Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Steven Barrier - There will be justice.

Steven Christopher Barrier, Jr.
The expose carried out by John Flynn, who I came to know when he signed up as a candidate for president and with All Presidential Candidate 1:1 Debate Tourney in December 2019.  I am the CEO and Executive Producer for both Debate Tourney and its launching Network, Women Leading Interactive TV Network. 

The website can be viewed at DebateTourney.com. At present, there are 1,151 candidates running for the office of President of the United States. 

 As a journalist, it is necessary to explain why I have personal knowledge of events relating to Flynn and other Debate Tourney candidates for president.  It was through this connection that I became aware of the Steven Barrier Case soon after John Flynn contacted us. 

Because of his persistence and refusal to give up he soon became the voice of last hope for many in a growing area of Connecticut. The Barrier Case was only one of the actions Flynn had taken up which was ignored by authorities.  

Other materials provided to us included the lawsuit Flynn filed on the theft of money from his stock brokering business.  These unlawful actions bankrupted him.  Flynn filed multiple lawsuits, which were summarily ignored by every judicial jurisdiction available to him. 

Through our continuing contact regarding Debate Tourney I was aware Flynn was now working as a handyman to support himself and his two sons while both researching and filing lawsuits and helping those in need. 

Flynn appears to be a devout Catholic and Sundays are dedicated to this and to helping his aging father, John Flynn the 7th, with whom he has dinner, which he prepares, every Sunday.  I supply these observations, which were confirmed over many calls for the last six months. 

Skeptical, I had asked for documentation of his work, which was forthcoming. 
After agreeing to write an article I interviewed both of Barrier’s parents and his counselor, Elizabeth Greenwood as well as viewing the existing videos of the events; those which had passed through the control of the police had been edited, from which a badly edited alternative had been produced, presumably by someone in law enforcement.

Steven Barrier was a college student, working at Boston Market near his mother’s home, and by reports of those who knew him was handicapped by chronic anxiety and depression.  He was reported by all parties of fearing the police would hurt him.  Steven had no criminal record but he lived in the world we have tolerated.    

Records of these were provided to me.  I suggested he begin making videos of his efforts and, to date, he has had 152 videos posted to his account on Youtube.  One video, 150, was briefly unavailable but can now be viewed. 
 According to Flynn, this was ordered by the FBI, who are now investigating the Barrier Case. 
After Flynn asked me to write an article, I requested documentation on the events of the night of October 22-23 2019, during which Steven Barrier died, tasered to death by local police variously numbering 12 to 15 individuals.   
The story was barbaric and shocking.  Steven Barrier was pursued, fleeing from his home in terror, due to his disability, was tasered on the head, torso and elsewhere for an hour and died in ‘police custody’.

Authorities created a false autopsy.  The real document was released, apparently after a deal had been cut. 

Now, it appears the FBI has launched an investigation which should have taken place during the Obama Administration and into the Trump Administration.   
Other parties, who appear to have been part of the cover-up include Congressman Jim Hines, and all officials in the line of authority, apparently.  Also apparently included in the cover-up is the NAACP and Black Lives Matter (BLM). 

All evidence coming to public light should be viewed this this long delay kept in mind.  Using any matter of justice for political advantage is wrong and violates the intent of a dispassionate system of justice. 

As one person deeply involved, who declined to be identified said, quoting Hines said, “It is too ugly”.  I wonder what Steven Barrier would have felt about that as he lay dying in agony, burned, and treated as an object of amusement by police paid to protect? 

Each of us must decide for ourselves what steps must be taken to ensure the manipulations of those without conscience are ended.  All, each of us, matter.  The time has come to end the divides created to control us. Together, we can rebuild system of justice and an economy which empowers each of us to speak the truth without fear of reprisal and open us to a good and sustainable future. 

This is the first step back to the freedom which is slipping so rapidly from our hands.     

Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Self-fulfilling Prophesy or...

“I don’t believe it is possible for the Libertarian Party to use TV”.  

By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Chair
Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association, Inc.

There are probably numerous reasons the Libertarian National Committee and Libertarian candidates from local to presidential do not have their own TV shows.  Strangely enough, however, we don’t know what these perceived reasons are because not one Libertarian has returned a call to us in thirty-eight years. 

Libertarians could believe, “TV is too Expensive”; “the liberals who dominate the airways won’t let us on”; “corporate fascist media won’t let us on”; or, “there are no libertarians in media.”  We can’t say because all we ever got was a shuffle off to a functionary who did not return calls or emails. 

We have a list of their names, however.  These are supposed advocates of the free market, who don’t understand competition.

So how did Bill Clinton overturn the most popular (89%) sitting president in history on a budget of $50,000 starting in late March 1992?   Curious?  You are about to find out.
Sometimes these wrinkles in history hold amazing insights.  This is such a wrinkle. 

1992 was the year the most likely Democratic candidates hung back from running because of the awe-inspiring popularity President George H. W. Bush then enjoyed. 

Bill Clinton was a small-time Southern governor with little to recommend him and scandals a plenty back in Arkansas.  One of these had smacked him hard in January, Gennifer Flowers. 

The Emmy-worthy performance of Hillary on 60 minutes, as good as that was, was not good enough to stem the flow of questions and the drop in donations to the Clinton Campaign.    It was looking grim, with Jerry Brown, a late entry, coming up fast. SEE The Real Story (bottom of the page)

Desperate, Clinton’s Media Consultant Frank Greer, received an offer for free satellite time which had come in to the campaign from PhoneVoter TV Network.

Clearly, what Clinton needed was to evade the offer of FREE Satellite Time, which would allow all sorts of embarrassing and fatal comments from those gathered to hear him and respond with phone tallies and interactive voice messages.  So, Bill, pretending to be a fellow named Charles Marcus, who was not involved in politics in any way, but whose name was familiar to everyone, and Greer pumped Brock for information on how to obtain satellite time when their campaign war chest was down to $50,000.

Brock agreed to help them, assuming they intended to use PhoneVoter’s Unedited Presidential Speeches, and taught the two, both entirely ignorant of the realities of TV scheduling, costs, production and using this in conjunction with other technologies everything they needed to know. Clinton learned how to be his own host in a Road Show format in diners across America.  Brock generously told them and went off to find what he learned was the last available Satellite Uplink Truck in the country. 

Brock would receive the contract arrangement fee, through Keystone Satellite Communication, the company also providing the free satellite time to all candidates.  Soon afterward, the truck was toddling along with the Clinton Road Show, the clips sent on to News Directors carefully edited in advance reaching 10-million people per day.  No Interactivity was used. 

The next article will be on the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidates and the LNC.