Tuesday, November 24, 2020

An Eager Politician-To-Be Attempts to Explain Jo Jorgensen's Campaign

 by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

You are a volunteer, you say. Volunteers know exactly what they are told. The media director, Richard Fields told me decisions were being made on these issues which were 'Above his pay grade".

Note he was the Director for Media, generally a pivotal position for decision making in a normal campaign. Gary Johnson ran two organizations to raise money, and raising money was all that he did. The campaign pocketed much of it after election day, so that is not a great example. Did you think Our America Imitative accomplished anything but raising $20M in funds for Gary and his campaign manager?

This is the last time we will offer the LP nationally any services.  The only way to win in politics is by using Interactive 2-Way Mass Audience Participation TV.  We are now reaching out to others who understand the gravity of what Americans face today.  We have followed the downward spiral for ten years, since 2008.  What we face is a hyperinflation which will reduce the US to a third world country.   

Our consultants include a Collateral Merchant Banker who reports to us on how the final extraction of wealth is proceeding.  The only solution is a delivery system to provide a soft-landing for Americans and that must be entirely free market. Our plan was endorsed by very different people than you work with in the LP  See  https://www.payehome.org/experts

Interactive 2-Way Mass Audience Participation TV is the Delivery System which will allow Americans to convert their loans using Safety Net Financing and so avoid becoming homeless.  Want projections?  16 Million Americans will be homeless, living in cars and with jobs disappearing.  Think Hyperinflation on the 2008 model but dozens of times worse.

We have the backing of 250 TV tech companies, all of whom are anti-censorship and who live the values the LP merely emotes.  See FreedomTVNetworks.com   Our launching network is Women Leading Interactive TV Network   See WomenLeading.info. 

Lots of ploys have been used to increase what is actually paid to staff. I began recording what I was seeing, as I knew most of these people in the early years of the LP. I knew about why Harry ran in 1996, and I know who trained him to get the nomination. John Hix charged Harry a couple of thousand dollars for the training needed to convert the LP Presidential Campaign into the Perpetual Book Tour. In case you did not know, Harry ran because he was accustomed to a posh life-style predicated on book sales and his sales were in the toilet.

In 1980, we had been promised at a meeting I had been especially asked to attend as Southern California LP Vice Chair, that cross their little hearts, Ed Crane would not be involved in the campaign. Then that changed to "he would only handle communications". But afterward, it was obvious that the title did not matter, he was in charge. I had this confirmed to me in the elevator after the Alternative '80 event the September before the 1980 election, held that year at the Century City Hotel. Charles Koch dressed down Ed Crane as I listened with delight. Koch was obviously exasperated saying, "How did you manage to lose money on this event? It was a fundraiser and you lost $250,000!

The Kochs were engaged in a blood-letting at the time over control of Koch Industries, which they won in a squeaker.

Crane was very unhappy I was present as he knew I already understood what he was doing. He had told Gail Lightfoot, if you do not know who Gail is, google her, in 1977 at the National Convention, again in an elevator remark, he was, "Going to DC to get rich!" Crane pulled down $500,000 a year as a salary at CATO. Notice the absence of the free market at CATO. The Kochs did not fire him until they realized the liability for his sexually inappropriate behavior in the office on their time, was becoming very public.

After that, I covered every campaign for president. I strongly suspect you are not at the 'paygrade' who knows the facts or makes decisions and were, as a loyal follower, and or credulous shill, picked to make your statement.

Michael Emerling recruited Jo to run as VP and that happened sometime between 1990 when his wife, Vicky, a good friend of mine, left him for good and sufficient reasons, and 1994.  Emerling and a motley collection of folks who viewed the LP as a cash cow handled the action for the 1996 Browne Campaign.

Note that Jo did not share with delegates she would be working full time while running for office. That would have changed the outcome of the nomination. She promised Emerling was not involved. I have learned not to believe anything until I see the documentation. And given the ploy with the Fake Debate of October 29 not long ago, Jo has no more credibility with me than I would accord to Ed Crane.

I am writing a book covering each campaign, including the MacBride Campaign in 1976. I was asked to write Roger's biography. If you do not know who Roger was, look it up.  Roger was the producer of Little House on the Prairie, for which he owned the rights inherited from his adopted grandmother, Rose Wilder Lane.  His campaign plane in 1976 was called NO FORCE ONE.  Roger paid for it and for most of his own campaign.

Now, note that Dan Fishman conned me into believing there would be an Interactive 2-Way Mass Audience Participation component to the ‘Jo’ Campaign. 

You write PR for the Jo Campaign - https://independentpoliticalreport.com/2020/10/the-jorgensen-insider-issue-06/

Your Personal Website - http://www.plentymoore.com/

Now, please connect your brain.  Why is it that today the LP still does not use TV, not even 1-Way, passive TV?  They could have had a network, which we offered them along with showing them how to use satellite uplink trucks to take the message home to tens of millions Americans.  Our partners in the distribution industries, for instance satellite, also want to know. 

If any Libertarian reading this had to ask themselves why the LP continues to live in the past for media, now they have the beginning of the answer.  The LP does not want to win. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

When a 'Conspiracy is no Theory, just careful planning -

 by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

When telling a story of this kind, it is essential to provide ones bonafides, legitimizing the statements to be made, which may prove to be surprising to some. 

 I joined the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) soon after leaving the Libertarian Party in 1989.  I was first active in the chapter in North Hills area of the San Fernando Valley.  Three years later we relocated to Santa Barbara. 

I view political parties as tools for accomplishing goals.  I have no loyalty to tools which have been proven to be flawed, or are placed to ensure the asserted goals are not obtained.  I had determined the LP was a hopelessly flawed tool in 1988.

