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‘Melting’ Starfish Along West Coast Prompts Fukushima Fears

From:  Prison Planet

Mikael Thalen 

October 30, 2013
Scientists are attempting to find out why one species of starfish is literally melting in the waters off of Washington state and Canada.

Biologists in Seattle took to the Puget Sound waters last weekend to collect sick and healthy sunflower starfish for testing. Several labs including one at Cornell University will examine and compare samples with Canadian specimens already being analyzed.

“We’ve got some sea stars that look like they’re melting on the bottom,” Seattle Aquarium biologists Jeff Christiansen said.

Whether the cause is environmental or disease related is currently unknown, but the number of melting starfish increases drastically with each passing day.
“At this time, we don’t have a good idea of what’s causing it, so we’re going to look for everything,” Christiansen said. “There are a lot of melting sea stars out there, more than even a couple days ago.”
According to Veterinarian Lesanna Lahner, the starfish specie’s condition is rapidly deteriorating, with more than half displaying the same disturbing symptoms.

“It’s concerning to hear in a short time period we’re seeing 60% of this species diseased in this area,” Lahner said.
Strangely, the symptoms have only been seen in certain areas of Washington’s Puget Sound and Canadian waters. While the verdict is still unknown, many are pointing fingers to Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, which has continued to leak over 300 tons of highly radioactive water into the ocean every day.
As reported by investigative journalist Michael Snyder, massive evidence of Fukushima’s effect on the West Coast continues to be evident despite the silence from most most western media.
Earlier this month, Canadian authorities found massively high radiation levels in sea bass, with one fish showing 1,000 becquerels per kilogram of cesium.
Plankton tested from Hawaii to the West Coast have been found to have high levels of cesium-137, with scientists in California finding the same isotopes present in 15 out of 15 Bluefin Tuna tested.
Even in light of one Canadian study that found cesium-137 present in 100 percent of carp, seaweed, shark and monkfish sold to the Canadian public, western governments have continued to import Japanese sea food.
As radiation levels rise, it is likely the EPA will continue to raise ‘acceptable levels’ of radiation in the food supply, concealing the increasing danger of radiation exposure.
With experts predicting a grim outlook, the best options available are informing others while protecting one’s thyroid health from increased radiation exposure.
Storyleak’s Anthony Gucciardi sits down with Dr. Edward Group to discuss the importance of protecting yourself from radiation exposure with high-quality nascent iodine.

This article was posted: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 6:01 am

Monday, October 28, 2013 exposed as data-gathering honey pot to shamelessly harvest private consumer data and turn it over to the NSA

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) The pieces of the puzzle on Obamacare are finally coming together. Yesterday it was revealed during congressional testimony that the website contains a hidden disclaimer which reads, "You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transmitting or stored on this information system."

This is an open admission that the site intends to share your data with other government entities. It also means the entire website violates federal law because it does not comply with HIPAA regulations for medical privacy. Click here to watch the astonishing video testimony.

But this isn't the only evidence now emerging.

It also turns out that an NSA-funded entity actually helped build! Kit Daniels has just published a groundbreaking story that links the CIA venture capital firm "In-Q-Tel" to the data collection technology provider known as Socrata.

"Socrata will work with the CIA and other intelligence agencies to transform raw data into a format easily utilized and accessible to the intelligence community," writes Daniels. " captures the personal data provided during the Obamacare enrollment process for this spy grid database."

Clever ploy to sweep up all the private data of the sheeple

So far, only brainwashed sheeple are even attempting to sign up for health care under Anybody else who has been paying attention knows that any information you hand over to HHS goes right to the NSA. is specifically designed to gather your most intimate details such as social security number, annual salary, place of employment, immigration status, military background, criminal history, physical place of residence, bank account numbers and much more. This information is simply shuttled directly to the NSA where it is then used to cross-tabulate all your phone calls, texts, social media posts, website surfing habits, credit card purchase habits and much more.

Combined with mobile device tracking technology which has been widely acknowledged to already exist, the NSA can even compile a minute-by-minute map of your movements, purchases and interactions with other people. Through this analysis, the NSA can determine who you are meeting or hanging out with.

Jim Marrs, author of numerous books on the real history of the United States, told me, "This alone is reason enough to not sign up for Obamacare."

More than a rip-off; it's an NSA front

He's right, of course. The Obamacare mandate is much more than just a health care rip-off and a way to destroy the jobs base in America while stealing billions of dollars from taxpayers and handing it over to the drug companies and cancer clinics. It's actually a way to sucker people into turning over their most private details to the NSA... voluntarily!

The government is so incompetent in all this, however, that even its fake data-mining front ( can't seem to function long enough for all the sheeple to type in all their private details yet. The only thing preventing the most massive data-mining surveillance operation in history, in other words, is the disastrous incompetence of Obama administration project managers who can't even seem to figure out the basics of computer programming.

