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When a 'Conspiracy is no Theory, just careful planning -

 by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

When telling a story of this kind, it is essential to provide ones bonafides, legitimizing the statements to be made, which may prove to be surprising to some. 

 I joined the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) soon after leaving the Libertarian Party in 1989.  I was first active in the chapter in North Hills area of the San Fernando Valley.  Three years later we relocated to Santa Barbara. 

I view political parties as tools for accomplishing goals.  I have no loyalty to tools which have been proven to be flawed, or are placed to ensure the asserted goals are not obtained.  I had determined the LP was a hopelessly flawed tool in 1988.

SIDE NOTE - Since I had family living there and previous generations of the family, namely one set of my g-grandparents, and subsequently two of their children, Dr. Ernest Sargent Pillsbury and his family and the younger son, Arthur C. Pillsbury, had spent holidays there as a routine, I was delighted.  My oldest sister, Anne Pillsbury Gripp was living in the area and owned the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate.  She and I were very close and I was then committed to researching the life history of my grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury, so this was convenient for multiple reasons.

Both sons are my grandfathers.  If you are interested the reason for this is explained by the tragic death of my father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury’s parents in an auto accident on the Casitas Pass, in 1911, then the only reliable route to Santa Barbara from their home in Hollywood, had visited there routinely from the time they relocated to California from 1884.

An account of their deaths and the subsequent court action over the probate of their large estate and custody of the three children, my father being the youngest, is HERE. The story goes on and includes the adoption of the three children, who were in danger of being seized by the corporation which gained control of the estate, Title Insurance Company, by Father’s uncle, Arthur C. Pillsbury, for whom he was named. 

MAIN NARRATIVE - The reason for the relocation was for my then husband, Craig Franklin, to be closer to the corporate office of Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS), for which he was Senior Vice President.  This is not a side note, as with GHS Craig played a role in the events of 9/11.   I would begin to suspect this at the time the War on Iraq began in 2003 but not locate substantial evidence until 2018.

I belonged to the same NFRW Club as Arianna Huffington, Alamar-Hope Ranch.  I then joined the Regents for the NFRW, an associated national group which did fundraising for and provided other support to political candidates.  My hope was to use these connections to move the group back to its real roots, these being free market and individual rights.

I was chagrined to discover they were being propagandized in the opposite direction by David Horowitz through the organization he had founded, now the David Horowitz Freedom Center.  

On May 11, 2001, I attended a tea given by the First Lady Laura Bush at the White House for the Regents.  You likely do not know that the NFRW was for much of his history the largest political club in the world and all GOP Presidential hopefuls attended its conventions, hoping to gain their support.  NFRW ran much of the local elements, including renting offices, printing literature, doing doorbelling, and other campaign functions which made the GOP a powerhouse.  This began to fail in 1980 when Ronald Reagan removed the ERA, which the NFRW had put into the GOP Platform long before.  Ronnie’s daughter, Maureen, with two friends, went to see her father and got down on her knees, begging him to change this.  He refused.  Thousands of women walked away from the GOP.   I already suspected Ronnie was a plant from what my father had told me about him.  Dad was the first person Ronnie contacted after reregistering Republican.  Dad was the head of the Republican Club at UCLA. 

I learned about the loss of the ERA from a friend, Joyce Morrissey, former President of Business and Professional Women (BPW) for California after moving to Santa Barbara and joining the group.

Politics in America was being set up for further Left-Right conflict which would render them weak and unable to organize against those who use politics to gain control and view ideologies as tools to gain loyalty not based on individual rights, the free market and rationality.

The full story on this line of discovery and related research is finished and will appear in my book, which will be out next year, the same time I hope to publish the biography I was asked to write on Roger MacBride.  Some of you will recognize Roger as the LP’s Presidential Candidate in 1976 and the Elector who broke ranks with the GOP and cast his Electoral Vote for John Hospers and Toni Nathan in December 1972.  MacBride was the last LP candidate who could be defined as actually Free Market, a viewpoint he learned from his adopted grandmother, Rose Wilder Lane, a foremother of Libertarianism who is now long overlooked. 

By 2002 it was clear the NeoCons, the term first used by Irving Kristol as the title for his book, NeoConservativism: The Autobiography of an Idea, were well on their way to taking over the Republican Party.  I let my friends in the GOP in California know this and did not attend the next Republican Convention for California, where this became obvious as NeoCons took over.  By then I had done enough research to know the NeoCons had formerly been known as Rockefeller Republicans.  More on this in the book.

In the wake of 9/11 a series of discordant events had come to my notice through people I knew. 