SIDE NOTE - Since I had family living there and previous generations of the family, namely one set of my g-grandparents, and subsequently two of their children, Dr. Ernest Sargent Pillsbury and his family and the younger son, Arthur C. Pillsbury, had spent holidays there as a routine, I was delighted.  My oldest sister, Anne Pillsbury Gripp was living in the area and owned the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate.  She and I were very close and I was then committed to researching the life history of my grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury, so this was convenient for multiple reasons.

Both sons are my grandfathers.  If you are interested the reason for this is explained by the tragic death of my father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury’s parents in an auto accident on the Casitas Pass, in 1911, then the only reliable route to Santa Barbara from their home in Hollywood, had visited there routinely from the time they relocated to California from 1884.

An account of their deaths and the subsequent court action over the probate of their large estate and custody of the three children, my father being the youngest, is HERE. The story goes on and includes the adoption of the three children, who were in danger of being seized by the corporation which gained control of the estate, Title Insurance Company, by Father’s uncle, Arthur C. Pillsbury, for whom he was named. 

MAIN NARRATIVE - The reason for the relocation was for my then husband, Craig Franklin, to be closer to the corporate office of Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS), for which he was Senior Vice President.  This is not a side note, as with GHS Craig played a role in the events of 9/11.   I would begin to suspect this at the time the War on Iraq began in 2003 but not locate substantial evidence until 2018.

I belonged to the same NFRW Club as Arianna Huffington, Alamar-Hope Ranch.  I then joined the Regents for the NFRW, an associated national group which did fundraising for and provided other support to political candidates.  My hope was to use these connections to move the group back to its real roots, these being free market and individual rights.

I was chagrined to discover they were being propagandized in the opposite direction by David Horowitz through the organization he had founded, now the David Horowitz Freedom Center.  

On May 11, 2001, I attended a tea given by the First Lady Laura Bush at the White House for the Regents.  You likely do not know that the NFRW was for much of his history the largest political club in the world and all GOP Presidential hopefuls attended its conventions, hoping to gain their support.  NFRW ran much of the local elements, including renting offices, printing literature, doing doorbelling, and other campaign functions which made the GOP a powerhouse.  This began to fail in 1980 when Ronald Reagan removed the ERA, which the NFRW had put into the GOP Platform long before.  Ronnie’s daughter, Maureen, with two friends, went to see her father and got down on her knees, begging him to change this.  He refused.  Thousands of women walked away from the GOP.   I already suspected Ronnie was a plant from what my father had told me about him.  Dad was the first person Ronnie contacted after reregistering Republican.  Dad was the head of the Republican Club at UCLA. 

I learned about the loss of the ERA from a friend, Joyce Morrissey, former President of Business and Professional Women (BPW) for California after moving to Santa Barbara and joining the group.

Politics in America was being set up for further Left-Right conflict which would render them weak and unable to organize against those who use politics to gain control and view ideologies as tools to gain loyalty not based on individual rights, the free market and rationality.

The full story on this line of discovery and related research is finished and will appear in my book, which will be out next year, the same time I hope to publish the biography I was asked to write on Roger MacBride.  Some of you will recognize Roger as the LP’s Presidential Candidate in 1976 and the Elector who broke ranks with the GOP and cast his Electoral Vote for John Hospers and Toni Nathan in December 1972.  MacBride was the last LP candidate who could be defined as actually Free Market, a viewpoint he learned from his adopted grandmother, Rose Wilder Lane, a foremother of Libertarianism who is now long overlooked. 

By 2002 it was clear the NeoCons, the term first used by Irving Kristol as the title for his book, NeoConservativism: The Autobiography of an Idea, were well on their way to taking over the Republican Party.  I let my friends in the GOP in California know this and did not attend the next Republican Convention for California, where this became obvious as NeoCons took over.  By then I had done enough research to know the NeoCons had formerly been known as Rockefeller Republicans.  More on this in the book.

In the wake of 9/11 a series of discordant events had come to my notice through people I knew. 

One of my friends, whose name I agreed to withhold, was working in the White House and soon after the Towers were hit walked by the Office of the Vice President.  He reported as he walked by the door was open and a loud party was going on inside, with open bottles being poured.  He kept walking, he said. 

On 9/11, my daughter Morgan, was living with John Fund at his apartment in Jersey City.  She and I were talking again during this period, a communication which had experienced long gaps for years.  Morgan told me when I managed to contact her after the towers fell, that she could have been in Tower One.  She said the night before Fund had asked her to go to his bank, which was located near the top of Tower One to replace his bank card, which he continually lost.  This was a different location from the one she generally used, and much farther away, she said.  She was authorized to do this and initially agreed.  They then had an argument and she, in a fit of pique, told him to get his own card.  She said he grew enraged, screamed at her, and threatened her.  She took a walk, she said.  When she returned, he was asleep. He did not wake her in the morning and went to work. 

She was listening to the either the TV or radio when the announcement about the first tower being hit was made and watched much of the event from the roof of the apartment building.

It did not occur to me to ask more questions.  My mind was on other matters, along with most Americans. But later it occurred to me Morgan knew a lot she should not know.  She had told me, and at this time John did not knew we were communicating, that John had persuaded her to clean up his apartment, which was at least a foot-deep in papers, dirty clothes and even a lost suitcase.  I demanded she take some photos, which she did.  Then, I believed her. 

She was also tasked by Fund with cleaning up his office in the WSJ.  This could only be accomplished on Sunday, when it was closed, but she spent several Sundays doing this, which him watching. She had begun glancing at, and then reading the papers at both places and realized many of these were marked TOP SECRET.

