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Who Killed Steven Barrier?

This story explores all levels of corruption in America today.  Read the entire article.  Use for all purposes is granted if attribution is made.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, 22JUL2020
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Steven C. Barrier, Jr.
The Steven Barrier Jr. story takes you through local corruption by the Stamford Police Department (SPD), Connecticut’s system of judicial misconduct by judges & attorneys’ collusion, elected officials as former police, published lies extending through pressured clerks to medical examiners, evidence collection and property room misconduct, and finally cemetery relationships.

In the Timeline below, there are two sources for the videos which recreate the real chain of events for October 22 – 23 2019; & one staged set of SPD videos 23 October producing the murder of Steven Christopher Barrier, Jr.    

Citizens are referring to this ridiculous attempt at a cover-up that almost worked as “The Great Chase Of No One movie”. Other sources include: interviews, follow-ups, Internet and background research. Phone interviews and follow-ups took place with the father Steven Christopher Barrier, Sr.; CT Office for Disabled Rights assigned social worker & State Advocate for the Disabled, Elizabeth Greenwood; mother, Valerie Jaddo; pro se litigator John Flynn; and a phone contact with Darnell Crosland, attorney originally engaged by Valerie Jaddo. Interviews were attempted with others directly and indirectly involved; those to be interviewed, failed to return our calls. 

What Really Happened to Steven Barrier, Junior on October 22 – 23 2019

      At the time of his death by repeated tasering, battery, water in his lungs, and other trauma inflicted by the Stamford Police Department (SPD); Steven was attending Norwalk Community College and majoring in Engineering, his long-time goal career goal.  Barrier worked part time at the neighborhood Boston Market, walking a mile from where he lived, the home of his mother, Valerie Jaddo at 113 West Avenue, Stamford, CT.
       Steven Barrier was quiet, thrifty, good tempered, and honest; but suffered from anxiety and depression.
       Living at his mother’s home in the basement, put him close enough to both work and school. He commuted to college using a bus, with one transfer and a brief walk. 
       Steven suffered from a disability, anxiety and depression significant enough to warrant being recognized as a disability; and having a social worker assigned for oversight and counseling. 
      The major cause for concern expressed by those close to him, his father, Steven Christopher Barrier, Senior, and his social worker and counselor, Elizabeth Greenwood, were the same.  Steven’s mother, Valerie Jaddo constantly harassed and attempted to control Steven, exhibiting behavior which resembled psychopathy. 
       Steven’s father had urged his son to move out, offering to put him up at his small apartment.  Steven refused because his mother could always find him there, and he was afraid of her.   
       Greenwood, assigned because of his problem with depression and anxiety, had determined living with Valerie increased Steven’s anxiety and depression.  Elizabeth Greenwood recommended Steven move, and helped him find a suitable apartment. 
      Steven had begun packing for his move by October 22.  That day he worked at Boston Market and returned home at 9:45PM.  After washing up, Steven went down the street to see a close friend, Johnny, who it appears may have been helping him organize his planned move.  The next day would be his 23rd birthday. 

The Video Evidence Available

The first, is security camera footage, (RING), from the security camera mounted on the front porch of the home at 113 West Avenue, Stamford CT.  The police did not know there was a security camera running that night.  Valerie Jaddo removed it the next day, according to Greenwood.
          is a home security company.  The timestamps you see are all taken directly from the well-lit color & audio recordings originating from the RING security camera located on the front porch of 113 West Avenue.  The timestamp, time & date are visible in the lower right of each frame. The camera is activated by motion.

The second, is following Steven’s death, the Stamford Police would release an Official Police Video (OPV).  This video was released on October 30. 2019 to the Stamford Advocate, the local paper.  All videos released by the Stamford Police were made from bodycams purchased from AXON.  AXON was also the supplier of the TASERs used on Steven Barrier, Jr.

AXON is a global provider of technologies providing bodycams which produce color high-quality images and documents frames to fractions of seconds showing the exact time when these video images were shot. 

Media, such as CBS edited the edited OPV version numerous times for broadcast, not making further inquiry, and never noticed the 3:39AM to 6:10AM timing of the date stamps on their own screens chronicling to Steven’s long death over hours in the rain in his neighborhood, all during video a fictional story cover-up of earlier viciousness and negligence. What they edited down but not out was his inert form, and his pleading for air. After his unjustifiable multiple taser “apprehension” at home.  Steven exited the house, where the police lay in wait after his return from work; they added a knee to his neck.

When the SPD’s “Great Chase” fictional video cover-up of earlier viciousness and negligence was “a wrap”, and Steven was brought to the station, police watched him die en camera in their “rubber room” all on AXON by 6:02:05AM.

During the hours of their staged production as a cover-up for their earlier lack of cause and procedural rights abuse, the police rendered Steven senseless electrically, drowning him in rain puddles as narrated, physically traumatizing him, and forced administering an anti-opiod drug ______ 2x, deadly when the person does not use opiods – all versus police-asserted narration of events with the same timestamped videos supposedly 4 or more hours before.

One can wonder about how an officer reads Miranda rights to an un-arrested fellow, while nobody seems to notice or care how or when he died of “heart failure”. Steven’s is not the only heart that failed. It has been stated 10x now by State’s Attorney and then Attorney for the Judicial District of Stamford/Norwalk, Richard J. Colangelo “there was no police misconduct”. Recall he published that the time of death was 3:10AM.

The police did not borrow cameras from Hollywood, but used AXON on-screen time-stamped videos. Dumb-de-dumb-dumb dumb.

There is an equally dumb attempt to dismiss the Steven Barrier Jr. case this week with a new judge. Stamford citizens should object to the murder of a young engineering student, even if no one else does. There is also a video of the tasering by Valerie Jaddo which has been shown to several people willing to file affidavits with further interrogatories, that contradicts SPD Officer Boeger’s “conclusion” there was no tasering evidence, after he had earlier stated he recorded the taser voltage evidence.

Richard Colangelo
There is an extortive conspiratorial local and national NAACP attorney’s reason this video’s existence has been overlooked since its known existence, and suppressed until now when citizens began to catalogue all video evidence that was known to each other. All evidence in the Barrier case needs to be in the custody of people other than the SPD/Norwalk PD, local courts, relatives, or the State’s Attorney Colangelo, and colluding in the cover-up.  This includes elected local, state, and federal officials. Federal investigators and the public should be cognizant of such as they read this.

A link to Superior courthouse proceedings is at the end of this re-examination of facts, and questions unanswered in open discovery. Note 11 sets of interrogatories have been ignored for every deposition time by the local officers and courts for 7 months now. There is now ample evidence of police and judicial misconduct.

RING recordings provided the earliest pieces of the real timeline, however.

At 9:45:05 PM Oct. 22, 2019 the RING security camera records Steven coming home from work.  Although he usually closed the Boston Market later than that, Steven might have changed his schedule to return earlier to continue packing to move. His father referred to Steven’s workplace as “Boston Chicken”. Steven, (according to his social worker, Elizabeth Greenwood, during our second interview) was moving out of the house in two days to an apartment she had helped find for him. 
Valerie said (during an interview) Steven briefly washed himself, and went out for a few minutes to see his friend, Johnny, who lives down the street “on the corner”.  Valerie claimed not to know anything more about Johnny. 
        It is likely Steven, juggling school and a job, had been packing up his things to be ready for his move.    Johnny may have agreed to help him move out.  Steven’s father, Steven Barrier, Senior, does not have a car and neither does Steven, Jr., and the weather was rainy. An interview should be made about those two hours and Steven’s intent on his upcoming birthday. Valerie said to Greenwood that Johnny’s mother told Steven he was asleep.??

