Debt Bondage.  As McCourt noticed, small farmers and ranchers were forced to work on larger commercial operations to pay their expenses or obtain seed money, tools or needed food. 

For miners, Debt Bondage was also being limited to a company store and having no other options for feeding their families.  In a similar scenario, early Carbon County miners working for themselves was displaced as miners were forced to accept an hourly paycheck, greatly reducing their pay. 

Subsistence farming, with its erratic nature, depending on the weather and other factors, made people vulnerable to having their labor taken out of their control, a form of slavery.  

The mining companies realized they could squeeze out more profits by starting company stores and housing in remote locations, making miners dependent on the company for credit.  This resulted first in objections, and then in union organizing.  People died violent deaths struggling for economic survival when they sang uncheerfully, I owe my soul to the company store.

For Carbon County further education for careers in other fields largely alleviated the problem in its original form.   Former miners found other professions.

The problem is far older for Kolhi Villages by thousands of years.  The mothers and grandmothers are still making patterns found in the archaeological digs close by.  The lack of any educational resource has largely left them with no exit until now that education is becoming a possibility.  

Slavery is a gradient with  multiple forms, controlling the lives of people. Debt Bondage is one of the steps of control that imposes a valuation on life, and the time of individual whose choices are  gravely limited because erratic an incomes leaves them vulnerable to manipulation.  Having an accident, death, the vagaries of weather, the demand for coal, and more are hazards which can force an individual to cede control over their time and choices. 

Debt Bondage and Slavery, only two of the forms this strategy takes, depend on impelling or compelling terms on one party by another in a quasi-contract which gives the weight of the benefit to the more powerful party requiring a Lump Sum and or Rigid Installment Payments.  One party takes the risk: the other the benefits, pushing those struggling ever closer to disaster.  

Reprise:  Remember what Milton said earlier?  "If the only thing Certain in business, is Uncertainty, then we must base our fiscal systems on Uncertainty."   

Debt Bondage and Slavery - A Long History

As you see at the link, the fathers of the students already attending Kolhi School and those who want to attend, have been working hard to build the school with materials locally available, most of this free, with only their unpaid labor added for the shell of the building.   

Their leader in this is a local man who got an education.  Leela Ran Kolhi holds both a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and is finishing his Master’s in Sociology.  Leela’s father, himself a rice farmer, donated the land for Kolhi School which will be the only school of any kind for 75 miles in any direction.  Children attending now are walking as far as 5 miles to get there.

Most of the families with children attending Kolhi School are subsistence farmers. and societies in transition from early, subsistence farming are extremely vulnerable to manipulation by those using debt as a tool to own people and their labor. Many have struggled with debt bondage for generations.

In Carbon County, which includes East Carbon, schooling for children has been available since at least 1900.  Carbon County’s population, growing rapidly over a century ago, was diverse, many people coming from southern Europe for jobs and opportunity.  The many of the descendants of those original pioneers remain here. Most of their ancestors were literate in their own languages as soon learned to speak English as well. 

However, schooling has never been available, or affordable, for the families in Kolhi Villages.  Until now, and they are making this happen themselves.  

Education makes an enormous difference, providing alternatives – but all of us, no matter how much education we acquire, are vulnerable to Debt Bondage.  Remember all the tuition loans out there.  Those are creating a new, modern form of  Debt Bondage.

Debt Bondage is recorded first in ancient Mesopotamia, cited in "DEBT:  The First 5,000 Years"  by David Graeber.   Graeber goes on to cite passages in the Bible which appear to refer to the practice, citing the words, 'padah' and 'goal' both, Graeber says, referring to redemption, buying back something being held by another party. The practice included not only pledging property for a debt but pledging relatives, wives, children, and others, as part time or full-time labor property then controlled by the holder of the debt. 

Graeber includes on page 81 of his book a quote from Nehemiah, Chapter 5, 3-7, which was written during the years of Persian dominance.

               "Some also there were that said, "We have mortgaged our lands,

         vineyards, and houses, that we might buy corn, because of the dearth."

             There were also those that said, "We have borrowed money for the king's             

        tribute, and that upon our lands and vineyards.

             "Yet now our flesh is as the flesh of our brethren, our children as their children:  and, lo,

        we bring into bondage our sons and our daughters to be servants, and some of our daughters 

       are brought into bondage already; neither is it in our power to redeem them; for other men have

       our lands and vineyards."

