Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Court decides wrangle over shot-down drone

From:  BBC News 


Drones are becoming popular hi-tech toys for many people
A US court has found in favour of a drone owner who sued a man who shot his hexacopter out of the sky.

The drone, built and flown by Eric Joe, was shot down by Brett McBay in late November, 2014. 

Mr McBay claimed the drone was over his property and said he believed it was being used to spy on him.  MORE

Oklahoma court rules earthquake victim can sue oil companies

From:  Reuters 

By Yeganeh Torbati

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An Oklahoma woman who was injured when an earthquake rocked her home in 2011 can sue oil companies for damages, the state's highest court ruled on Tuesday, opening the door to other potential lawsuits against the state's energy companies.

Oklahoma has experienced a dramatic spike in earthquakes in the last five years, and researchers have blamed the oil and gas industry's practice of injecting massive volumes of saltwater left over from oil and gas drilling.

The state saw nearly 600 quakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater in 2014, compared to just one or two per year prior to 2009, according to the Oklahoma Geological Survey. MORE

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Official says pipeline firm violated state guidelines for reporting Santa Barbara spill

From:  Los Angeles Time

Goleta Residents Hot Over Venoco’s Proposed Drilling Project

From:  Noozhawk

By Gina Potthoff, Noozhawk Staff Writer | @ginapotthoff |

Oil company hosts two community meetings about its plans to drill six wells ahead of consideration by the State Lands Commission

<p>Protesters gather outside the Goleta Valley Community Center on Wednesday to protest a proposed Venoco drilling project ahead of a public hearing on the matter.</p>
Protesters gather outside the Goleta Valley Community Center on Wednesday to protest a proposed Venoco drilling project ahead of a public hearing on the matter. (Gina Potthoff / Noozhawk photo)

The recent oil spill off the Gaviota coast gave Goleta residents sufficient ammunition Wednesday to attack Venoco Inc.’s plans to drill six wells into a new area of the South Ellwood Oil Field.

Consensus at one public hearing was that Goleta residents who don't work for the oil company are tired of seeing oil development in their backyards.

The privately owned Santa Barbara County-based oil company presented its proposal during two community meetings — at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. — at the Goleta Valley Community Center, where the State Lands Commission gathered public input ahead of its meeting to rule on the project.  MORE

South Coast Lawmakers Press Company Officials for Answers on Refugio Oil Spill

From:  Noozhawk

 By Lara Cooper, Noozhawk Staff Writer | @laraanncooper |

Few new details emerge during an oversight hearing in Santa Barbara, with Sen. Jackson telling a Plains rep, 'We expect and will demand better'

<p>Patrick Hodgins, director of safety and security for Plains All American Pipeline, answers questions from local lawmakers about the Refugio oil spill during a joint meeting held Friday in Santa Barbara.</p>
oil spill
State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson and Assemblyman Das Williams lead Friday's hearing on the Refugio oil spill. (Lara Cooper / Noozhawk photo)
Patrick Hodgins, director of safety and security for Plains All American Pipeline, answers questions from local lawmakers about the Refugio oil spill during a joint meeting held Friday in Santa Barbara. (Lara Cooper / Noozhawk photo)

Lawmakers representing the South Coast pressed for answers on the Refugio oil spill on Friday afternoon, but got few answers as oil company officials gave no new details about the cause.

A joint oversight hearing was held on Friday in Santa Barbara between the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and the Senate Select Committee on the Refugio Oil Spill, with state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson and Assemblyman Das Williams conducting the hearing.

Jackson and Williams are each working on legislation in the wake of the spill, which occurred May 19 off Refugio State Beach.

Assemblyman Mark Stone of Santa Cruz and Monterrey counties was also on the dais.  MORE

Jackson, Williams Holding Oversight Hearing in Santa Barbara on Refugio Oil Spill

From:  Noozhawk

Source: Lisa Gardiner for Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson

State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, chair of the Senate Select Committee on the Refugio oil spill, and Assemblyman Das Williams, D-Carpinteria, chair of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee, will hold a joint oversight hearing to examine the causes, response to and impacts of the spill on Friday in Santa Barbara.