If you want to know just how much of a total joke this fake front-end really is, check out the Javascript file found here. (Until they remove it, anyway.)

This file on contains "dummy data" that includes names like "Han Solo," "Chewbacca" and "Leia Organa" (Princess Leia from Star Wars). This is what $600 million buys you under Obama's leadership: fantasy characters and Javascript gobbledygook.

It's all one big joke, you see, being played out on the American people. I am convinced that was never intended to really function. It's all a desperate, late-stage ploy to sweep up all the private data of the most gullible people in society to be used in some nefarious way as the crumbling U.S. empire implodes from outrageous debt and suffocating entitlement payouts.

You can bet I'm not handing over my social security number to And anyone else who wants to keep their details private needs to learn to NEVER trust government with anything. Be especially careful not to trust the Obama administration, a dark legacy built on a never-ending cascade of lies and criminality.

Under Obama, the U.S. empire is steeped in such evil, criminal acts that the world's nations are now petitioning the United Nations to stop America from running its nefarious surveillance programs.

Obama now makes Bush look like a saint.

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Fukushima - A Global Threat That Requires a Global Response

From:  Truth Out 

Truthout depends on you to continue producing grassroots journalism and disseminating conscientious visions for a brighter future. Contribute now by clicking here!Workers take soil samples in Ukedo, Japan, which was evacuated after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, August 30, 2013. Two and a half years after the Fukushima Daiichi plant belched plumes of radioactive materials over northeast Japan, the almost 83,000 refugees evacuated from the worst-hit areas are still unable to go home. (Photo: Tomas Munita / The New York Times)
The story of Fukushima should be on the front pages of every newspaper. Instead, it is rarely mentioned. The problems at Fukushima are unprecedented in human experience and involve a high risk of radiation events larger than any that the global community has ever experienced. It is going to take the best engineering minds in the world to solve these problems and to diminish their global impact.
When we researched the realities of Fukushima in preparation for this article, words like apocalyptic, cataclysmic and Earth-threatening came to mind. But, when we say such things, people react as if we were the little red hen screaming "the sky is falling" and the reports are ignored. So, we’re going to present what is known in this article and you can decide whether we are facing a potentially cataclysmic event.

Either way, it is clear that the problems at Fukushima demand that the world’s best nuclear engineers and other experts advise and assist in the efforts to solve them. Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen of and an international team of scientists created a 15-point plan to address the crises at Fukushima.

A subcommittee of the Green Shadow Cabinet (of which we are members), which includes long-time nuclear activist Harvey Wasserman, is circulating a sign-on letter and a petition calling on the United Nations and Japanese government to put in place the Gundersen et al plan and to provide 24-hour media access to information about the crises at Fukushima. There is also a call for international days of action on the weekend of November 9 and 10. The letter and petitions will be delivered to the UN on November 11 which is both Armistice Day and the 32nd month anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  MORE

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Gulf Ecosystem in Crisis Three Years After BP Spill

From:  Truth Out 

Monday, 21 October 2013 09:29  
Three years after well blowout, declining seafood catches and deformities point to an environment in distress. (Photo: Erika Blumenfeld)
Three years after well blowout, declining seafood catches and deformities point to an environment in distress. (Photo: Erika Blumenfeld)
Three years after well blowout, declining seafood catches and deformities point to an environment in distress. (Photo: Erika Blumenfeld)
New Orleans - Hundreds of kilograms of oily debris on beaches, declining seafood catches, and other troubling signs point towards an ecosystem in crisis in the wake of BP's 2010 oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
"It's disturbing what we're seeing," Louisiana Oyster Task Force member Brad Robin told Al Jazeera. "We don't have any more baby crabs, which is a bad sign. We're seeing things we've never seen before."
Robin, a commercial oyster fisherman who is also a member of the Louisiana Government Advisory Board, said that of the sea ground where he has harvested oysters in the past, only 30 percent of it is productive now.
"We're seeing crabs with holes in their shells, other seafood deformities. The state of Louisiana oyster season opened on October 15, and we can't find any production out there yet. There is no life out there."
According to Robin, entire sectors of the Louisiana oyster harvest areas are "dead or mostly dead". "I got 10 boats in my fleet and only two of them are operating, because I don't have the production to run the rest. We're nowhere near back to whole, and I can't tell you when or if it'll come back."
State of Louisiana statistics confirm that overall seafood catch numbers since the spill have declined.
Over three million pounds of oiled material have been found in Louisiana this year. (Photo: Erika Blumenfeld / Al Jazeera)
Over three million pounds of oiled material have been found in Louisiana this year. (Photo: Erika Blumenfeld / Al Jazeera)

