Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Blitzkrieg: London, Pearl Harbor, Gaza, Yemen

     On the night of September 7, 1940, the Nazi Luftwaffe began a inhumanly murderous bombing blitz on the helpless city of London.  For the next eight terror-filled months, death from the skies continued to rain down on heroic British citizens every single night, night after horrific night -- and yet the plucky British still managed to keep a stiff upper lip and even go on about their business during daylight hours, each one knowing full well that each day could be their very last.

    Archibald Macleish wrote a tribute to Edward R. Murrow, the gutsy American reporter who broadcasted from London to America, on the radio night after night, making the horrors of what the Nazis were doing to London vividly known to the American people.  "You have destroyed the superstition that what is done beyond 3000 miles of water is not really done at all," wrote Macleish.

     Night after night, month after month, Winston Churchill and the people of London endured Hitler's terrible and deadly bombing raids.  Americans held their breath.  Would the valiant and defenseless Londoners even survive yet another night of these brutal attacks?

    But how come the citizens of London during Hitler's horrific blitz of monstrous destruction are such gritty and stoic heroes -- and yet the citizens of Yemen and Gaza are not?

       And then there came Pearl Harbor -- and Americans suddenly knew first-hand what such horrors were actually like.  On just one sunny Sunday morning in lovely Hawaii, 2403 Americans were murdered in cold blood by yet another evil blitzkrieg from the skies.  Americans went into paroxysms of indignation and and outrage and grief.  "Stop this horror!" they cried.

     And yet heroic Yemeni have endured this very same type of nightmare blitzkrieg from the Saudis night after night for years now.  And the citizens of Gaza have too.  Yet where are America's modern-day Edward R. Murrows?  And where is America's indignation and outrage and grief for this heinous slaughter?  "Oh.  Them.  They are only Muslims.  They can't be heroes,  They can't feel pain.  They don't count."  And the lethal and cruel bombs that are dropped on Yemen and Gaza each horrific night are not being manufactured and supplied by Tojo or Hitler -- but by the good old USA.

     That's just evil, cold-hearted and mean.

     And anyone who has ever survived the ruthless attacks on London and Pearl Harbor will have to agree that the people of Yemen and Gaza are being heroic as well -- to endure the exact same torture night after night.  To quote Edward R. Murrow himself, "How long these people will stand up to this sort of thing I don't know, but tonight they're magnificent."

     The very same thing can be said about the heroic men, women and children of Gaza and Yemen.  And we Americans?  The same thing can be said about us that was said about Hitler and Tojo.  Do we really want to be linked with these two evil and greedy colonialist monsters in future history books as well?  If not, then perhaps it's time to pull the plug on our own evil Luftwaffe and our own greedy blitzkrieg on defenseless civilians "beyond 3000 miles away".

PS:  John Bolton is currently acting like he seriously wants to become the next Hermann Goering.  Let us just hope that Philadelphia and Charleston don't also become the next Dresden too -- or the next Hiroshima.


       Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.

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