Saturday, September 19, 2020

Elect Jo President and Remake America


Dear Jo,

I hope you have been reading the series of open letters I have been sending you about Victory via Satellite courtesy of the Freedom interactive Television Networks Association, Inc. posted at  As the Nominee of the Libertarian Party you have an ethical and ideological obligation to the Libertarian Party’s membership, and to Americans who do not understand the ideas of individual rights, and the power of the free market, to take all steps possible not only to speak, but to visually demonstrate these ideas. 

The time for ‘holding up the liberty flag’ with vague rhetoric is long passed.  Never has America more desperately needed to understand the power of individual rights and free markets.  And talking about these in vague terms waving the free-market like a magic wand in an invisible hand, is not enough; Americans need to see specifically how these can redirect our present slide to disaster economically and for freedom.

It took only six weeks of occasional inclusion of Bill Clinton on news shows for him to overtake a sitting president.  Clinton and W Bush used satellite daily to 1,200 news directors, winning when their competitors did not use it.  Now, all of us use satellite in at some part of the transmission of content, and this does not present an overwhelming advantage any more than the 1% of 20% receiving your message via social media.  That said, there are still millions of Americans who receive their internet by fiber-optic and coaxial cable, TV, phone, and cell tower device feeds originating through cheap satellite.  

I understand that no one in the LP, and your committee, understands how TV really works so let me provide some facts.  Our tech partners gave us the same discounts as low as $150/hour both in 1992 and now.  Our email notification blasts to all TV directors cost $600, 75% lower than market rate by media tech and connectivity people who don’t like censorship.  Oh.  I should have mentioned that as well.  We reject the power of the state to censor. 

One of the reasons I decided to declare for president was because we knew what kind of opportunity we could provide.  A daily interactive TV show from the road as a satellite uplink trailer is towed behind could radically increase the power to connect to voters.  We were pleasantly surprised you went for an RV since there are real advantages to the Road Show format, as Clinton learned from Brock in 1992. See   

A show, airing before 11am EST from now until November 3rd, can be on the air in a week coordinated with social media sites.  $100k for solely sponsor acquisition pays for $3M in sponsors quick for 90 hours of interactive TV.

Not only is this a free market campaign it sure beats begging for 3 hours on the CPD from the demopublicans. They will become irrelevant by November for a candidate using our array of technologies and approach.   

As I said, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to advance freedom.  And once people see it money will, as Brock told Clinton, “rain down from the sky.” 

Remember the Ron Paul’s Money Bomb.  That is an example of the power people feel when they can participate and see the numbers go up.  Having Americans see, experience, the free market is what we have before failed to offer. 

I planned to debate all the Debate Tourney candidates, especially those who are African Americans.  I have always been aware of the barriers they face.  My family ran a stop on the Underground Railroad, in the Benjamin L. Pillsbury generation from their homestead in Sandown, NH.  I was born with the commitment and I know you also feel the wrongness of discrimination. 

Think about it.  You can be debating other candidates seen at who could not break through the MSM barrier but are eager to debate you in non-censored format channels.  We have offered to partner for this with the Black News Channel as several of these candidates, who signed up with the 1:1 Debate Tourney, are African-American.  They are articulate independents with free-market solutions, and each has their own ideas for the problems we face today. 

Or, if debate makes you uncomfortable, you can have a dialog with each of them, and compare ideas on how you will get government out of the way, so the people can solve their own problems. 

Freedom is not a rhetorical device.  What we see demonstrated, we know is the only answer to our problems.  And at this moment in time, you can become a power for freedom like the world has never known. 

You are a woman and a mother; but you also in your person, stand for these ideas because you are the nominee of the party founded to enact these truths largely through repeal but that is not enough to win.  “NO”, no matter how largely written or spoken is never “YES”. 

I know this is a terrible responsibility; an opportunity which comes only once in generations.

For instance, you wish to order the troops home. That is government policy. But you can point out as a Libertarian that the Chinese Communists act like better businesspersons than the US does shooting up the place with plutonium bullets we never pick up. The ChiComs have signed treaties for $50T mining. railroad building, and harbor dredging deals in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and all the stans. American business could compete and build those and water pipelines from the Himalayas, and oil & gas pipelines from Kazakhstan where cheap ARCO gas comes from through 2 warzones and twice offloaded versus without the pollution socialists don’t care about. Nobody in a desert is going to blow up a partnership waterpipe or a money-making oil pipeline if its half theirs with individual stockholders across their stans, not governments.