Everything is down'
Robin is not the only member of the Gulf's seafood industry to report bleak news. Kathy Birren and her husband own Hernando Beach Seafood, a wholesale seafood business, in Florida.
Shrimp with tumours continue to be found along the impact zone, from Louisiana to Florida. (Photo: Dean Blanchard)
Shrimp with tumours continue to be found along the impact zone, from Louisiana to Florida. (Photo: Dean Blanchard)
Shrimp with tumours continue to be found along the impact zone, from Louisiana to Florida. (Photo: Dean Blanchard)"I've seen a lot of change since the spill," Birren told Al Jazeera. "Our stone crab harvest has dropped off and not come back; the numbers are way lower. Typically you'll see some good crabbing somewhere along the west coast of Florida, but this last year we've had problems everywhere."
Birren said the problems are not just with the crabs. "We've also had our grouper fishing down since the spill," she added. "We've seen fish with tar balls in their stomachs from as far down as the Florida Keys. We had a grouper with tar balls in its stomach last month. Overall, everything is down."
According to Birren, many fishermen in her area are giving up. "People are dropping out of the fishing business, and selling out cheap because they have to. I'm in west-central Florida, but fishermen all the way down to Key West are struggling to make it. I look at my son's future, as he's just getting into the business, and we're worried."
Dean Blanchard, owner of a seafood business in Grand Isle, Louisiana, is also deeply troubled by what he is seeing. "We have big tar mats coming up on Elmers Island, Fouchon, Grand Isle, and Grand Terre," Blanchard told Al Jazeera. "Every time we have bad weather we get fresh tar balls and mats."
Blanchard said his business generates only about 15 percent of what it did before the spill. "It looks like it's getting worse," he said. "I told my wife when she goes to the mall she can only spend 15 percent what she used to spend."  MORE

Obamacare is the Emperor's New Clothes: How much longer can Obama, Carney and Sebelius keep up the delusion?

Obama(NaturalNews) When HHS launched, it disastrously crashed. When Obama gave out the 800 number to call because the website didn't work, it also crashed. The Spanish language version of has completely crashed, too, and according to reports, ZERO people have successfully enrolled in the state of New York.

The Obama administration STILL can't name a single person who has successfully enrolled through and 300,000 Floridians are about to have their health insurance plans cancelled due to Obamacare.

The number of people who have LOST their health insurance vs. the number who have enrolled is running somewhere around 100,000 to 1.

by Mike Adams 

Chasing unicorns and fairy tales

ABC News recently reported on a man who spent 4.5 hours on the phone with the Obamacare hotline and still couldn't get signed up. One man in Iowa claims to have finally logged in to after trying 100 times. He wasn't even sure if he was enrolled yet, but he did receive a call from an insurance company congratulating him on being their first customer, almost as if he had won the lottery.

Apparently, finding someone who successfully enrolled and actually got insurance through is proving to be more difficult than locating a leprechaun riding a unicorn who leads you to a pot of gold at the end of a magical rainbow.

In a blistering satire bit about, Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, asks, "So how are Democrats gonna spin this turd?"

The answer, of course, is to keeping pounding out the lies because that's what worked to get Obama elected and then re-elected. So why stop now? The voters and the media have already swallowed some pretty big whoppers from the Obama administration -- like the promise that Obama was reducing the budget deficit even though he has DOUBLED the national debt to $17 trillion -- so the strategy becomes one of making the lies bigger and bigger until they reach a point of such absurdity that even a child can see it's all one great big lie.

The Emperor is butt naked

"Mommy, why is the Emperor naked?"

This "Moment of Duh" is coming soon for Obama. Right now, Obama is marching down the street butt naked with an entourage of people following him who are pretending to be holding up his extraordinary flowing robes and golden-threaded accoutrements. As he's walking, bathed in the glory and adoration of all who are watching, he's repeating mantras of "tech surge" and "the product is good!"

The onlookers, witnessing a naked President strolling down the street all breezy and open-air-like, are forcing themselves into a state of socially-reinforced self-delusion by imagining not only that the man is wearing wonderful flowing robes, but that everyone also has affordable health insurance, too. works just fine, you see, if you just wish hard enough.

Reality shatters the delusions... but only for some

Such delusions are difficult to maintain when faced with the sobering reality of trying to log in at and actually buy health insurance. That's where reality shatters the illusion, and only the most ardent Obama worshippers can manage to maintain it in the face of undeniable reality. Fortunately for Obama, most of these people still work in the media.

Jay Carney, of course, is well practiced at denying reality and upholding illusion. His morning ritual begins with him looking in the mirror and repeating five times, "I look trustworthy, authoritative and sexy!" He has no idea, apparently, that CNN would quote everything he said even if he looked deceptive, ignorant and gross. It's not the content of what he says that makes it "factual" in the eyes of the media; it's just that it comes from the White House and therefore must be true because the Emperor is never wrong (and my, how amazing his clothes look, too!).