             And I was very angry when I heard their cry and these words.

            Then I consulted with myself, and I rebuked the nobles, and the rulers, and said unto them,

       "Ye exact usury, every one of his brother," And I set a great assembly against them.​"

 David Graeber's specific area of inquiry was not economics, but anthropology. He was a socialist, having failed to thoroughly research American history from colonial times to the early 20th Century. He notices and comments on the appearance of “elites", always denoted by their wealth and power, ignoring the use of the economic tool that has caused erratic incomes during his own lifetime.  This trend began in the early 20th Century when  America's economy was put under the control of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. 

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild  

There is much bickering over who said what when.  But the phrase would more honestly have been, "let me dictate the terms for payment and nothing else will matter."

Does ideology matter?  Not much. 

Remember the quote from Dr. Friedman? "If the only thing Certain in business, is Uncertainty, then we must base our fiscal systems on Uncertainty." 

Dr. Friedman waited patiently for the young man to write his book.  Writing the book is a highly regarded act in economics as originality is for inventions.  Many people in a short period of time invented the light bulb.  But only one patent was issued.   Economists operate in much the same way.  An ethical economist, Dr. Friedman did not publish on the young man's insights as this would have violated his principles.  

Dr. Friedman had  entirely overlooked that it was the tool for charging which entirely altered America’s economy, converting 85% of people from small businesspeople to the 85% of us who are employees today. 

One tiny easily overlooked economic tool did this to us. 

This is the Rigid Installment Payment (RIP).  Its use today in America is standard for nearly all larger purchases and for credit cards. 

The adoption of the Federal Reserve System was a carefully orchestrated action which achieved the conditions needed to control America's economy and so direct unearned  benefits, taken directly from people facing the hazard of erratic incomes.  The predatory use of Rigid Installment Payments (RIP) and strip of equity. RIP & Strip is the most accurate description of RIP.  You can make regular payments on a house for 29 years and 11 months and lose it because of one missed payment.  Ensuring that the well-understood nature of human life was ignored dictated the use of RIPs. 

The rise of an elite class in America was in place through government soon after the American Revolution was won. This became obvious with  the publication of Leonard R. Richard's book, "Shays' Rebellion: The American Revolution's Final Battle", published in 2003. 

 A policy for balancing debts from the Revolution proposed by Alexander Hamilton, was adopted and transferred wealth from those who earned it and had erratic incomes to the period's elites.   This economically destroy veterans and working farmers in western Massachusetts and other states.  The new governments even refused to accept the script for taxes, again benefiting speculators who were buying up the script from desperate veterans at ten cents on the dollar. 

The lies told by government were uncovered when the local historical societies went through the records of court actions, providing this data to Leonard L. Richards, a professor and local resident.  Richards correlated these records with those for military service.  Professor Richards had not expected this; a history professor based in Amherst; Massachusetts Professor Richards realized the facts had been intentionally concealed.  Veterans who had returned home from the war to farm found themselves unable to use the script given to them for their military service, even to pay the high taxes on their farms being exacted by the government under constitutions not necessarily voted in by more rural, distant counties.  

 How Graeber missed these facts is a question which cannot be answered. Graeber died suddenly, from necrotic pancreatitis, on September 2, 2020, while on vacation with his wife and friends in Venice, Italy.

 Graeber notes these factors across thousands of years and with most cultures but does not study the economics of voluntary exchange and tool providers as lenders of stockholders.  

 This also concealed facts which were widely understood in the 1930s to late in the 20th Century.   These facts had been published through the American Economic Foundation in a book for adults and children titled, "How We Live".  It is obvious that ignoring uncertainty is a critical factor, strongly associated with the rise of a limited class of 'elites' who oppose the use of an economic tool that eliminates the problem of erratic incomes, also in use widely across time and in many cultures. 

 Today, Debt Bondage also includes home and car loans along with 45 other forms for payment. All of these have the same impact; to take the property of people who are vulnerable to the impact of changed conditions and life events which produce an erratic income for a time. 

 The solution is the charging tool that turned American immigrates into business owners from the Colonial Period, 1620, until 1913.  This economic tool was used to solve a problem for the Merchant-Adventurers who had acquired lands in the New World but had no way to profit from this.  Those are the colonies you might have heard about briefly in school.  At the bottom of this article see the Power Point which explains the this.  