She began secreting them and scanning them while Fund was at work.  I did not take this seriously until she sent me the scans.  I kept none of them.  I made six copies of everything and sent four to friends out of country I knew I could trust, and two in country.  I told them I would never contact them again and deleted them from my address book, which was then maintained on paper.  I rewrote the pages with the same inserts so every having these would not provide any hint of what they were.  I did not tell Morgan I had done this. By this time, I had realized she was a very loose cannon, on top of other problems. 

If you would like to read the whole story about Fund and Morgan, which leads to the reason she had to go into hiding after an attempt on her life read below.

SIDE NOTE –  For full details on this period go to Morgan Pillsbury Gell 

It was while Morgan was in hiding with a sympathetic couple in Georgia after the attempt on her life.  I would not have believed this, perhaps, but I was on the phone with her when she screamed, threw herself against the door, and threw the dead bolt. 

This leads to Saddam Hussein and 9/11 – The unexpected connection

This article was published multiple places but this is the only one I could find now.  I’ll look for more of them later.  

Time Line - Invading Iraq for Oil and Power

I generally provide sources for each of these dates and events.  They were published and I added them to my own ‘events’, which then were not.

There was an attempt on my life about the time Bush/Cheney were leaving the White House, likely clean-up, but it failed as I was able to provide pointers and the three SUVs roared out of the house a short way from where I was then living. 


I could have added this earlier as it took place in 1998 – 1999, but did not as you needed more back story first.

Cheney clearly had planned to steal the Iraqi Oil Fields for his buddies in the Industry.  You see this on the timeline above.  But he needed to plan ahead.  There needed to be a Pearl Harbor event, which was what 9/11 actually was, planning for the guidance system for the planes taking place from a contact made from the aerospace industry in October 1999. 

Cheney’s needs and that of another man, he did not yet know, meshed. 

Dan, GHS President, and his co-conspirator, Craig Franklin, along with the critical personnel who had assisted in stealing the company from Glenn Hightower, called this their THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN Strategy.  This was leaked to me by Morgan some years later who thought it was very amusing. 

But Glenn owned three successful corporations and did not give up easily.  GHS was experiencing huge financial problems as Dan struggled to pay expenses and fight off the lawsuit, which Glenn only narrowly failed to prove, in 1999.  Dan needed money Cheney had a job he needed done and had the money. 

GHS, you can read more about on Morgan Pillsbury Gell 

This did not fall into place until 2017 when Brock d’Avignon, with whom I had been working for two years, and I had a conversation about how the towers were brought down.  Brock had been writing proposals for BAE SPACE SYSTEMS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, the top provider in the world until 2001 when, Brock said, an unknown company took over, providing the guidance systems for both the DoD and military contractors directly.  If you had not guessed, this was Green Hills Software. 

The 9/11 Movement has always been perplexed about how these quasi-pilots managed to place the planes so perfectly into buildings which were already prepared to be brought down.  Now you know. 

Is this a ‘Conspiracy Theory?”  No, it was careful planning with lots of buttressing evidence, sorry Nick, but that is the way it is.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Financial Advice You Really Need – A history lesson

 by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

The graph below is from an article by well-known financial savant Bill Bonner pitching his latest round of advice. “Forget the coronavirus,” says MIT- and Yale-educated tech wizard Jeff Brown. “THIS is the Second Wave Americans should be worried about.”  

In 1923 Germany experienced a wave of hyperinflation which stunned the German people, still exhausted from the prolonged war only a handful of years behind them. 

America’s hyperinflation will be worse. 

Many of you are still focused on the recent election and I have a fascinating insight by Hart Williams which Trump supporters and or Libertarians will want to consider.

Hart first contacted me about the cheating ways of Howie Rich, the Capo for Ed Crane.  I know that is too ancient for any of you to remember that first take-over of the Libertarian Party, money provided by the Kochs.  (The thought flickers through your mind, “Who is Howie Rich?”, and Melinda kindly informs you that he ran those first Ballot Access Drives for the Libertarian Party during the Clark Campaign in 1979 – 1980.   You might remember Ed Crane as the head of Cato Institute, dumped by the Kochs when they took firmer control of Cato. 

Ed Crane told Gail Lightfoot in 1977, as she and Karl Bray shared a short elevator ride with Crane at the National LP Convention that he was, “going to DC and become wealthy.”  Did you know Crane received stock in Cato and a half-million a year in salary?

The free-market was never mentioned at Cato, but you probably did not notice that since they write prodigiously about subjects they define as ‘freedom-oriented”. 

Hart contacted me around 2007 because he wanted information on Howie’s later work which included overseeing the establishment of many of the organizations which drove Americans to positions not one-bit free market.  All of these were the work of Howie and his cabal of former Ed Crane brown-nosers. 

Hart notes that he did not expect to write an article about the election but was asked by his editor to do so began the interesting piece with this, “OK. Nothing to see here. Move along move along. Blue won. Or did they?

Let me engage in a bit of rational, logical conspiracy theory*.”  Hart goes on to show the numbers do not add up, therefore, the very recent election was stolen.  Hart despised Trump so you might want to look at the article. https://themoderatevoice.com/where-are-all-those-votes/

That was certainly no surprise, was it? 

Now, let’s get back to the graph above and consider what that forecasts for America’s economy, which, such experts as Bill Bonner, Austin Root, Doug Casey, Ron Paul and other eminent Money Minds which seem to give the socialists a victory lap.  Note:  All of you must immediately buy gold and three of six stocks having to do with the Cloud – that these Money Minds have no idea why such massive profits are in the offing.   We do.  Later, we will discuss the technologies of Reality Activist Gaming TV (RAGtime TV).   