The hearing will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors hearing room, fourth floor, at 105 E. Anapamu St. in Santa Barbara.

It will be open to the public and can also be watched live at this link or on Channel 20 on Cox Cable in Santa Barbara.  MORE

Pipeline Company CEO Gives Timeline for Refugio Oil Spill Response

From:  Noozhawk

By Lara Cooper, Noozhawk Staff Writer | @laraanncooper |

Lawmakers question why it took Plains All American employees 3½ hours to notify the National Response Center of the equipment failure
<p>Bret Moxley of the Environmental Protection Agency speaks at a news conference Wednesday in front of a timeline outlining response of the Refugio Oil Spill.  Officials could not give more details on the hours surrounding the spill, but a letter from Plains CEO Greg Armstrong to lawmakers published Wednesday afternoon included more details.<br /></p>
Bret Moxley of the Environmental Protection Agency speaks at a news conference Wednesday in front of a timeline outlining response of the Refugio Oil Spill.  Officials could not give more details on the hours surrounding the spill, but a letter from Plains CEO Greg Armstrong to lawmakers published Wednesday afternoon included more details.(Lara Cooper / Noozhawk photo)

It took Plains All American Pipeline employees two hours to visually confirm that oil was indeed spilling out of their own Line 901 last month, the discovery of which prompted one outmatched employee to fight the flow by making a makeshift berm with his shovel.

Those are just a few of the details listed in a letter sent from Plains CEO to several lawmakers probing for answers about the timeline on the day of the Refugio oil spill.

The spill dumped as much as 100,000 gallons into the Pacific Ocean and surrounding beaches last month, and a letter published Wednesday between Plains CEO Greg Armstrong and handful of legislators put some more clarity to the day's events.  MORE

Santa Barbara County Supervisors Extend State of Emergency for Refugio Oil Spill

From:  Noozhawk

By Lara Cooper, Noozhawk Staff Writer | @laraanncooper |

As efforts continued to clean up the Refugio oil spill, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to extend the state of emergency in the county.

The board also discussed — and ultimately postponed — renewing a large contract for inmate health care at the jail.

The supervisors first approved extending the state of emergency for the spill that covered Refugio State Beach last month.  MORE

Friday, June 26, 2015

Homeowner Files Class-Action Suit Over Refugio Oil Spill

From:  Noozhawk

By Gina Potthoff, Noozhawk Staff Writer | @ginapotthoff

The owner of a home just up the beach from the oil spill off the Gaviota coast has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Plains All American Pipeline, alleging negligence in an attempt to recover more than $5 million in losses and to prevent future disaster.

Santa Barbara attorney A. Barry Cappello of Cappello & Noel LLP filed the class-action suit this week in U.S. District Court on behalf of Alexandria Geremia, who owns oceanfront property north of Refugio State Beach, where more than 100,000 gallons of crude oil was spilled when a Plains pipeline ruptured on May 19.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Only On 9: Lab Working To Find Out Source Of Mysterious Tar Balls

From:  CBS Los Angeles 

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —  A laboratory located outside Sacramento is determined to find the source of those mysterious tar balls that have been washing up on Southland and South Bay beaches.
Some, like Heal The Bay, speculate the balls are tied to the corroded pipeline that broke and leaked oil near Santa Barbara last month.
On Friday, KCAL9’s Dave Bryan went into the lab – a virtual CSI for tar balls – as investigators tried to come up with answers.  MORE

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, dies of brain cancer

From:  Fox News 

COMMENT - Believed to have been caused by cell phone use.  

Beau Biden dies of brain cancer at the age of 46

Beau Biden -- son of Vice President Joe Biden -- died of brain cancer at 46, the White House confirmed in a statement Saturday.

"It is with broken hearts that Hallie, Hunter, Ashley, Jill and I announce the passing of our husband, brother and son, Beau, after he battled brain cancer with the same integrity, courage and strength he demonstrated every day of his life," the statement from Vice President Biden's office said.