       Valerie said (during our first interview) Steven returned in just a few minutes; but from the RING security camera recording, you see he returned at 11:14PM.

      After returning to the house, Steven made himself a cup of coffee, his usual practice after work, according to Valerie. During our interview, Valerie said Steven had an unpleasant encounter with his half-sister, Shanika Aarons, also staying there with her two children during a visit from her home in California. It was Shanika who refused to let him have a little milk for his coffee, as her children needed it.  (Valerie said nothing about any violent encounter between Steven and Shanika or herself at any time during our three interviews.  It has not been possible to interview Shanika. There is no visual evidence that either was ever harmed by Steven that evening from camerawork, or ever before. A temper was the opposite of Steven’s problem.)
      According to Valerie, Steven then went downstairs and discovered he could not get into his room or to access his possessions stored in the room next to his bedroom. Valerie said during our first interview, “I locked the room because I was going to have some work done by a contractor.”  It is the general practice to clear a room which will be undergoing repairs or modifications, and arrange with residents for any personal items to be moved out of the way. At the time, I just noted this; later I realized her statement raised further questions.

Valerie went on to say, Steven demanded she open the locked door so he could gain access to his possessions.   She said she did not understand why he was upset, indicating she refused to do so.  Greenwood later told me, Steven had not told his mother he was moving, because Valerie would react badly to his leaving.  Interviews with Steven’s father, Steven Barrier, Senior, confirmed this.

It is possible Steven’s plans to move, were known to his mother.  She may have noticed he was packing.  As a legal resident, Steven had a right to access his possessions, and could not be denied access to these, especially without notice. If the police had been informed of the circumstances, they would likely have informed Valerie of this.  
If Valerie had been anxious to get Steven out of the house, she would have simply allowed him access to his possessions.  Therefore, there would be another motive for her behavior. 

Greenwood mentioned during our third interview, she and Steven talked nearly daily, and said living with Valerie was highly stressful for Steven because Valerie was constantly attempting to pit Steven against her husband, a cook at an extended care home in Rye, NY, “Bear” Jaddo; and was doing the same with her husband to create hostility toward Steven.
Steven Barrier, Senior, said during our interview, he had begged his son to leave because he feared for Steven’s life if he remained there.  Valerie was, he said, extremely controlling.  Every time Steven visited him, Valerie would, within minutes, begin pounding on his door, insisting their son return home with her. 
Allegedly that night there are also several texts that exist between SPD and Shanika, Shanika alleged Steven hit her face with a broom.  This is recorded on the 11:40PM 911 Call which also records Valerie prompting Shanika in the background.   According to John Flynn Shanika asked Officer Kilcoyne to kill Steven. John Flynn reported Officer asked her to put that in writing and give this to him. Flynn asked all communications from the 911 Call on the evening of Oct. 22 be produced.  

These requests were refused after the “Boeger detective squad” investigation was completed, among other important evidence. The SPD and Jaddo/Aarons seemingly had some leverage on each other. Neither seemed to consider how their bodycams in the wee hours planning the “Great Chase” or the Ring porch camera, contradicted later false narratives.  Reporting media also ignored these contradictions. 

No police reports prior to the “investigation” have been released either. These texts’ content and timing is relevant, and added to a context of an asserted “domestic violence” call; add the fact that Steven was at work, and the police chose not go there. Character assassination appears to have led to a protracted genuine assassination by police

Police had been to see Steven Barrier many times before to evaluate by law whether he should be hospitalized for depression, and no other problem.  However, these calls were also initiated by Valerie, not by Steven who was no threat to anyone. Did the police view Steven as too much of a bother to them?

What individuals would profit by Steven’s death?

According to both Steven Senior, and Greenwood, for months before this time, Valerie had been forcing Steven to go to doctors.  Greenwood said, “Sometimes Steven went, but was refusing to do so more frequently toward the end.”  Greenwood said, “I thought Steven’s problems with depression and anxiety would be alleviated by getting away from his mother, whose behavior was the source of the problem.”

11:40 PM 911 Call for Domestic Violence   911 Audio
The Stamford Police released only one of what is believed to be several 911 Calls made from the house that evening.  Greenwood indicated she had been told there had been several calls. The woman speaking is Shanika, Steven’s half-sister, ten years his elder.  The mother, Valerie can be heard in the background prompting Shanika on what to say, and is completely aware of what is being said about Steven.    

       Valerie, I concluded, was not telling the truth about what happened.  Over the next several weeks both Greenwood and Barrier, Senior, told me that Valerie had taken out an insurance policy on Steven, Junior.  I asked about the amount to be paid, and was told it was large.  A short time later, I was further informed the policy had been paid, Valerie alone receiving the funds.

The police arrive at 11:45:18 PM when the RING security camera records their arrival.   The RING camera keeps recording more action.  The rapidity of their arrival indicates they were persuaded, not unreasonably, a real danger to Valerie and Shanika existed.  Therefore, the presence of multiple police cars in the 11:45:18PM RING recording and the next, three minutes later, at 11:48:48PM confirm this was being treated as a serious threat to life. 

Officers are seen in the 11:45:18PM video shining lights toward the back of the house on both sides.  In the next RING recording an officer enters the house and officers are present outside the house.

Valerie, herself, recorded the actual tasering of her son, showing the video to John Flynn and others at the first rally against the police killing of Steven Barrier, held in early December.  While it should not have been necessary for me to point this out, Steven was tasered in the driveway of his own home and this would have taken place either just before midnight, which would have been when the Jaddo recording of the tasering took place. 

An individual who has been tasered, especially one who weighs only 130 lbs., is not capable of running anywhere.  In neither the Jaddo recording or the RING recording of the tasering has an arrest taken place.  No questions are asked; no arrest is made.  No Miranda Rights are read to Steven, who is writhing on the ground and incapable of communicating. 

Two more RING recordings each show an officer entering the Jaddo home just after midnight.  The first at 00:03:18 Oct. 23 and 00:09:59 Oct. 23. 

The next RING video is begins at 1:33:20 Oct. 23; another at  1:43:39 Oct. 23.  Now, police officers are walking by the house. 

 1:52:45 AM - Oct. 23, 2019RING - A policeman knocks on the door, walked back down the stairs, and then back up.  Door opens.  Policeman announces, "Just want to let you know we got him, he ran."  A woman's voice says casually, "Yes, I was texting with the officer, well the dispatcher…”
An Officer Connelly (one of twins on the SPD) interrupts with, "He ran, so he took us on full pursuit."  Woman says, "Oh my god!  Its raining so you guys must be soaking wet."

          The comment by Valerie struck me as odd, as she expressed no concern for her son, this contrasting starkly with her repeated attempts to control him and her statements to the media after his death. 

Toward the end of this recording you see another officer using a flashlight on the sidewalk and street in front of the house looking for something.  This would be a search for all evidence of the tasings which took place there between 11:50PM Oct. 22 and 00:01 or so just after midnight, Oct. 23.

It is very possible in the interim the police have finally been able to talk to Steven and realized they were misled by Shanika and Valerie.  This creates a real problem for them.  Steven, if he remembers what happened, will be able to collect a judgement for their abusive behavior and they will lose their jobs, which pay very, very well. Their intention might not have been to kill Steven, but to ensure he did not remember what had happened to him.  Some of the officers may, or may not, know about the life insurance policy which Valerie has taken out on Steven’s life.  

The police could have confessed to their misjudgments – or they could stage the cover-up, which is the choice they made.  Since tasering will disrupt memory and cause brain damage and other effects they will hold Steven without having made an arrest or having read him his Miranda Rights.  They will do this with the full consent of Valerie, who has set up the circumstances which move them to these actions.  Valerie and they will cooperate with the cover-up.

