Friday, September 20, 2019

Do Not MIss the Opportunities! More and more interesting sports

A Letter to Sarah H. Kramer
                    Digital Content Specialist 
                    Alliance Defending Freedom 

In response to your letter, please consider the following:

Dear Sarah,

Before anything else, let us congratulate you on the joyful event in your future.  Children are a blessing, always. 

Before you have a bouncing baby, please bounce this to Maureen, and I can bring her up to speed on our offering your outfit a 2-way audience participation show via satellite, cable, and streaming to and FROM devices. Our Take it To The People interactive TV Network that will be launched initially as part of the Women Leading interactive TV Network that is ramping up this quarter with the All Presidential Candidates' 1:1 Debate Tourney. There are 854 candidates running besides Mr. Trump and the 30 the MSM has told you about. 

See 1st Dibs Advertising Agency and Cause Marketing for our the four Producer's Guides to Interactive Television to understand how you can inexpensively use smartphones on major TV distribution with opinion tallies. I am a pioneer in this field going back to 1992 with dark horse presidential candidates and getting women's issues considered separately from passing laws or use of force. It unconfuses the audience on any topic whether they are for it or against it, and then deal with the force aspects separately as useless or not. You can see how it was successful for Ross Perot with the ladies in 1992 at PhoneVoter TV Network as I took him from 8% to 38% in 6-weeks while handling 3 others satellite TV campaigns on satellite (COS). One won against a sitting president that was 89% popular.

See what we are mocking up now at for over a dozen types of interactivity with candidates. So far we have invited 650 by mail, and have received a positive response by 32 whom the mainstream media has never informed you even exist. We will be having organizations and experts ask hardball questions of such candidates' not media pundits. The League of Women Voters among others will be back doing that versus the demopublican self-commissioned Commission on Presidential Debates. Those are soundbite-a-thons, we will have the real debates for 47-minutes minus commercials and instructing the audience how to PhoneVote and ask questions on issues and candidates on-air and on website landing pages. One of the three debate tracks in Environmental / Cultural Legal & De-Legalization Leadership, the others being Foreign Policy and Economic Vision. Understand the wannabe presidents are just an excuse for the audience to find real solutions to problems. The rest of our programming is viably free-market and persuasion. 

We do have another exception which is where Americans can actually post charts, graphs, evidence, videos, pictures, and all the other stuff that the and websites for 20 years have excluded, so the congress critters decapitated themselves from Americans who would like to tell or show them something, anything. We are looking for producers/ content-leaders there to operate that nexus point of opinions too. Maybe you have some friends.

I signed your petition only because I agree with you on the issue, but I was disappointed to see you drinking political Kool-Aid as a savior of your cause as the only plan of action. I assure you no politician is a solution, and a pretense to invoke rules or regulations get watered down with compromise with your opponents; then that gets to be a far cry from your moral clarity, sense of justice, and you wonder what it was all for at the bitter end. In contrast, winning a popular majority in Culture Wars in the court of public opinion, is actually more solid ground when you win by persuasion, and are willing to take on opponents uncensored, get sharp, and keep winning by persuasion when robotic enhancement is the next issue you'll be up to distinguish yourselves from. Note Special Olympics already exist. 

Respecting minority rights is clearer against those that wish to use force for their point of view for either majoritarian or minority points-of-view. People can organize sports for instance in a variety of ways. For instance, I am 5'5" and I like basketball. I can whine about discrimination, force my way onto the NBA and steal ground balls all day; but that doesn't even mean I'll make a dunk or even take a shot. In contrast, I can start a Shrimp Nationwide Basketball League with height classes and or lower the basket to I can make those dunks. I can find sponsors form Jimmy Au's Short and Small Clothiers with famous short stars like Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford. A third of the audience will like to watch b-ball who can relate to skill and their height, and not being shut-out by a genetic anomaly. The medium-size folks will watch their welter-weights in their League, and the giraffes are already covered in the NBA. It's not a threat to the NBA anymore than the WNBA is, plus it widens the sport out to more people to enjoy it, not make it a never-winning chore for some groups due to physical genetic nature. I intend to do this. 