The audience can weigh in on starving Somalian privateers attacking oil tankers for dumping barrels of heavy metals and Hydrofluoric Acid into their fishing grounds. The Iranian oil pipeline being built to Gwadur Harbor, Pakistan did not bother asking what the fisherfolk there thought. How do you use the free-market with real insurance to cope with bad guys who ignore the damage and extended risks they impose on Americans? See

Smartphone users on TV via our Video Call Center will tell you.

On November 3rd you could be elected President of the United States; you could overturn the lock the Republican and Democratic parties, now, even together, a minority affiliation for Americans.   Because of the low level of support for both Trump and Biden you could take one or more states and cause the Electoral College to send the final determination on to Congress.  That is a Congress which is divided and would never agree to allowing the opposing party to win. 

13% of women will vote for any woman, ignoring their party affiliation; many minorities are rightly fed up with how the Democratic Party has treated them; as president, you would ignore the issue of race and look to the integrity and abilities of those who served in your administration.  And Independents would provide you with significant support as well – once they get to know you through your show, Jo’s Show - For All Americans 

And debating is only one kind of segment we have planned.  You can tour the sites of 24,000 lead poisoning sites now bringing slow death and disability to Americans, especially children. Our environmental expert can provide you with briefings which are incredibly accurate and on point. Download our Eco-Emergency Alert phoneapp on Android that you can key to any zipcode you are standing in with 23 big databases on polluters, fire dangers via satellite. 

Even though firefighters are dying to protect us, the system which worked before the drying out of the microclimates there and the changes in precipitation began to coincide making disaster here, as it did in Australia, inevitable.  A private system, eliminating the failure of government to correctly analyze risk and the building regulations, kept in place by corporations who bought the right to control our choices through government, would have yielded to market mandates to limit losses. 

The entire West Coast is burning. You can hold in your hand our app which provides those in the path of death by fire, with what they need to know and what route to evacuate before the fire can reach them. You can advocate not for FEMA money, but show colossal waterbombers designs to be built by firefighting reinsurance firms that are paying the $125B/year price tag in California alone -- in the face of negligence by State & Federal Fire agencies that have nothing but puny helicopters and a handful of aged small tankers. You can showcase Rural Metro Firefighting Company for 3M people in greater Phoenix. It has no need to rise from ashes.

You can showcase Geopolymer Inorganic Ceramic Composite Infrastructure (GICCI)TM that is fireproof, waterproof, 75% less cost construction than government building codes, lasts 1,000 years, and lending for homes would be inflation-proof using Percentage As You Earn Finance that is also repossession-proof. Lead by visual example. As a candidate and then as president you can point to this; instead of ignoring the destruction of our economy.  And, as you know, the Federal Reserve is operating outside the law as it was authorized for only a century.

And you can follow the advice of Dr. Milton Friedman, who said, “If the only thing in business that is certain is uncertainty, then we should base our financial systems on uncertainty.”  My partner, Brock d’Avignon, worked on a tool for financing which provided certainty for both borrowers and lenders, yielding a good profit for those lending the use of money as the tool this is, and for borrowers, who would not be faced with losing their purchases due to the erratic nature of our human lives. 

The solution is NOT charity, it is choosing the tools nearly all of us, or those we love, will need at some time in their lives.  Disasters come in all forms and kinds. 

We are ready to launch Percentage As You Earn (PAYEment) Financing and Finansurance 2-way TV, which will eliminate foreclosure of homes, repossession of vehicles, and unburden students facing Rigid Installment Payment (RIP) debts on fixed schedules of college, and make health care available to ALL in the free-market.

You can show American business how they can use the free market to bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East, and America. 

Nothing we propose is a government solution, but they all work, and you can use these, with our help, to turn America toward freedom.

The delivery system for your show will be available from all devices as well as satellite & cable TV wanting to sell high-speed internet to computer PhoneVoters. Today, see about the Women Leading Interactive TV Network ramping up now.

The clock is ticking.  Every day, every hour matters.  Let us know when you can start, Madame President.

For Liberty - Now.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Great Strategy! A Ride Across America


Dear Jo,

David Demarest sent me your announcement about a second bus trip.  Congratulations on an activity which puts you directly in touch with ordinary Americans – and I sincerely hope many of those you meet choose to vote for you and your VP Candidate Spike.  I looked over your projected bus stops and they will with certainty accomplish the goal of eye to eye contact with dozens, even hundreds of people in the flesh. 