 On October 29, 2019, locally, The Patch published an article titled, Body Camera Footage Released Of Man Who Died In Police Custody, by RJ Scofield, Patch Staff.  The article gives the time of Steven’s death as 3:10 a.m., at the Stamford Hospital, and on the death certificate, and according to then Attorney for the Judicial District of Stamford/Norwalk Richard J. Colangelo, now State Attorney whose career has been uninterrupted by inconvenient facts, murder, and cover-ups.

The Official Police Video (OPV), which they said documented their actions, was released by the Stamford Police, appearing in the Stamford Advocate, the local paper, on October 30.  The downloaded video raised questions for the writer about the timeline, which, according to the Stamford Advocate in an article titled, ‘My son was not taken to the hospital. Why?’ by Ignacio Laguarda, published on October 30, regarding the video having been edited together from four different AXON bodycams. Each AXON bodycam has a number on each frame identifying the bodycam, and a designated number of the individual wearing it, along with the timestamps.  These individual officers are:  X81230660, X81291819, X81230231, and X81230450.

Citizens also need to know who all the officers in view of each AXON bodycam are. This information has been refused continually and sometimes in attempts to be intimidating to those asking filing the requests by as many as six officers surrounding the legal requestor. The two tasering officers, one African-American, despite numerous official and unofficial requests are still unknown parties.   

What was missed earlier, was the story told by the AXON timestamps.  Although these varied through the four videos, as they had been edited together and were not entirely sequential, all agreed roughly except for some missing minute edits, as to when the recordings had been made.  The AXON timestamps from the OPV video released on October 30, 2019, put the time the videos were taken beginning at 5:29:51 AM and ending at 6:02:05AM demise, three hours later than the time of death reported by Richard Colangelo in the Patch article of October 29.

       I realized something was rotten in Stamford. 

All the times on the OPV and from the videos posted to the Steven Barrier Timeline, claimed by the Stamford Police, from ALL of their bodycam recordings, were ALL narrated as several hours earlier than that of the AXON timestamps. The local and area media ignorantly swallowed this self-evident contradiction.

First, I never found any bodycam recordings in which the time claimed by the Stamford Police agreed with the AXON timestamp.  This short segment is especially interesting. 

The footage begins with an officer leaving his car.  He is joined by other officers as they walk down the dark street.  The AXON timestamps are October 23, 2019.  Remember, the SPD will claim the time of death for Steven Barrier, Jr. as 3:10AM. Yet…

5:30:05 AM – You hear two policemen talking, “Keep your voice low” as they continue to walk past a third police car.
5:30:10 AM – You hear what sounds like several people walking together.  One voice says, “Let’s do this…he is out of his mind.”  The sound of a police radio breaks in with, “A1…”
5:30:16 AM – The officer in the lead quickens his pace.
5:30:20 AM – You see the word POLICE clearly on the back of the man in the lead.

       The recordings in the October 30 OPV and the recordings from the Steven Barrier Timeline available on the website reveals the timestamps from multiple bodycams being used by the Stamford Police Department as they staged a falsified video production several hours after Steven had been taken into custody.  Steven is still barely alive, as the police have a jolly time finishing their staged video cover-up of their hours of prior violations and torturous actions.   

 The two sources of video from the SPD are: 1) the OPV, which had no times added by the SPD; and 2) the Steven Barrier Timeline, available on their website, which usefully includes their fictional SPD timeline in addition to the AXON timestamps with audios.  There are 19 videos from the website and two audios.

There are likely more recordings which have not been made available to the public, which is evidence and should be protected as soon as possible from the ongoing police cover-up.  With these from both SPD sources and 3) the RING front door security cam timestamped video, unknown to the police, I could compare the AXON with the false SPD timeline. By referring to the RING videos, I could begin to assess the assertions and what actions and motives could have been afoot.   
Together, the videos from the SPD sources, OPV and SCT SBTimeline, produce an ugly narrative reflecting callous disregard for accountability, sloppy work, and a sense of entitlement to power which we must not tolerate. 

See for yourself: begin at 9:45PM October 22 and continue until 1:52AM October 23, 2019, the time is actually, by the AXON timestamp 5:54:15AM - 5:57:55AM.  What you see is an officer helping to carry Mr. Barrier from the patrol vehicle which transported Barrier to the Rubber Room. This rebuts the time of 3:10AM as reported by Richard Colangelo. Further, dawn has arrived, and the many uses by media of the “rubber room” officers poking Steven’s foot to get a reaction, were used without looking at the AXON timestamp in the upper right corner. Valerie Jaddo, not surprisingly, arrives at the hospital before the SPD and ambulance. More suppressed information on Steven’s condition as reported by nurses, is below.

Note the segment which is 9:08 minutes in length with Steven Barrier in the “Rubber Room” of the Stamford Police Station, the AXON timestamp is 6:02:05AM, when it has been sometime since there was a sign of life from the inert form of Barrier on the floor of the “Rubber Room” with four officers staring at him, waiting to see some sign of life, which never comes. Present are two African-American male officers, two Caucasian male officers, a woman Caucasian officer in the doorway (a female voice directed the “Great Chase of no one” cover-up video), and a blue-gloved male officer whose camera is recording the scene as all of them peer down at what is becoming the dead body of Steven Barrier.  
Note the police AXON recordings begin just before dawn and their production involving the body of Steven Barrier and the fictional never-seen ‘Steven Barrier running fast enough to evade all cameras and cops’ even over 20-foot walls, extends into daylight before being brought to the SPD station.  This corroborates the time of death as after dawn. 
       Understand this: There is no footage AXON timestamped before 3:54:30AM! It appears that either all existing police video releases were created for the cover-up, after Steven had been captured, his rights violated and his person tasered and assaulted.  In the later recordings made outside the Jaddo home and police persons running in the neighborhood, dawn is coming. When Steven was transported from the “Rubber Room” at the Stamford Police Station to the hospital, it is possible he is already dead.  A death certificate affirms not the time of death, per se, but that the individual has died by that time, signed by a physician or medical examiner. Tain’t so.  Why they signed it is a question which must be answered.

NOTE:  There were three autopsies performed, no matter how challenged for accuracy, the results. These take time, even days apart.  Note clothes are usually cut off a subject by scissors during the autopsy. Steven Barrier Sr. had asked for an out of the area examiner from New York, but to no avail.
Nurses who have not been interviewed, who were working at the hospital that October 23 morning,  told Valerie and others that Steven’s clothes were torn and bloody from head to toe; there were taser marks on the temple, neck, chest, back, and it appears asphyxiation from the inhalation of water all contributed to the death. Involuntary unnecessary but deadly drugs were deduced from several sources besides toxicology results. 

Six efforts to date by Elizabeth Greenwood (who is visually impaired) who had a letter from the family requesting all personal effects, and with the assistance of John Flynn, to receive Steven’s bloody clothing and other effects from the property room run by Officer Lopez, have been refused. They were referred to Boeger, who has apparently never been “in”. The records desk by Officer Weed or a lady there, stated that they could not comply because their “legal office” told them not to, even after the “investigation” was completed by “Boeger” who is obviously part of the cover-up at minimum. During the last effort to six police officers surrounded and attempted to intimidate Flynn to stop him from fulfilling the family’s request.   Pictures of these officers of the law can be seen in John Flynn 2020 Youtube videos Numbers 29 & 30.