 Casting about for a solution to their problem, the Merchant-Adventurers realized many discontented English, French and Dutch wanted to leave where they were.  These canny and desperate landowners began making loans to those seeking new places to live and start businesses.  Loans included transport to the Colonies, tools for the trade they would take up, and a year's income to get started.

 The original terms were 7% of what the borrower earned for seven years.  There were no recorded defaults.  Every loan we could find was repaid. 

 The young man discovered this first in the BYU Library, where he cut the pages in never read books of Lading that recorded the shipments back to England and the transfers of payments.  The list of respected experts, many of them economists, is HERE.

 This is the source of the American prosperity we once knew.  85% of Americans for these three centuries were small businesspeople. Erratic incomes were never a problem.  

 This is the solution; popular demand and the resulting transition for finansuring major purchases will result in a rapid transition.  Investors today are also worried about the impact of the economy by their investments.  Since PAYE is both inflation-proof and deflation-proof, ideal for long-term contracts fair to both borrowers and lenders.  


See Power Point

Friday, May 27, 2022

The Rapid Decline of the Leisure Class

 by Michael Smith

I’ve always been intrigued by Thorsten Veblen, the economist and sociologist, who made observations about social class in the late nineteenth century. His idea that there is a “leisure class” that holds “luxury beliefs” is quite interesting.

In “The Theory of the Leisure Class”, he stated that the “leisure class” – affluent people – display their membership in the upper class with their material accouterments. For example, expensive designer clothing or driving an Aston Martin convey such “membership”.
I have previously noted that I think that Veblen’s theory applies across all political, economic, and social classes – as always, there is a segment of each social and economic class (upper, middle, lower), who send the same signals to their cliques that they are moving up. That is why we saw looting of certain stores during the “mostly peaceful protests” and the theft of flat screen TV’s and other luxury goods first before basic sustenance needs were stolen. The “five finger discounts” have more to do with status among certain classes than need.
Of course, membership might also consist of professions of a certain belief common to a desired group but just like Veblen’s theory, once you are in the game, you are in the game. If you are going to stay in, you must continue a progression of more expensive things as your peers catch up with you. From a sociological perspective, simple profession of a belief is the buy-in, and increasingly dramatic professions are required to stay ahead. Trumping the fellow members of your group by aggressively escalating your positions could be the equivalent of buying a nicer car or a larger home.
Radical positions have a social cost, especially when they rise to ridiculous heights – but those costs can be also monetized through subscription costs, the actual cost of joining a group (membership fees), they cost of Internet and software – or even the opportunity costs of time.
For entertainment and media companies, that cost is things like content creation and personnel, both on-air talent and the people behind the scenes.
Take Netflix for example.
We all know how Netflix was throwing money at the Obamas and producing shows about pregnant men, pedophilic programs featuring underage girls and series featuring tender age drag queens. The truth is that they assumed that train was just going to keep on rolling down the line to increasingly “woke” destinations, and boy, did they ever want to be on that train.
The truth is that progressive, postmodern beliefs - like wokeness - are luxury beliefs with a cost that is only affordable in times of prosperity. They are just signals to the other wokesters that "We belong, and these things are evidence of our street cred!".
For Netflix to keep their street cred valid, they had to dive deeper and deeper into radical subjects, including those that a few years ago would have been considered taboo or simple pornography. The cost of the virtue signaling was attempting to destroy every long-held tradition and social more, as well as obliterating every boundary of propriety and good taste. It was a race to the bottom.
One can certainly question what audience Netflix was targeting.
If you add up the total number of people who claim to be gay, bisexual, gender fluid, transsexual or "other" and it is something less than 5% of the total population of the US, so to whom are the woke marketing their product? 16.5 million sure doesn’t seem much of a sustainable market for a company that pulled down $30 billion in 2021.
So, they must be chasing after those who are not necessarily a member of the 5%, but those who can afford to profess they believe nonsensical things - like a man can be pregnant, or he can be a woman if he just wishes upon a star and believes hard enough.
At least up until now, there was no real downside to their actions. Now that there are, most of the "support" for the progressive agenda appears merely performative. It is by and from people desperate to belong, performing what amounts to their gang initiations…proving they “belong”.
How do I know?
Because displaying such beliefs has no intrinsic value unless you want to join the club. Outside the club, they are worthless.
Now Netflix is (as are other companies) trying to go unwoke in a hurry. This process has nothing to do with morals, largely because they have proven to have none, this is about survival. Real, material losses are being imparted to these clowns.
Luxury beliefs have no place when budgets are tight - losing 2 million subscribers has way to tighten the purse strings, increase pressure and focus the mind. Paying for content that signals you are a “woke” company but nobody watches is out. Making $300 million deals with a former president and his wife are off the table. When the gruel gets thin, buying an expensive Wedgewood bowl to put it in only makes for a nice-looking last meal.
One aspect of his theory I didn’t consider was how the externalities of an economy could have impacts on the nouveau riche and people who pretend to be. I never considered the impact of a downturn in the economy, brought on by people who thought their actions would put them in a stronger position.
All of this has started within the last couple of months with the strong public pushback on the progressive agenda. Given that they have been at this for 50 or so years, that it is falling apart so quickly lets us know how weak they really are.
As our economy weakens, there are going to be even fewer people who will continue to pay 15 bucks a month to have things in which they don't believe rammed down their throats (if you will pardon the unfortunate turn of phrase).
If you are struggling to pay for gas and food, you can’t buy things because there are no things and what savings you have are being eroded every day, transgenderism and CRT aren’t really going to be at the top of your list of immediate concerns.
I understand we on the right want to think that Ron DeSantis’ battle with Disney, the SCOTUS possibly overturning Roe and parents taking over school boards are kicking wokeism in the gonads, but these seem a bit too localized to have caused the broad retreat we are beginning to see.
All those things are right and good, but it might be that the economy is playing a significant role.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