That said, I wanted to share with you an event which took place in 1992, the election year when the most popular sitting president in recent history, polling at 89% positive, went down to ignominious defeat meted out by a sexual pervert who had decided he needed to either be elected so he could hide behind the presidency or risk being scandal-ridden and forced to return to Arkansas, where he was then governor. 

Bill Clinton, that being the sexual predator in question, sought advice from a Libertarian.  Surprised?  Maybe so, since most Libertarians do not know the story on the four candidates Brock d’Avignon shot up in the polls following his advice and using his strategies.  The LP was sent the same offer received by all the candidates, 64 of them that year, except for Lee Wright, who decided he was not up to it.  All the other LP candidates failed to contact us, setting a pattern still followed today. 

You have heard of all the candidates who we had as clients in 1992.  One was H. Ross Perot, who reached 39% before dropping out, having realized he could win.  That had not been the goal; the goal was to humiliate an old Texas enemy of his, H. W. Bush, then running for re-election. 

Jerry Brown revolted by the idea of someone like Bill Clinton being nominated of the Democratic Party – or any party – launched a late campaign for president.  With Brock’s advice and using the TV programs prepared for his clients, Brown reached 21% in six weeks.  If he had started with us five days earlier, he would have been the Democratic nominee. 

Pat Buchanan, who was running to tweak Bush and make a point about the Line Item Veto, received 19% in six weeks.  Having made his point, he dropped out at the GOP and supported Bush.

Bill was in a slightly different category; Bill and his Media Consultant Frank Greer, called PhoneVoter over and over again for more and more detailed information on what the offered Campaigns on Satellite Program could offer him.  All consulting was, as Bill knew, based on the implied promise to join the program.  Doing so, would get Bill $100,000 of free satellite time.  The program Brock had designed included Unedited Presidential Candidate Speeches.

The idea of this must have made Clinton blanch and cringe; the Star Tabloid story on Gennifer Flowers had hit the stores on January 23; on January 26 the Clintons had given their Emmy-winning performance on CBS’s 60 minutes, immediately following the Super Bowl.  Gennifer held a news conference with her attorney the next day.  The impact on Clinton’s poll numbers was reflected in the primary elections, then starting.

The Unedited Presidential Speeches were delivered to audiences by Buchanan and Brown so the audience at home could react by voting on the candidate and by donating.  The audience, at the event, could react and challenge the candidate, which some did.  Watchers by TV could judge not only what the candidate said, how he said it, but also take cues from the audience reaction and their questions and comments.  It was a tiny amount of interaction, but it was enough to make a large difference.

You can see a short clip of that HERE Scroll down, it is the second video, the first is a clip of our opening; the second is Unedited Presidential Candidate Speeches from 1992.

In 1992 the Keystone Satellite Communications, was working to increase the use of satellite.  At that time, 20-Million customers were using satellite; half of these were diners and bars, the other half homes.  Melodee Paul was the Global Technology Manager PhoneVoter TV Network coordinated with for Keystone in 1992; she continued to support us because our program worked.    

Today, Melodee is a strategic advisor and ally.  She is offering special discounts to our clients this year as well, just to give her some recognition.  Today, she is a partner in LBiSat, a larger company.  You can see her, along with our other partners, HERE  Scroll to the bottom of the page.  She is the most respected name in broadcast satellite and a pioneer in business TV streaming with 35 years in the industry.

 Keystone was providing the satellite time as a lost-leader to increase the use of satellite; the Uplink Manger for the Keystone Studio on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, Craig Reese, had watched Clinton work.   Bill could handle the mike well by himself Reese told Brock.   

It was Brock who suggested the Clinton Campaign do a roadshow – with a satellite uplink truck rumbling behind it.  The Clinton’s, unethically consistent to the end, went around us to rent the truck from another party.  We know; Keystone complained to us about this. 

The price then, and today, for satellite is still the same, backhaul satellite is $150 - $1500, Prime Time. There are other costs, but I will spare you the details since those are not relevant here. 