The request for the personal effects, even after the investigation concluding (ahem no mayhem) NO OFFICER MISCONDUCT had been completed by Officer Boeger of the detective squad (who was also involved in the Great Chase). Boeger had initially announced to media he had been responsible for the intake of taser evidence, which includes recording the lower voltage available; then later declared there was no taser evidence.  Perhaps this is because it had been picked up. There appears to be video evidence of this and later more “policing of the area” for taser accouterments throughout the night.  Note in the RING videos you see 2 of 6 officers and taser flashes.  You clearly hear, “Taser, taser, taser!  I got him in the back.”   Multiple requests on the identity of the two officers, referred to as 5 and 6, besides Officers Connolly and Kilcoyn, another two unidentified PD officers -- on the scene have met with refusals to provide the information during video recorded phone calls, which you can see and hear, listed below. (Now apparently, citizens can see this as deduced by citizens on 21JUL2020 which is on Valerie Jaddo’s phone.)

Boger is never available, never in, and requests for police reports prior to his detective squad investigation, have never been tendered to anyone making such a request. Any SPD Internal Affairs seems to be non-existent, and even if it was, this conspiracy now encompasses the entire SPD and beyond. An entirely new police department and court system seems needed. Seven sets of Interrogatories by John Flynn have never been answered, nor has the SPD appeared at the named location for depositions at appointed times.  You can view the RING videos which include visuals of these documents and other evidence from YouTube. See on YouTube John Flynn 2020/videos Numbers 2, 4, 6, 27, 29, 30, 43, 62 A, B, C, D, 65, 73, 83, 86, 124, 129, 148, 150 – 156, 158 – 160, and 162 – 164.  See related video Number 44 on judges and lawyers in the area germane to the unfolding discovery of more videos and their suppression.    
In the first reports appearing in the “news”, no specific times for apprehending Steven were provided, so this multi-timelines comparison article is now new news. Let’s review possible motives for actions:    

      At 9.59 AM a RING video records another policeman entering the house and two more police cars drive by.

      At 12:37AM the police Steven Barrier Timeline from their site reports, “Officers Clear the Call and Leave the Scene.”  This is a notation which could be expected to show the issue is resolved. 

No AXON timestamps are cited to validate this as an accurate time; neither is it necessarily inaccurate.  All the bodycam video produced and used for the OPV and made available through the Steven Barrier Timeline fall within this period.  
The police must have been aware they had ignored existing protocols, and relied only on the specious reports provided by both Valerie Jaddo and her daughter, Shanika Aarons regarding any incident of domestic violence or the emotional health and character of Steven Barrier.  This character assassination led directly to his assassination by the Stamford police.  The police then created the orchestrated Great Chase “training video” showing they knew about the rules violated at the Jaddo residence and tasering Barrier.  

The initial tasering took place in the rain in front of 113 West Avenue.  After this, Steven was incapable of even walking.  Therefore, the police hid him for use as a prop in their video, likely in the back of a squad car, moving him to a location where he could be placed at the top of the slope near the Home Depot, which they had chosen as remote enough to evade being observed by early risers.  Steven was then dragged to the spot chosen for the beginning of this part of the shoot and dumped, groggy and in pain, into a puddle, face first.  At this later time, he would have inhaled the water, as you hear on the video a policeman noticing and recommends to another officer, to pull Steven’s face out of the water. Really, the hours long slow motion murder is all there, just look and weep.

Now, let’s take a look at how the “Great Chase of No One” came into being: 
Below you see the shoot times for the two videos produced by the Stamford Police, worried about having not followed the mandated rules for handling complaints for domestic violence.  Someone, let’s call them the “Line Producer”, would have organized the “Production Breakdown”.  A Production Breakdown plans out the scenes to be shot together, to later edit as different points in time.  However, this breakdown is also a hasty “Shooting Schedule”, needed to beat the dawn (dark is a “Special Effect” in this case), which they miss, slightly. 

The cast 1 – 2 dozen officers were already determined to rewrite what had happened from the time the police received the 911 Call, which is well worth a listen, as this makes it clear how outrageous these claims were.  Listen hard.  You can hear Valerie prompting Shanika in the background.   The police also received other communications from Valerie and Shanika.  According to Flynn’s sources, these included further untrue phone texts and written communications passed to police at the door.  One of these was a request, written by Shanika, the police kill Steven.  Officer Kilcoyne purportedly requested that in handwriting, which he received.  The texts and note have never seen the light of day.

The initial police response to these fraudulent claims was to conclude the two women were in immediate danger.  Therefore, the officers did not carry out the steps mandated (including turning on their body cams), which you see enacted in the two later videos as if there had been something wrong, and a running flight of a suspect could be possible to document their heroics. 

Only later would the police realize they had been had.  They had nothing they could accuse Steven of.  It is hard to read the Miranda Rights to someone you continue to taser to the head and neck to ensure he will not become conscious or remember what has happened.  Police culture is to take orders from leaders they trust. 

Perhaps they should rethink this when they want to be in the movies. These officers should all certainly be placed on the new nationwide index of all officers with emphasis on those of brutality, so they can’t be hired in policework anywhere else. There is always Hollywood, however these guys are really out of shape when running. It is based on the index of 300,000 stockbrokers with emphasis on crooks, that is also relevant to corruption in Stamford. 

This scene is set to take place at the time the police arrived, 11:45 PM, October 22, 2019.  Since it was on a dark and stormy night, and time-consuming to rent cameras without timestamps, the SPD dragnet of many officers there, used their handy AXON bodycams to record the action.  Dumb-de-dumb-dumb.

The videos below, are available at the site, where I found them.  After viewing them, I downloaded each one to ensure the source would remain available to other citizens, in that I will re-post them on with all the police jargon which is summarized below:

Falsified time - 11:45 PM– AXON timestamp - 4:19:01 - 4:35:57AM Multiple police are present and “looking for Steven”.  The time of the 911 call was stated as 5 minutes earlier. Officers 1C and 1B (AXON Notation) arrive at Stamford residence and search the property. The officers interview members of the household, take voluntary statements and provide a “domestic violence safety plan.” Note the “civilian actors’ cooperation”.

Falsified Time – 11:47PM –AXON timestamp - 3:53:09 - 4:29:33AM
      These two bodycam videos closely follow how domestic violence calls which appeared to be dangerous, were to be handled.  Interesting to see the police knew this. Nothing of the sort had happened before Steven was battered, tasered, and an officer had knelt on his neck (according to information gathered by John Flynn and Elizabeth Greenwood), holding Steven down on the driveway in the front of the house at 113 West Avenue. Not much of a struggle except to breathe.

     The AXON time of production for these two videos via bodycam puts the second, supposedly filed at 11:47PM as beginning the shoot at 03:58:09AM, ending at 4:35:57AM.  The first video on the thoroughness of police response to ‘domestic violence complaints’ began at 4:19:01AM, ending at 4:35:57AM.

    The last recorded AXON timestamp is 06:02:05AM, the scene you see is Steven Barrier, laying on the SPD floor, vaguely propped up against a wall as the EMT begins the long-delayed attempt to revive him.  The police were hurrying, you can bet.  The sky is lightening outside, and it would have been awkward if this was noticed in those outside scenes. It was a half-year later by this producer.

    This would have worked if they were, in fact, committed to being officers of the peace, a concept today lost for most Americans; instead of overpaid law enforcers committed to following orders and unsure what a ‘right’ is.

        Only the RING recording from the RING security camera on the Jaddo front porch remained to rebut the lies told by all levels of the Stamford police, the City of Stamford and the courts. These RING recordings were transferred from Valerie’s computer to make a copy by her son Shane Aarons, elder half-brother of Steven. He felt obligated to transfer them to others. A thorough accounting of them all, should be forthcoming by popular demand. Any investigation worthy of the name would have done so half a year ago, but the truth is not wanted in by officers or officers of the court in Stamford. We should not “stamd” for that intentional shoddiness for a cover-up of the brother’s murder.

