Monday, August 19, 2013

Good news: Huge victories achieved against GMOs, Big Pharma, animal cruelty

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) More and more, our collective activism is reshaping the world economy to punish criminal corporations and demand transparency on topics like GMOs, drug patents, animal cruelty and more. And we are winning on every front!

This past week saw a flurry of news where big corporations like Merck and Monsanto were handed groundbreaking defeats thanks to consumer activism.

Here are the highlights:

Tyson Foods to halt purchase of cows raised with Zilmax

Tyson Foods, the country's largest purchaser of beef, announced it would stop buying beef from cows raised on Zilmax, the "animal cruelty" drug that makes cows so heavy they can't walk on their own, forcing slaughterhouse workers to drag the cows to their own deaths.

Zilmax has been highly criticized by animal welfare activists, and massive boycotts were already being planned that could have cost Tyson tens of millions of dollars in profits. Tyson smartly pre-empted the planned boycotts by abandoning Zilmax.

See this Merck propaganda video from 2011 where Merck's marketing manager for Zilmax, a sinister drug dealer named Mitch Johnson, touts the "extra profit" ranchers can make by pumping their cows full of cruel drugs:

(Mitch Johnson, may your soul be eternally stampeded in Hell for all the cows you have condemned to cruel deaths...)

Only in America are animals fed one drug to make them fatter while humans who eat the animals are fed a weight loss drug made by the same company.


Merck halts sales of cruel "cattle-fattening" Zilmax drug

The decision by Tyson Foods to ditch Zilmax sent such huge shockwaves across the industry that Merck was forced to announce a few days later that it was halting all sales of Zilmax.


The FDA, meanwhile, launched an investigation into Zilmax to "determine whether it is safe." Don't expect any fireworks from the FDA, however: the agency practically functions as the marketing branch of Merck rather than a regulator of the company.


Chileans stage mass protest against GMO seed patenting law

A proposed law in Chile that would have allowed companies like Monsanto to patent genetically modified seeds has resulted in a massive, spontaneous citizen uprising against GMOs and seed patents.


Stock market analysts admit anti-GMO activism caused Monsanto share prices to plummet

Your activism is having a direct and measurable impact on the share prices of companies like Monsanto. This is now being openly admitted by pro-Monsanto market analysts who, despite their spin, can't deny the fact that "negative sentiment" (i.e. billions of angry people) are causing Monsanto share prices to go down and stay down:

"...when Monsanto slipped below its 200-day moving day average of $97.94 in late May, following the announcement of this fall's "March Against Monsanto," scheduled for October 12, 2013 in 250 cities and 36 countries, some analysts said that the drop was a result of the extreme negative sentiment," reports

It continues, "...the stock never recovered and is currently trading at around $95.10 as of August 15. Some predict that momentum has weakened in the face of negative press, which continues to escalate."


Furthermore, the explosion in consumer awareness of GMOs means that consumers are punishing any company using GMOs in their products while rewarding companies whose food products are "Non-GMO Project Verified." Corporations that keep buying Monsanto's GM corn are going to sooner or later be forced to switch to non-GMO corn or lose substantial market share.

Government of India grants "personhood" status to dolphins

I don't know if you saw this story from last week, but this is a true milestone in the history of human civilization. Dolphins, which are conscious beings whose intelligence may actually exceed human intelligence, have now been granted "personhood" status by the government of India:

(I'm wondering whether the U.S. government will ever consider granting personhood status to U.S. farmers, who are now apparently being treated like criminal slaves when they happen to produce raw milk.)

Big Pharma company Roche surrenders in patent defeat to government of India

Drug maker Roche had just been handed a massive intellectual property defeat on its Herceptin drug by the government of India.

While China has allowed its health care system to be completely overrun by criminal mafia drug companies like GlaxoSmithKline (whose executives are routinely engaged in criminal payoffs, bribery and other illegal schemes), the nation of India has rejected many drug patents and in doing so has kept many drugs at low, affordable prices while protecting its own national interests against imperialist pharmaceutical companies.

Roche has now announced it has thrown in the towel and conceded defeat in this patent case. All nations should follow the lead of India in nullifying drug patent laws! This is the way to free humanity from the grip of the Big Pharma mafia: simply nullify all drug patent laws and let publicly-funded universities perform the R&D instead of for-profit corporations.


Also: Chicken McNugget "strange fiber" photos seen by millions

Also last week, the Natural News Forensic Food Labs published a collection of microscopy photos resulting from our scientific investigation into McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.

Our investigation found a large number of "strange fibers" in McNuggets, and those photos have now been seen by millions of people. Natural News is calling for McDonald's to respond to these scientific findings and for the FDA to investigate McDonald's factory food manufacturing facilities to determine the origin of these "strange fibers."

Some readers are suggesting these fibers are "Morgellon's." See this video:

Folks, it's crucial that you understand we can only afford this lab thanks to your support. It is your purchases at the Natural News Store -- and your support of our sponsors -- that keeps us going. We are redirecting the revenues we received to funding high-end laboratory endeavors so that we can further investigate the truth about what's in your food. The microscope we are using right now, for example, costs roughly $100,000. Instead of pocketing this money as profit, we are investing it in the Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory so that we can pursue groundbreaking investigations that can help shape the food industry (and expose food contaminants).

Thank you for your support! Much more to come. Stay tuned here at, and keep up your activism efforts... they are working!

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