When it comes to, Carney honestly has no idea if he's even lying. Not that it matters, of course. The job is all the same to him whether his fingers are crossed behind his back or not. But he's not a computer programmer, as he openly admitted, thus he truly has no idea whether the computer code powering might actually function by January 1.

That job, it seems, is up to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the female Grand Moff Tarkin of the Obama administration. Sebelius is famous for declaring that is "open for business!" even when the entire nation could clearly see that the site was a disastrous, shriveled mass of broken code. When Jon Stewart, an avid Obama devotee, dedicates an entire segment to making fun of the failure of the system, you know things are really, really bad for the White House.

Dutifully holding up the Emperor's flowing robes during the parade, Kathleen Sebelius is now apologizing for Obama, saying he "did not know" about the website glitches while adding that she never even tried to sign up through because she "already has insurance."

Sebelius is fully wrapped up in the Emperor's New Clothes, and she's blowing out a line of B.S. that even makes professional swindlers cringe:

The call center is open for business. We've had 1,100,000 calls. We've had 19 million people visit the website. Five-hundred thousand accounts created and people shopping every day. So, people are signing up and there's help in neighborhoods around the country that people can have a one-on-one visit with a trained navigator and figure out how to sign up. So people are able to sign up.

Ummm... what planet is Sebelius on, again? The 1+ million calls were from people who couldn't get the website to work. The 19 million visits were the BROWSER REFRESHES invoked by desperate people who kept getting error message and dead screens. When Sebelius says, "people are able to sign up," she's not willing to say how many people. Is it two? Ten? Maybe twelve? Why is this number so secret that it can't be released to the public who paid for it all?

Sebelius finally adds, "People are frustrated with a website, but the product is there."

Where, exactly? was touted as an amazing online shopping mall for discount insurance, a stairway to health care heaven that was supposed to work better than an iPhone and be cheaper than a cell phone bill. But the website we got -- after spending $600 million taxpayer money -- works worse than a Yugoslavian pickup truck yet costs more than a high-class hooker. Somehow, Obama says it is "exceeding expectations."

The answer here is Chuck Norris

Let me be the first to recommend the obvious answer to all these problems., meet Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris is the ultimate problem solver when it comes to computer code. And to prove it, he already counted to infinity... twice!

If Chuck Norris can light a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together, he can certainly solve's pesky little problems. If he can cut scissors with paper, he can certainly fix a few "glitches." If Chuck Norris can order a Big Mac at Burger King... and actually get a Big Mac... he's clearly got the answers to all the problems with After all, the government actually pays Chuck Norris taxes, and when genies want their wishes fulfilled, they ask Chuck Norris.

If you flip over China, it says, "Made by Chuck Norris" on the bottom. Chuck Norris can punch a hurricane in the eye, and bulletproof vests actually wear Chuck Norris for protection. Chuck Norris once sold eBay to eBay on eBay.

Chuck Norris can divide by zero (gasp!) and once bowled a perfect game with nothing more than a marble. When the Boogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris doesn't have to WRITE computer code: he simply commands it into obedience. When Chuck Norris runs Javascript, it is responsive!

Why Chuck Norris jokes? Because if we're all going to pretend Obamacare is working and play around in fairytale land with Sebelius, Carney and Obama, we might as well bring in our own imaginary friends with superpowers just to keep things interesting. I think I'll throw in the Wonder Twins, too.

BOLD PROMISE: If is fully functioning before January 1, 2014, I will publicly challenge Chuck Norris to a fist fight. (And he will still win even with both hands in his pockets and his legs tied together and chained to the floor...)

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Huge contradictions in 'scientific' thinking revealed: Theory of evolution in no way explains origins of life

by Mike Adams 

(NaturalNews) Ask any scientist where life on our planet came from, and they'll usually give you a one-word answer: "Evolution." Immediately thereafter, they will usually give you a condescending look that also implies you're an idiot for not knowing this "scientific fact" that everyone else has accepted as true.

It turns out, however, that the scientist is suffering from a delusion. Evolution doesn't even encompass origins of life. Rather, evolution (i.e. "natural selection") explains a process by which species undergo a process of adaptation, fitness and reproduction in response to environmental, behavioral and sexual influences. No rational person can deny that natural selection is ever-present and happening right now across bacteria, plants, animals and even humans, yet natural selection can only function on pre-existing life forms. It does not give rise to non-existent life.

Darwin, in other words, did not study the "reproduction of rocks" because there is no such thing. He studied animals which were already alive.