        Other RING segments include a policeman entering the house at 11:48:48 PM.  This could validate the original time police were present on the Jaddo property; but a 3:18 AM time showing a policeman leaving the house and a police car visible on the left, has other implications.  This would have been part of the needed coordination efforts for the conspiracy between Valerie and Shanika, and the police.  Thinking each has evidence leverage on the other.  However, the police still did not know about the RING security camera Valerie would casually remove later in the day, Oct. 23rd.  

       Steven Barrier, Jr. died, not at 3:10am, but at slightly after 6:00am. 

      The theatrically overdone cover-up edited video (and missing incriminating video) the SPD hastily shot, using a multitude of AXON bodycams, would make it necessary for their upstream partners in crime to continue the cover-up. 

AXON has expressed no concern on the use of their technology to achieve cover-ups, saying subpoena us or sue us.  They are a very wealthy company with revenues of $500M they are not worried about protecting. No established procedures seem to be in place for the misuse of AXON cameras in snuff videos, but they have a contract.

       This is, after all, Connecticut, the original turf of Bernie Madoff and the refuge of Cotton Mather – the latter, after criticism about his enthusiasm over asset forfeiture to steal the assets of women accused of witchcraft, tarnished his reputation.  His descendant, Stephen T. Mather would follow in his footsteps but evade criticism through the use of a larger, even less democratic government.

      Connecticut ignored at least one local complaint on Bernie, which John Flynn provided for filing multiple times, beginning around 2002.  The checks for filing were accepted, but no file numbers were ever received by Flynn. A nest of five judges appointed by Daniel Malloy, former Mayor of Stamford. Governor Malloy retired after serving as governor and moved to New Hampshire.  

Stamford Chief Counsel Povodater for 25 years managed to have the green light for the largest stock frauds in history, are still on the bench there.  Judge Adams provides the immunity for Bank of America attorneys robbing local citizens of their stock. Flynn filed 32 complaints against the law firm Kelley, Drye and Warren (KD&W), having ten lawyers claim they represented him, which they never had nor were authorized. None were answered.  Judge Adams allowed these attorneys to continue to claim they were acting as Flynn’s attorneys over his vociferous objections, expanding Flynn’s LLP without his permission. 

These attorneys with the assistance of Judge Adams as a former member of their legal clique, they have now created 300,000 falsified stock transactions and cashing 1,228 stolen cashed checks.  The father of Kevin Plant of KD&W with the cooperation of BofA attorneys, US Clearing Corp., Fidelity NFS, Pfizer Securities.  This train of falsified bank records and 1099s, goes all the way back to the first of 100 cases filed by John Flynn against Bernie Madoff in 2002.  Flynn’s checks for filings to the court were cashed, and the case was immediately dismissed. 

At $47-million to date, this is the largest stock fraud case in Connecticut.  Adams continues to refuse access to Flynn’s now completely falsified bank records.  Mayor Rilling was Police Chief when the money was stolen.  The joint Norwalk Stamford investigation team never seems to get any of the local residents money back.  But they have found lots of ways to use it themselves. 

     Dana Lee, Mayor/Governor Malloy’s attorney during a part of the money laundering case, even said, “This $47-million stock option fraud case is the largest stock fraud case in Connecticut history.”  You can read about the five corrupt judges including Kenneth B. Povodator, Heller, and others running from Stamford to Hartford in the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Rogue Town, by Dennis N. Griffin and Vito Colucci Jr., available at Amazon.  Now, these outrageous Stamford monetary officials are killing people because cover-ups are now common and acceptable at all levels---unless the people of Connecticut say otherwise.

A new judge has been assigned to the Barrier Case.  His name may be John Branson or something to that effect. Not much transparency in the Superior Court.

These constantly dismissed filings of wrongdoing, by Flynn demanding his and his relatives own banking records of US Clearing Corp. owned by BofA, also involve Fleet Bank Boston – was before the mergers. Why would we be surprised at this Barrier cover-up except for its video continuity error of dawn?  Madoff kept operating for another ten years, and it took longer for public consciousness to sink in on Jeff Epstein. The citizens of Stamford need to clean up all the governmentality in Stamford that is a monopoly of force and forums, and seek alternatives to the old barrel besides just replacing the bad apples.  
 In this climate and with the recent events about Black Lives Matter as a movement and organization out of Boston, Valerie took on the work of asking questions on why her son died, although she knew exactly what had happened.  She had been cast for a starring role in another production. The role is being refined as the next phase of the cover-up continues. 

What may have been the tasering, was vaguely reported to me by Valerie during our first interview.  Valerie said, “I could hear what was happening outside but was frozen.  I could not bring myself to look out the front door.” One of the officers can be heard yelling, “Taser, taser, taser, I got him in the back!”  This comment reminded me of the Youtube video John Flynn had sent me in January, before I knew anything about the Barrier death.

      While writing this, I learned today, July 21, 2020, Valerie was lying about being immobilized emotionally at the time Steven was being tasered.  She was taking action. In a conversation today with John Flynn, who attended the first rally in support of Justice for Steven Barrier held at the Bethel AME Church in Stamford; far from shaking in fear, Valerie Jaddo video-recorded the tasering and subsequent action with her smartphone, of two officers’ actions, without her attempting to intervene. 

Flynn reported being shown Valerie’s Videophone-recording, when he attended the first rally in early December.  I quote Flynn, “Her camera was chasing the two officers.  I could see two officers pursuing and then tasering Steven.  One of them yelled, “Taser, taser, taser, I got him in the back!” Flynn went on to say he noticed several flashes from the tasers, as Valerie Jaddo showed him the recording, which he observed her also sharing with others at the rally. 

This matched what I had seen myself in the RING porch point of view (POV) video, several flashes indicated the tasering went on for a while, despite the later police denial any were used after Officer Boeger said he had logged in taser evidence. 

On the RING porch POV video, I could see what appeared to be two officer figures converging, flashes of light between them, tasers hitting a third figure near what appeared to be a driveway hedge and vehicles.  At the time, I assumed this could only be from the RING video. Now, I realize there are two videos establishing the taserings of Barrier: 1) the Jaddo Smartphone recording; and 2) that made by the RING security camera.  This RING segment is no longer online, where it had been posted by Flynn.  Now, it is not possible to obtain the timestamp, but I am pursuing this through several possibilities. If you have seen the Jaddo video, please contact me. Affidavits are useful.   

I put Valerie’s comment together with the tasering, only after I had seriously begun researching the Barrier story, which did not begin until March 2020.  Her reaction had troubled me, because I could not imagine failing to intervene to protect my own child. Now, knowing she was recording the tasering herself makes her behavior very much open to question, especially considering both her earlier and later actions.

Valerie has been pursuing a cash settlement for the death of her son from the City of Stamford, its police department, backed by the taxpayers of the State of Connecticut, courtesy of Colangelo for a cut of the deal, and with a cut for the NAACP, and a cut for Attorney Ben Krump known for being sued for $110M in the Trayvon case for witness tampering. The price tag for suppressing justice is currently $30-million with principals getting about $7M each. This is why the Jaddo video never saw popular distribution. 