Most Libertarian candidates who ran from 1992 on could have had their own satellite feed.  Clinton did this with a campaign chest then depleted to $50,000 toto.  Clinton was worried about paying for gas since the rent on the Uplink truck was $35,000 a month.  Brock told him not to worry about the gas; he would use the $15,000 to pay the news directors who would look over the content and decide if they want to use on their shows.  This way there was no charge for satellite time.  That is a TV news director’s job; finding content which is relevant to the day’s news events, such as presidential campaigns during the election season, human interest, or even funny.  This worked for Clinton.  At a cost of $600 a day, 1200 news directors received Clinton’s content and decided if they wanted to use it.  Chatting up people in diners, carefully edited by Clinton’s team, provided lots of good content.

In contrast, President George H. W. Bush, ran his campaign as a Whistle Stop Special, greeting a group of supporters, usually about ten of them, who had managed to find him at the local railroad station.  Brock had made Bush the same offer received by other candidates, but it is likely their media director did not understand what satellite was. 

But on November 4, 1992 H. W. was doubtless wondering how he lost.  And he found out.  When Bush Jr. ran in 2000 a full flatcar with multiple TV satellite uplinks accompanied him on his Whistle Stop Special.  We know, Melodee told us. 

And, as Brock had told Clinton, with mass audience coverage money rains down from the sky.  And it did. 

Today, you can get an Uplink backpack for $5,000.  If Jo decided to use TV, the right choice would be a tow hitch on her RV - and the Uplink trailer. 

So, Jo, have a wonderful journey through America and take some pictures for us! 


Monday, September 14, 2020

Jo vs the Volcano

 Dear Jo, 

You have got to be kidding - No, I know you are not kidding.  This is what happens when political rhetoric diverges much too far from reality, becoming tragicomedy. 

But I interrupted my work because I just had to respond.  The pitch, likely hastily written by Michael Emerling Cloud, Frodo, or whoever, needs a response which calls those encountering this page with a few, tiny realities.

The pitch begins – “Frodo is desperate and his mission seems nearly impossible to complete. Defeating Sauron, or the two-party system for that matter, isn’t an easy battle. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Sam: “… Folks in those stories had lots of chances in turning back only they didn’t. They kept going because they were holding onto to something.”

Frodo: “What are we holding onto, Sam?”

Sam: “That there’s some good left in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”

As Sam said, those committed to victory never turned back and were fighting for something bigger than themselves.”

End of Lord of the Rings quote in Pitch.

Do you feel appropriately moved by these moving quotes from a book whose characters are, fictionally, going into real danger?  Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite works of fiction, but it is fiction drawn from a different reality.  I was not moved, though I cringed a little. 

Many Americans are in immediate danger today, facing wildfires which are wiping out whole towns and killing a growing number of people.  Burning to death is a horrible way to die.  My partner, Dave Lincoln and I have been following the build up toward what is happening now for five years as these same conditions were becoming obvious in Australia.  You can read Dave’s bio.  His CV is much longer. 

This is another of many issues for which Jo will not be proposing a solution.  But if you are a Libertarian you would be better serving the LP if you donated to this cause and let those receiving assistance know an individual Libertarian is the one who made the donation.  Americans are desperate for real solutions and this is only one of the disasters we are facing. 

“You and I are holding on to something too. We’re holding on to our Second Amendment rights, civil liberties, free markets, a foreign policy of peace, real healthcare reform, and transforming our criminal justice system.”

Jo, can you cite anything; what you, or dare I say anyone in your campaign, done to actually accomplish any of real goals or even advocate for them?  Any solutions at all?  Do you want to provide a plan you would follow in the unlikely event you are elected to the presidency? 

This is starkly empty rhetoric. 

“This is what we’re fighting for.”

In the absence of any discernable proof this claim, intended to extract donations, is sincere, I am entirely unmoved and find your claim, again, tragicomic. 

And yes… together we are casting the ring of power into the fire.”

Would you like to tell us what that means?  Please.  

Does this mean you, the candidate, with either Spike or more likely, Michael Emerling, are going to do a Jo vs the Volcano?  Just asking.  I have known Emerling was looking for a candidate for this campaign for nearly a year.  I got a call from one of the women Craig Franklin, my former husband, Michael's best friend, uses  to fish for information.  I have shot holes in their schemes several times and they wanted my reaction to a possible Craig Franklin run for the Libertarian nomination for president.  

I laughed, and told Anne Fisher I hoped he would.  That ended it.  Not long later I heard about Jo, who Emerling had recruited as the VP candidate for Harry Browne.  Harry was running not because his opinion on political action had changed from non-political but because the stream of income from his books had dried up.  So, we got the perpetual book tour.  Such fun.  