"The entire Biden family is saddened beyond words. We know that Beau's spirit will live on in all of us-especially through his brave wife, Hallie, and two remarkable children, Natalie and Hunter," the statement said.  MORE

Thursday, June 18, 2015

California property values collapse as water shut-offs begin... wealthy community to go dry in days... real estate implosion now inevitable

(NaturalNews) Water shut-offs have now begun in California, where government-ordered restrictions are starting to leave large communities high and dry. As CBS News is now reporting, the Mountain House community of 15,000 residents will run out of water in just a matter of days.

"The community's sole source of water, the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District, was one of 114 senior water rights holders cut off by a curtailment notice from the state on Friday," reports CBS.

And just like that, the property values of millions of dollars worth of homes belonging to 15,000 residents nosedives toward zero.

After all, what's the value of a home that has no running water? California isn't Africa... yet... so the idea of carrying your own buckets of water for bathing isn't widely accepted.

Get ready for a real estate collapse in Collapsifornia

As Natural News readers know, I saw all this coming. In a May 7th article entitled Why the California water crisis will lead to a housing collapse, municipal bankruptcies and a mass exodus of climate refugees, I wrote:

How many California homes and businesses are headed for a zero-water future? Many millions. How many Californians are aware of all this and already have their homes on the market so they can move somewhere else? A very small number... a tiny fraction of the total number of home and property owners invested there.

What these people are unfortunately not yet seeing is the catastrophic consequences of a continued drought and how it can utterly destroy the value of their property.

In that same article, I also foretold what's going to happen next: plunging property tax revenues, municipal bankruptcies, a wave of climate refugees fleeing California and the collapse of the California economy. Unless rain starts falling out of the sky, all this is going to start unraveling like clockwork. (Count on it.)

"A number of water districts plan to sue the state on the grounds the State Water Resources Control Board has no legal authority to cut off some of California’s oldest and most protected water rights," reports CBS. And so the water wars begin: there's not enough water to go around, and the courtroom serves as the new battleground over a resource that the state of California has squandered for far too long.

The Collapsifornia real estate collapse has already begun

Just as I predicted in May, the collapse of real estate valuations in California is already well under way.

As the Washington Post now reports:

Rancho Santa Fe resident Randy Woods was feeling burdened by his lush landscape and opted to downsize. ...The drought has dampened demand for large estates in San ­Diego County.

Woods said his girlfriend is among those struggling to sell. Her home boasts a yard designed by Kate Sessions, a well-known landscape architect and botanist who died in 1940. But now, the rare palm tree specimens, the secret garden and the turret-shaped hedges are a liability rather than a selling point.

Another friend, Woods said, has seen the value of his nine-acre plot plummet from $30 million to $22 million.

Did you read that correctly? A multi-million-dollar estate has lost over 25% of its value virtually overnight due to the issue of water. And this collapse in property prices is for properties that still have running water. What happens when the water supply to a $30 million estate is cut off? The value collapses to almost nothing. Who wants to live in a $30 million mansion and pay seven figures of property tax each year to the same California government that cuts off your water supply? Who wants to live like a third world refugee in a $30 million estate?

Nobody in their right mind, it turns out. Not even in California.

Freak out and get out, or be the last one holding worthless property

As this drought has unfolded, my message to Californians has been consistent and simple: freak out early and you might still be able to sell and leave. But if you delay, you'll be among the last people holding near-worthless property.

This isn't difficult to predict. As the sell-off begins, property valuations will plunge in an accelerated manner. (It has already begun.) The more water gets cut off by the government, the more desperate people will be to sell and leave. The term "motivated seller" will be ratcheted up to "panicked seller" and then finally "fire sale!"

People who buy the properties will soon be able to pick up once-prized real estate for dimes on the dollar. But it's a gamble: If the rainfall comes back, property valuations may recover. And yet, according to nearly all the people who live in California right now, this drought is all caused by man-made global warming. And because I don't see China shutting down its coal-fired power plants anytime soon, there's no end to this drought if the climate change alarmists are correct.

