Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ebola now in America; Dallas patient confirmed to have carried deadly virus into major U.S. city

by Mike Adams, Health Ranger 

(NaturalNews) The CDC today confirmed the worst fears of many Americans who have been carefully monitoring the Ebola outbreak: the virus is now in America.

A yet-unnamed patient in the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital is definitely confirmed to have carried Ebola into the United States and to have possibly spread it to others. [1]

This is precisely the scenario I have publicly warned about for weeks on the Pandemic Preparedness website at www.BioDefense.com

Ebola patient traveled to Liberia, then flew back to the U.S.

The announcement of the infection status of the patient was delayed until the CDC could hastily organize a press conference. During that conference, it was confirmed the patient traveled to Liberia where he acquired the virus. He returned to the United States via air travel, and then carried the virus for another 10 days in the U.S. before being diagnosed with Ebola.

During this time, of course, he may have spread the virus to others. Because the incubation time of the Ebola virus is 2 - 21 days, we may not know the full extent of the spread of this infection -- if any -- for up to three weeks.

"We received in our laboratory today specimens from the individual, tested them and they tested positive for Ebola. The State of Texas also operates a laboratory that found the same results," CDC director Thomas Frieden said in a widely-televised press conference. The patient is currently said to be "critically ill."

The CDC is now scrambling to attempt to identify all the people with whom the confirmed Ebola carrier has made contact over the last 10 days. These people may include:

• Fellow passengers on the airplanes
• Family members
• Friends
• Business associated
• Paramedics
• Hospital staff
• Hospital patients

U.S. government remains in state of denial about pandemic infection risk

Frieden expressed high confidence that this particular Ebola infection would be immediately contained. Then again, President Obama just said a few weeks ago that the chance of Ebola ever arriving in America was "unlikely." But now it's here.

Texas health officials say they are well equipped to handle Ebola infections and that they are committed to keeping Texas safe. At the same time, U.S. medical staff have proven that they are unable to stop the spread of superbugs in U.S. hospitals, calling into question the ability of those same people to stop the spread of Ebola if it spreads beyond a small, contained group. (Superbugs like MRSA, c.diff and CRE are rampant across U.S. hospitals.)

U.S. government has no way to stop more people from bringing Ebola to U.S. cities

Even if this one particular Ebola outbreak is quickly contained, it has proven that Ebola patients can simply walk right into the United States -- or fly in, in this case -- without any effort at all.

The U.S. government, in other words, is completely unprepared to deal with an influx of infected Ebola patients. That this first Ebola patient has been confirmed in Dallas now shatters the delusion that America is somehow immune to the Ebola outbreak currently ravaging Africa and believed to be on track to infect 1.4 million patients by the end of January.

What we now know with 100% certainty is that Ebola has crossed the Atlantic ocean and transplanted itself into a large U.S. city where it festered for 10 days before being identified. The question on everyone's mind now is simply this: How can the U.S. government possibly stop this from happening again?

The answer is that it can't.

Get prepared now. Listen to the free audio course I've produced and released at no charge at www.BioDefense.com

If you want to know what's really coming, listen to this course. I have accurately and publicly predicted almost every step of this outbreak, including medical martial law, forced quarantines in Sierra Leone, food shortages in the quarantine zones and much more. I can tell you almost exactly what's going to happen in America of Ebola spreads beyond containment. No one in the mainstream media will dare print or broadcast the information you'll find at www.BioDefense.com

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

David Cameron Says Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists Are Just As Dangerous As ISIS

Activist Post
David Cameron told the U.N. that "non-violent extremism" is just as dangerous as terrorism and must be eradicated using all means at the government's disposal. He references 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers as examples of the type of extremism that must be dealt in a similar fashion to ISIS.
If you thought Obama's War is Peace speech to the U.N. was creepy, wait until you get a load of this. Cameron is officially announcing a the plan to use a full assault on dissenting views.

New York Fusion Center Declares Oath Keepers, Other Liberty Groups as ‘Extremist Threats’

Melissa Melton
Activist Post 

The New York State Intelligence Center — a known Fusion Center with the stated purpose to, “collect, evaluate, analyze, and disseminate information and intelligence data regarding criminal and terrorist activity relevant to New York State” — issued a Counter Terrorism Bulletin last June identifying Oath Keepers in addition to other liberty related groups as “far-right extremist group and/or a threat to law enforcement.”

Here is a portion of a statement released by Oath Keepers yesterday:
 On August 11, 2014, the New York Oath Keepers sent out correspondence to both the Governor and the Superintendent of the New York State Police clearly pointing out the New York State Intelligence Center’s faulty logic and misstatements of fact that were used to politically demonize the New York Oath Keeper organization whose clearly stated nonpartisan mission is simply to encourage our Military and Law Enforcement Officers, and others, to honor their oaths to the United States and New York State 
In that correspondence, we requested that the officials at the NYSIC issue a public correction, indicating their error in classifying New York Oath Keepers as a far-right extremist group and/or a threat to law enforcement. We also requested a meeting with the Governor, the Superintendent of the New York State Police and/or officials from other NYSIC member organizations, so we could address any misinformation and misunderstandings about the New York Oath Keepers mission. We told them that it is our goal to see this extremely prejudicial “far-right extremist” label retracted and the necessary corrections made to the Bulletin.  MORE

Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Venture Capitalist Wants California to Split into Six States. Here's Why He's Right.

