Saturday, November 22, 2014

A practical way to curb the abuse of Presidential power

The President is abusing his executive authority.  He will not be the last President to do so. We must permanently restore checks on Presidential power.
Our "Regulation Freedom Amendment strategy to mobilize states to force Congress to require that Congress approve major new federal regulations can unite conservatives and attract both independents and Democrats.

One key goal right now is to get as many as we can of the more than 4000 Republican state legislators, as well as  Republican Governors, Attorney Generals other  statewide officials together with a few courageous Members of Congress,  virtually all of whom dislike what the President is doing, to endorse and urge Congress to propose the Regulation Freedom Amendment to end his power to dictate regulations from Washington.

In some states we can also find Democratic legislators who don't want to be labeled "rubber stamps for federal regulators".

We have 150 legislators, 2 Governors, a former President of the NRA, a former Chair of the National Federation of Republican Women, the Chair of Americans for Tax Reform, the General Counsel of the RNC, the National Taxpayers Union, and many others who support the Amendment.  That makes persuading legislators to support the Amendment easy.  We can send interested people a list of our endorsements.

With the increased attention and resources our growing list of endorsements will generate, we can  mobilize the "anti-Washington regulator" majorities in 33 states and near majorities in 4 more to pass resolutions and enact state laws that strengthen the states' power and put pressure on Congress to end the President's power to dictate regulations from Washington.

This strategy has a chance of focusing  the debate on an issue that unites us and where voters favor our position by 2-1 margins.

It could also deter regulators soon, as early as 2015, as the effort gains momentum, even before an Amendment is proposed.

The first steps for anyone who wants to help are:

1)  to endorse the Amendment and

2) Whether they can endorse or not to forward an email to friends, especially business and political leaders asking them to take a look at the Amendment.

3) Then we can ask people who have endorsed the Amendment to call or email a state legislator or other elected official and ask them to consider an endorsement.

Please pass this email on to help persuade your friends, business leaders, political leaders and state legislators you know to endorse the Regulation Freedom Amendment..

Here is the text of the Regulation Freedom Amendment:

"Whenever one quarter of the Members of the U.S. House or the U.S. Senate transmit to the President their written declaration of opposition to a proposed federal regulation, it shall require a majority vote of the House and Senate to adopt that regulation."

For more information, please contact us.  Thanks for your interest.

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