Thus, the "Theory of Evolution" utterly fails to address the ORIGIN of where the first life forms came from. How did natural selection have anything to work on in the first place? You can't "evolve" life forms from dead rocks, after all... unless the evolutionists are now embracing the theory of spontaneous resurrection of dead objects into living organisms.

So the question remains: Where did life ORIGINATE?

Evolutionists prefer to skip over that all-important question. So let us pick up their slack and explore this subject with honest skepticism.

Evolution as a theory of the origin of life is a FAITH, not science

According to scientists, you can never argue with scientists because they uniquely have a monopoly on all knowledge. Their beliefs can never be questioned because they are beyond any need to be validated. "Scientific truth" is true because they say it is, and the faith-based belief that evolution explains the origins of life cannot be questioned either.

Yet question it we will! So let's see how this goes: The entire cosmos starts out as an unimaginably dense point that explodes in an event cosmologists call the Big Bang. All the physical matter we know today has its origins in that event, yet, importantly, there was no life in the Big Bang. No biological organism could have possibly survived Inflation, for starters. And before Inflation, the density of matter would have crushed anything resembling biological life.

According to physicists, the Big Bang itself followed no pre-existing laws of the cosmos. In fact, all physical laws that we know of -- gravity, electromagnetism, etc. -- came out of the Big Bang. Even the very fabric of reality was created by it (space and time).

The Big Bang is the faith-based miracle of modern science. "Give me one miracle," they're fond of saying, "and we can explain everything that follows."

Except the miracle of the Big Bang itself goes entirely unexplained. How could everything suddenly come from nothing? How could an entire universe come into existence without a cause? These questions are routinely ignored. Instead, we are told that we should believe in the Big Bang as a matter of faith and trust that it is the only exception to the laws of the universe. This is, of course, a matter of faith, not fact.

And what about the origins of life in all this? Today, supposedly 13.8 billion years later, we see life all around us. Logically, somewhere between the Big Bang -- where no life existed -- and today, life must have appeared.

But how?

Scientists believe in magic

Again, if you ask most scientists about the origins of life, they will blindly and dutifully answer "evolution!" Yet without life already existing, there is nothing to evolve. So where did LIFE come from?

Ultimately, the answer given by scientists is that life spontaneously sprang from lifelessness. Seriously, that's their real answer. They have more technical-sounding names for it, and there are hundreds of books written on various theories that might explain it, but ultimately, scientists believe in magic. Because "magic" is the only way you can really explain life rising from lifelessness.

So evolution really doesn't explain the origins of life after all. Magic does. Life arose from lifelessness in exactly the same way the Big Bang suddenly happened without cause: it's all done by magic! (I guess that makes two miracles, not one, but who's counting?)

All of a sudden, the idea of a Creator who seeded the Big Bang or seeded the universe with life seems a lot less whacky than the "magical" explanations of many conventional scientists. It is far more feasible that our universe was created by an omniscient, highly-advanced consciousness than it somehow springing into existence for no reason whatsoever.

Atheism, soullessness and permanent death

Conventional scientists, of course, will go through tremendous contortions to try to remove any idea of a designer, engineer or Creator from their worldview. That's because nearly all of them are devout atheists who also disavow any belief in consciousness, free will, the soul, God or spirituality. According to their own explanations, they themselves are mindless biological robots suffering from the mere delusion of mind created as a kind of artificial projection of mechanistic biological brain function.

See my mini-documentary "The God Within" for a more detailed exploration of this:

The twisted philosophy of many scientists also raises bizarre ethical lapses, such as their belief that killing a lab rat, or a dog, or even another human being is of no ethical consequence since all those creatures are not actually "alive" in any real way. This is why drug companies, vaccine manufacturers and science in general feels no remorse for conducting deadly experiments on children, blacks, prisoners or minorities.

The worst trait of conventional scientists is not merely that they are wildly self-deluded into believing they have no real consciousness; it's actually the fact that they are simultaneously wildly arrogant, even combative about forcing their twisted beliefs onto others.

Their faith-based beliefs are always described as "facts" while they proclaim other people's beliefs are "delusions." You cannot argue with any group of people who are wholly convinced their beliefs are facts because any critical thinking you might invoke is automatically and routinely rejected as a matter of irrational defense.

The vaccine faith test

As an example of this, ask any doctor or pharmacist this question: "Is there such thing as an unsafe vaccine?"

The answer you will be told is a condescending "No!" In the faith-based beliefs of the scientific status quo, no vaccine can ever be harmful by definition. Vaccines are beyond questioning in their belief system, and so the very question of asking if a vaccine could possibly be anything less than 100% safe doesn't compute. It contradicts their faith, in other words.

It's like asking a devout Christian whether there might be no God. The question is so contradictory to their belief system that it cannot be processed.

You can test this further by asking a vaccine-pushing doctor, "Is there anything that could be added to a vaccine that would make it unsafe?"