From:  World.Mic 

this, venture, capitalist, wants, california, to, split, into, six, states., here's, why, he's, right., This Venture Capitalist Wants California to Split into Six States. Here's Why He's Right. Image Credit: Fox Business

Tech investor Tim Draper wants to see California split six ways. His plan would dissolve California into six separate states by cutting along existing county lines and, of course, Silicon Valley would be one of the new states born out of the deal.

Draper isn't the first Silicon Valley type to suggest that small is beautiful. Peter Thiel is a major supporter of the Seasteading Institute, an organization that researches the possibility of small, politically autonomous communities at sea. Entrepreneur and Stanford lecturer Balaji Srinivasan related similar ideas at a recent talk hosted by Y-Combinator. Google CEO Larry Page has also made comments supporting the same basic set of ideas.

The immediate reactions to Draper's proposal – much the same as the reactions to Page, Srinivasan, and Thiel – have been less than positive. The general criticism is that it's a scheme to carve out a low-tax enclave for the rich, or some kind of play at creating a techno-Libertarian utopia. References to Galt's Gulch and Rapture abound.

But the Silicon Valley tech crowd isn't the only group of Californians ready to ditch Sacramento. California's rural North has had an on-again, off-again love affair with statehood since at least 1941. The big complaint is that the less densely populated Northern counties will never have representation on par with urban power centers like San Francisco or Los Angeles. Instead of dealing with a state government that can't properly represent them and doesn't understand their particular needs, many rural communities in the North would prefer to band together and look after themselves.  MORE

FDA threatens three companies with criminal charges for making Ebola treatment claims (but won't test natural substances against Ebola)

by Mike Adams 

(NaturalNews) In furtherance of the medical monopoly that dominates western civilization today, the FDA issued warning letters to three companies over what they call fraudulent health claims regarding Ebola treatments.

The warning letters, viewable here, single out the Natural Solutions Foundation (Rima Laibow) and two essential oil companies "Young Living" and "doTerra" whose distributors, the FDA says, were making claims that their oils could treat or prevent Ebola.

The warning letters threaten all three companies with possible criminal prosecutions if they do not immediately answer the FDA and FTC with explanations of how they plan to halt the making of such claims. As of this writing, the e-commerce website of the Natural Solutions Foundation appears to have already removed any mention of Ebola.

"An FDA agent showed up at my front door on September 23, 2014, to hand deliver [highly unusual!] a Warning Letter from that agency and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) advising Natural Solutions that telling the truth about Ebola, Nano Silver and CBD is, according to those agencies, against their version of the law," wrote Ralph Fucetola in this rebuttal letter entitled "We will not be suppressed!"

Fucetola goes on to write:

FDA and FTC are simply wrong about the law. And during the Ebola Epidemic their actions actively violate the July, 2014 World Health Organization (WHO) pronouncement that, during this crisis, offering even "unproven interventions" is ethical. What is not ethical is the position taken by the FDA and FTC.

Beyond the warning letters, here's the rest of the story the national press isn't reporting

While I agree that no claims of treatment or cures should ever be made against any disease until they are supported by substantial evidence, there are some shocking facts about all this that both the FDA and FTC are conveniently ignoring:

Fact #1) The FDA refuses to conduct any testing on natural or alternative therapies (such as colloidal silver) in order to find out whether they work or not. What if some of these alternative medicines actually do work, but the medical monopoly doesn't want us to find out?

Fact #2) The FDA openly rubber-stamped the treatment of Ebola patients with the entirely unproven, experimental drug "ZMapp," which has so far resulted in around a 40% fatality rate in Ebola patients. How exactly is it that an unproven pharmaceutical is okay to use as a treatment for Ebola, but an unproven herb or natural remedy is completely unacceptable and possibly illegal? (The double standard of so-called "science" is breathtaking...)

Where is the FDA's warning letter to the manufacturer of ZMapp? Oh, wait... instead of receiving a warning letter from the FDA, the ZMapp manufacturer received a $42 million grant from Health and Human Services.

Fact #3) The FDA openly allows billions of dollars of pharmaceuticals to be prescribed each year for health conditions they were never approved for! This is called "off-label prescribing" and it's a huge part of the pharmaceutical industry's profit model.

The way it works is that a drug company receives a limited FDA approval for the drug to treat a specific, limited health condition, then that drug company engages in widespread bribery and kickbacks to doctors to encourage them to prescribe the drug for all sorts of other conditions that have never been backed by clinical trials or scientific evidence of any kind. All the while, the company claims the drug is "FDA approved," but not for the health conditions for which it is commonly prescribed!

In truth, many of the drugs U.S. consumers are prescribed for certain health conditions aren't backed by any evidence at all. The illusion of so-called "evidence-based medicine" across the pharmaceutical industry is truly an elaborate myth. The FDA doesn't even conduct any testing of pharmaceuticals at all and instead relies on drug companies to submit their own tests... which are often fabricated or falsified.