Each provides roughly the same advice: 

Buy a place which is very remote from urban centers; stock up will everything you essential for a period.  (Bonner appears to have joined Doug Casey in Argentina.) This varies from two months to two years.  Arm yourself and do not forget the extra ammo.  This is generally implied, but an important point for you to consider. Put in a garden and grow your own food.  And invest in:  A list of stocks is then itemized to cash in before Dooms Day.  These harbingers of glad tidings then tell you to buy more gold as well. 

Do you ever hear mentioned the 1923 hyperinflation which hammered Germany in the wake of WWI?  That is what you can expect, but worse.  Go to Deagel.  You do not have to scroll very far, look for Number 8 to see the prediction for the drop in population for the USA by 2025.  The population predicted is 99 Million in 2025, an astonishing 70% drop from the population today of 326 Million.  Deagel is run by covert security experts and has been tracking these expectations for at least three years.  They include every potential impacting event that can go wrong.

The Deagel Folk have no more solutions than the Money Minds.  But we do. And our solutions are not speculation, they have been proven to work for all of us, not just those with enough funds to be of interest to these Money Minded gentlemen named above.  

As you see from the recommendations made by the Money Minds, those who have money, will become wealthier and enough of us will make it through so that a work force still exists, one which is properly subdued and chastened.    That will probably number about 98% of those surviving, bringing the ratio into a slightly different balance.  But if you survive have no doubt who is really in charge and remember what you did to ensure you did to achieve that goal.  It will not be pretty for any of you.   

We would like to avoid this.   

We have an action plan for you to consider: This begins with the original financing method which made America a powerhouse for prosperity from the early colonial times until the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913.  Surprised?  You likely did not know there was a change over.  But there was.

The original tool for financing followed the advice then expressed by the Pequot, Powhatan, Iroquois, and Naragansetts, which would not be provided for several hundred years, by Dr. Milton Friedman.  That was, “If the only certainty in business is uncertainty, then we should base our financial systems on uncertainty.”  This succinctly describes the loan tool which brought One Million immigrants to the New World before the American Revolution.  The borrower pledged a percentage of his or her income for the expensive passage, tools, and a year’s grubstake to get started.  Ah Ha!  You think.  They were thousands of miles way.  These loans were not usually repaid, right?  Wrong.  The default rate was so low it is impossible to calculate.  But it was less than .5%.  

Those immigrants started businesses and sent shipments back to England.  Our Econometrician found manifests in ships books showed their 7% obligation, Bound for England (BFE) by the ‘Redemptioner of Debt’; and 93% Free On Board (FOB) for an agent to sell in England for exactly the same free person.  Since the immigration of free persons was growing; while and slaves and indentured servants were not much motivated to work, the %AYE system also displaced slavery and indentured servitude wherever used.  Naturally, you never heard of it, as it also proved government was not essential in ways they wanted to become.  If associations of Merchant-Adventurers can make a tidy profit from investing in the kinds of people the Crown much wanted disposed of, then from their perspective it was a great deal all around. 

When the Crown tried to assert authority in those years before the Revolution, the colonials were outraged because they knew perfectly well the British government had done nothing for them – and their loans for passage and establishing themselves were long since paid.  See PAYEhome.org

Earni is the Icon you will be looking for when you decide to either convert your present RIP loan or get health care you can neither lose because you lost your job, seemingly can’t afford it at the moment, or need treatment, when the RIP insurance company does not think you are worth.  We think you are worth it all the time. 

Sign up today to become a modern Redemptioner, converting your existing loans to Safety Net Financing, which charges Percentages As You Earn (%AYE) This includes Financing and Finansurance, so you are covered for all eventualities you want to take into account. 

The Rigid Installment Payment, the only charging tool you know exists, is the Federal Reserve System (FED) tool which allowed the government to accumulate 92% ownership of the loans on our homes, which is nearly all the Treasury holds as assets to back the Federal Reserve Note (FRN). Rigid Installment Premiums that are unaffordable either privately or by government are also cancelable just when you need it. 

When you consider this assertion you will realize it is absurd.  As Milton Friedman said, “When the only certainty in business (or life) is uncertainty, then we should base our financial systems on uncertainty.”  Today, erratic incomes (uncertainty) are the rule, not an exception. Providing for uncertainty creates a financial system which is resilient for everyone. 

When we are on our way to having 10,000 (besides you) sign-ups for %PAYE Finance and Mutual Finansurance for income-contingent contracts; we can attract investors who urgently need a place to invest so their money to disappear in hyperinflation, any more than you want to lose your house or car to the foreclosures and repossessions which will likely begin in January 2021, right after Christmas.

See FreeMarketFreedom.com 

Be well – and Be Free! Melinda

Saturday, November 7, 2020

John Fund – Liar

 by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Slandering others to protect your own lies and other various ugly acts should not be tolerated.  The way to handle these situations is with transparency.  I learned publishing the truth is necessary and always do so when I am slandered.  If you have any questions, just ask.  

The 9th Commandment forbids this and condemns those who slander in absolute terms.  You do not have to be religious to understand why causing this kind of damage to someone else is wrong.   I thought long and hard before sitting down to write this statement and provide proof.  John Fund has slandered me for years.  Why?  Because I called him on his lies. 

This is the story and the recording made by my estranged daughter, Morgan, in late September of 1999, a few months after she had aborted his child.  I knew nothing about their relationship and would not have cared if I had.  You will see why.

On March 22, 1998 my eldest son, Arthur E. Foster shot himself through the palate, attempting suicide. He had spent the day with his biological father, Ron Kellett Foster, who had ceded his parental rights to my new husband, Craig Franklin, on June 21, 1989.   

