Sunday, September 7, 2014

Robots With Morals? The DoD is Spending $7.5 Million to Make it Happen

From:  The Blaze 
by Elizabeth Kreft

When President Barack Obama played soccer with Asimo — Honda’s humaniod robot — last month, even he had to admit walking and talking robots are “a little scary.”
Perhaps the Commander in Chief should hear about his Defense Department’s plan to develop robots that decide what is right and what is wrong.

Associated Press
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met one of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s robots in April, and now the DoD will spend $7.5 in the next five years to build robots with a preprogrammed moral code (Image source: Associated Press).

The Office of Naval Research has $7.5 million set aside in grant money over the next five years for university researchers to build a robot with moral reasoning capabilities.

Proponents of the plan argue a “sense of moral consequence” could allow robotic systems to operate as one part of a more efficient — and truly autonomous — defense infrastructure. And some of those advocates think pre-programmed machines would make better decisions than humans, since they could only follow strict rules of engagement and calculate potential outcomes for multiple different scenarios.

And that does make sense to some, according to Gizmodo. “With drones, missile defines, autonomous vehicles, etc., the military is rapidly creating systems that will need to make moral decisions,” AI researcher Steven Omohundro told Defense One.

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