Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Finally, the facts about the 1992 Presidential Election

 By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

 In 1992, George H. W. Bush, seen above top left, was trounced by a down-at-the-heels Southern Governor who into March 1992 was faltering in the polls.

Clinton began his downward trend immediately after Gennifer Flowers went public on TV about her long-term affair with Bill. Bill and Hill immediately denied the affair had taken place, this on live TV. Hillary was nominated for an Oscar. (No, but she should have been.)

Bill Clinton’s numbers began to climb in the first half of April. Donations began pouring into his campaign coffers. In late March, his campaign account had been down to $50,000.

Bill and Hillary were planning to return home to Arkansas in mid-March.  Then, their Media Consultant read a Fax which had come in. A free consultation was offered by the sender. 

The consultation was set up.

Now, you can find out how Bill and Hillary were elected and realize how much money and work went into hiding the outcome of the election in 1992 by both the GOP and Democrat Parties.

The Background – An early innovation:

What today you know as QVC and Home Shopping Channel, or “So You Think You Can Dance”, technology, was used after 1992 so people could interact with what they saw on TV.  This produces sales of lots of stuff and produces billions for them.

“So You Think You Can Dance” and a small number of other shows used the same technologies and also prospered with many times the number of viewers as traditional TV shows.  94 million phone votes, still a record, were cast by text votes, phone votes, and online votes in a three-hour period.

The price of TV advertising hinges on how many viewers the show has.   

In early 1992, a very different show was offered by fax to potential participants.  The fax arrived in the campaign offices of each of the 65 presidential candidates then running for president.  Free satellite time was offered if they participated by recording an unedited speech to a live audience, no editing allowed, nor would PhoneVoter TV Network (PVN).  The speeches were sent to 1,200 news directors across America and 20 million Americans via satellite TV.  Those watching, could also participate, calling in their agree/disagree reaction tallied on screen.

This made great TV news.  News shows are always looking to drive up their own ratings, of course.  And those hearing the candidate had the chance to respond to what the presidential candidate said. Live. How many of us would love to have that chance?  

The faxes were received, but only four candidates responded, this by phone. This was free satellite time, free advertising.  But one of the candidates pumped their consultant, the founder of PhoneVoter, Brock d’Avignon, for information on how this all worked.  That candidate was Bill, “I feel Your Pain” Clinton, using a pseudonym, Marcus.

After the stunning November Election Night, political savants scratched their heads about how Clinton beat the most popular sitting president in history; President George H. W. Bush’s popularity was at an all-time high for any president, 89% just months before. Therefore, grasping at straws, they opined, “Perot Phenomenon”.

Naturally, no one in power wanted the apple cart upset, but it had been. The cover-up began.  Real, and feverish, cooperation between Republicans and Democrats began.

On January 21, 1992, PhoneVoter TV Network had been launched by the young tech-oriented TV producer named Brock d’Avignon, who added satellite TV, telepolls with tallies, and live phone-in tallies.  Thus, American history was changed.  And this next time, 2024, no cover-up.

Visit  Phone Voter’s HomePage, which includes lots of links to the fascinating back story, of what happened in 1992 all on the PhoneVoter site!

They didn’t want you to know - but now you will!

And, starting now, Debate Tourney is ready. 

The age of the 20 clowns on the stage has ended! 

Here is what happened in 2020. 

And here are the Libertarians who carried out this astonishing move for Freedom and, most especially, the Free Market!

And their fearless leader, Brock d'Avignon!

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