A Commentary on Arrogance and Oblivion Combined - A Union Dangerous to Freedom

The "Voter Protection Program"

The Stolen Election

"The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election"  oh, irony of ironies.

Proudly Published by TIME Magazine

The Link to the original article is HERE 
Let me know when they remove the link so I can publish the article, which I copied to forestall that eventuality.

My response to this outrageous crime can be read below


We should have elected Seven, the Dog

(We could have except for the MSM blackout)

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

The bland inaccuracies rolled out as justification for manipulating the 2020 Presidential Election by the self-described Voter Protection Program were startling, at best.  

I have despised Donald Trump since I first read an article about his use of government to steal the long-owned home of an elderly woman, her private property, to enhance the value of one of his multitude of casinos.  Eminent Domain, I had supposed, was limited to  proven needs for public improvements.  It was Donald who sent me back to look at the law on this, resulting in my rejecting there was any justifiable excuse for this.  And for a casino?  

I dismissed Donald from my mind and skipped over the articles outlining his irregular marital activities.  I was, therefore, astounded at the idea he was running for president in 2016.  Surely, I reasoned, this is some kind of publicity ploy.  And so I ignored the election entirely after it proved impossible to extract any comment from Bernie Sanders on the material my partner and I sent to him about the toxic conditions in the lake near his home in Vermont.  Apparently, he was not concerned.  Bernie lost, of course and then Trump again surfaced.  

People were taking him seriously as a candidate. It was one of those horrible moments when you are sure this must be a bad dream. 

And then Trump won.  Children were being retained in cages at the border and Betsy DeVos, the sister of the Eric, Black Prince of Death, formerly associated with the bland and unexceptional Amway products, had clearly found very unsavory associations.  

My partners and I started a 2-Way Interactive Mass Audience Participation TV Network, Freedom Interactive TV Networks, Association

In the mean time I had realized I was not alone in my dissatisfaction with the kind of people who had inserted themselves into the hierarchy of politics.  The one characteristic they seemed to share was an avaricious appetite for money (ours) and power and was surprised to learn the present trajectory for greed and the likelihood of psychopathy was apparently building a hopeful level of frustration in my fellow Americans from all political viewpoints.  

The number of individuals filing to run for President had been steadily increasing since 1992, when there had been 65 candidates.  Note for future reference you likely remember only one of those not running as a Dem. or Rep. in '92. H. Ross Perot. 

The Perot Campaign shook things up, which was delightful to see.  Of course, it did not last - and it was not until 2017 when I was handed some slightly musty folders which explained what had happened in '92 and how Bill Clinton had managed to overturn a sitting president, George H. W. Bush, with a 89% popularity.  