Welcome to Delusionville, where the power of magical belief in Big Government can overcome any drought

California, it seems, is reverting back to a barren desert. Meanwhile, far too many of the people who live in California remain in a state of absolute denial over where this is all headed. Overall, I love California optimism, and many of my best friends live in California. But as anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows all too well, California is also the home of fantasyland dream weavers... people who live in their minds instead of reality. (Oh yeah, and I have a really awesome script I need you to read... it will change the movie industry forever!)

Delusional thinking is also a key trait of California's political leadership. These are people who think money falls out of the sky and water runs uphill. They've recently even decided that California should cover the health care costs of the children of illegal immigrants.

And why not? If you're going to live in Delusionville, you might as well dress it up with all the false hope and delusional wishes on your list: free health care for everyone, unlimited debt spending on entitlement programs, magical waterfalls of free H2O falling out of the clouds, and so on.

I once lived in Arizona, and many of the street names there envision concepts that are total fiction: Waterfall Lane, Great Spring Drive, Surging Rivers Rd. and so on. (Most of the rivers in Southern Arizona are bone dry riverbeds nearly all the time.) Wouldn't it be great if California renamed its own streets and thoroughfares to match its own fantasies? Everything Is Free Hwy and Limitless Entitlements Drive seem especially fitting. Why not open a new swimming area called No Consequences Beach?

I think I'll also take a long, meandering drive down If I Think It, It Must Be Real Highway, where "positive thinking" overpowers negative obstacles to such an amazing degree that you don't even need to wear seatbelts or turn on your headlights.

Desalination is an environmental nightmare

For those who are saying, "There's no water problem in California! It has the entire Pacific Ocean right next door!", you need to look into the catastrophic environmental destruction tied to ocean water desalination.

Not only does desalination use fossil fuels which emit the very same carbon emissions that the California government insists caused the drought in the first place, the desalination process itself pollutes the ocean with high concentration salt brine that kills marine ecosystems and destroys ocean life along the California coastline.

And that's on top of all the Fukushima radiation that's already causing a marine ecosystem collapse in many areas of the coast. Add more salt brine to the mix and you get a state where rich, self-entitled Hollywood celebrities demand their lush, green lawns at the expense of ocean life, climate change and the global ecosystem. If that happens, California will lose all credibility as a "green" state, and its wealthiest residents will be living an ecological lie.

The new green, it turns out, is actually BROWN.

How dare we think ahead!

I fully realize it's entirely evil of me to think ahead and point out what's coming. There is no person more hated in modern society than someone who tells the truth. (Just ask Donald Trump, who's now running for President by abandoning political correctness and stating the obvious.)

But when I see headlines like Rich Californians balk at limits: 'We're not all equal when it comes to water', I can tell you without hesitation that California's water woes have only begun.

If you live in California and don't have your own individual water supply -- a private well that still works, large-scale rainwater collection in a rare area that still has rainfall, access to a private year-round stream, etc. -- you either wake up to what's coming or you get steamrolled by it.

Think of California as a jumbo jet that has just run out of fuel and is plummeting toward a mountain. You can either grab a parachute and bail out, or you can plug in your headphones and keep watching the in-flight Hollywood entertainment, pretending nothing bad is happening outside your immediate focus.

I know this isn't the good news you wanted to hear. It's much nicer to turn on the local TV and hear how Gov. Jerry Brown is going to brilliantly solve all of California's problems by using the magic of wishful thinking and sleight-of-mind economic trickery. Meanwhile, in the real world, the taps are running dry, employers are fleeing the state's high taxes, the almond orchards have shriveled into dust, the flood of non-citizen immigrants is draining the state's revenues and property valuations are about to fall off a cliff.

Perhaps the California that has been promoted by socialist-minded propagandists can be recreated as a virtual reality destination for Oculus Rift fans, but in the real world, nobody wants to live in third-world conditions and drink their own recycled urine. Not even Ed Begley, Jr., and he's a pretty cool dude who's willing to do almost anything to save the planet.