Having no idea how to get the nomination, Browne called not Michael but John Hicks, who had also coached Ed Crane when he ran for the office of LP National Chair in 1974.  John is the best at convention politics.  Harry flew in and was familiarized with what he needed to know in two days for a couple of thousand dollars.  

Having the facts and spending hours listening to Emerling talking to Craig, the ex-husband, made me very familiar with what to expect.  So, Michael found Jo.   

We can’t back down now.”

Absolutely.  To back down you would have had to stand up for something first.    

“Donald Trump and Joe Biden are crossing their fingers and hoping we will give up or simply concede… I refuse to do so.” 

Not to tromp on your pretensions, but the evidence available indicates they have dismissed you as irrelevant.  However, Trump has sent military helicopters to harass one of our Debate Tourney candidates, Michael Landingham.  SITE  I did not believe Michael initially, as you see, but he provided the proof.

“Our fight is important and one I believe in. However, our fight for liberty requires funding and I need your help. My goal is to raise an additional $300,000 before the end of the month so we can reach millions of voters DURING the debates. Please use one of these links to donate today.”

The flaccid end of the Pitch.  Just how can they, without a single solution of any kind get any attention?  A few years ago the argument we needed to raise the flag of freedom provided a knee jerk reaction – but this is now, and the conditions are very different.  And how about some transparency?  Who will receive the generous donations which you are requesting? Not who will receive the funds and send it on to another party but who is really being paid?

Until then, it is Jo vs the Volcano. 

Have a nice campaign.  Melinda

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

How would you like to change America’s Political Landscape, turning it toward the free market? Read on.


By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

The Commission for Presidential Debates is a private organization.  In the coming weeks it will host the candidates nominated by the folks who own, control, and fund it, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  That is what will happen.

The Dems and GOP will pull out their check books and pay for the distribution and air-time, just like any other TV producer.  They have excluded other candidates by keeping their debates under their own control.  This is precisely what it has done for every election since the Commission was founded in 1993.  This is overhead essential for keeping them in power.

There are lessons to be learned from this. 

This is their private debate.  Instead of whining it is time to have our own debates and now is the time to see the opportunity to achieve the goal for which the LP was founded.   Given the present economy and the rise of political dissatisfaction the time is ripe for change powered by individual choice. 

Since the day, the Commission for Presidential Debates was incorporated the political reality in America has changed.  Today, the Democratic and Republican parties are each a minority party compared to the largest party, those who identify as Independents of one kind or another. As of July 30, to August 12 the 2020 Gallup Poll found 26% of Americans identify as Republican; 31% identify as Democrat; Independents are 41%.

1,152 Americans registered as presidential candidates for the 2020 election with the Federal Election Commission. See the chart below.

One by one, Americans have chosen and spoken in the only way available to them.

Today, there are 53 other parties filed with the FEC.  This is an accurate measure of the real popularity of the two ‘major’ parties.  This has been an accurate measure of popularity of the major parties for the last several years. 

People want political change but do not know how to get it; while they can vote on TV for what teenager dances best (94-million votes cast in 3 hours for Which Teenager Dances the Best) they have little control over who the presidential candidates will be.  But they want it. 

Foundational principles of the free market include providing choices and transparency. 

You might have received this morning’s email from Jo Jorgensen.  It said, It is time to get Jo Jorgensen in the Debates.” Jo wants to hire attorneys to accomplish this, an impossible task, given the time before the Commission debates begin.

This raises multiple questions.  First, why now, when this strategy has never worked before, even when the effort started months, years, earlier?  The short answer is “This can’t work.”

Curious on this point I put in a call to Richard Fields, who is Coordinator for Media for what media the Jorgensen Campaign has.  Richard said he was not in on the decision making, “It was above my pay-grade.” Then, I asked, “But Jo must know this cannot work, right?  It has been tried over and over again for years and fails because the Commission is a private organization.”  Richard, sounding a touch sad responded, “It was a fundraising option.”  That shocked me.  “But it is a lie.  There is no hope it will work.”

I had thought better of Jo.  Of course, she never mentioned the free market until very late in her nomination campaign and still does not seem to understand what a free market is.  So life goes in Libertarian Land.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again when you know it will not work.  This was defined as insanity by Albert Einstein.  But perhaps Jo simply does not know what else to do. And there, we can help her. 