Craig named all of my children as his children and heirs for all purposes five days later in his will on June 26, 1989.

Arthur had suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in a motorcycle accident the previous year on September 27, 1997.  Less than a month before I had finished warding off the IRS, this caused by Craig’s having violated our agreement made before our wedding on June 21, 1987 that he file his taxes and remain compliant because failing to do so renders all joint property vulnerable.  Craig had insisted we hold property jointly. 

Craig lied to me when he said he had brought his taxes up to date before we married.  He showed me the returns made out by my tax preparer, Doug Thorburn.  He signed these in my presence. But he hid them at work instead of mailing them.  I discovered this in January 1997 when he was hospitalized with adult onset diabetes and I began gathering our financial records to file the returns he had failed to file for over ten years after our marriage.  Yes, we were being garnisheed.  Craig also lied about this and the company for which he worked, Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS) was covering for him. 

I solved the problem.  By April we were receiving refunds from both the IRS and the State Franchise Tax Board of California, eventually a total of about $250,000.  By September 1, 1997, our finances were secured, thanks to my efforts. 

You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.

 Back to John Fund.  Morgan and Fund went to bed together for the first time at an Objectivist Conference in New York on October 26, 1998.  Morgan moved to NY in January to be closer to Fund.  During that time Fund impregnated her. 

I knew nothing about this directly.  I had stopped talking to Morgan when I realized she had lied to me to persuade me to take Arthur off life support in the aftermath of his suicide attempt.  I would not know for four years it was Craig who had persuaded him life was not worth living after his Traumatic Brain Injury the previous September.  Craig also paid Morgan $10,000 to persuade me to turn off life support to her brother.  Craig wanted Arthur dead. I learned about the payment through the financial discovery from the divorce several months later.  Morgan had told me she needed a heart transplant.  She had no such problem. 

I would have known nothing about her relationship with Fund, which began six months later in NY, if my younger daughter, Ayn had not, skeptical of this being true, in early 1999. Morgan lived near her in Los Angeles. I dismissed the possibility and then thought Fund should be warned about Morgan and called Fund, who I had known for 20 years.  I did not know Morgan was then pregnant by Fund.

My call to John was brief.  I asked if he was in a relationship with Morgan.  John immediately denied this, saying he had fed her cat for her when she went back to Los Angeles for a few days, as she lived near him in Jersey City. He added that he was in a long-term relationship and would probably be marrying a women economist in NY.  Relieved to hear this, I wished him well and rang off seeing no need to warn him Morgan was not to be trusted. 

Coincidently, this was in mid-March.  Morgan’s abortion had taken place on March 8, 1999.

When Morgan called me in late September 1999 to tell me she was in a relationship with Fund I did not believe her. Morgan had lost all credibility with me.  During that call Morgan put me on hold to take another call, saying just, “Hold on!” 

For a while I did.  Then, I tried to call her back.  Those beeps are me.

The recording is now known as The Weasel Search Tape.  You will hear two liars trying to manipulate each other.  If you prefer, you can read the transcript of the call which appeared in John Connolly’s article about John Fund, “Sex, Lies, and the Tape”.  John did not want me to know about his relationship with Morgan, Morgan continued to lie.  I never knew she had been pregnant until she told me on our phone call.  But I was outraged because John had lied to me, too.  

Connolly’s article was originally to run in TALK Magazine.  Fund paid his attorney to intimidate them into dropping it, which is why it first ran on Weaselsearch, now defunct.

People should not lie. This includes both John and Morgan.  And no one should slander others to protect their own lies, as is standard practice for both John Fund and Morgan.    

I thought we were friends and in this rather disgusting way learned this was not true. 

When John refused to answer my calls or respond to my emails, I faxed him,  I knew perfectly well the WSJ had a central receiving point for faxes and knew this would result in his calling me so we could have an honest conversation.  This did not, work. John just kept lying, and he is lying to you now.   John cannot tell the truth.

I’m not the only one who has realized this. Read about the real John Fund HERE.  You cannot trust him. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Voting Machine Caper - 2000 Reconsidered


Barbara Kathleen Herbich died at her apartment in New York on October 17, 2009.  She and I chatted a week before she was found dead. No one I talked to seem to know why she died. 

Barb, as her friends called her, was a filmmaker.  Her films tackled important political and historical topics, giving them a nuanced, human face. "Stitch for Time" was nominated for an Academy Award in 1988 and a later film, "USSR Art," documented the groundbreaking Sotheby's auction of Russian avant-garde and contemporary underground art held in Moscow in 1988.

Barb is much missed.

The conversation was, not surprisingly, about a film. Our group was making a documentary on The Earth Society, which included Pete Seeger, the iconic singer.  Pete always did a concert for a friend of his, Helen Garland, who, with such well known environmentalists as Buckminster Fuller and Margaret Mead, had worked diligently to preserve the natural world before they decided to found Earth Day in 1969.  This was the real Earth Day, occurring at the exact second of the Vernal Equinox.  

History often holds surprises, doesn’t it?   The April “Earth Day”.

I had gotten to know Helen through social action work we shared and asked if our cameraman could be on the cruise down the Hudson River and film Pete for a film we had planned.   Helen was delighted to have him along.  Six months later, our cameraman was also dead. Again, this made no sense in any seemingly related way.  It looked like suicide, I was told, of this young man in his twenties at UCLA, but that made no sense to his family.  I had met him only once, six months before he went to New York; that was in Santa Barbara in early 2009, where he filmed Green Hills Software for me.     