Hence the coming wave of recently-bankrupt California climate refugees who will flood into neighboring states seeking water, low-cost housing and free entitlements. That's not gonna win friends in neighboring states, trust me. If you're living in California right now, I urge you to strongly consider where things are really headed and start making a realistic list of your options.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Report: Jeb Bush’s CIA briefing in 1977 led to covert action, wealth, politics

Posted: 15 Jun 2015 06:13 PM PDT

As Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign prepared to launch June 15, an investigative reporter has revealed that the CIA provided the future candidate with a high-level briefing in 1977 that helped launch his career.

Wayne Madsen Report logoReporter, author and former Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen published a CIA document disclosing Bush’s briefing by the agency as Bush prepared in 1977 to become the Venezuela branch manager and a vice president for the influential Texas Commerce Bank.

Published on the subscription site the Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), Madsen wrote: 

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

Published on Apr 20, 2015
Buy Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Refugee-Resettl...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Fast Track Hands the Money Monopoly to Private Banks, Permanently

From:  Truth Out 

Monday, 15 June 2015 00:00  

 In March 2014, the Bank of England let the cat out of the bag: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it. So wrote David Graeber in The Guardian the same month, referring to a BOE paper called "Money Creation in the Modern Economy." The paper stated outright that most common assumptions of how banking works are simply wrong. The result, said Graeber, was to throw the entire theoretical basis for austerity out of the window.

The revelation may have done more than that. The entire basis for maintaining our private extractive banking monopoly may have been thrown out the window. And that could help explain the desperate rush to "fast track" not only the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), but the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). TiSA would nip attempts to implement public banking and other monetary reforms in the bud.

The Banking Game Exposed
The BOE report confirmed what money reformers have been saying for decades: that banks do not act simply as intermediaries, taking in the deposits of "savers" and lending them to borrowers, keeping the spread in interest rates. Rather, banks actually create deposits when they make loans. The BOE report said that private banks now create 97 percent of the British money supply. The US money supply is created in the same way.  MORE

Sunday, June 14, 2015

TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline Network Under Investigation by Federal Regulators

From:  DeSmogBlog

By Julie Dermansky • Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 03:58 

A month after revealing that TransCanada is under a compliance review for the Keystone 1 Pipeline, the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) disclosed it is also investigating the operations of Keystone XL's southern route, renamed the Gulf Coast Pipeline when the project was split in half.

The results of these investigations could play a part in President Obama's final decision on the Keystone XL permit that TransCanada needs to complete its Keystone pipeline network. According to the State Department’s website, one of the factors the KXL presidential permit review process focuses on is compliance with relevant federal regulations. 

At TransCanada's latest shareholder meeting in Calgary, Evan Vokes, a former employee turned whistleblower, asked CEO Russ Girling why the company had not disclosed the ongoing investigations in its current annual report. Girling acknowledged that the company is under review, but assured shareholders that pipeline safety remains the company's top priority.  MORE

By Fighting EPA Rules, Congress Valuing American Lives At Less Than $3,800

From:  DeSmogBlog

Since they were first proposed nearly a year ago, Republican lawmakers have relentlessly attacked the EPA’s new power plant emissions standards.

Even this week, Senate Republicans introduced legislation that would not only roll back the new standards but, according to The Hill, would make it nearly impossible for the EPA to rewrite the rules for power plants. Though they claim the new legislation is “bipartisan,” only one Democrat signed onto it: Senator Joe Manchin from the coal state of West Virginia.

To put the EPA’s rules succinctly, these health and safety measures require existing power plants to reduce emissions with carbon capture technology, or by reducing total output. New power plants will be required to be built with technology that reduces emissions.  MORE

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Iceland Recovering Fastest in Europe After Jailing Bankers Instead of Bailing them Out

From:  Activist Post

By Claire Bernish

After Iceland suffered a heavy hit in the 2008-2009 financial crisis, which famously resulted in convictions and jail terms for a number of top banking executives, the IMF now says the country has managed to achieve economic recovery—“without compromising its welfare model,” which includes universal healthcare and education.

In fact, Iceland is on track to become the first European country that suffered in the financial meltdown to “surpass its pre-crisis peak of economic output”—essentially proving to the U.S. that bailing out “too big to fail” banks wasn’t the way to go.