After careful thought, an honest doctor might answer, "Well, sure, there are all sorts of toxins that could be added to a vaccine that would make it unsafe."

Ask them to name some examples. Sooner or later, they should stumble onto the self-evident answer of "mercury," a deadly neurotoxin which remains present in many modern vaccines.

Ask the doctor, "Has any safe level of mercury ever been established for injection into a child?"

The answer, of course, is no. Logically, no vaccine containing mercury can be considered "safe" regardless of the level of mercury it contains. Thus, by merely asking a few direct questions, you can easily get an honest doctor to shatter their own false belief about vaccines -- a belief based on the faith-driven delusion that there is no such thing as an unsafe vaccine (no matter what it contains).

If, at any point in this questioning process, you get stonewalled by this person, recognize they are abandoning reason and reverting to their faith in "Scientism." Scientism is a system of belief in which all creations of pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and chemical companies are automatically assumed to hold God-like status. They are beyond questioning. They are supreme. They can never be questioned or even validated. In fact, no validated is required nor even desired. Who needs to validate "facts" anyway? Everyone already knows they are true, right?

All drugs are assumed to be safe and effective unless proven otherwise. This is why doctors warn patients that their dietary supplements are "interfering with their medications" and not the other way around. The drugs are assumed to have originated from a higher order, as if they emanate from a place of sacred, divine status: Big Pharma!

Many scientists are incapable of recognizing their own logical fallacies

Many scientists, sadly, do not grasp the chasms in their own belief systems. They are incapable of realizing that many of their own beliefs are based in a system of faith rather than a system of rational thought.

When scientists talk about evolution, they do so from an all-encompassing arrogance that assumes they are correct by default. Anyone daring to debate with them must prove they are wrong, yet they themselves have no obligation to prove they are right. The faith of Scientism requires no proof, only faith. It is assumed correct as a key principle of the religion of Scientism.

This is not unusual in religions. Christianity, for example, assumes God exists and does not need to "prove" it. His existence is accepted as a matter of faith. This is neither right nor wrong; it is characteristic of a belief system that science claims to reject. Yet science follows the exact same pattern.

Even the theory of natural selection based on purely mechanistic genetic inheritance contains enormous gaps in logic and is therefore a matter of faith. For starters, there isn't enough data storage in the human genome to fully describe the physical and behavioral inheritance of a human being. The massive failure of the Human Genome Project also comes to mind: Here's a project that promised to solve the riddle of the origins of nearly all disease. Once the human genome was fully decoded, disease would be eliminated from humankind, we were all promised.

These promises are now little more than laughable examples of delusional thinking from a failed Scientism project that mostly yielded bankrupt biotech companies rather than miracle cures.

Most scientists believe all people are mindless robots

Another glaring contradiction among many scientists is their comedic belief that everyone else is a mindless biological robot except themselves! Yes, they alone have intelligent thought based on free will, inspiration and creativity. We should read their books alone, as their books came from original thoughts powered by unique minds.

Yet this very belief contradicts their entire view of everyone else. All "minds" are illusions, they claim, and there is no such thing as consciousness. If you believe what they say, then all the books written by Dawkins, Hawking or other devout Scientism worshippers are, according to their own claims, worthless drivel produced via an "automatic writing" process powered by mindless, soulless chemical reactions housed in a mechanistic mass of neurons floating in a skull. Their books, therefore, utterly lack all meaning and serve no purpose. The words they contain are merely "knee-jerk writings" from humanoid automatons.

How can consciousness have evolved if it serves no purpose?

And there's another huge contradiction in the scientific community. Most conventional scientists claim that consciousness is an illusion which somehow arose out of natural selection so that individual members of a species could operate under the illusion of free will. Yet, at the same time, they claim this false "mind" has no actual impact on the real world because it is, by definition, an illusion.

So how can an illusory phenomenon drive natural selection and evolution if it has no impact on the real world?

This is a stinging contradiction demonstrating the false beliefs of the materialists (i.e. mainstream scientists). Given enough time and effort, I could name a hundred more obvious contradictions they shamelessly promote as "facts."

In truth, many scientific "facts" all boil down to "beliefs."

Today's twisted "science" is just another kind of religion

Why am I covering all this here on Natural News? Because if we are to move forward as a civilization, we must transcend the silly belief that anything pursued under the flag of modern-day "science" is automatically and factually superior (perhaps even divine) to all other forms of understanding.

Any system of thought which cannot tolerate questions or challenges to its beliefs is no science at all.

For your amusement and explorations, some useful questions you can ask Scientism followers to quickly exposed their false beliefs include:

• Is there such thing as an unsafe vaccine? Or are all vaccines automatically safe by definition?