The chances are good the Libertarian Party will be on the ballot in all 50 states.  So, what would the best strategy be for Jo?  To make an impossible demand of the two marginalized major parties – or take the power of individual freedom and the free market directly to the people?  Does Jo, now in Alaska, know this fundraising fraud is going forward? The answer is evidently, YES.

Political parties are the traditional means for changing government.  The LP is a political party.

All Americans are looking for solutions to the major problems we are facing today.  Where are the Libertarian solutions?  Jo says nothing to the point.

All Americans need solutions. 

90% of Americans are worried about losing their homes to foreclosure or eviction.  Tens of thousands are already living on our streets.  Health Care is unaffordable; vehicles, even those people are living in as the last gasp before being entirely on the street, are being repossessed. Control of our lives and resources is increasing.  

The Question: Why has the Libertarian Party limited itself to non-specific messages which have no relevance to the solutions people want? 

You see this clearly with the inability of Libertarian campaigns to use the very tool which has become ubiquitous to success in politics – mass media.  This was true when mass media was only traditional TV, but now, when mass media is moving to individual choices for interaction, Libertarians are still stuck in print media, and at their heady best, podcasts and Youtube videos. 

Two years ago, 9,000 libertarians watched a response to the State of the Union address by Jeff Hewitt, a Libertarian elected to the office of Supervisor in Riverside County California.  That was big news.  But the numbers, and the fact the audience was limited to watching made the event a failure.  9,000 is miniscule, even on Youtube. 

Although the LP will be on all 50 states, ballot status does not translate to persuading voters they should support Libertarian candidates.  LP vote totals are always in the too little to count catagory.  It is interacting with both the show and other participants which arrests our interest, moves us to engage, activate, donate, and realize the yearning for freedom within each of us.  We proved this in 1992.   We offered Interactive 2-Way Mass Audience Participation TV to every Libertarian Presidential Candidate from 1996 – 2020.     

At the beginning of this article I posed the question of what we should do with the next two months.  The answer is – start debating other candidates as participants engage, ask questions, offer insights and more information, and decide who has the solutions they want and need.   No one else is doing this so let us be the first. 

Any candidate who offers what voters want will have media precinct captains across the country signing up; and this will happen fast. 

Today, we have two more months to explain how the free market can solve the problems Americans face today, providing the solutions Americans want and a way to be part of that solution.  The shift in support will be electrifying.  

We can build the membership of the LP at the roots, where it should always have been.  With media precinct chairs growing in number the lackluster support for either Biden or Trump can be shattered.  Americans will have the means to experience their power and impact the outcome of the present election process. 

We did this in 1992; we can do it again.  The Commission for Presidential Debates exists because in 1992 the most popular president in history, Geo. H. W. Bush, polling at 89% popularity went down to ignominious defeat through the actions of a small group of libertarians.  PhoneVoter TV Network was founded January 21, 1992.  Read the story

In 1992 no Libertarian candidate was willing to participate except Lee Wright, who inquired and then decided he was not up to it.  Every Libertarian candidate since has received the same offer. 

Being a Libertarian was intended to mean being free market, not just rhetorically, but in action.  What better time to demonstrate this commitment?  Instead of this pointless attempt to force ourselves on to someone else’s stage and use their airtime we can open up the debate to give Americans what they desperately want and need today. And that is Solutions.

For a measly $100,000 Jo could have debated real issues with other candidates who have also been silenced – and she can be live on air in two weeks.   The other snippet of idiocy which had been passed on to Richard was that Jo will not sully herself to debate anyone unless either Biden or Trump is included. I am not making this up.

With the constellation of more powerful technologies we have in six weeks we can change the political landscape of America. 

This can happen with a constellation of more powerful technologies than drove Ross Perot from 8% - 39% in weeks, put Pat Buchanan at 19%, almost made Jerry Brown the Democratic nominee, and gave Bill Clinton the presidency.  Jerry had at least 21% across all the states in the primaries in just 6 weeks. 

In six weeks, Libertarianism will be a major presence in American politics.  What is that worth to you? This includes streaming, satellite, and cable, along with a growing number of other distributors.  Want to know what the costs are?  How to get scheduled?  We know; we have TV Industry folks on our board.  We can get discount prices and produce a once a day show for 1 to 1 debates, until election day; hour after hour of debate as advertisers sign up to use interactive ads on interactive shows for the first time.   

People want to be heard.  Americans will listen when you have solutions they need – and there is no better way to introduce the free market than to have Americans experience it themselves.  That is what a free market does, give voters a choice.  But they have to know you are what they want.  This time, why not try?