Fact #4) The United States government claims patent ownership over Ebola and all its variants. The patent number is CA2741523A1 and you can view it here.

The existence of this patent means that no company can even conduct scientific tests with Ebola viruses without running afoul of U.S. patent laws. Even worse, any company possessing Ebola would probably find its principals arrested and charged as terrorists under the U.S. Patriot Act which has specific provisions regarding "biological terrorism."

This combination of "anti-terrorism" laws and U.S. patent laws creates an actual monopoly of research on Ebola treatments. Only the government itself can authorize such research, and it is of course entirely beholden to pharmaceutical interests. This is why all research funding for Ebola cures is strictly limited to vaccines and pharma drugs. No other alternatives are even tested or considered.

Fact #5) The FDA has never shown that colloidal silver or natural cures don't work to help prevent Ebola. Granted, we can't expect the agency to run around testing everything in sight just to find out what doesn't work, but shouldn't a few of the more likely natural remedies be studied against Ebola in the interests of the public good?

Despite all the talk by the FDA (and the mainstream media) about "bogus cures," the simple scientific truth is that such status has never been established. No government organization or medical group has ever tried colloidal silver against Ebola. So how, exactly, are they so sure it's a "bogus" cure? A more technically accurate term would be "unproven." And I agree that colloidal silver is indeed an "unproven" treatment vs. Ebola, as is everything else.

Abandoning scientific thinking and embracing the dogma of assumed pharmaceutical efficacy

Personally, I've never seen any convincing documentation that colloidal silver treats Ebola. But at the same time I've never seen any evidence that ZMapp treats Ebola, either... yet that drug was irrationally and enthusiastically heralded as a "miracle" treatment for Ebola even when it utterly lacked any evidence whatsoever of safety or efficacy.

When it comes to global pandemics, science be damned! All the institutions that control the conversation -- the FDA, CDC and national press -- automatically ASSUME that drugs will work and natural substances won't. This assumption is invoked by default, almost as a Pavlovian response among drug regulators, without a single shred of evidence to support it. That's not science; it's dogma (with a special emphasis on the drooling dog, of course).

Here at Natural News, I've consistently repeated that NOTHING has yet been proven to treat, prevent or cure Ebola. Thus, all medicines -- natural, conventional or otherwise -- are "experimental and unproven" by definition. And yet, amazingly, any experimental and unproven medicines produced by drug companies automatically enjoy the faith-based default belief that they are safe and effective while any experimental and unproven medicines synthesized by Mother Nature are assumed to be dangerous and useless.

It is my belief that these assumptions are upside-down. Plant-based medicines have been effectively used for thousands of years to fight plagues in regions like ancient China, for example. There is already a track record of plant-based medicine being used throughout human history to halt the spread of disease. The fact that the FDA refuses to acknowledge the existence of that historical record does not make it disappear from human civilization. And while we should never leap to the conclusion that such plants are useful for modern-day Ebola, shouldn't we at least TEST them and find out for sure?

If any of us claim to be scientists at all, then shouldn't the scope of our curiosity for expanded knowledge be large enough to encompass all the available systems of medicine? Or have our scientific minds now become so narrow and limited that the search for the cure for the world's most dangerous Ebola outbreak must be limited solely to synthetic chemicals that can be patented by powerful corporations who already have a track record of committing felony fraud? (GSK, the company testing the Ebola vaccine on humans right now, was caught committing felony bribery crimes in both the United States and China and has paid literally billions of dollars in fines as a "buyout" for those crimes.)

There is a cure for Ebola, and it's programmed into your DNA right now

There is one natural cure for Ebola that has already been proven to work about 50% of the time. It's called the human immune system. Every person who has survived Ebola so far has been saved by it. It is, by definition, a legitimate "cure" for Ebola.

Big Pharma and the FDA won't tell you this for the simple reason that they can't sell you your own immune system. You already got it for free.

Will the FDA now send warning letters to Ebola survivors, threatening them with criminal arrest if they don't stop "treating" themselves with their own immune systems?

The astonishing power of the immune system to saves lives is exactly why I've openly called for doctors, hospitals and institutions of medicine to find ways to support that miraculous immune system. If the immune system already has the potential to save about 50% of those infected, what might happen if we find simple, low-cost ways to enhance the human immune system?

Could immune support protocols boost Ebola survival rates to 60, 70 or even 90 percent? The truth is we'll never know under the current medical cartel. And we won't know because such research is effectively banned and oppressed by the scientific dictatorship that runs our western medical system which is itself steeped in felony crimes, human medical experimentation and research fraud.

How many people must die while western medicine suppresses research into natural remedies?

If this Ebola outbreak continues to explode as is now predicted by the CDC, there's no telling how many hundreds of thousands of lives may be unnecessarily lost due to the monopolistic, knowledge-suppressing activities of the medical cartel. In the quest to protect the profits of the vaccine makers, government regulators seem happy to stand by and watch countless victims die even when effective natural remedies may exist right this very minute and be readily available.