• Do you beat your dog? If animals have no souls and no consciousness, then do you agree it is of no ethical consequence to torture dolphins and elephants? What about primates? Cats? Neighbors?

• If free will does not exist, then no one can be held responsible for their actions. All actions are, by definition, "automatic" and of no fault of the person because there cannot be any "choice" in an unconscious brain. If you believe this, then do you also support freeing all murderers and rapists from prison because they are not responsible for their actions? What purpose does punishment serve if violent criminals have no "choice" because they have no free will?

• If the human genome doesn't contain enough information to describe a complete human form, then how is inheritance purely mechanistic?

• If consciousness is an illusion, by what mechanism does the brain create this illusion? And for what purpose? What evolutionary advantage could this serve if the "illusion of consciousness" cannot have any "real" impact on behavior? By definition, natural selection should de-emphasize useless brain functions. So how did consciousness survive for so long?

• If natural selection can only function on pre-existing life forms, where did the first life come from? How did it arise? (Magic?)

• What caused the Big Bang? If nothing caused it, how do you explain a universe governed by "laws" which, itself, sprang into existence by not following laws?

• If the laws of the universe came into existence during the Big Bang, and if other parallel universes might have different constants governing variations of the physical laws we know and understand, how does our universe "remember" its selected laws? Can physical constants change? Can the speed of light change? Does it vary in a repeatable pattern?

... and so on. With questions like these, it is a simple matter to expose conventional Scientism believers as incompetent thinkers.

It's time to dethrone the High Priests of Scientism

If we are to move forward as a civilization we must dethrone the high priests of Scientism and get back to a process of real science where questions are welcomed, humility is restored, and discovery, not arrogance, reigns supreme.

This is the process I embrace here at Natural News, and it is why millions of readers across the world now turn to Natural News instead of arrogant science publications like Scientific American, a faith-based Scientism magazine that now functions as little more than a corporate sellout propaganda "Bible" for believers. Any publication that says people should not know what's in their food (GMO labeling) is, of course, not engaged in real science because real science is the pursuit of knowledge, not the burying of facts for corporate interests. No legitimate science would want the public to be denied knowledge.

Bottom line? Modern-day "science" is riddled with enormous contradictions and knowledge gaps. The most devout followers of this "science" define themselves as meaningless, mindless biological robots living out purposeless lives. They all believe that murder, rape and even child molestation have no ethical considerations whatsoever because no one is responsible for their own actions due to free will being "an illusion" as they explain it. Jerry Sandusky is ethically equivalent to Mother Theresa, according to the soulless beliefs of modern-day science.

These Scientism followers will never acknowledge any gaps in their own knowledge, as they believe they are uniquely gifted with a divine, irrefutable truth which cannot be questioned and need never be validated. No evidence is required to support their core faiths such as "mercury in dental fillings is harmless" or "chemotherapy saves lives." All pronouncements of drug companies, biotech firms and chemical companies are automatically accepted as The Word of God in that they are all-knowing, all-powerful and never to be questioned.

To succeed as a civilization, we must collectively recognize the fallibility of this faith-based system of false belief and return to a process of true discovery that transcends the failures of modern-day science.

And don't even get me started on the rise of killer robots and artificial intelligence. That's another case where the arrogance and delusional thinking of modern-day science may quite literally result in the apocalyptic, permanent destruction of humankind.

For further reading for those who dare to question the false beliefs of Scientism

Murder mystery at the New York State Museum: A 9-11 whodunnit

     By Jane Stillwater

     While I was in Albany, NY recently, I heard about a museum exhibit called "The Mystery of the Albany Mummies" and, according to the museum's brochure, these two mummies have been put through every scientific test known to science so that we can now know everything about them that there is to know.  Mystery solved.
     And at the New York State Museum, also in Albany, there is also a huge exhibit regarding the World Trade Center and 9-11.  But when I went to see that exhibit, I got more confused instead of being less confused.  Two major questions immediately stood out in my mind.  Or perhaps three.  Or more.

     First, one part of the exhibit stated that lots of personal items were found in the rubble -- including jewelry, gold rings and even credit cards.  Huh?  Steel melted on 9-11-01 but credit cards didn't?

     Second, the exhibit made a big point about the Towers being held up by exterior steel beams, and also that the interior floors collapsed onto each other because of their weight.  So the interiors of the buildings collapsed, according to the exhibit.  But then why did the exterior steel girders collapse too?  Under the pressure?  Because they melted? 

     Then why didn't the desks and toys and other paraphernalia at the exhibit collapse and melt too?

     I'm confused.

