Monday, June 24, 2019

Response to Interview of Alexandra Datig by Michael Medved and Datig's interview with Tucker Carlson

Insight on who Alexandra Datig's background from City Watch LA by Rick Lee Abrams

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

There is no question that Eric Garcetti, who has been in office as Mayor of Los Angeles for six years, has demonstrated his incompetence to cope with the problem of homelessness in the city.

In this, he is no different from other mayors or county supervisors in California and elsewhere across America. This is no excuse, but it must be noted as a matter of fairness.  Equal incompetence, tyranny and stupidity for all. 

Today, Los Angeles is facing an explosive growth in the number of rats and mice, which provide a vector for fleas and lice which can carry communicable diseases such a Bubonic Plague, Cholera and Typhus. 

Mountains of trash were dumped by local businesspeople who recognized the opportunity to lower their bill for trash collection. Because of this, Los Angeles is looking at the strong likelihood of an epidemic of monumental proportions with 33 million rats and mice looking for more homes suitable for birthing the 15,000 additional blessings they will produce, per couple, each year. 

One measure of the lack of empathy and concern is the way rats and mice are treated in comparison to the homeless.

PETA has a section on Rats and Mice which reads, “Captured mice and rats can be kept calm by placing a towel over the trap. Release them within 100 yards of where they were trapped. (Rodents can also be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian or at a local animal shelter.) Releasing a mouse or rat into a strange area will almost surely result in the animal’s death because relocated animals don’t know where to find adequate food, water, or shelter and often become weak and succumb to predation or foreign parasites or disease against which they lack a natural immunity.”

PETA shows more compassion and understanding for rats and mice than Eric Garcetti or Alexandra Datig show for the homeless.  Please pause to consider this.    

The stupidity of this conflict and the ignorance and thick-skulled knee-jerk thinking would be mind-boggling to Governor Ronnie Reagan, who notably freed mentally-challenged people over the objections of Democrats who refused human investment accommodations. Ronnie was known both for his warmth and compassion and his advocacy for free-market solutions, even if these never were actually used.

The  videographer for Seattle is Dying, Roger Montgomery, changed his mind after making the movie and has asked to work with us.    

Garcetti spent millions building out a bureaucracy without spending a cent on the homeless.  Datig clearly has not researched the successful programs for assisting the homeless in Utah and North Carolina.  Housing must come first; that is the model which works.  Leaving people on the street increases the trauma of homelessness, raising the likelihood of greater impact from trauma, disease, and other causes.  On the street, many who start out sleeping in their homes lose these to the police because they are homeless and have no place else to sleep.  As fines pile up, cars and motorhomes are seized, stored property on which the individual depends, is also lost.  RIP - offs cause all of this. 

A significant number of those homeless today are working poor, and simply cannot afford a place to live.  The originating problem includes the high cost of housing, which is outrageously overpriced and not sustainable.  Others now on the streets include, former foster kids who aged out and were pushed out without training or resources; veterans with PTSD; families evicted from their homes; elderly, also evicted because they are unable to pay their RIP rent or mortgages; people who suffered job losses, injuries, and illnesses which left them unable to work, or earn enough to keep a roof over their heads.  These are not, per se, emotional problems.  Counseling does not work for this any more than campaign promises actually to result in any effective action. It is all pretension.

But they are problems which create desperate circumstances for a simple cause, which we can immediately alleviate with free-market leadership.  Know anyone who is free-market and a Republican?  Neither do we.  But we are, ourselves, Free-Market advocates who also know we need a Sustainable Humane Economy (SHE).

Our solution:

·         Cleans the streets, buildings, and infrastructure of Los Angeles of rats and mice, humanely, and uses NO poisons or heavy metals to impact people or our air, water, and land.
·         Provides transitional housing with RVs, to be replaced by sustainable homes built using 3DPrinting with geopolymer materials.  We are now organizing an architectural competition for at least a dozen 3DPrinting Builders of sustainable and affordable homes for a similar challenge with the California Wildfire Prevention & Battle Ideation Contests Prizes.
·         Provides Health Portal Health Care, which accepts pre-existing conditions and treatment for trauma caused by the hideous conditions the homeless have endured.  Neuro-feedback and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will be provided in the Revival Villages, which are clearly needed.
·         Access to Maker Shops and training for re-entering the job market or choosing to become entrepreneurs.  Training in 3DPrinting and IOS, phone apps, web development, and computer programming will also be available, among other options. 
How is this funded?
Garcetti could cough up funds, but he probably hopes to keep these for other purposes.  Politicians become very attached to funds consigned to their control, as we all know. 
Datig will likely be satisfied if the homeless are no longer on the streets, forced to use ad hoc bathroom facilities and concentration camp shelters. 
Band-aid Solutions offend human decency.   
Funding will be provided by capital donations and investments, though Garcetti has plenty of funds which, if used properly, would have made any expenditure of tax dollars unnecessary.
Repayment will be made with the original American charging method, Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE). See  

This puts the cost of buying a home within reach of the homeless.  They no longer need to worry about eviction.  The lender receives a decent interest rate, keeping the long-term contract in effect through economic down-turns and multiple incidents of erratic income.  The buyer pledges a percentage-of-income, and the method takes, as a given, erratic incomes.  Payments can be ZERO, if that is what the buyer has earned.

 Readying the available properties, can take place rapidly.  Revival Villages will be placed as small, detached entrepreneurial communities with additional resources available to the formerly homeless.  %PAYE loans are finansured both for lender and buyer. 

The charging method in use by all banks today is the Rigid Installment Payment (RIP), which is expected to result in failure in 16% – 27% of loans every year.  Also, RIPs fail in use for other kinds of payments, such as vehicles, student loans, and storage, medical care premiums, and rent.   These, in large part, account for the present economic meltdown and the numbers of homeless.  Using %PAYE, sales and manufacturing can continue even during a recession, providing a stable economy. 

%PAYE loans, which have been used in multiple applications do not result in default.  While they provide a decent interest rate to lenders and landlords, without the problems caused by eviction and repossession; %PAYE loans also provide to buyers the security they need to move forward, increase their earnings, and realize their dreams.
Everyone benefits. 

See Housing the American Dream to get in touch, and help us make this happen. 
Good Health & Happiness to You in Freedom,

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Chair & CEO, Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association and Deep Green Futures, Inc.

Note to Michael Medved:
Michael, I met you at an Associated Latter-day Media Association (ALMA) meeting about 2000.  I expressed interest in your moral, caring scenarios for family movies with great dramatic form.  Soon after, you called Libertarians, Losertarians.  In response, as one of the co-founders of the International Society for Individual Liberty, now,, now in 90 nations; I decided to be the LOSS Leader creating the Libertarian Office of Strategic Services to provide free market solutions to otherwise politically created problems. 
Welcome to Volitional Science, Brock d’Avignon