From 1996 for 25 years, as a teacher in schools, I advocated for a balance of funds for girls' sports in government, private, and parochial middle & high schools. I find it ironic that that battle was won by popular will and many grassroots meetings, not laws from above; as compared to your petition of a politician. Try that grassroots strategy again, only this time with interactive TV to speed it up. Even if Maureen is a lawyer, maybe she'll get persuasion as more effective, and also be able to guard yours and our rear flank from any media law attacks. Our new channels' policy is no censorship, no shadow-banning, and take on all comers. Controversy and Debate are good and good for ratings and involves everyone. it is not boring one-hand clapping to the right or left as CNN with 157,000 TV viewers and 1.1M phone app viewers, or Foxnews with 1.5M viewers and 300k phoneapp viewers. These are actually small numbers, we can take these passive networks out with higher ratings interactive TV, and that is best with your controversy. Don't beg for airtime, be the show. 

The top 5 passive TV networks only are that because they have at least one interactive show on their roster that pumps them up. So you think you Can Dance? holds the record for the most phone calls/texts/online PhoneVotes in a 3-hour period = 94-million. That is almost as many people as vote for president, and they do it weekly in their finals. You can create a transgender birth male genetic league, and a transgender birth female league in any sport, and add the physical classes to that, or do that anyway in any sport so us smaller folks don't always get aced out. we can win something. Enough folks in any class can create their own league. Little schools have 5-person football, big one 11-person football. Get it? 

Further, we dazzled some the top connectivity companies that handle 800 channels with our Charity Champions overlay TV network and niche-market new Leagues, where either a team or individuals on a team can be playing, racing, for a charity (including yours). This includes Secondary Education, College, and Pro Sports who can play for more than whose best, or a sponsors' money purse, the audience can pledge to the charity of the players, including yours. That idea was advanced to me by Dale Earnhardt Sr., and now the technology makes it possible to work for 14-million Girl Scouts and their families cheering for a Girl Scout racecar, pledging money to its standings as successful, buying cookies, or 10-milllion girls inquiring about why a girl should join the GS on a video downloadable from an allied cloud company to our "Content Delivery Network" (CDN). Maureen can make such phone-calls and PowerPoint presentations for allies and sponsors for such arrangements and write the contracts too. We can aim her in the right direction as a producer. 

This is a strategy that will win, will be self-funding with a bit of pump-priming with lady-related sponsors for female-genotype persons. By the way, 55% of all advertising agencies are womanaged or owned by women. See our 1stDIBS Advertising, PR, & Cause-Marketing Agency at and click on Ad Rates, then click on the box "Percentage As You Earn" box and see 2 diagrams of our media tech and connectivity allies we have so far enlisted as the best at what they do, and are offering severe discounts to entice producers to try 2-way TV. Think about that, and have Maureen give us a call.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Chair, Freedom interactive Television Networks (FiTNA), and Executive Producer of the Women Leading interactive TV Network has been following your work and speaks highly of it.  The work you are doing is greatly needed - and you might consider Interactive TV as a natural extension for your work.  

There are equity positions a producer (you) of your show can offer legal beagles, accountants, advertising acquisition executives, and other functions by teams to get your show on the road, literally besides an origination studio. Don't worry that Maureen or anyone else in media understands this new tech we have put together for 3 years for outfits just like yours, nobody is ahead of the pack like we are. We know, from being called "the Goose that will lay the golden media eggs in the next era of 5G and 3.0 ATSC broadband protocols". We can spin-off both non-profit and for-profit media entities, and so can you. Your Alliance has such content, 7 conventional halls full of media companies don't. We can answer any questions if you and Maureen are ready to lead and win. 

We hope the birthing is beautiful!
Ready when your alliance is.          
Brock d'Avignon
Executive Producer, FiTNA [a Kansas 501(c)3]

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
CEO, President, FiTNA