In honest opposition is Steven Barrier, Senior’s refusing to go along with any settlement without  criminal justice being obtained before civil justice is considered, all open and above board.
The criminal justice in this case now includes: premeditated kidnapping and murder; producing a video cover-up of the criminal and procedural rights negligence; criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice; RICO racketeering; evidence tampering by multiple specific officers; mental suffering and physical torture  under color of authority; specific police officers and officers of the court and judges withholding and suppressing evidence and evidence discovery by ignoring 11 sets of Interrogatories for seven months; errors and omissions insurance fraud (the policy shared between Stamford and Norwalk); life insurance fraud as taken out by Valerie Jaddo; attorney Ben Krump and the local NAACP for extortion for money interjecting themselves or threatening public unrest; the falsification of autopsy reports by State Medical Examiners and officials; local, state and federal elected officials who learned of these events and failed to speak out, continuing the cover-up.  Many of these individuals are former law enforcement professionals. 

Together with the 911 call put in by her daughter, Shanika at 11:40PM on the same night, with her prompting her daughter and listening to the statement, raises the question of motive as it was the gravity of the 911 Call which brought the police out within five minutes to send police to each side of the residence to take Steven into custody.

As some call for de-funding the police, besides firing them all in favor of competitive security, cleaning out the courthouse of corrupt judges in favor of arbitrators; this corruption is not clear cut about racism with such an integrated black, white, brown police misuse of force, the cynicism of Valerie and Shanika to use the police as a deadly weapon, and is about judicial misconduct far more seriously ingrained in Stamford than police misconduct. Its about systemic corruption. Systemic change was invented under a Charter Oak once upon a time with percentages-of-income paid to a judge by both rich and poor person. This pre-trial rights balance was before the trial that might decide who is rich and who is poor based on the merits of the case, and advocates were paid a contingent fee if a money civil case. Judges would get hired again if honest and fair. Crimes were only against individuals, not the state.
 Think on that as Flynn told me he received a copy of all the RING videos from Elizabeth Greenwood, who said she had received all the RING recordings from Shane Aarons, Shanika’s fraternal twin.  Shane downloaded these from Valerie Jaddo’s computer, where she had them stored, according to Elizabeth Greenwood, maybe they are all there. Several of us seeking justice for Steven think there may be at least one stray RING video unaccounted for with Shane’s batch that incriminates several folks. Evidence gathering should have occurred, as distinct from evidence suppression. It still can.     
I had viewed the RING tasering video online, the link provided by John Flynn, before I knew anything else about the story or Flynn.  John had contacted our new interactive TV network the month before, December, 2019, about running for president and or US Senate with

DebateTourney is designed to become a 2-Way Mass-Audience Participation TV show series, allowing all 1,152 candidates who registered to run for the office of president to engage in debates with each other on solutions to the problems now confronting us.  The audience will decide who won through by PhoneVoting. With other shows, also interactive, we will launch on Women Leading Interactive TV Network soon. 

      Despite the grim flaws in the MSM candidates who remain standing, we are confident we can still impact the outcome of the election in ways thought impossible since the take-over of debates by the GOP and Democrats after their encounter with an early, mild form of Interaction responsible for the defeat of President Bush (Senior) in 1992, replacing him with Bill Clinton.  Clinton and Ross Perot, who also broke through the MSM, were two of the four candidates who received consulting from our first TV venture, PhoneVoter TV Network, in ’92.  You can read the story on the link. Local media can do good when networked natinwide. Walter Cronkite once said, The press doesn’t just have a role in democracy, it is democracy.

As we got to know Flynn, he shared his own attempts to obtain justice against those in power with us.  Flynn was already aware of the urgent need for judicial reform in Connecticut.  
Bernie Madoff and local Stamford attorneys stole $47-Million from Flynn.  The Bank of America assisted by those in Connecticut controlling its political, financial and justice systems.  No reform has yet taken place; the guilty parties are still in power. Flynn discovered this the first time he filed a pro se lawsuit, though the attorney he had used had also failed. His lawsuit, mysteriously, was never filed though all was properly done by him and clerks. To date, Flynn has filed around 75 lawsuits both in his own case and in cases such as the one which finally was accepted and given a file number on the Steven Barrier Case.

Flynn is today Connecticut’s foremost pro se litigator helping people challenge entrenched power. As you watch his 167 videos on YouTube, you will see him in a suit to painter’s clothes, plumbers coveralls to an Uncle Sam hat. He does dirty jobs for income or donates time with honest hands. He uses his familiarity with stocks and finance to follow the money, and that often yields bad folks locally or arrogant nationwide operations. He fights pollution with a plunger, to cleaning up Manresa to great advantage for local folks if they would listen to him. Lawyers always stand up in courts or the streets to tell you not to do so, we’ve learned he speaks truth to power with great courage. Honor that by shining light with him into secretive corners.

Persistence is a virtue, and John Flynn has been persistent with his attempts to achieve justice for himself and others.  The corruption in the justice system is held in place by judges in Stamford and elsewhere. Judicial misconduct in collusion with attorneys prevents the most basic discovery and filings.  If a case actually gets to court about police misconduct, the verdict will often protect those in power.  Judicial misconduct which supports and confirms the problems, denies all of us any hope of real justice. Let your voice be heard and your light shine.
The newly appointed judge for the Steven Barrier case is expected to dismiss the case this week. We cannot let this happen for Stamford or America.

We owe Steven a real impartial investigation by no one local, and then verdicts based on the entire truth, one which exposes the ugly, calloused people and manipulators who conspired to take Steven’s life. The power of truth can change Stamford, and by example bring the clarity to regain rights we desperately need to solve problems in the free-market and freedom.  Let the guilty, all of them be judged; let Steven’s life mark the moment when we come together and accepted the truth. Its up to each of us to figure out what you can do. Each singular act of courage which can change the future for all of us.


The following is a set of summaries gleaned from second by second review of videos numerous times. You might wish to have these handy when you review the videos yourself:

9:45:05 PM Oct. 22, 2019 – SECURITY CAMERA FOOTAGE (RING)
Someone is entering the home.  This appears to be Steven coming home from work.  Although he usually closed the Boston Market, he could have changed his schedule to return earlier to handle packing.  Steven, according to his social worker, Elizabeth Greenwood, was moving out of the house in two days to an apartment she had helped find for him. 
While in the house, his mother, Valerie said during our interview Steven briefly washed himself and went out to see his friend, Johnny, who lives down the street “on the corner”.   
It is likely Steven, juggling school, and a job, has been packing up his things to be ready for the move.    Johnny may have agreed to help him move out.  Steven’s father, Steven Barrier, Senior does not have a car and neither does Steven, Jr.   
Valerie said during our interview Steven returned in just a few minutes but from the security camera footage he appears to have returned at 11:14PM.

11:14:05 PM October 22, 2019 – (RING)
After returning to house at 113 West Avenue Steven made himself a cup of coffee. During our interview Valerie said Steven had an unpleasant encounter with his half-sister, Shanika, who refused to let him have a little milk for his coffee.  She said nothing about any violent encounter between Steven and Shanika or herself.  It has not been possible to interview Shanika. 

                   Initial 911 Call for Domestic Violence   911 Audio
                  SPD Notes: 911 audio is redacted for ‘privacy concerns’.
                                911 Transcript
SPD NOTE: 911 transcript is redacted for “privacy concerns”.
11:45:18 PM RING - Officers Arrive at Scene and Canvass Neighborhood

From this point on we see the falsified times inserted by the Stamford Police begin.  If bodycam footage exists which shows times earlier than AXON’s timestamp is accurate, and could not be modified by the Stamford Police.  AXON knows this, so do short-sighted police to an extent. Instead, they used the bodycams to make videos using multiple bodycams.  They then used these to create a falsified timeline, ignoring the AXON timestamps, expecting you too do so as well. For 11 months, it worked. Time’s up.   The first of the falsified timeline videos.