Barb and I first chatted in 2000 at a meeting of the monthly Fabiani Society, sponsored by Cato and the Manhattan Institute at the Princeton Club, where, once a month, I think the second Tuesday, an interesting collection of NeoCons and political operatives mixed with intellectuals, would meet to nosh on ‘Free Food and Drinks.’  As you know, there is really no such thing as a Free Lunch, this was financed by the two institutes for reasons of their own likely accounted for under the category, “Advertising.”  Barb was with her then fiancĂ©, Doug Dechert, a sort of stringer for Page Six, which is a gossip column literally on the sixth page of the NY Post.    

I was with my daughter, Morgan, who after I closed my apartment in NY at the end of 2000, she had returned to NY in time to again become enmeshed with John Fund.  The two had lived together, I later learned, having examined my phone bills, while I was in California.  The living together happened at the apartment I had rented on Morgan’s assurances she would soon be employed in public relations.  I had no idea who made these calls when I saw the phone bills.  I called her and asked her to find out.  And she did.  All were names of women Morgan did not know, but Fund did.  John Lothario Fund, see?  

Fund could have used his cell phone.  By then Morgan, always a snoop, had found the first two names of John’s speed dial were Karl Rove and Dick Cheney; so why had he used my land line?  

I knew Fund from the Libertarian Party in California.  By then, I had realized he was not a simple journalist; but had special relationships with such persons as Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.  After an earlier meeting at a more prosaic Libertarian event, Fund had walked with Morgan and me in search of a restaurant.  Over dinner, he went over the wrong I had done him by faxing a note to him at the Wall Street Journal.  NOTE 

This had resulted, he said, in his not getting a job in the White House as a speechwriter for Bush W.

After the Fabiani encounter, Morgan began spending time with Barb, hence, the “Hanging Chad Cake”.  Fund also attended the Fabiani Club receptions. 

It was Barb who put on the “Hanging Chad Party” a short time after Election Day 2000, which, like the one we are now experiencing, did not come to any immediate conclusion.  The ceremonial cake reflected this theme.  After the party, Barb decided, as one could then, to get out of town.  Packing her huge black bag, much like thousands of other huge black bags, with her favorite high heels, she adjourned to stay with a friend in Florida.

There was no voting machine in Barb’s bag when she packed it.  But when she opened it in the home of her friend in Florida, Voila!  The only thing in the bag was a voting machine. 

Barb called Morgan.  Morgan called Fund, who expressed a strong interest in the voting machine and took action, and the voting machine disappeared from Barb’s life.  Was the voting machine Fund’s own?  Did it belong to someone he knew?  No explanation was forthcoming, but I realized Fund was more operative for Cheney than journalist. 

Barb was not rejoined by the many pairs of gorgeous shoes which she had, not unreasonably, thought would be returned to her in her own black bag.   Fund was mute on the subject.

So, watch for those travelling voting machines and hold onto your shoes.  This is not over yet.



Sunday, October 25, 2020

 October 25, 2020


The original of this article/letter was addressed to Jo Jorgensen, the candidate for president of the Libertarian Party.  The last few days has revealed significant information on the ethics and intentions of both Jo, her campaign staff and of the National Libertarian Party. 

First, we need to take up a question which has likely never occurred to you. 

The Libertarian Party was intended to advocate for the free-market when it was founded.  Advocacy does not end with a mention – but otherwise, the Libertarian Party has done nothing which faintly resembles advocacy for the free-market.  

If it had done so, today  we would have made massive changes in how Americans view government; Americans would have experienced the choice to choose, building a transition from government to a multitude of choices offering what they really wanted and needed.  This is a free-market delivering an economy based on the advice of Dr. Milton Friedman, “If the only thing certain in business (life) is uncertainty, then we should base our financial systems on uncertainty.”

A free-market works best when it does not have to maneuver around government.  To activate choice, a free-market calls for a financial tool which accounts for the erratic nature of our lives and incomes, providing the safety net for those events which make our incomes erratic.  These erratic incomes are what cause most of the problems confronting us, as people, today.  We have been hammered into believing we need protection, and we do.  Protection from those who use government to limit, manage, and intimidate us into accepting their orders.  Once, 85% of Americans were small business owners and operators.  They involved their kids in their businesses and their kids went on to run businesses themselves.  They understood, as an elemental truth, how the free-market works. 

We have a financial tool which delivers a free-market alternative for all

major purchases, providing exactly what Dr. Friedman called for.  This alternative, Percentage As You Earn, provides a safety net, which generates a profit for lenders, lowers the costs to all of those involved, and delivers universal prosperity. Today, 85% of Americans are employees.  We can reverse this.  See Percentage as You Earn, Financing & Finansurance  Watch the PowerPoint

Dr. Friedman endorsed our efforts.  See Experts

How do we do this?  We just DO it.  We have invested years in solving the problems we saw growing.  Investors, now worried about the instability of the dollar, can invest in the future %PAYEments from borrowers.  Just to let you know, the repayment record of these loans, 400 years of records and studies, showed the default rate even at the beginning of the colonial period was so small it was hard to calculate; less than .01% over the lifetime of the loans.  Today, the default rate on large purchase loans with Rigid Installment Payments (RIPs) are routinely 24% in any downturn.

We are not waiting for permission, a license, or validation from a bureaucrat.  These are investments, with contracts to protect both parties – and they are %PAYE Finansured for both parties, this calculated into the amortization for the loan. 

The free-market is the lynch-pin between ideology and effective action for freedom.  The time for books, studies, and symposiums is over, for the moment. 


 Political action by Libertarians has been running for 50 years. 

Care to show me the freedom produced?  Tough job - there might be enough to fill a thimble. See graphic to the right.  

Political action, elections, cannot produce freedom or a free-market.  End of Story.  Political campaigns, however, can be useful for demonstrating solutions to the real problems we face or repealing laws and taxes, providing transition to the free-market from confiscatory programs, designed to steal from Americans, for instance Social Security.  We look so good compared to politicians.