One of my friends, whose name I agreed to withhold, was working in the White House and soon after the Towers were hit walked by the Office of the Vice President.  He reported as he walked by the door was open and a loud party was going on inside, with open bottles being poured.  He kept walking, he said. 

On 9/11, my daughter Morgan, was living with John Fund at his apartment in Jersey City.  She and I were talking again during this period, a communication which had experienced long gaps for years.  Morgan told me when I managed to contact her after the towers fell, that she could have been in Tower One.  She said the night before Fund had asked her to go to his bank, which was located near the top of Tower One to replace his bank card, which he continually lost.  This was a different location from the one she generally used, and much farther away, she said.  She was authorized to do this and initially agreed.  They then had an argument and she, in a fit of pique, told him to get his own card.  She said he grew enraged, screamed at her, and threatened her.  She took a walk, she said.  When she returned, he was asleep. He did not wake her in the morning and went to work. 

She was listening to the either the TV or radio when the announcement about the first tower being hit was made and watched much of the event from the roof of the apartment building.

It did not occur to me to ask more questions.  My mind was on other matters, along with most Americans. But later it occurred to me Morgan knew a lot she should not know.  She had told me, and at this time John did not knew we were communicating, that John had persuaded her to clean up his apartment, which was at least a foot-deep in papers, dirty clothes and even a lost suitcase.  I demanded she take some photos, which she did.  Then, I believed her. 

She was also tasked by Fund with cleaning up his office in the WSJ.  This could only be accomplished on Sunday, when it was closed, but she spent several Sundays doing this, which him watching. She had begun glancing at, and then reading the papers at both places and realized many of these were marked TOP SECRET.

She began secreting them and scanning them while Fund was at work.  I did not take this seriously until she sent me the scans.  I kept none of them.  I made six copies of everything and sent four to friends out of country I knew I could trust, and two in country.  I told them I would never contact them again and deleted them from my address book, which was then maintained on paper.  I rewrote the pages with the same inserts so every having these would not provide any hint of what they were.  I did not tell Morgan I had done this. By this time, I had realized she was a very loose cannon, on top of other problems. 

If you would like to read the whole story about Fund and Morgan, which leads to the reason she had to go into hiding after an attempt on her life read below.

SIDE NOTE –  For full details on this period go to Morgan Pillsbury Gell 

It was while Morgan was in hiding with a sympathetic couple in Georgia after the attempt on her life.  I would not have believed this, perhaps, but I was on the phone with her when she screamed, threw herself against the door, and threw the dead bolt. 

This leads to Saddam Hussein and 9/11 – The unexpected connection

This article was published multiple places but this is the only one I could find now.  I’ll look for more of them later.  

Time Line - Invading Iraq for Oil and Power

I generally provide sources for each of these dates and events.  They were published and I added them to my own ‘events’, which then were not.

There was an attempt on my life about the time Bush/Cheney were leaving the White House, likely clean-up, but it failed as I was able to provide pointers and the three SUVs roared out of the house a short way from where I was then living. 


I could have added this earlier as it took place in 1998 – 1999, but did not as you needed more back story first.

Cheney clearly had planned to steal the Iraqi Oil Fields for his buddies in the Industry.  You see this on the timeline above.  But he needed to plan ahead.  There needed to be a Pearl Harbor event, which was what 9/11 actually was, planning for the guidance system for the planes taking place from a contact made from the aerospace industry in October 1999. 

Cheney’s needs and that of another man, he did not yet know, meshed. 

Dan, GHS President, and his co-conspirator, Craig Franklin, along with the critical personnel who had assisted in stealing the company from Glenn Hightower, called this their THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN Strategy.  This was leaked to me by Morgan some years later who thought it was very amusing. 

But Glenn owned three successful corporations and did not give up easily.  GHS was experiencing huge financial problems as Dan struggled to pay expenses and fight off the lawsuit, which Glenn only narrowly failed to prove, in 1999.  Dan needed money Cheney had a job he needed done and had the money. 

GHS, you can read more about on Morgan Pillsbury Gell 

This did not fall into place until 2017 when Brock d’Avignon, with whom I had been working for two years, and I had a conversation about how the towers were brought down.  Brock had been writing proposals for BAE SPACE SYSTEMS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, the top provider in the world until 2001 when, Brock said, an unknown company took over, providing the guidance systems for both the DoD and military contractors directly.  If you had not guessed, this was Green Hills Software. 

The 9/11 Movement has always been perplexed about how these quasi-pilots managed to place the planes so perfectly into buildings which were already prepared to be brought down.  Now you know. 

Is this a ‘Conspiracy Theory?”  No, it was careful planning with lots of buttressing evidence, sorry Nick, but that is the way it is.

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