In a world dominated by western imperialist medicine and corporate interests, there is no limit to the number of human victims who will be sacrificed to protect profits. And that's the saddest part of this entire story. The serious fraud isn't coming from people like Rima Laibow who talked up colloidal silver as an Ebola remedy; the real fraud is coming from the medical cartel which actively censors any and all scientific research into natural remedies which could one day save millions of lives in a true "global killer" pandemic outbreak.

Until we stop allowing so-called "science" to be unduly influenced by corporate interests, we'll never know what the best cures for Ebola might be. Perhaps the best cure is found in some tree-bound fungi growing in the rainforest. Perhaps it's a chemical compound found in a rare sea sponge. Or heck, maybe it's a nutrient growing in dandelion roots in your own back yard. The truth is we'll never know because the system of imperialist western medicine absolutely refuses to let anyone even ask the question (or conduct the research). The mere discussion of such medical alternatives is practically a crime in America today.

Why we must explore the full diversity of human knowledge if we are to save ourselves

I happen to believe that if we are going to solve the Ebola pandemic problem, we need to work together as a world community, exploring all the available knowledge of every system of medicine known to humankind. Western medicine may have a valuable role to play, but it surely isn't the only medicine available today. All across our planet, other systems of medicine are valuable, safe, effective and readily available. These include Amazon rainforest medicine, Australian Aborigine medicine, Tibetan medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Western herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine and many more.

To pretend that one and only one system of medicine has anything to offer is foolish beyond description. If we hope to survive this outbreak, we must set aside our monopolistic profit motives and test ALL kinds of medicines that are available everywhere around the world. After all, if the science of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies is truly scientific, then isn't it scientific enough to also test the efficacy of herbal medicines? Chinese medicines? Homeopathic medicines? Why not conduct the science and let the answers speak for themselves? Why can't our government fund scientific research into non-patented, everyday remedies that are affordable for the citizens of developing nations?

Only then can we know we've exhausted the search for cures, treatments or prevention medicines. If western medicine comes out on top after that exhaustive search, then it will have earned that position. But if western medicine is simply declared superior while all other medicines are maliciously excluded by a monopolistic medical regime, then we can only assume we're witnessing the actions of a sham system of dishonest medicine that profits from the suppression of knowledge rather than its discovery.

Sources for this story include:

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Students Walk Out of Class - Protest School Rewriting of History: "You can't Change History"

Following a teacher “sick out” that shut down two Denver area high schools, hundreds of students walked out of their classrooms in protest Tuesday over a school board proposal to supposedly support “patriotism” and “respect for authority” but “downplay civil disobedience” in their history curriculum.
The school board proposal that triggered the walkouts in Jefferson County calls of instructional materials that present positive aspects of the nation and its heritage. It would establish a committee to regularly review texts and course plans, starting with Advanced Placement history, to make sure materials “promote citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free-market system, respect for authority and respect for individual rights” and don’t “encourage or condone civil disorder, social strike or disregard of the law.”
Students organized the mass protest via social media. Some carried signs that read, “History wasn’t meant to be hidden” and “You can’t change history.”  MORE

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Over-medicated, immunosuppressed Americans likely to suffer high fatality rate if Ebola sweeps across USA

by Mike Adams 

(NaturalNews) The mass medication of Americans has created a nation of immunosuppressed individuals who are unique vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak. That's because medications rob the body of essential vitamins and minerals as documented in the book "Drug Muggers" by pharmacist Suzy Cohen.

All the popular mass medications, it turns out, deplete the body of precisely the same crucial nutrients needed to activate the immune system to fight off viral infections. These includes minerals like zinc; pre-hormones like vitamin D; and common vitamins such as thiamine and niacin.

The full title of the book is Drug Muggers: Which Medications Are Robbing Your Body of Essential Nutrients - and Natural Ways to Restore Them. Authored by a well-informed pharmacist I've known for years, the book reveals exactly which nutrients in your body are depleted by each popular medication being prescribed today.

A nutrient-depleted nation could be decimated by Ebola

The overall conclusion of the book is downright horrifying in the context of a global pandemic outbreak with a 50% fatality rate. No nation in the world is more over-medicated than America, where drug companies have invented quasi-medical justifications to put millions of children on mind-altering psychiatric drugs. Many elderly Americans are currently taking 10 - 15 prescription medications per day, every day!

The result is that most Americans exist in a never-ending state of chronic nutrient deficiencies that strongly suppress their immune function and make them more vulnerable to not just degenerative diseases like cancer but also infectious viral diseases such as influenza.

Although we all hope and pray that Ebola never makes its way to America's shores, if it does, the virus may find fertile ground for spreading like wildfire across a population that is unique weakened by a profit-driven medical system which places absolutely no value on nutritional support for a patient's immune function. In fact, much of America's medical industry depends precisely on the profits and repeat business that come from keeping the population in a never-ending state of chronic nutrient depletion. There's no money in PREVENTING disease, after all. There's only money in "managing" it with a lifetime of prescription medications.

The processed food industry further amplifies this potentially fatal problem by mass marketing factory-made foods which are almost entirely devoid of any real nutrition. Making matters even worse, much of the corporate-sponsored "scientific" community has been trained by industry-funded junk science studies to believe that nutrients play no role in human health, so they refuse to recognize any benefit whatsoever from lifesaving nutrients like vitamin D and zinc.