It had taken several days to read through the documents and the documents owner, one of my partners, happily answered questions when he could.  But as I dug down it became increasingly clear he had no idea why this curious event had taken place.  And more, he did not see the correlation between that event, the nomination of Dull Bob Dole as the nominee of the Republican Party in 1996 or other curious events you can find on the site. 

I have occasionally been accused of being cynical, but I prefer to think of this as simply being unhampered by illusions about the character and ethics of those in politics.  

The Commission for Presidential Debates was incorporated jointly by the Dems. and Reps. soon after the 1992 election.  According to the records handed over to me, now scanned and ready to be uploaded to a website,, where I assembled the pieces of the story.

There had been plans to start the Commission for Presidential Debates earlier because the League of Women Voters had notions about asking hardball questions.  The D & R candidates wanted only softball questions.  So, after having Ross on the program a deal was cut between the Clintons and BushCo; no more independent or 3rd party candidates allowed and no more League of Women Voters.  STORY  

The link at the bottom of the page leads to Haley Barbour, appointed as Chairman of the RNC and his orders no satellite or services by PhoneVoter be used.  

When researching a subject I always use a time line; these can be very revealing.  I knew from a friend of mine, whose family was chummy with the Bush Family in Texas that Daddy Bush was already planning for his namesake to follow him into the presidency.  Therefore, they did not want a GOP Incumbent and allotted Bill a second term.  Bill did use satellite.  In fact, he used a full year of it, paid for the DNC.  I wonder if Bill shared with other Democratic candidates?  Anyone know?

The voting machine machinations began in 2000, contracts allotted to BushCo friends.  

I was startled to read in the article that previous elections had been honest.  In fact, it does not appear we have had an honest election is decades, just one reliable elite pick after another.  Not that there was any intention John McCain would win in 2008. 

So the War for Oil was going well in Iraq and war went on, and on and on.  And as this continued, not surprisingly, Americans started to become restless.  There was the 2008 Meltdown and other events which caused disruptions in their lives and so every election, sometimes starting right after Election Day, more people decided, "What the heck, I'll run for president myself."  

In 2016 there were 1,775 candidates but, naturally, the MSM did not mention them.  And something else was happening.  The Democratic and Republican Parties were shrinking, shrinking, shrinking.  And Americans, very unhappy with the direction politics were taking began starting new parties like a mother bunny turning out babies. 

And this leads us back to the question of the curious cabal of self-anointed elites who decided Americans needed to be protected from four more years of Donald Trump and instead have Biden as president instead of one of the 1,151 candidates who were also running.  

Note how the MSM drove out Howard Schultz of Starbucks, a Billionaire but not acceptable to these folks.  And Howard was not the only billionaire dissed.  So was Rocky De La Fuente, who came in second or third to Hillary in 28 state primaries in 2016.   Curiously, the MSM never mentioned him.  

So, I was not surprised at the arrogance demonstrated, this is consistent with their behavior in the past.  And this has nothing to do with politics or ideology; it is a bald attempt to eliminate the control Americans should have over who they elect to office.  This is just the most recent chapter in the story.   

Thomas Jefferson referred to this kind of thing as a "long train of abuses,' but you have to give these folks credit, they are far sneakier than the British were.  

So, what will Americans do when they have a chance to debate the real issues?  Stop by and find out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

An Eager Politician-To-Be Attempts to Explain Jo Jorgensen's Campaign

 by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

You are a volunteer, you say. Volunteers know exactly what they are told. The media director, Richard Fields told me decisions were being made on these issues which were 'Above his pay grade".

Note he was the Director for Media, generally a pivotal position for decision making in a normal campaign. Gary Johnson ran two organizations to raise money, and raising money was all that he did. The campaign pocketed much of it after election day, so that is not a great example. Did you think Our America Imitative accomplished anything but raising $20M in funds for Gary and his campaign manager?

This is the last time we will offer the LP nationally any services.  The only way to win in politics is by using Interactive 2-Way Mass Audience Participation TV.  We are now reaching out to others who understand the gravity of what Americans face today.  We have followed the downward spiral for ten years, since 2008.  What we face is a hyperinflation which will reduce the US to a third world country.   

Our consultants include a Collateral Merchant Banker who reports to us on how the final extraction of wealth is proceeding.  The only solution is a delivery system to provide a soft-landing for Americans and that must be entirely free market. Our plan was endorsed by very different people than you work with in the LP  See

Interactive 2-Way Mass Audience Participation TV is the Delivery System which will allow Americans to convert their loans using Safety Net Financing and so avoid becoming homeless.  Want projections?  16 Million Americans will be homeless, living in cars and with jobs disappearing.  Think Hyperinflation on the 2008 model but dozens of times worse.