Iceland is beautifully, yet unfortunately, unique in how it chose to handle the disaster. It simply let the banks fail, which resulted in defaults totaling $85 billion—lending ample justification for the prosecution and conviction of bank executives for various fraud-related charges. The decision seemed shocking at the time, but the gamble has obviously paid off. Choosing a different route, the U.S. bailed out the banks and let executives off the hook by levying fines that ultimately ended up being paid by the corporations—meaning the executives ostensibly responsible for the mess got off scot-free.  MORE

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Commentary on Anne Coulter

**Media Advisory**
Date: June 11, 2015
Contact: Daniel Borchers
Founder and President
Citizens for Principled Conservatism
(240) 476-9690
In her latest book and book tour, Ann Coulter unveils her innermost being as she advances a universal conspiracy theory to destroy America.
During her Adios, America! book tour, Coulter champions an identity politics given the David Duke seal of approval and heralds Mitt Romney as the savior of the nation (and the world).
Coulter uses slash-and-burn politics and engages in the politics of personal destruction. She also trashes Reagan’s legacy to deify Romney. Coulter:
·        Advances several conspiracy theories
·        Uses slash-and-burn politics against the GOP
·        Attacks the Tea Party (again!)
·        Impugns the motives of GOP
·        Claims to be smartest elite
·        Claims Romney bests Reagan
·        Lies about presidential elections (1980, 2008, 2012)
·        Extols Romney as her Messiah
See “Adios, Ann: Only Mitt for Me” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-70.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why the mainstream media secretly HATES what #CaitlynJenner stands for: freedom to choose

(NaturalNews) You almost can't go anywhere today without being bombarded with gratuitous mainstream media celebrations of Caitlyn Jenner. Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn is being heralded as an example of the "free choice" that the media likes to push for gender self-identity, gender preference, non-traditional gender marriages and so on.

But at the very same time all this is happening, that same mainstream media is insidiously plotting to destroy your own choice on key issues like vaccines -- all while falsely claiming they're somehow "pro-choice."

Americans should have a choice about what gender they identify with and what gender restrooms they use, we're told in a condescending tone, but they should have NO CHOICE about whether they are injected with toxic, brain-damaging vaccines laced with mercury, aluminum, MSG and other neurotoxic chemicals.

That's what this article explores: the double standard being pushed by the media. And for the record, by the way, just to make sure you don't misunderstand the tone of this article, I'm not condemning Caitlyn Jenner in any of this. As you'll see here, I'm a champion of personal freedom to choose in ALL areas of life, and so although I don't share Caitlyn's personal choices, what she does with her life and her body is HER choice, and that's fine by me. Keep reading to see why I'm one of the few true defenders of universal choice and liberty in a world full of people who demand your conformity, obedience and surrender to their twisted agendas.

To begin, here are five key areas in which the media is actively destroying your freedom to choose, all while claiming to be "pro-choice."

#1) The media is pushing to take away your free choice on vaccines

If #CaitlynJenner publicly stated that she opposed vaccines, would her "choice" still be celebrated by the media? Of course not. She would be condemned as a heretic.

According to the mainstream media, you shouldn't have a free choice on vaccines. All parents and children should be forced to be vaccinated against their will, even when that choice involves the state injecting unwilling people (without consent) with toxic substances that include the heavy metal mercury.

Never mind the fact that vaccines have already been proven to have caused widespread brain damage in hundreds of children across Europe, or that 75% of the children recently vaccinated in a Mexican town had to be hospitalized due to extreme vaccine damage. Nor do they reveal that the British press is now covering vaccine damage news with great frequency, asking why so many thousands of young girls are being harmed, paralyzed or hospitalized by HPV vaccine shots.

Even though the entire leftist media is "pro-choice" when it comes to the issue of abortion -- and they proclaim that the government has no business telling a woman what to do with her body -- that stance is utterly abandoned and perverted into "NO choice" when it comes to the government invading a woman's body with forced vaccines. Click here to see my vaccine video, "My Body, My Choice!"

