Friday, September 12, 2014

Pandemic Preparedness Episode 2 now released at - get prepared for the Ebola explosion

by Mike Adams 

(NaturalNews) We've now posted episode 2 of the free online audio course "Pandemic Preparedness" at

The FREE online audio course shares vital information to help citizens of the world prepare for viral pandemics. Governments have utterly failed to contain the Ebola outbreak so far, and the entire system of western medicine offers absolutely zero solutions for Ebola.

People who wish to survive this pandemic or whatever future pandemic comes along must learn the truth about pandemic preparedness from an independent source that has no financial ties to the corrupt pharmaceutical industry.

That's why I've launched this free, open-source audio course at

What you'll learn in this free online Pandemic Preparedness course

Episode 2 shares powerful truths like:

- How humanity has created the "perfect storm" for a global pandemic wipeout

- Why modern medicine is utterly clueless about shoring up personal defenses against infectious disease

- How many prescription medications suppress immune function and make people more vulnerable to pandemic infections

- Why the entire infrastructure that supports your life is also vulnerable to disruptions caused by a pandemic outbreak

- How Ebola survives on surfaces, and it can't be easily killed with antibacterial wipes

- Why municipal water systems can be easily contaminated

- How a pandemic can shut down an urban infrastructure virtually overnight

- Why martial law is often declared during a pandemic

- Why you may be ordered to "shelter in place" as has already happened in Africa

- The truth about how most people are 100% dependent on the very infrastructure that will fail in a severe pandemic

- Why if you live in a city, you need a realistic evacuation plan

- How these preparedness strategies will also protect you against power grid failures or nuclear war

- Why preparedness is the ultimate expression of optimism

Listen to episode 2 at

It's FREE, so spread the word and help others get prepared, too.

My full list of anti-viral natural medicines will be revealed in episode six, coming soon.

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