We have the backing of 250 TV tech companies, all of whom are anti-censorship and who live the values the LP merely emotes.  See   Our launching network is Women Leading Interactive TV Network   See 

Lots of ploys have been used to increase what is actually paid to staff. I began recording what I was seeing, as I knew most of these people in the early years of the LP. I knew about why Harry ran in 1996, and I know who trained him to get the nomination. John Hix charged Harry a couple of thousand dollars for the training needed to convert the LP Presidential Campaign into the Perpetual Book Tour. In case you did not know, Harry ran because he was accustomed to a posh life-style predicated on book sales and his sales were in the toilet.

In 1980, we had been promised at a meeting I had been especially asked to attend as Southern California LP Vice Chair, that cross their little hearts, Ed Crane would not be involved in the campaign. Then that changed to "he would only handle communications". But afterward, it was obvious that the title did not matter, he was in charge. I had this confirmed to me in the elevator after the Alternative '80 event the September before the 1980 election, held that year at the Century City Hotel. Charles Koch dressed down Ed Crane as I listened with delight. Koch was obviously exasperated saying, "How did you manage to lose money on this event? It was a fundraiser and you lost $250,000!

The Kochs were engaged in a blood-letting at the time over control of Koch Industries, which they won in a squeaker.

Crane was very unhappy I was present as he knew I already understood what he was doing. He had told Gail Lightfoot, if you do not know who Gail is, google her, in 1977 at the National Convention, again in an elevator remark, he was, "Going to DC to get rich!" Crane pulled down $500,000 a year as a salary at CATO. Notice the absence of the free market at CATO. The Kochs did not fire him until they realized the liability for his sexually inappropriate behavior in the office on their time, was becoming very public.

After that, I covered every campaign for president. I strongly suspect you are not at the 'paygrade' who knows the facts or makes decisions and were, as a loyal follower, and or credulous shill, picked to make your statement.

Michael Emerling recruited Jo to run as VP and that happened sometime between 1990 when his wife, Vicky, a good friend of mine, left him for good and sufficient reasons, and 1994.  Emerling and a motley collection of folks who viewed the LP as a cash cow handled the action for the 1996 Browne Campaign.

Note that Jo did not share with delegates she would be working full time while running for office. That would have changed the outcome of the nomination. She promised Emerling was not involved. I have learned not to believe anything until I see the documentation. And given the ploy with the Fake Debate of October 29 not long ago, Jo has no more credibility with me than I would accord to Ed Crane.

I am writing a book covering each campaign, including the MacBride Campaign in 1976. I was asked to write Roger's biography. If you do not know who Roger was, look it up.  Roger was the producer of Little House on the Prairie, for which he owned the rights inherited from his adopted grandmother, Rose Wilder Lane.  His campaign plane in 1976 was called NO FORCE ONE.  Roger paid for it and for most of his own campaign.

Now, note that Dan Fishman conned me into believing there would be an Interactive 2-Way Mass Audience Participation component to the ‘Jo’ Campaign. 

You write PR for the Jo Campaign -

Your Personal Website -

Now, please connect your brain.  Why is it that today the LP still does not use TV, not even 1-Way, passive TV?  They could have had a network, which we offered them along with showing them how to use satellite uplink trucks to take the message home to tens of millions Americans.  Our partners in the distribution industries, for instance satellite, also want to know. 

If any Libertarian reading this had to ask themselves why the LP continues to live in the past for media, now they have the beginning of the answer.  The LP does not want to win. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

When a 'Conspiracy is no Theory, just careful planning -

 by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

When telling a story of this kind, it is essential to provide ones bonafides, legitimizing the statements to be made, which may prove to be surprising to some. 

 I joined the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) soon after leaving the Libertarian Party in 1989.  I was first active in the chapter in North Hills area of the San Fernando Valley.  Three years later we relocated to Santa Barbara. 

I view political parties as tools for accomplishing goals.  I have no loyalty to tools which have been proven to be flawed, or are placed to ensure the asserted goals are not obtained.  I had determined the LP was a hopelessly flawed tool in 1988.