Some even publicly attack vitamins, claiming that nutrients are worthless, but patented prescription medications are now "essential chemicals" which every child needs to be healthy.

Nutritional science can save lives by boosting immune function

With the intention of saving lives and slowing the spread of the Ebola outbreak if it ever comes to America, I've just released Episode Seven of the FREE online course Pandemic Preparedness at www.BioDefense.com

Like all the episodes in this lifesaving online audio course, Episode Seven can be freely downloaded as an MP3 file and listened to on any mobile device or computer.

Here's a small taste of what you'll learn in Episode Seven of Pandemic Preparedness, a course which has almost reached one million visitors so far:

- If you want to stay alive in a viral pandemic, you need to stop suppressing your immune system

- First, recognize the sources of immune-suppressing chemicals, food additives and medications

- Pharmaceuticals deplete crucial minerals and nutrients from your body, robbing your body of crucial nutrients needed for immune function

- Processed foods also poison your body and deplete nutrients; eating more fresh foods can help restore nutritional balance for proper immune function

- Most foods people eat are nutritionally worthless and lack any real nutrition

- Frequently juice fresh produce and always buy organic where possible (organics are loaded with more nutrients and minerals)

- You need to switch to a natural products lifestyle; throw out everything in your home that contains toxic chemicals

- Throw out all toxic products in your entire house and replace with "green" products

- Chronic sleep deprivation can seriously suppress your immune system

- Beware: Toxic heavy metals can also suppress immune function, and they're often found in organic superfoods or herbs grown in China

- Watch out for the immune suppressing damage caused by emotional stress; you are more susceptible to viral infections when you feel depressed or emotionally depleted

- You can't expect to live in a sterile world; eventually you will be exposed to the pandemic virus if it's circulating

- If you are wise, you can control WHEN your exposure occurs so that your immune function, rest and recovery are maximized

- Your immune system has already saved your life countless times

- You were born with a genetic blueprint for surviving pathogens and pandemics

- Natural medicine can save lives by unleashing the miraculous healing potential of the human immune system

Hear Episode Seven now at www.BioDefense.com and find out why so many people are raving about this course. If you want to live through a pandemic, www.BioDefense.com is where to learn how.

Four more episodes for BioDefense.com are already in production and will be released soon. Check Natural News for more announcements.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Drugs and vaccines alone won't save the world from 'World War E' - world citizens must embrace antiviral herbal medicines if they wish to survive Ebola

by Mike Adams 

(NaturalNews) The exploding global Ebola pandemic has just been given a memorable meme: "World War E."

And World War E, I predict, won't be won by soldiers firing bullets. Nor can it be eradicated by the limited, arrogant and monopolistic ways of a profit-driven medical system that disparages every system of medicine other than vaccines and drugs.

Those who wish to survive a global pandemic -- if indeed it escapes Africa and takes hold in Europe or North America -- will need to expand their options to include natural medicines and potent antiviral herbs which are readily available right now. Some can even be grown at virtually zero cost on a balcony or porch.

"Spiraling out of control" - President Barack Obama

"It's spiraling out of control. It is getting worse," President Barack Obama announced in a speech today. "It's spreading faster and exponentially. And if the outbreak is not stopped now, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands of people infected with profound political and economic and security implications for all of us." - President Barack Obama, September 16, 2014. [1]

(Astonishingly, this is the quote from the President who refuses to secure the southern border of the United States. What is he thinking? He'll send troops to Africa, but he won't send troops to our own border?)

Despite the severity of the problem, no one in the U.S. government is daring to recommend people do anything other than wait around for a vaccine. There are no recommendations for people to boost their immune protection, grow their own antiviral herbs or stop taking all the toxic pharmaceuticals that deplete immune function and make people more vulnerable to infections.

That's why western medicine alone will fail to solve the problem of viral pandemics. Only through a layered public health approach that blends western medicine with natural medicine can the world hope to stop the wave of pandemics now threatening human civilization. Vaccines might even have some role to play in a global pandemic, but waiting around for vaccines at the exclusion of all else is not merely foolish; it's extremely irresponsible on the part of governments and medical institutions. Also, it's extremely likely that vaccines won't be sufficiently tested before they are unleashed on humans, thereby turning the entire population into guinea pigs.

That's the subject of Episode Five of my FREE online course entitled Pandemic Preparedness. Hear all six episodes right now, free of charge, at www.BioDefense.com

The MP3 audio files are unprotected and freely downloadable. The course offers a full accounting of why western medicine alone will fail to protect us, and it provides detailed, practical information on natural antiviral cures which have been used for thousands of years throughout human history to save lives during pandemic outbreaks.

This free course is offered with the intention of:

1) Saving lives
2) Strengthening national security and health redundancy
3) Preventing human suffering

What you'll learn may save your life

Here's some of what you'll learn in Episode Five of "Pandemic Preparedness" available now at www.BioDefense.com

- Why most people falsely believe the hospital will solve their medical problems

- Why hospitals becomes hubs of spreading disease during a pandemic

- Understanding how Ebola really spreads: it can be distributed through the air via aerosols ("Official" sources are NOT admitting this!)