No sign of Steven Barrier appears.  The question raised is where the police had sequestered Steven after taking him into custody, likely in agony from the physical abuse and tasering he had suffered at their hands. It was not at a station, a patrol car, nor any urgent care, it was in the rain on the ground, video indicates they hand-carried him to another place in the neighborhood making at least two right angles, because he was in no shape to walk. Steven Barrier Jr. is only 130-pounds.
11:48:48 PM – October 22, 2019RING - A policeman enters the house.

                                       Officer 2B2 BWC Video 

This bodycam video was filmed starting at 3:54:30AM, ending at 3:57:00AM. 

Police Time –
11:55 PM” SPDO– AXON timestamp 3:34:51AM - 3:56:58AM - Officers posts 2B2 and 2B canvass neighborhood.
                                       Officer 2B BWC Video – (11:55:24 p.m. - 11:57:28 p.m.)

(Note 3:21 gap in time.)
03:18 AM October 23, 2019RING - The policeman leaves the house and a police car is visible on the left.  

(This is the probable time the police met face to face with Valerie Jaddo to arrange their cover-up.  They appear to have realized their actions could result in legal charges being made.)

09.59 AM Oct. 23, 2019 – RING - Another policeman enters the house and two more police cars drive by.

Police Time – 12:01 AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 4:01:49AM - 4:07:37AM
- Officer 2B2 continues canvass of West Avenue area.
                                     Officer 2B2 BWC Video 

Police Time - 12:10AM” SPDO AXON timestamp 4:10:43AM - 4:11:45AM]  
Officer 1A questions subject fitting description walking in the rain.
                                         Officer 1A BWC Video 

 12:37AM SPDO Officers Clear the Call and Leave the Scene
                                  No AXON timestamps to validate this as an accurate time.

1:23AM – 911- Call - SPDO - Messages From 113 West Avenue to SPD
                                       NOTE: 911 text messages redacted for privacy concerns.
                                       911 Text Messages – (1:23:15 a.m. - 1:35:43 a.m.)
1:28 AM – Officers Return to Residence and Canvas the Area (No video)

Police Time - 1:28AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 05:28:05AM - 05:50:17AM Officer arrives at residence and pursues Mr. Barrier. 
                                      Officer 2C2 BWC Video 
(This video shows the sky lightening as dawn comes on but is falsely saved by the individual using it to put together as falsified evidence giving the time as 1:29am.)

1:33:29AM October 23, 2019 – RING - Two policemen walk by and the original police car, on the left, is gone.

Police Time 1:52AM” SPDO AXON timestamp 5:54:15AM - 5:57:55AM – Officer assists carrying Mr. Barrier from patrol vehicle into holding area

This is Valerie Jaddo expressing her concern for the police who have tasered, battered, and sequestered her son on his 23rd birthday.

01.57.38 AM October 23, 2019 – RING - What appears to be a woman with black curly hair is looking out the door, activating the camera.  She is looking around.

(Valerie Jaddo could be looking for the police to begin their bodycam shoot inside her home.) 

Police Time 1:30AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 5:30:26AM - 05:50AM “Officer canvasses West Ave and West Main Street area. Officer then gets into patrol vehicle with another officer and continues to canvass the area.”  Visible:  Nothing happened. 
                                     Officer 2B BWC Video 

Police Time 1:30AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 05:30:26AM - 05:50:17AM Officer is at front door with two other officers. Officer joins the foot pursuit and assists officers in apprehension.  
                                      Officer 1C BWC Video 

The Police Officer sounds badly winded as he jogs through the various streets.  The sky is beginning to lighten.  Then, the officer is hailed by another officer and gets into a police car with him as they discuss their quest.  Officer 2B BWC and Officer 1C BWC have magically produced nearly the same video for our edification.  The brief descriptions are slightly different, but the AXON numbers are identical.

Police Time 1:31AM” SPDO AXON timestamp  05:31:16Z - 05:41:23AMOfficer canvasses area around West Avenue and West Main.”  Visible:  An officer is wandering around in the dark.  
                                     Officer 1A BWC Video 

Police Time - 1:31AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 05:31:20AM - 05:41:23AMOfficer canvasses West Avenue and surrounding side streets. Officer arrives at the Home Depot parking lot and goes up the hill towards West Avenue. Officers carry Mr. Barrier down the hill towards the Home Depot parking lot.”  Visible:  Officer running alone through the streets.  You see several officers carrying something down the hill. 
                                   Officer 2B2 BWC Video 

What the video shows: At 05:43:38, 12 Minutes and 18 Seconds into the video, the officer, identified with the AXON numbering as X8128972, as seen above, drives into an area where what is up ahead is unclear.  There are lights and cars briefly visible.  The officer appears to have left the car.  A light, which maybe a flashlight he is carrying, or one carried by another person walking in the same direction, reveals a group of men in the distance.  At 05:43-50 these are clearly seen as a group dressed as police officers.   The man in the lead appears to be carrying something which cannot be identified.  Then the image seen is a brightly lit commercial building in the distance down a slope.  The positioning of the men makes it impossible to see if something is being carried.  The group of men, at least 6 - 8 individuals in uniforms, reach the level of the parking lot.  The door of a police car is opened and the video ends at 05:44:56, or, 13:36, the end of the video.

Police Time 1:37 AM” SPDO – “Mr. Barrier is Observed Running Through Properties” Visible:  No one is observed running except the police.

What the video shows: This is not possible; the time sequence on the AXON is accurate.  There is no reason to believe it is not as the Stamford police produced false times for every exhibit.  If the object the police claim they are carrying is, indeed, Steven Barrier, Jr., he must be incapable of movement.  The question which remains to be answered is where Steven Barrier, Jr. was kept by the police after he was tasered, battered, and otherwise assaulted in the driveway of the home where he lived at 113 West Avenue.   He was incoherent and incapable of standing when he is next seen in the several videos timestamped by AXON as being made after 5:00 AM.  Since Barrier was not charged this was an instance of kidnapping, a serious crime, in which his mother, Valerie Jaddo and his half-sister, Shanika, colluded.]

Police Time 1:40AM” SPDO – “Mr. Barrier is ‘Apprehended’ in the Woods Near Home Depot Parking Lot.”

If the previous timeline compiled by ignoring the falsification of time is to be believed, Steven Barrier, Jr., was in custody for several hours before he was carried down the slope to the vehicle.

Police Time 1:40AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 05:40:35AM - 05:41:23AM Officers apprehend Mr. Barrier and carry him downhill toward parking lot.”  Visible:  Police appear to be carrying an unresponsive object down the slope.  No apprehension is shown, only two men moving the limbs of someone who appears to be unresponsive.
                                      Post 8S1 BWC

What the video shows:  About ten seconds into the video the viewer sees two police officers on their knees over the form of a person who appears to be unconscious.  They are moving the form around manually.  The two men put handcuffs on his inert form. At 05:41:06 the audio comes on.  Until now, it has been turned off.  Now, a policeman demands Steven get up and walk.  He responds he cannot.  He sounds woozy, barely coherent.  One officer checks to make sure he is breathing since there is doubt of this, apparently.  As the several men struggle to lift Steven one says, "keep his face out of the water."  It is clear he cannot do this for himself. Finally, they are able working together to hoist the inert form of Steven Barrier, Jr.  Barrier groaned and was asked if he wanted to walk.  Barrier falls.  He cannot walk.  The officers are laughing and joking.  As they reach what is likely the closest patrol car the camera reveals multiple patrol cars and police standing around. The video ends at 05:44:50.]