SIDE NOTE - Since I had family living there and previous generations of the family, namely one set of my g-grandparents, and subsequently two of their children, Dr. Ernest Sargent Pillsbury and his family and the younger son, Arthur C. Pillsbury, had spent holidays there as a routine, I was delighted.  My oldest sister, Anne Pillsbury Gripp was living in the area and owned the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate.  She and I were very close and I was then committed to researching the life history of my grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury, so this was convenient for multiple reasons.

Both sons are my grandfathers.  If you are interested the reason for this is explained by the tragic death of my father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury’s parents in an auto accident on the Casitas Pass, in 1911, then the only reliable route to Santa Barbara from their home in Hollywood, had visited there routinely from the time they relocated to California from 1884.

An account of their deaths and the subsequent court action over the probate of their large estate and custody of the three children, my father being the youngest, is HERE. The story goes on and includes the adoption of the three children, who were in danger of being seized by the corporation which gained control of the estate, Title Insurance Company, by Father’s uncle, Arthur C. Pillsbury, for whom he was named. 

MAIN NARRATIVE - The reason for the relocation was for my then husband, Craig Franklin, to be closer to the corporate office of Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS), for which he was Senior Vice President.  This is not a side note, as with GHS Craig played a role in the events of 9/11.   I would begin to suspect this at the time the War on Iraq began in 2003 but not locate substantial evidence until 2018.

I belonged to the same NFRW Club as Arianna Huffington, Alamar-Hope Ranch.  I then joined the Regents for the NFRW, an associated national group which did fundraising for and provided other support to political candidates.  My hope was to use these connections to move the group back to its real roots, these being free market and individual rights.

I was chagrined to discover they were being propagandized in the opposite direction by David Horowitz through the organization he had founded, now the David Horowitz Freedom Center.  

On May 11, 2001, I attended a tea given by the First Lady Laura Bush at the White House for the Regents.  You likely do not know that the NFRW was for much of his history the largest political club in the world and all GOP Presidential hopefuls attended its conventions, hoping to gain their support.  NFRW ran much of the local elements, including renting offices, printing literature, doing doorbelling, and other campaign functions which made the GOP a powerhouse.  This began to fail in 1980 when Ronald Reagan removed the ERA, which the NFRW had put into the GOP Platform long before.  Ronnie’s daughter, Maureen, with two friends, went to see her father and got down on her knees, begging him to change this.  He refused.  Thousands of women walked away from the GOP.   I already suspected Ronnie was a plant from what my father had told me about him.  Dad was the first person Ronnie contacted after reregistering Republican.  Dad was the head of the Republican Club at UCLA. 

I learned about the loss of the ERA from a friend, Joyce Morrissey, former President of Business and Professional Women (BPW) for California after moving to Santa Barbara and joining the group.

Politics in America was being set up for further Left-Right conflict which would render them weak and unable to organize against those who use politics to gain control and view ideologies as tools to gain loyalty not based on individual rights, the free market and rationality.

The full story on this line of discovery and related research is finished and will appear in my book, which will be out next year, the same time I hope to publish the biography I was asked to write on Roger MacBride.  Some of you will recognize Roger as the LP’s Presidential Candidate in 1976 and the Elector who broke ranks with the GOP and cast his Electoral Vote for John Hospers and Toni Nathan in December 1972.  MacBride was the last LP candidate who could be defined as actually Free Market, a viewpoint he learned from his adopted grandmother, Rose Wilder Lane, a foremother of Libertarianism who is now long overlooked. 

By 2002 it was clear the NeoCons, the term first used by Irving Kristol as the title for his book, NeoConservativism: The Autobiography of an Idea, were well on their way to taking over the Republican Party.  I let my friends in the GOP in California know this and did not attend the next Republican Convention for California, where this became obvious as NeoCons took over.  By then I had done enough research to know the NeoCons had formerly been known as Rockefeller Republicans.  More on this in the book.

In the wake of 9/11 a series of discordant events had come to my notice through people I knew. 

One of my friends, whose name I agreed to withhold, was working in the White House and soon after the Towers were hit walked by the Office of the Vice President.  He reported as he walked by the door was open and a loud party was going on inside, with open bottles being poured.  He kept walking, he said. 