In 1811, the Sons of Liberty, which was founded in 1765 in preparation for the war they knew would come, met and reconstituted itself as the

The Improved Order of Red Men.  This was the first fraternal order in the colonies. You will remember the Sons of Liberty for the role they played in the Boston Tea Party.  It was the same organization, then the Redmen, who provided the relief to Galveston in 1900, devastated by a hurricane, and also provided to its members a list of member benefits which included a percentage of income from the member to pay for retirement and medical expenses, similar only with the charging method, with what you call Social Security, today.  FDR was a Redmen member and ‘borrowed’ the idea converting it to a program for confiscating money from Americans.

In 1918, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks wrote a check for $1,000,000 to the Federal government to pay for the first hospital for Veterans. 

Medical care for all people is ONLY possible through the free-market because government steals to much for us to afford this otherwise.

The problems confronting Americans today.

81% of Americans are worried about foreclosure or eviction.

One in six Americans will have their vehicle repossessed each year. (And many Americans are now struggling to keep their jobs while living in those cars)


Health Care – Our money is eaten up in managing and intimidating us. See Health Portal TV


Do you think offering health & medical care for all in the free-market would be a winning platform? Percentage As You Earn (%PAYEment) Mutual Medical Finansurance finances treatment of pre-existing conditions, risk insurances, and Personal income improvement investments (Piii), the latter because your IronWoman Suit costs 3% extra. While Trump declares executive orders to force pre-existing conditions; the Supreme Court is pondering so-called Rigid Installment Premium (RIP) Unaffordable Care Act penalties or taxes and mandate; and Biden wants to be a single-payer fuehrer; you make all that unnecessary. How? The inclusive problem for the “poor” is solved for all on 2-way TV sign-ups in finansured groups of 10,000 using the same medical statistics as the whole nation -- for what people both need and want.

You ask why people would vote for you over tyranny? Answer, only because all you left politicians with, is their tax gun, by solving the problem.


Wildfires in California – Lost lives, hundreds of Billions in re-insurance losses and hundreds of thousands of people suddenly made homeless. And where are the WATER BOMBERS? The fire agencies, pretending to do a job, fooled the insurance industry who neglected to have them built – even though we told them over and over again this was coming starting eight years ago.  It is the reinsurance companies which should be paying to build these to lower their risk for loss.  We have found an aerospace company for producing the needed colossal bombers.  See Saviation.co


See Weather or Not You Survive, the show


Affordable Housing – When I say ‘affordable’, I mean using materials and building technologies which produces homes, businesses and infrastructure which are fire-proof, flood-proof, and have longevity (over 1,000 years), and costs 75% LESS than construction today, and is ready for use in a few days, longer if you want a two-story house.  One of the reasons we need to stay active politically, is to repeal building codes which continue to mandate the use of obsolete technologies and materials, which will burn and need repairs, creating a steady stream of income for the companies which use lobbyists to retain obsolete materials and technologies.  


If you blowtorch this material, made from all natural non-polluting and easily accessible resources, it might after several hours melt, but it will not burn.  Due to the changes from existing conditions in the areas impacted, the strategy of Adjustment to Climate Change should be followed. 


This will require infrastructures to act as fire breaks and debris flow channels where fires can be expected,  floods often follow these fires -- do not cause further deaths and damage. 


Our builder, who invented the material, has several versions which all work in the same way to construct bridges, overpasses, dams, and homes.  He is eager to show you these.  More information will be available after our shows on WLIT begin airing. 


We plan to showcase these (GICCI) materials being for houses built from specifications from customers.  We will show the customer how to sign up for a %PAYE Loan online, for a less expensive house the same way they pay percentages of their income every month for other services.  Demonstrations take place on one of our launching TV shows, which also provide solutions to other problems we now face, including restoring our soil, and growing locally to lower the cost of transport.


Energy use for heating and cooling, is largely eliminated in GICCI™ construction.


 The idea of moving to sustainability, meaning action taken in hopes of reducing the rise in temperature, can be attempted.  But adjustment to changed conditions must happen immediately to reduce deaths and minimize the impact of rising temperatures, as we carry out these plans. 


In our studies we concluded California, Oregon and Washington would experience a drop in population due to relocation of present residents to other parts of the country.  This has already begun to happen.  Coupled with the economic impact of COVID-19, we can also predict the changed practices of business will also lead to depopulation by migration from cities.  Cities were useful as hubs for business. These functions are now being carried out from home offices and by other internet and forms of media. 


Food production will also change, becoming more localized in response to health concerns, along with the cost of transport and packaging. These shifts in production will also be a subject on our Interactive TV shows.  


With what we have planned with Interactive 2-Way Mass Audience Participation TV,  Jo, you could win if you dump Michael and Carla and let us brief you for the many hours of 1 to 1 Presidential Debate Tourney rounds we have planned, out-competing the DemoPublicans.  We will be launching other shows as well, all using nearly 40 other ways to interact.  And for Debate Tourney, all other candidates have already been briefed.  Say hello.


Millions of dollars of discounted and non-censorship satellite TV, some cable, and streaming to and from devices, has been offered you daily for months.  So why do you continue to beg the DemoPublicans for the use of their 2 hours of time and stage?  With enough debate rounds, we can rival their ratings. 


More importantly, we can solve all these problems – and more.  Why would an American, left, right or Other, vote for the Tempestuous Two?  Not that we have any illusions we can trust either of the present MSM Dem. GOP candidates.  WLIT 1:1 DebateTourney.com/candidates and FiTNA media alliance will debate with you if you just let them during this last month.  