- An Ebola patient can contaminate surfaces by merely touching them, turning them into Ebola time bombs

- Ebola causes patients to experience violent convulsions that can fling blood and body fluids around the room, infecting anyone else in the room

- Hospitals in the U.S. are already spreading superbugs like MRSA, proving that even first-world hospitals utterly fail to halt the spread of infectious disease

- Hospitals have zero treatments available for Ebola; at most they can offer "supportive care" which primarily consists of hydration

- Survivors of Ebola are people who saved themselves; no doctor ever cured anyone of Ebola

- In an outbreak, ambulances and medical transport vehicles will quickly become infected with the virus

- Right now, nothing is proven to work against Ebola, so everything is "experimental"

- The western medical system condemns all natural cures, even if they work

- Modern medicine absolutely does not want to embrace natural medicine as being safe, effective or affordable; this recognition would collapse the sham of the pharmaceutical monopoly

- Every plant synthesizes its own powerful antibiotic medicine

- People who die from Ebola die from ignorance; those who live will be saved by knowledge and wisdom

"What is not getting said publicly, despite briefings and discussions in the inner circles of the world's public health agencies, is that we are in totally uncharted waters and that Mother Nature is the only force in charge of the crisis at this time." - Michael T. Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, printed in the New York Times on Sep. 11, 2014

Hear the full course now at www.BioDefense.com

Yes, it's FREE. You can literally learn information that can save your life and it will cost you absolutely nothing. In fact, the biggest price you will pay is if you fail to hear this crucial information…

U.S. government likely to respond to Ebola pandemic with military force, martial law and forced vaccines

by Mike Adams 

(NaturalNews) The U.S. government is putting plans in place right now to invoke extreme emergency actions across the USA in response to an anticipated Ebola outbreak sweeping through U.S. cities. Late last week, the U.S. State Department ordered 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits in anticipation of an outbreak, and President Obama has already called upon the Pentagon to dispatch troops and supplies to Africa.

Earlier this summer, Obama signed a curious executive order that claims to grant federal officers the lawful right to arrest and quarantine anyone who shows symptoms of an infection. Full details of this executive order are explained in this 11-part Natural News article series covering Ebola truths the government isn't publicly advertising.

What else might the government do in a viral pandemic outbreak that threatens U.S. cities? Full details of the spectrum of options are revealed in Episode Four of my FREE online course Pandemic Preparedness, available now at www.BioDefense.com

There, you'll learn:

- Why Homeland Security does not want to admit to national vulnerabilities to biological weapons

- How government doesn't want the public to panic and lose trust in government

- Why the CDC seeks to create as much fear and panic as possible in order to enrich pharmaceutical interests

- Why government is primarily interested in the survival of government, not the survival of the citizens

- The U.S. government already has plans in place to survive massive pandemics: deep underground bunkers already exist for high-level officials

- Extensive plans are already in place for national emergency actions: confiscation of resources, quarantine of citizens, martial law, etc.

- Why quarantines will be enforced at gunpoint with lethal force

- Because most citizens are not prepared, they will become part of the crisis and create a crisis burden on government

- How government becomes a threat by mandating experimental vaccines

- History has proven that we can't trust the safety of government-promoted vaccines

- Scientific fraud has been openly admitted by a top CDC scientist

- If an Ebola vaccine is made available, it will be an experimental vaccine that's not tested for long-term safety

- The vaccine industry already has absolute legal immunity and zero liability from the harm caused by their products

- There are strategies you can use in almost any scenario to increase your odds of survival, even under a medical dictatorship

- Why you need to survive so that you can contribute to the rebuilding of society after the pandemic

- How WE (humans) caused the pandemics! We are the cause of the planetary imbalances that lead to viral outbreaks

Learn all these details and more at the FREE online Pandemic Preparedness course at www.BioDefense.com

Monday, September 15, 2014

LIVE from Ferguson: What I Learned from Two Weeks in America’s Warzone Pt. 1


by Dan Johnson

I’ll never forget the pain etched in their faces.

I’ll never forget the screams, the haunting pleas of mothers at faceless soldiers.

I’ll never forget the National Guard on rooftops, and Humvee patrols in an American city. The long lines of riot police, the frustration on the faces of young men.

I’ll never forget the resilience of a battle-worn community. I‘ll never forget the prayer circles, hopeful speech, and the unity, democrats and republicans, libertarians and socialists, standing side by side in the face of oppression.

Once a sleepy suburb of St. Louis, and now America’s warzone, Ferguson Missouri jumped into the headlines after protests over the shooting of a teenager sparked a militarized police response. Because over two years ago, I founded PANDA to prevent this very thing from happening, we have specifically banned 7 jurisdictions from being battlefields, and I needed to see if I could put my talents forward to help the community recover, I went to Ferguson. I was there for two weeks, and here are 20 things I learned living on America’s battlefield:

1. It was not about public safety, it was about officer safety.

When the Pentagon’s 1033 program to give surplus Department of Defense Equipment to local police and sheriffs’ departments started, the argument was to protect the public from drugs and terror attacks. In fact, in the 1997 National Defense Authorization Act that birthed the program, it was placed under “Subtitle C–Counter-Drug Activities” and gives preference to “those applications indicating that the transferred property will be used in the counter-drug or counter-terrorism activities of the recipient agency.