     Third, a lot of the items on exhibit were all covered by gray ash -- but not the kind that results from burning office paper.  So what kind of ash was it?  The kind caused by thermite?  We may never know.  But some enterprising curator could solve this mystery for me in a New York minute -- by just testing that freaking ash for traces of explosives.  Sherlock Holmes would have done that.  Or that guy from CSI.  With all of those forensic crime-scene shows on TV, one would think that Americans would demand at least the same level of inquiry that Ted Danson would have delivered.  But no.

     Why haven't the Twin Towers been put through the same rigorous scientific scrutiny as the Twin Mummies of Albany?

     Darned if I know.

     And also, if they had all those girders and fire trucks and photos on exhibit, why didn't they also have the airplanes' black boxes and the NORAD reports on exhibit too?  And the NSA reports and the "chatter" from Dick Cheney's war room?  I wish they'd had a section devoted solely to "conspiracy theories".  And a section devoted to means, motive and opportunity as well!  And why did this museum stick so closely to the "official story" even though the exhibits themselves contradicted each other?

     There was also some verbiage at the exhibit about how the Twin Towers held up for an hour or so at first -- until the heat from the fires melted the steel even though the jet fuel had immediately burned off.  So the burning jet fuel didn't cause the meltdown?  Huh?  What did I miss?

     The museum's graphic photos of the Twin Towers collapsing in on themselves showed what had to be a controlled demolition -- because if even a few of the 237 steel girders holding up Towers 1 and 2 had melted even a fraction of a second faster than others, the WTC would have toppled over to one side like a child's stack of blocks, possibly taking out the Wall Street stock exchange with it -- or at least a bunch of churches, hotels, office buildings or banks.  And we all know that didn't happen.

    And then there were those horrible photos of people falling from windows, windows that would had been impossible to open by human hands but which had possibly been blown out by the explosion of the airplane fuel, taking hundreds of unwilling human beings with them too.  But how many more survivors of the original explosions had been blown out through even more usually-unopenable windows when Tower 1 and Tower 2 suddenly pancaked down, evenly and synchronistically destroying 237 steel girders per floor as they went? 

     By this time I was almost in tears.

     I finally left the exhibit sorely saddened by all those lives that had been lost -- but also scratching my head in confusion.

     Next I'm going to go visit the Twin Mummies -- where there are scientific methods at work that I can actually follow and understand.

PS:  What the freak would be the motivation for creating a "Second Pearl Harbor" and then covering it up?  Perhaps it was six TRILLION dollars?  That's the amount of money that war profiteers have made (so far) from the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Gaza, Egypt, etc.  Means, motive and opportunity.  No mystery here.

     That's $75,000 that has been paid to War Street by every single man, woman and child in America.  Sounds like a huge incentive to me.  And oil companies' motives?  The oil fields of Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc?  And the bees still all buzzing around the oil in Iran?  With Kuwait and Saudi Arabia next?

     "But, Jane," you might say, "Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are our allies.  An attack on them would never happen."  You think not?  Well.  Saddam Hussein used to be War Street's ally too and look what happened to him.  And America used to be Big Oil's ally as well but with six trillion dollars at stake, Big Oil clearly would have had no problems selling America out.  It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.  Anything's possible.

PPS:  By asking just a few simple questions, Paul Craig Roberts does a much better job than the NY State Museum of describing what happened on 9/11/01:

     Question 1:  "The national security state was defeated by a few rag tag Muslims with box cutters and a sick old man dying from renal failure while holed up in a cave in Afghanistan, and no heads rolled."  Why wasn't anyone in our government ever held accountable for this spectacular failure?

      Question 2:  "Do you know what temperature self-cleaning ovens reach?"

PPPS:  According to investigative reporter Russ Baker, "George H. W. Bush may be one of the few Americans of his generation who cannot recall exactly where he was when John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas on November 22, 1963."  And Poppy Bush had all kinds of reasons for wanting Kennedy dead.  Plus Poppy Bush was working for the CIA at the time of Kennedy's death.  And the CIA hated JFK!

     Baker also states in his articles that Grandpoppy Prescott Bush, that guy who chose being a cheerleader for the Nazis over cheering for America during WWII, also hated JFK.

     So.  If Grandpoppy Bush had no qualms about siding with the Nazis over his own country, and Poppy Bush apparently had no qualms about participating in the assassination of a sitting U.S. president in cold blood, what makes us think that Baby Bush would suddenly develop qualms about assassinating the Twin Towers for fun and profit?  The apple never falls far from the tree.

PPPPS:  So.  Twelve years later, what are we Americans finally planning to do about all these clearly still-lingering and strong doubts and suspicions?  Open a new and impartial 9-11 commission scientific investigation run by Ted Danson, one that is not afraid to ask the big questions no matter where the answers might lead?  A truly unbiased investigation that would finally put all of our minds to rest?  Or should we just continue to do nothing and merely be grateful that we each got to pony up $75,000 to War Street -- and not even more than that?
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