However, we will again invite Trump and Biden to participate in our Debates, as we did all 67 Libertarian Party candidates, including yourself. These are debates for some of the tenacious, hardy, and determined candidates who filed to run for president in 2019 - 2020 – but were ignored by the Mainstream Media, all 1,150 of them.  Full Information on Candidates  60 responded.


If we solve those problems, do you think those who provide the solutions could be elected to office?  The answer is YES!  Would it matter if they were elected?  No, because we will have put down the foundations for sustainable economy for all people.  However, we have elected two dark horses to the presidency previously using this media strategy. We will also be on our way to a sustainable relationship with the natural world – of which we are a part.


This is a plan for solving each of these problems and showing you resources you would have had months ago, if you had ever responded to our multiple communications. 


Never has a Libertarian candidate for president faced this potential for break-through. The office of President has been overstated from that of administrator for the Executive branch far too long.  Transitioning away from government takes us back to the original mission, the one stated in the Declaration of Independence.  


Government was to be small and do only what we could not see how to do in any other way.  Now, we can achieve that.  See Payehome.org/history


Every time you criticize government, you will have a clearly spelled out

free-market solution to which we can transition.  Voters will love this.    And you can tell people who need a job, why not start your own business instead, using a %PAYE loan.  In every place where you say, “bring the troops home”, for instance Central Asia, you can get American business trade treaties to compete with the Chinese Communists’ trade treaties – to build GICCI™ water/oil/gas pipelines, freeways and harbors in the free-market.


Our delivery system blasts through the Mainstream Media as these antiquated technology relics crumble, and those working for them scramble to sign up to work for us. 



Our delivery tool is Women Leading Interactive TV Network (WLIT) 


You probably did not realize TV as you knew it as a child, or even as an adult, is dying.  As with all businesses, this is revealed on the Bottom Line.  Losing money is the death knell for all long-established businesses as that here under discussion, 1-Way propaganda TV, such as the CPD.  In this case do not bother sending flowers.  Statistics PowerPoint



Some of WLIT shows, ready to be produced, are below. Others can be viewed on the landing page/website for coming attractions.  Interactive aids include chatrooms/groups which can be set up by participants for purposes such as further discussion and dialog within specific areas.


The first shows we are launching are designed to familiarize Americans who have not been involved in gaming with our technologies, which are similar.  Our later shows will increase the applications from these technologies. 



Debate Tourney – Where the real Debates Take Place.  All Debates will be Tournament, using College Rules modified for the audience to create opportunities for asking questions of the candidates several times during the debate program time of 47 minutes during the debate hour including intro, commercials and instruction on phonevoting.    

There will be a standard format.  There are three categories for debate.  For each Hour Debate the two candidates agree on one of these three categories of subjects to be taken up.  These are: 1) Economic Vision,2) Foreign Policy 3) Environmental & Cultural, Legal and De-legalization Leadership.

 A candidate can lose or win in each of the three category tracks and choose to debate with a focus in one category, if he or she so chooses.  Candidates decide the order in which these topics will be taken up for the initial three debates.   If the candidates can't agree, the first candidate who registered for the debates makes the choice.  At the beginning of the debate, candidates will be asked to provide their solutions to the problems the audience has named relevant to the topic, along with their Opening Statement.

 It is doubtful either Donald Trump or Joe Biden would survive a first debate.  They will fade as Americans understand their real options for solutions.


American Referendum – Where you dialog with others on issues, explore the facts, sound out, determine what issues need solving, and get the truth tallied up at your request.









Earth Path Defense - We have also taken into account the issue of asteroid impacts on Earth.  This will be funded through the free-market as a TV show.  You can be part of the solution through the show, and by joining and earning money by assisting thousands of others in solving the problem!



Congressional Clearing House – Most Americans have a vague idea about what Congresspersons do.  CCH is a place where the audience can post solutions in videos, charts, graphs now impossible to send using Congress’s text boxes or to staffers’ emails. For the last 19 years, Congress has been incommunicado from the American people.  CCH will be the interface.  CCH allows them to drill down and understand every part of what goes on in Congress, both houses, and most especially with their own Senators and Congresspersons. 

Monitoring their actions provides useful information for more responsive representation. 


Weather or Not You Survive

Eco-Emergency Alert is your tool for protecting yourself, your family, and your neighborhood. Using 23 Big Databases Dave Lincoln created an app which you can use to understand, in detail, the risks you face today.  Most of these are invisible to your eyes but still threaten your life and health. Survival is becoming very directly a matter of the choices we make as individuals, and for risk-information and liability citing those responsible is essential.

YouSurvive.info will use the format of a weather show but merge in these other threatening events using as a tool David Lincoln’s app, which better provides information on escaping wildfires and other threats, Eco-Emergency Alert.  The downloaded app is now available on Android for $9.99.  We are looking for an app sponsor.

Health Portal - Mentioned above, Health Portal TV provides the means with genuine economic incentives for preventive care and curative care, which is affordable at any moment in time.  This escapes the corporate subsidy hospital and pharma-governmental complex dominant in 65% of medicine today. Health care is provided to members within Cooperative %PAYE Groups with 10,000 or more members.  These are organized by long-trusted, community-based groups such as churches, fraternal orders, and other organizations preferred by members, or sign-ups on computers attracted to by TV to Health Portal TV.

By using our modern media tools, we create tools hammering out solutions available to people for action and organizing while providing the needed financial tools for sustainable investing and borrowing.  In this way, each of us can obtain a financial safety net without holes. 

The candidate who best represents these solutions has the best chance of being elected. 


Good health and happiness to you in Liberty,

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, CEO

Freedom Interactive TV Networks, Association