Those excuses are notably missing from the law enforcement leadership in Ferguson.
Not only did heavily armed tactical teams point sniper rifles at protesters in a daytime protest, but after a relatively peaceful Tuesday night, the Missouri Highway Patrol, in control since the previous Thursday, made it clear why the police looked like an occupying army.

-MHP Captain Ron Johnson
Officer safety was. Rights were a nice bonus.

2. The “rules” can be changed at will, for whatever reason

When I arrived in the parking lot of a burned out QuikTrip, the epicenter of the Ferguson protests, on August 16th, the 1st amendment was respected. People were allowed to roam freely, and the atmosphere took on a kind of jovial attitude.

Then, at 3pm, MO Gov. Jay Nixon held a press conference announcing a midnight curfew. Within the next couple of hours, people had to make a decision whether or not to stay after midnight, for no other reason than to break the curfew. Protest leaders made the community aware of the cutoff time and the risks. Still, this happened:

The next night was another midnight curfew, yet the police attacked at 930 PM, gassing several women and children who thought the protest was still “legal” at that hour. In fact, since the National Guard had now been moved in, no one was even allowed in the large parking lot near the police command center after an arbitrary hour of night. The day after that, at 1030 AM, police told everyone around the QuikTrip to keep moving or be arrested. You could stay here, you just had to keep moving. Then, they completely shut the Quiktrip parking lot down (with no authorization from the owner), telling us to leave or be arrested, and removing the main protest gathering place. Later in the day, most of the street was shut down.
The next day, police established an “Approve Assembly Area [sic]” toward the opposite end of W. Florrisant that the QuikTrip was on. We had to gather there, or be arrested.

Photo Credit: Kelly Owens
Photo Credit: Kelly Owens
Except then it wasn’t, because the next few nights you could walk around the streets of Ferguson, you just had to keep moving. I stopped once to update the livestream on my phone, and was threatened with arrest if I didn’t keep moving because “you’re filming.”

That doesn’t even touch on the checkpoints. Police set up checkpoints at the each end of W. Florrisant, where they were checking driver ID’s. If you were not a resident, you didn’t get in (and sometimes, didn’t get out).

3. Just 4 miles away, it was as if nothing had ever happened. 

Probably one of the most shocking things to me was just how isolated the violence was, both physically and in the minds of the people who lived nearby. I remember going into a St. Louis pizza shop on August 17th for a local style pizza (St. Louis style is like eating cheese and sauce on a cracker, not something I’d recommend), and talking to the clerk there. Similar to many locals, he described it as if it were happening in another country, instead of his own backyard.
In fact, save for just one city, you would not have known anything different was going on traveling throughout the entire St. Louis area. Life went on, and not even with a change of pace. Only four blocks away, there were no protesters at all. Many locals from surrounding towns even defended the police actions, or didn’t find them to be concerning enough for more than dinner conversation.

It makes me more sure than ever that we cannot force change at a Federal level. It must be in our towns, in our communities, and in our counties, or, odds are, no one would ever notice.

4. The “liberty movement” was almost nonexistent. 

For all the lip service given to the militarization of the country, and the prospect of an emerging police state, when it became reality and there was a tangible, workable resistance to it, the liberty movement was nowhere to be found.

The most obvious comparison, as pointed out continuously to me by people on the ground, is the Bundy Ranch situation. There was an over militarized response by Federal law enforcement, with the Obama administration even considering using military force, and liberty groups flocked there to show support, whether online or in person. PANDA even had people in the background, watching the situation closely. So where are they on Ferguson?:
Tea Party Patriots – Not a word.

National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and National Association for Gun Rights – Not a word.

Tea Party Express – published a blog post trivializing the events.

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association – not so much as a statement.

Constitutional “militias” – Though a post on facebook seemed to imply that the Missouri Militia would show up, they did not.

FOX News – Spent hours of programming demonizing the protesters as “looters” and “violent” while defending police tactics.

Liberty News and Eric Odom – Wondered if martial law was okay, no one on the ground.
In short, for whatever reason, when federal officials showed up on a rancher’s property in Nevada, shouts of liberty and a second American revolution were abundant. All arguments were about a police state coming to America, and how we need to stand together when liberty is threatened. In Ferguson, where there has been more than just a standoff, but hundreds of protesters have been injured, that same movement seemed to forget their mission.

5. However, a few consistent liberty people showed up:

While I dare the groups above to look, hard, at their own principles and question why they are not consistent, there were a few liberty movement groups who definitely did show up, and deserve a lot of credit. INFOWARS coverage of the protests was incredible. Copblock and Wecopwatch not only sent people on the ground, but are outfitting over 100 residents with body cameras. The Missouri Oath Keepers not only sent several people on the ground with me, but issued a warning letter to MO Governor Nixon over his tactics. The Patriot Coalition was on the ground as well. Derrick Broze of the Conscious Resistance flew down to report.  Even Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty, though they had no one on the ground, focused on Ferguson in several statements.