Police Time “1:43AM” SPDO AXON timestamp 05:43:47AM - 05:46:23AM Officers carry Mr. Barrier down the grassy hill to Home Depot parking lot.
                                        Officer 4A BWC Video 

What the video shows: The clutch of police officers mention taking a break from their arduous efforts.  Steven Barrier's inert form is dumped on the pavement as they go through his pockets, pulling his clothing up and down.  You see his bare skin a few times and this goes without comment.  Steven groans.  He is asked if he wants to 'walk in' or be 'tossed' into the backseat of the police car.  His limp form is shoved roughly into the police car. It appears he is trying to cooperate but has difficulty in moving.  An officer slams the door and they stand around discussing Mr. Barrier.   One officer asserts Steven is schizophrenic, which is not the case.  The officer then says, "he is going to jail."  At the video ends the police officer is starting the car.  It is 05:47:59.  

Police Time “1:43AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 05:43:47AM - 05:41:23AM – Visible: Officers carry Mr. Barrier down the grassy hill to Home Depot parking lot. Mr. Barrier is then placed into the rear of the patrol vehicle of Officer 3A to be transported to SPD Headquarters.
                                          Officer 1E BWC Video 


Police Time “1:47AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 05:43:47AM - 06:02AM Visible: Officer transports Mr. Barrier by police car to Stamford Police Headquarters.
                                       Officer 3A BWC Video 

02:49:01 AM October 23, 2019 – RING - Two police arrive

What the video shows:  They are looking around on the ground.    A woman, who sounds like Valerie opens the door to chat with them.  She does not ask about Steven and sounds casual.  The officers are likely there looking for the evidence of the taserings. There is an overlap here on the audio as one of the police again asserts Steven is psychotic.  Another officer, apparently responding to Steven's request, which was not audible, he is hot and wants to be cooler.  Since it is late October in Connecticut and cold outside this should have caused concern for those who have been manhandling him, but they do not react to the fact Steven should be immediately transported to the hospital. 

The times below are from the AXON bodycams, with notes on the action and some dialog.

At 05:52:01 AM - They are entering the parking area for the Stamford Police Department.

At 05:54:27 AM - they are opening the door to the back seat and telling Steven to get out of the car.  Steven cannot walk; he is manhandled out of the car.  Four policemen carry his limp body toward the door from the garage area into the police station. 

At 05:55:15 AM Steven is dumped on the floor of the rubber room.  

At 05:57:27 AM a policeman holding a phone walks over to the door of the rubber room and looks in at Steven.  

At 05:55:30 AM a police officer looks at his eyes and says, "Look at his eyes", shaking his head. 

At 05:55:47 AM three police officers decide to move Steven. They drag him, leaning him against the wall.  A woman's voice says, "As long as he is on his side...he is fine."   It is 05:56:01 AM    A policeman begins talking, "Did you guys have - was he - taking narcotics of anything?  It is 05:56:05 AM.

At 05:56:08 AM a policeman says, "She said she gave him his medication when he got home from work.  Thanks all."  "...he left the house or something." Steven had gone down the street to see a friend, Johnny.  Steven then returned home, arriving at 11:14PM The RING video shows Steven entering the house again at this time. 

At 05:56:35 AM another policeman says, "..he was kicking about in the back seat"  Several policemen take time to comment on his twisting around in the backseat.  Steven asked to be taken to the hospital and said he wanted the air conditioner on.  He was soaking wet and it was a cold night.  One of the officers opened the window.

At 05:56:56 AM another policeman comments, "you see he did this, and they had to pick him up and put him in the car."  Another policeman says, "He was moving pretty good for a while there."  A policeman responds, "Yeah."  Walking out, another policeman says, "You guys put up a struggle."

At 05:57:14 AM another policeman says, "he's from the West Side, right?"

At 05:57:27 AM a policeman holding a phone walks over to the room and looks in at Steven.  The policemen are walking around speaking lower and looking at Steven.  

At 05:58:15 AM a woman policeman is talking about putting a paint cap or a credit card under Steven's nose.  She is grinning.  

At 05:58:35 AM several police are staring at Steven waiting to see some movement, evidently.  Several policemen are standing around waiting for something to happen, it seems.  

At 05:59:28 AM the police are talking about how Steven twisted around in the car.  Another policeman says he did not arrive on the scene until they were dragging him down the hill.  They keep coming in to stare at Steven who is inert on the floor.  Two police are putting on blue plastic gloves.  A policeman squats down and uses Steven's name, apparently trying to arouse him.  

At 06:00:37 AM a policeman takes an object, it looks like a pin, and gouges Steven in the underside of his foot.  There is no reaction.  At 06:01:00 AM they straighten his limp body up a little more against the wall. One policeman tries to hold Steven's head upright.  Steven does not respond.  

At 06:02:02 AM another man comes in the room.  On the back of his uniform it reads, Stamford EMS EAMT. 

At 06:02:02 AM the video ends.  

         NOTE: Video is redacted when emergency medical personnel arrive and render aid due to “HIPAA policy and privacy concerns”.  

Police Time “1:51AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 05:54:15AM - 05:57:55AM Visible: Transport Arrives at Police Headquarters

Police Time “1:51AM” SPDO “Officers secure their weapons.” 

Police Time “1:52AM” SPDO” – AXON timestamp 06:00:51am – 06:05:05AM Visible: Officer assists carrying Mr. Barrier from patrol vehicle into holding area. 
                                         Officer 1E BWC Video 
[This is a similar video to the last showing the same event, removal of Steven Barrier from the patrol car. except that a hand covers the camera lens so nothing can be seen] 

          NOTE: Video is redacted when emergency medical personnel arrive and render aid due to HIPAA policy and privacy concerns.  

Police Time “1:54AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 05:54:15AM - 05:57:18AM] Visible: Mr. Barrier is carried from Police Car and Taken to Booking Area

Police Time “1:54AM” SPDO - Post 4A is in sally port as officers remove Mr. Barrier from the rear of patrol vehicle and carry him into the holding area. 
                                            Officer 4A BWC Video 

[Same video as above]

                See videos
            from Officer 3A AXON timestamp 05:46:22AM - T06:02:AM

              and Officer 1E AXON timestamp  05:52:59AM - 06:02:02AM

[Audio records police talking about how they were tipped off, which they attribute to 'the parents', meaning Valerie.  Steven is described as like a dead fish.  They grab legs and carry him into the station dumping him on the rubber room floor.  This provides a better view of Steven, who is limp.  Question on narcotics, no knowledge.  Better audio, closer to the speakers than the other video of the same scene.  Steven is unresponsive.  Policeman is asked if there is a pulse.  Police talking outside the rubber room.        

Police Time – “1:55AM” SPDO” Officer Uses His Portable Radio To Request Medical Assistance
                                  Police Request for Medical Assistance Audio Transcript 
               Note there is no reliable timestamp made available on either the audio of the transcript.

Police Time – “2:00AM” SPDO – AXON timestamp 06:02:03AM - Emergency Medical Personnel Arrive

           NOTE: Videos are redacted when emergency medical personnel arrive and render aid due to “HIPAA policy and privacy concerns”.  This also can stave off inconvenient questions.

Police Time – “2:26AM” SPDO” – “Mr. Barrier is Transported from Police Headquarters to Stamford” Hospital

Police Time – “3:10AM” SPDO” Mr. Barrier was Pronounced Deceased at Stamford Hospital.”


The Stamford Police provided the AXON video segments they thought were safe HERE

The RING security camera videos, most of them, are HERE

I do not think so. In fact, I know so. – Melinda Pillsbury-Foster