Sunday, September 21, 2014

Over-medicated, immunosuppressed Americans likely to suffer high fatality rate if Ebola sweeps across USA

by Mike Adams 

(NaturalNews) The mass medication of Americans has created a nation of immunosuppressed individuals who are unique vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak. That's because medications rob the body of essential vitamins and minerals as documented in the book "Drug Muggers" by pharmacist Suzy Cohen.

All the popular mass medications, it turns out, deplete the body of precisely the same crucial nutrients needed to activate the immune system to fight off viral infections. These includes minerals like zinc; pre-hormones like vitamin D; and common vitamins such as thiamine and niacin.

The full title of the book is Drug Muggers: Which Medications Are Robbing Your Body of Essential Nutrients - and Natural Ways to Restore Them. Authored by a well-informed pharmacist I've known for years, the book reveals exactly which nutrients in your body are depleted by each popular medication being prescribed today.

A nutrient-depleted nation could be decimated by Ebola

The overall conclusion of the book is downright horrifying in the context of a global pandemic outbreak with a 50% fatality rate. No nation in the world is more over-medicated than America, where drug companies have invented quasi-medical justifications to put millions of children on mind-altering psychiatric drugs. Many elderly Americans are currently taking 10 - 15 prescription medications per day, every day!

The result is that most Americans exist in a never-ending state of chronic nutrient deficiencies that strongly suppress their immune function and make them more vulnerable to not just degenerative diseases like cancer but also infectious viral diseases such as influenza.

Although we all hope and pray that Ebola never makes its way to America's shores, if it does, the virus may find fertile ground for spreading like wildfire across a population that is unique weakened by a profit-driven medical system which places absolutely no value on nutritional support for a patient's immune function. In fact, much of America's medical industry depends precisely on the profits and repeat business that come from keeping the population in a never-ending state of chronic nutrient depletion. There's no money in PREVENTING disease, after all. There's only money in "managing" it with a lifetime of prescription medications.

The processed food industry further amplifies this potentially fatal problem by mass marketing factory-made foods which are almost entirely devoid of any real nutrition. Making matters even worse, much of the corporate-sponsored "scientific" community has been trained by industry-funded junk science studies to believe that nutrients play no role in human health, so they refuse to recognize any benefit whatsoever from lifesaving nutrients like vitamin D and zinc.

Some even publicly attack vitamins, claiming that nutrients are worthless, but patented prescription medications are now "essential chemicals" which every child needs to be healthy.

Nutritional science can save lives by boosting immune function

With the intention of saving lives and slowing the spread of the Ebola outbreak if it ever comes to America, I've just released Episode Seven of the FREE online course Pandemic Preparedness at

Like all the episodes in this lifesaving online audio course, Episode Seven can be freely downloaded as an MP3 file and listened to on any mobile device or computer.

Here's a small taste of what you'll learn in Episode Seven of Pandemic Preparedness, a course which has almost reached one million visitors so far:

- If you want to stay alive in a viral pandemic, you need to stop suppressing your immune system

- First, recognize the sources of immune-suppressing chemicals, food additives and medications

- Pharmaceuticals deplete crucial minerals and nutrients from your body, robbing your body of crucial nutrients needed for immune function

- Processed foods also poison your body and deplete nutrients; eating more fresh foods can help restore nutritional balance for proper immune function

- Most foods people eat are nutritionally worthless and lack any real nutrition

- Frequently juice fresh produce and always buy organic where possible (organics are loaded with more nutrients and minerals)

- You need to switch to a natural products lifestyle; throw out everything in your home that contains toxic chemicals

- Throw out all toxic products in your entire house and replace with "green" products

- Chronic sleep deprivation can seriously suppress your immune system

- Beware: Toxic heavy metals can also suppress immune function, and they're often found in organic superfoods or herbs grown in China

- Watch out for the immune suppressing damage caused by emotional stress; you are more susceptible to viral infections when you feel depressed or emotionally depleted

- You can't expect to live in a sterile world; eventually you will be exposed to the pandemic virus if it's circulating

- If you are wise, you can control WHEN your exposure occurs so that your immune function, rest and recovery are maximized

- Your immune system has already saved your life countless times

- You were born with a genetic blueprint for surviving pathogens and pandemics

- Natural medicine can save lives by unleashing the miraculous healing potential of the human immune system

Hear Episode Seven now at and find out why so many people are raving about this course. If you want to live through a pandemic, is where to learn how.

Four more episodes for are already in production and will be released soon. Check Natural News for more announcements.

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