Those who talk, and those who act, were separated in Ferguson. And though those who acted could be fit in a couple of large hotel rooms, we took advantage of the greatest opportunity to spread liberty we have gotten to date. Those who did not, showed their true colors.

6. Everyone pitched in in their own way. 

Protests create the greatest spontaneous innovation, as people, without instruction, take their places in the chaos. The first few nights of protests left W. Florrisant trashed, so every morning a small group of residents would bring whatever they had, brooms, dustpans, trash bags, and help clean up the area. By Wednesday morning, hundreds of residents had joined in. Dozens of residents and even a few organizations, including St. Louis Food not Bombs and Disciples for Justice, were handing out free food, water, and sign making supplies to protesters. Several protesters kept criminals from looting, even shoving agitators attempting to throw bricks and rocks.

One of the groups of people seemingly forgotten though, were the local business owners. The weeks of protesting on their main street, not to mention the looting and destruction, had hurt them pretty badly So when a friend of mine in the area told me the St. Louis Tea Party would be organizing a “BuyCott,” I said “a what?”

Turns out, a “Buycott” is the opposite of a boycott, when people go to a certain area just to buy things and help them recover. The tea party followed through, and sent nearly 50 members to Ferguson to help the local businesses, and community, recover.

7. Militarized equipment makes officers less safe. 

Though the main argument for handing excess militarized equipment to local police was terrorism and the drug war, we have seen it shift to officer safety. An Indiana Sheriff who recently acquired an Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle noted “My job is to make sure my employees go home safe,” and Walton County, FL Sheriff Mike Adkinson echoed that sentiment saying “I know that if somebody was in harm’s way, I wouldn’t let public opinion decide the safety of my deputy,” further noting “Safety is my number one priority.”

Officer safety is the number one reason for this equipment, and yet my experience in Ferguson showed, me at least, that in practice it does just the opposite. Nearly every resident I talked to said there would be peace in that suburb if the police backed off. I witnessed a bit of a confrontation between a major ball star (could not tell where he was from, nor did local news help) who had visited Ferguson and was known by several young men, and one of the young men in the crowd. I’ll paraphrase what I remember:

Ball star: Now, I know you’re angry, but have to be calm. We have to talk to the police, to get that conversation going.

Young man “You say to talk to the police, but it’s a two way street. When they have that mask on, there’s no talking, they ain’t a man. I gotta talk to them man to man, and it’s a two way street.” (walks away, taking crowd with him)

I spoke to another young man with a rose in his hand and a bandanna over his face, and confronted him about that contradiction. I asked him “why both?” He told me the rose was for peace. He wanted peace, and it was up to the police to back down and create that peace. “However,” he told me as he slid the bandanna over his face, “if they want war…we’re prepared for war.”

An M4 makes sense to protect an officer from gunfire, just as an MRAP makes sense to protect them from an IED.  But that equipment is meant for a foreign battlefield. Instead, as I saw personally in Ferguson, this equipment gives officers the mentality of being in a warzone…and they treat their citizens like enemy combatants on that battlefield.

If that’s the country you want, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria are nice this time of year.

In America right now, many people still look to the police as a peaceful, necessary, and helpful force in their community. They don’t want to confront an officer, don’t see them as a threat, and don’t see them as the enemy.

Something changes when the officers look like an occupying army. Something changes when those officers fear their people so much that they act to protect themselves rather than to protect and serve.

As they turn from peacekeepers to occupiers, their people turn from employers to enemies. Instead of keeping the peace, they ignite a resistance, a resistance that makes officers significantly less safe.

When a young man by the name of Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri, people were angry, but mourning. There were holding a memorial for one of their own. The protesters that did show up were chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot,” “No justice, no peace,” and “We are Mike Brown.” On that night, according to several witnesses I interviewed, the police brought APCs, K-9 teams, and riot squads. They continued this militarized response, ramping it up to point sniper rifles at daytime protesters, for the next two weeks.

In contrast, when a young man was killed in the city of St. Louis just a week after Michael Brown was shot, I arrived to a crowd chanting “Hands up, Shoot back!” instead of “Hands up, don’t shoot!” The protesters I interviewed there all threatened or agreed with violence, one man even told me “This was now war.” Several young men jumped in the air in a group huddle screaming “Shoot back!” Shoot back!” with fingers in the shape of guns in the air.

The atmosphere was so tense that I was concerned enough for my safety to call a cab out of there. Yet police showed up to speak to the crowd, in their standard uniforms, with name badges and identification. No riot police, armored vehicles, or K-9 units. Even with significantly more violent rhetoric from the crowd, there were no large protests in St. Louis. There were no police officers shot at or killed because of the incident. The St. Louis Police Department, that day, viewed their people, though angry, as people. Not the enemy.

Only the Ferguson approach resulted in officers taking live fire.

When the world is a battlefield, whether it is our military or militarized police enforcing that idea, America is not safer. When our law enforcement view their people as the enemy, and their job as protecting the officer, neither us, nor an officer, is safer. It’s time this equipment, and the mentality that comes with it, is laid to rest.

Stay tuned for Part II.

Dan Johnson is the Founder and National Director of People Against the NDAA. Invite him to speak to your group here: https://pandaunite.org/aboutus/contactus/

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