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Cancel John Fund


There is no credit with the LOC so I can assume Grandfather took this photo.

 by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 


John Fund never disappoints me.  In this instance he states that the National Park Service was founded “Last week,” meaning in 1920.  But the founding date was August 26, 1916.  Fund then defends John Muir, an action with which I agree as I was aware after dodging service in the Civil War in Canada, he eventually discovered First Nations people were like everyone else. 

Certainly, Muir would have objected to burning out the Miwuk, the First Nation people of Yosemite, in 1869, much less when the National Park Service burned out the last Miwuk living there, Jay Johnson, in 1969.  The Sierra Club said nothing. 

I interviewed Johnson at his home in 2017.  That is what he said, and he was there. 

The National Park Service also continues to stall on the decision the Miwuk be allowed to have land for their use in Yosemite Valley.  Last time, the NPS demand was that the Miwuk conform with building codes.  How do you do that when the whole point is recreating their living heritage?  I follow these amazing idiocies on our newsletter, IMAGE. 

Was Muir appropriate on all issues?  No. But he would have gotten that one right.  This raised the question of how we identify those who should be reassessed.  We need to add the National Park Service as well as the psychopath who founded the government agency, Stephen T. Mather.  Mather represents a fond ideal for elites as he never earned an honest dollar in his life and managed, with much assistance, a century long cover-up.  Mather was the consummate self-dealer, first in the private sector then moving up to Federal.  Do you imagine the Sierra Club was unaware of the facts?  Not credible. 

Did the National Park Service object to the taking of the Hetch Hetchy?  Nope. 

 A read of the books written by former rangers reveals much disenchantment, and to this we must add a dialog on how to allow people to apply proven approaches to preserving the environment while making our wild places visible to millions.  Do you think government should be involved?  I vote NO.

Note there was no objection voiced by the Sierra Club in 1969, either; Muir died in 1914.

Fund’s article was, as usual, filled with evasions and quotes from others since he really knows little about anything.  His career in journalism came via hiring to limit and manicure what we think.  This was noted during his internship at Evans and Novak in 1983.  They decided he was perfect for the Wall Street Journal.  

The assertion Muir, an outspoken Preservationist, ‘founded’ the Sierra Club is a fiction marketed by the people who carefully hide behind the scenes, an early chapter on how the Elites manage what we know. It was their families who were responsible for incorporating the Sierra Club in 1892.  Charter Members   No, it was never intended to be a club for hiking.  And those early High Trips were an extension of the High Life those people have grown accustomed to after raping the environment in California to extract their fortunes. 

Muir was a Preservationist; most of the founding members of the Sierra Club were Conservationists.

These same people, today, are the elitists who buy NeoCons like John Fund. 

The Sierra Club persuaded Muir to become the President but he occupied the office; others controlled the operations.  The organization was started to ensure real estate interests and the emerging elites, descended from people Muir despised, mentioned in the Fund article as, “The white population, the people who were invading — the frontier types, the miners — he thought they were uncouth, savage, brutal, dirty, given over to alcohol. His (Muir’s) writings are full of those descriptions.”

This characterization was mostly accurate.  But those being described, most of them white, are the progenitors of the elite’s of San Francisco today.  Pelosi, Brown, Getty and Newsom are just four of their descendants.

Where did you imagine the ‘elites’ came from?  They learned their ethics and humanity from their parents, who had thoroughly demonstrated their values. 

It is not the ordinary white population who came up with the idea of enticing Muir to head up the Sierra Club, an earlier generation of the uncouth named handled that; their motivation was to either shut Muir up, or, get him to support obtaining the Hetch Hetchy Valley as a water supply for San Francisco.  Failing that, they needed to control him while this was handled.    

When the time came, and they knew it would, Muir needed to trust them.  This worked perfectly, they had been glamping together for years. 

The short story goes like this:

The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire takes place on April 18, 1906.  Due to the incompetence of these same elites, the first disaster gains in magnitude because no thought has been expended on preparing for any disaster at all.  The dumb idea of using dynamite to blow up buildings, spreading the fire is carried out with elite hires in charge. 

To date, no one knows how many people died of the earthquake, an act of nature; and how many died of elite incompetence. 

The first thought in the minds of the elites was not relief for those left without food or housing, but, “Hey!  Now we’ll have the political clout to get the Hetch Hetchy!”

