Saturday, August 15, 2020

Where is Steven Barrier, Jr?

 by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

When you read an obituary you look for the person behind the words, imagining at the same time the earthly shell will rest in peace as the soul takes flight to find communion with the Greater Power which carried them, and each of us, through the whole of our lives. 


Steven’s read: Steven C. Barrier Jr. was born on October 23,1996 and passed away on Wednesday October 23, 2019. Steven was a resident of Stamford at the time of his passing. Steven graduated from Westhill High School and was attending Norwalk Community College and working at Boston Market.


What is not said is that Steven Barrier was subjected to hours of tasering before he died, tasering not intended to protect anyone but the police who were staging a cover-up, having assaulted the then 22-year old youth in the front yard of his mother’s home, where he lived. 


The police knew tasering impacted memory and they needed Steven to forget the trauma he had endured and which went on for hours as they planned and video recorded what they should have done after responding to the carefully staged 911 Call placed by his older sister, Shanika Aarons, with prompting from the background by his own mother.

 Steven died on the floor of the ‘rubber room’ in the Stamford Police Station at about 6:00am on the morning of his 23rd birthday. 

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 Yet in death Steven was not permitted to rest.  There was a funeral. 

 A visitation was held from 10:00AM - 11:00AM followed by 11:00AM Service

 The funeral service followed immediately in the same location, on Thursday November 21,2019 at Bethel AME Church, 150 Fairfield Ave. Stamford, CT. 06902  See original

Funeral services were provided by Graves Medley Funeral Services, Inc. 203-323-2666, 31 Stillwater Avenue Stamford, CT 06902

 Steven was to be laid to rest at Roxbury Cemetery, 602 High Ridge Rd. Stamford, CT.06905 

And although Graves Medley Funeral Services, Inc., assures us the casket was delivered promptly, a grave was dug, and the interment took place, no one from Roxbury Cemetery can tell us where the marker can be installed or where flowers can be left.

 The Roxbury Cemetery holds the remains of people who fought in the American Revolution – but it is special for another reason.  The Stamford Police hold special events there, according to their Facebook page.  

 In short, Steven’s body has disappeared.  The autopsy demanded by the family was not carried out.  Steven’s body could speak about the traumas he suffered, therefore – it has vanished. 

There is no office to call.  Mail is received at the Stamford Baptist Church, which is the address for the Roxbury Cemetery.  The former minister is, today, the Chaplin for the Stamford Police Department.  

 Inquiries must be made via a phone number, but only by messaging and the man who owns the number will not respond.  His name is Jeff Calcott. 

The number is: 203-252-4534.