A new website has just been launched called Stop Mandatory Vaccination. The founder of that site, Larry Cook, is a courageous and intelligent individual who's trying to protect your rights against a corrupt, criminal industry seeking to destroy them.

Why isn't the mainstream media celebrating Larry Cook? The answer is obvious: because vaccine profits fund the mainstream media's advertising departments.

Help support Larry Cook at this GoFundMe page, and spread the word to help stop mandatory vaccinations.

#2) The media is pushing to take away your personal choice on avoiding GMOs

The same media celebrating Caitlyn Jenner is also in bed with Monsanto, promoting pro-GMO propaganda and claiming Americans don't deserve a choice on food labeling because "GMO labels might be confusing."

So let me get this straight: A man deciding he's a woman although he still has biological male parts isn't confusing, but a GMO label on a can of soup is confusing?

What we're also being told by the media is that it's not confusing for a biological man to use a public woman's restroom as long as he "identifies" as a woman, but it's way too confusing for grocery shoppers to look at a label and see the word "GMO."


That's how discredited Monsanto sellout publishers like the Washington Post have now become entirely whored out to GMO interests, pushing out articles from its editorial board that look like they were written word for word by the Monsanto public relations department... which is basically run by demons spawned from Hell.

#3) The media is pushing to take away parental choice on how to raise their own children

While celebrating the "choice" of a man becoming a woman, or a woman becoming a man, the mainstream media routinely attacks parental choice, claiming that parents should have no rights and that only the government should control decisions affecting children.

Home schooling is under constant assault nationwide, and the media aggressively pushes for parents to surrender their children to government-run public school indoctrination centers so they can be properly "educated" in false reality.

Parents are also viciously condemned for letting their children play outside. Yep, it's a "crime" now to let your children play in the sunshine. The entire issue of "free-range children" has become huge lately, as police keep arresting children who are playing in parks near their homes.

Parents also shouldn't have any choice about the medical treatments their children receive, we're told, because then they might choose horrible, scary, dangerous treatments like vitamin D, medicinal herbs and superfoods that boost immunity and prevent disease.

Nope, parents can never be allowed to make choices because those choices might not agree with the corporate-run fascist government monopolies on health care, mental health and the ever-profitable psychiatric drugging of children. So while a grown man is celebrated for choosing to say he's now a woman, that same grown man will be harshly condemned if he says, "No ADHD drugs for my child!"

#4) There is no choice for President other than Hillary Clinton

On the political front, the mainstream media practically worships Hillary Clinton in cult-like fashion, all but ignoring any possibility of any other choice at all for President.

The message from the media is clear: Clinton has already been chosen for you. Be an obedient little sheeple and vote for her like you're told!

(Yes, your "choice" at the voting booth is a cruel, hilarious joke. You have no choice other than the criminal candidates put in front of you by the system...)

Meanwhile, pay no attention to democratic challengers like Bernie Sanders or O'Malley. And above all, don't think any positive thoughts at all about the Republican contenders like Rand Paul or Scott Walker. Your "choice" has already been made, and it's such a foregone conclusion that Hillary doesn't even need to answer any questions! She's been ordained the country's shoe-in dictator, and if you don't agree with that "choice" then you're going to be condemned!

As part of your forced "choice" for President, you're also supposed to completely ignore Hillary Clinton's deep ties to Monsanto. She's so intertwined with this evil corporation that she's now known as "Bride of Frankenfood."

#5) The media harshly condemns anyone's choice to be a church-going Christian

If you're really looking to be condemned by the media with vile, hate-filled speech, just publicly announce that you're a Christian who goes to church. The hatred unleashed against you will be relentless.

People who choose to be Christians today are vilified and verbally abused by the "pro-choice" mainstream media which actually promotes INTOLERANCE, not tolerance. Soon, we'll probably see the media celebrating the public beating of Christian heterosexuals, saying, "They deserve it!"

In essence, the media says you should be free to choose anything you want, but only as long as that choice doesn't step outside the bounds of media conformity. It's a false choice, in other words, not a real one.

The false choice paradigm

In truth, the mainstream media doesn't really support "choice" at all. It supports conformity and obedience to its selected agendas.