Muir had previously resisted the attempts of Gifford Pinchot, the first head of the Division of Forestry, appointed by President William McKinley, in 1898, to persuade him to the position of Conservationist, meaning, “we keep it until we want to use it, and sooner rather than later.”  Muir would always be a Preservationist, meaning, “We leave it as God made it.  Look and leave.”  There are longer definitions but those will do for now. 

Pinchot’s family was in the lumber business.

Note that the Sierra Club began describing Muir as a ‘Conservationist’ as soon as he was safely dead in December 1914, and the campaign to grab Hetch Hetchy barely waited until the fires had burned down in San Francisco. 

Muir was galvanized into action.  He lectured, wrote letters, argued, and did all in his power to stop the theft of Hetch Hetchy. 

But the elites were ready; the Sierra Club had been founded for this moment in time.   

Muir spoke to true believers, the public, and small groups across the country.  One man talking, no major media.  But the decision hinged on the coming election for President.  Woodrow Wilson had promised to give San Francisco the Hetch Hetchy – if he won. 

The elites of California delivered the state for Wilson. 

My grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury, was a Preservationist.  He first met Muir on board the Harrison Expedition in port in late 1899 and took a photo of Muir.  This was published the next year, credit to Pillsbury, in Camera Craft, a journal on photography launched in early 1900.  

The two shared a passion for Yosemite and for the flowers.   In 1909 Pillsbury went into rapid action mode and made the first nature movie; he began showing it to groups in Yosemite by 1910.  Pillsbury offered to make copies for Muir to use with his lectures to bring in larger audiences.  But movies were not yet respectable.  William Colby, executive director for the Sierra Club and Muir’s ‘assistant’, thought it unwise to use movies.  He was also unenthusiastic about having Pillsbury’s photos used in Muir’s upcoming book.  Muir held firm on this, however.  Pillsbury’s photos were used for, “The Yosemite.”

A wonderful gift had been arranged for Muir; in honor of the insights and inspiration he had provided.  An anonymous benefactor had arranged a trip for Muir; it was like a dream come true for John Muir.  The Benefactor, who insisted on remaining anonymous, had planned a trip for him first to South America for a journey up the Amazon, and then on to Africa.  These were places he had wanted to see all his life.  And if that did not kill him, well it would be too late to stop them.   Muir was right that the Sierra Club had all well in hand, but he was wrong about their plans. 

The elites were salivating over the idea of municipal water and private electric power galore and the money that would flow into their coffers from taxes, power, and water.  And all it took was destroying the Hetch Hetchy Valley, the other Yosemite within the National Park. 

Muir took ship in Brooklyn, NY Leaving in August 1911, effectively cutting off all communications on what was happening at home in America.  When Muir stepped off the ship on March 27, 1912, he learned the Hetch Hetchy had been lost. 

Muir died in a Los Angeles hospital on December 24, 1914, his heart broken.    

Muir’s memoirs of his trip would not be published for decades, and The Yosemite would not be republished for a half century.  And when it was, the Pillsbury photos were not included. 

Pillsbury had demonstrated the power of film and the elites had experienced the impact.  He was a problem they knew they would have to eliminate. 

The effectiveness of film was proved by Pillsbury in 1912 when he showed his newly invented and filmed lapse-time film of wildflowers. From seed to death, the gathered Superintendents of all the National Parks viewed this at their annual conference, that year held in October.  They immediately voted to stop mowing the meadows for fodder for their horses.  Seeing the film persuaded them. 

The National Press Club viewed one of Pillsbury’s films in October of 1915.

By 1919 Pillsbury Picture Company nature films had been licensed for global distribution by Pathé, Universal and Paramount.  Motion pictures had proved their power.  In 1926 he was asked to make a presentation to then President Calvin Coolidge and 70 of his closest friends at the Willard Hotel banquet room.

But this article is not about dumping icons; it is about being more discerning about which icons should be dumped, and why. 

Today we are divided Left and Right but the squirrely things we are encouraged to argue about are intended to keep us busy fighting each other and ignoring the elites who continue to reduce us further into absolute serfdom.

Therefore, you need to take a hard look at what you think you know and revise your assessments.  Fund’s article artfully evaded the real issue, and that is what you should remember.  Fund always injects more issues to divide; never mentioning the truths which bring us together.  That is his job.  Always note the difference between what people and ‘organizations’ say – and what they do.  It matters.   

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