On 9/11, my daughter Morgan, was living with John Fund at his apartment in Jersey City.  She and I were talking again during this period, a communication which had experienced long gaps for years.  Morgan told me when I managed to contact her after the towers fell, that she could have been in Tower One.  She said the night before Fund had asked her to go to his bank, which was located near the top of Tower One to replace his bank card, which he continually lost.  This was a different location from the one she generally used, and much farther away, she said.  She was authorized to do this and initially agreed.  They then had an argument and she, in a fit of pique, told him to get his own card.  She said he grew enraged, screamed at her, and threatened her.  She took a walk, she said.  When she returned, he was asleep. He did not wake her in the morning and went to work. 

She was listening to the either the TV or radio when the announcement about the first tower being hit was made and watched much of the event from the roof of the apartment building.

It did not occur to me to ask more questions.  My mind was on other matters, along with most Americans. But later it occurred to me Morgan knew a lot she should not know.  She had told me, and at this time John did not knew we were communicating, that John had persuaded her to clean up his apartment, which was at least a foot-deep in papers, dirty clothes and even a lost suitcase.  I demanded she take some photos, which she did.  Then, I believed her. 

She was also tasked by Fund with cleaning up his office in the WSJ.  This could only be accomplished on Sunday, when it was closed, but she spent several Sundays doing this, which him watching. She had begun glancing at, and then reading the papers at both places and realized many of these were marked TOP SECRET.

She began secreting them and scanning them while Fund was at work.  I did not take this seriously until she sent me the scans.  I kept none of them.  I made six copies of everything and sent four to friends out of country I knew I could trust, and two in country.  I told them I would never contact them again and deleted them from my address book, which was then maintained on paper.  I rewrote the pages with the same inserts so every having these would not provide any hint of what they were.  I did not tell Morgan I had done this. By this time, I had realized she was a very loose cannon, on top of other problems. 

If you would like to read the whole story about Fund and Morgan, which leads to the reason she had to go into hiding after an attempt on her life read below.

SIDE NOTE –  For full details on this period go to Morgan Pillsbury Gell 

It was while Morgan was in hiding with a sympathetic couple in Georgia after the attempt on her life.  I would not have believed this, perhaps, but I was on the phone with her when she screamed, threw herself against the door, and threw the dead bolt. 

This leads to Saddam Hussein and 9/11 – The unexpected connection

This article was published multiple places but this is the only one I could find now.  I’ll look for more of them later.  

Time Line - Invading Iraq for Oil and Power

I generally provide sources for each of these dates and events.  They were published and I added them to my own ‘events’, which then were not.

There was an attempt on my life about the time Bush/Cheney were leaving the White House, likely clean-up, but it failed as I was able to provide pointers and the three SUVs roared out of the house a short way from where I was then living. 


I could have added this earlier as it took place in 1998 – 1999, but did not as you needed more back story first.

Cheney clearly had planned to steal the Iraqi Oil Fields for his buddies in the Industry.  You see this on the timeline above.  But he needed to plan ahead.  There needed to be a Pearl Harbor event, which was what 9/11 actually was, planning for the guidance system for the planes taking place from a contact made from the aerospace industry in October 1999. 

Cheney’s needs and that of another man, he did not yet know, meshed. 

Dan, GHS President, and his co-conspirator, Craig Franklin, along with the critical personnel who had assisted in stealing the company from Glenn Hightower, called this their THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN Strategy.  This was leaked to me by Morgan some years later who thought it was very amusing. 

But Glenn owned three successful corporations and did not give up easily.  GHS was experiencing huge financial problems as Dan struggled to pay expenses and fight off the lawsuit, which Glenn only narrowly failed to prove, in 1999.  Dan needed money Cheney had a job he needed done and had the money. 

GHS, you can read more about on Morgan Pillsbury Gell 

This did not fall into place until 2017 when Brock d’Avignon, with whom I had been working for two years, and I had a conversation about how the towers were brought down.  Brock had been writing proposals for BAE SPACE SYSTEMS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, the top provider in the world until 2001 when, Brock said, an unknown company took over, providing the guidance systems for both the DoD and military contractors directly.  If you had not guessed, this was Green Hills Software. 

The 9/11 Movement has always been perplexed about how these quasi-pilots managed to place the planes so perfectly into buildings which were already prepared to be brought down.  Now you know. 

Is this a ‘Conspiracy Theory?”  No, it was careful planning with lots of buttressing evidence, sorry Nick, but that is the way it is.