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Conversion of America from Individual Freedom to Wage Slavery

 Bruce died some years ago, but sent me this article that reviewed, still holds many truths about America's direction.  Understanding these facts is important for our needed change of paradigm for freedom.  Others have also fought the battle against the IRS and other government frauds on us, including the Social Security 'Trust'.   But Bruce's words remain crystalline and true today, as they were more than a decade ago.  MP-F

By Bruce Barton


In 1895 the Supreme Court (Pollack vs. Farmers Loan & Trust Co., 158 US 601) ruled that the income tax as a direct tax was prohibited by Article I, Section IX of the U.S. Constitution.  How times have changed, your employer has become their tax collector.


Taxes as a Percent of Federal Revenue[1]

As you can see, America has become a corporate work-state.  The present administration has only consolidated the power of the new Caesar and his Senate achieved after nearly 100 years of efforts.  Why do you think King George the Second welcomes all immigrants legal and otherwise?  

The Republic of the United States had resisted the influence of the global bankers since the drafting of the Bill of Rights.  The War of 1812, as was the Civil War it can be argued, were engineered by world banking interests in Europe.  They were only successful following the massive wave of immigration (cheap labor) in the early 20th Century, the Industrial Revolution, and the dawn of the Progressive Era just prior to the Wilson administration. 


This is a generational subversion[2] of a people from productivity in the individual pursuit of life, liberty and happiness – to productivity in the pursuit of corporate profits and the security of the socialist collective.  Here are some highlights:


In 1913 the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was, [fraudulently], declared to have been ratified by the required number of states.  [This issue is subject to question and debate, but we present a federal judges opinion on the subject at the end of this history lesson.]


In 1914 the Federal Reserve Bank was legislated into being.  The Bank is neither ‘federal’ nor has ‘reserves’ [other than the paper they print Federal Reserve Notes on].  The fact is the Bank is a private corporation.  Look it up in the San Francisco phone book; it’s not in the government phone listing section – it’s in the white pages.


So the stage was set.  Although the Constitution strictly forbids peonage and slavery, the government of the United States has now become dependent upon the forced labor of every working man, woman and child in America to pay for nearly everything it does – and they have gone deeply in debt on the backs of future unborn Americans! 


We are consumers.  We are no longer producers.  Individual debt is out of control and the government just put the squeeze on the bankruptcy laws.  What once took a single income can now only be purchased with two wage earners.  The government is raising our children, and the Ninth Circuit Court has decreed that parental authority ends at the schoolroom doors.  We’ve been locked out.


Due to declining birth rates and abortion, massive numbers of “immigrants” must be imported to continue the program.  Additionally, public schools have been transformed from the business of educating your children, into government schools specializing in conditioning the drone worker bees of the global collective.


It has been observed recently by one senior Chinese government official that as China moves towards more freedom and democracy the United States is moving towards less.  Consider the massive Department of Homeland Security – while our borders remain open to potential terrorists. 


Which brings us to the Patriot Act under which a lowly line supervisor in the FBI can initiate a “Person of Interest” file on you or I without our ever knowing of it’s creation.  That is, until it’s too late to legally defend ourselves and we become an “Enemy of the State” (A potential legal definition of a person of interest under provisions of the Patriot Act). 


Think I’m kidding?  Since 9/11 the Department of Justice and the FBI have sent out an average of 30,000 letters per year requesting background information on individuals under the new provisions of the Patriot Act.  But Vice President Cheney insists that no violations of privacy under the Patriot Act have occurred to date.  Believe him?  I don’t.


Lastly, discrimination by the majority has been replaced with discrimination of the majority.  Hate laws now protect some individuals more than other individuals.  Call it what you please discrimination is still discrimination.  Islam may be taught in the classroom but the teacher can’t wish her students “Merry Christmas!”  Some freedom.


You have heard it said, a people get the government they deserve.  Thomas Jefferson put it well when he said, “A nation that expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, expects what never has been nor ever will be.”

 Comments on the ratification of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution

Senior United States District Court Judge James C. Fox, March 21, 2003 (court transcript)[3]


“I think that it [violation of the war powers act by both Congress and the Executive branch of the government] has occurred over a long period of time, and consequently, there is less hesitancy on the executive branch to preserve [the Constitution].  It’s just like kids who break a rule the first 200 times and, after a while they don’t care; they don’t acknowledge that the rule even exists…”


“If you were to go back and try to find and review the ratification of the 16th Amendment … you would find that a sufficient number of states never ratified that amendment … And nonetheless, I think it is fair to say that it is part of the constitution of the United States, and I don’t think any court would ever set it aside.”


I leave you with this final quote from the German writer, humanist, and philosopher Goethe: “No people are so hopelessly enslaved as those who think themselves free.”


[1] Sources:  White House OMB 2005 Budget; 1913 Annual Commissioner’s Report.

·         1913 Corp. Income tax was an excise tax

·         1913, (Misc.) primarily alcohol, tobacco, etc.

·         Estate tax started in 1916, Gift tax in 1924

·         2005 federal revenue is 5,962 times higher than in 1913

[2]  President GW Bush’s great-grandfather was a steel magnate and contemporary of the likes of E.H. Harriman, Joseph Kennedy, John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, architects of the Federal Reserve Bank.

[3]  Donald Sullivan, Jeffrey Sullivan vs. United States (to prevent the un-lawful use of American forces in Iraq in keeping with the War Powers clauses of the Constitution. 


 Donald Sullivan, Jeffrey Sullivan vs. United States (to prevent the un-lawful use of American forces in Iraq in keeping with the War Powers clauses of the Constitution.  

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