The very last thing the mainstream media wants is for people to think for themselves or demonstrate real diversity in their decisions and opinions. The pharma-controlled media wants every parent to be forced to medicate their children. The cancer industry wants adults to be forced to surrender to chemotherapy, even if they don't have cancer! (It's called "preventive chemo" and yes, it's being pushed by the cancer industry every day.)

The media most definitely does not want people to "choose" to own firearms, and anyone who "chooses" to practice Christianity is immediately condemned and vilified.

The very word "choice" has become a parody of itself. There is no universal celebration of choice; there's only selected approval of very limited choice, almost all of which is driven by political agendas rather than fundamental human dignity or civil liberties.

Introduction to REAL FREEDOM of choice

Now, where do I stand on all this? I'm one of the very few people who actually believes in universal freedom to make your own choices, think your own thoughts, express your own ideas, and be whatever person you want to be. (The practical limits on personal freedom begin when one person's choices cause direct harm to others. In other words, you're not free to run over people with your car.)

As such, you won't find me condemning Caitlyn Jenner for her personal choices. What he or she wants to do with her own life and body is her own personal choice as far as I'm concerned. It's not MY choice, but it's HER choice, and that's HER business. It's definitely not the way I would choose to live my own life, but it's not my place to tell Caitlyn how to live hers. I neither celebrate nor condemn Caitlyn Jenner for her gender decisions. If there's one thing I do celebrate about Caitlyn Jenner, it's the courage it took for her to publicly announce that she's a Republican, not a Democrat. (Imagine the double take when people figure that one out...)

What I do condemn is the media's gross double standard, which celebrates "choice" for people like Caitlyn Jenner while destroying choice in many other important areas of life such as medicine, health care, parenting, food labeling and religion. The double standard is insidious, vindictive and intellectually dishonest. It shows how the celebration of Caitlyn Jenner's "choice" is a false, contrived celebration founded only in politics, not philosophical fundamentals.

Because if free choice were a fundamental concept the media celebrated across the board, it would also celebrate parental choice on vaccines and home schooling, political diversity, religious diversity, the choice to own a firearm and so on.

The mainstream media, it turns out, doesn't believe in choice at all. It only believes in obedience to its contrived, distorted agenda.

By the way, if you're wondering whether there's a word for people who truly believe in personal freedom and personal choice, there is. The word is "Libertarian."

Caitlyn Jenner has a tremendous opportunity to call for universal freedom and personal liberty

Interestingly, Caitlyn Jenner is in a unique position right now to publicly call for universal freedom and respect for personal liberty. Because she's been so widely celebrated by the media, she has a very strong position of influence across much of the popular culture right now, and if she chose to, she could use that position of influence to declare her support for important principles of freedom such as:

• The freedom to parent without the government dictating decisions involving your children.

• Health care freedom / the freedom to choose your own medicine without the drug companies, doctors or governments ordering you to do something against your will.

• Cognitive freedom / the freedom to think for yourself and not bow down to media obedience.

• Political freedom / the freedom to be a libertarian, or Republican, or Independent even if you're gay or transgender.

• Religious freedom / the freedom to worship in whatever religion you choose, without being condemned or attacked, even if that religion is Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.

• Food freedom / the freedom to know what's in your food, how it was grown (GMOs), where it comes from (country of origin) and what it contains.

I think it would be amazing to see Caitlyn Jenner use her newfound celebrity status to call for such freedoms. After all, the fact that she's transgender means she is now 100% immune to leftist media criticism. So she has a level of cultural influence right now that no straight, heterosexual white male could ever enjoy in the current political climate.

Let's hope Caitlyn uses it for the right principles. Wouldn't it be fascinating if a Republican transgender former white male Olympic athlete but now a self-identified female gender individual called for principles of universal liberty in a society dominated by an INTOLERANT leftist media that actually despises freedom to choose? Wow... imagine that for a moment!

Seriously, if Caitlyn starts to call for universal liberty, she'll be my hero. Because I judge people on their ideas and courage, not their gender identity.