Friday, August 9, 2013

INTERVIEW - The Boston Bombing, the CIA, and the US Empire

Sibel Edmonds talks to Lew Rockwell about what’s really happening in Central Asia and the Caucasus.


ROCKWELL:  Well, good morning.  This is the Lew Rockwell Show, and it’s great to have as our guest this morning, Mrs. Sibel Edmonds.  You know, we have a lot of great people on this show.  We have just a lot of tremendous intellectuals for freedom and people exposing the CIA and other government activities, but Sibel’s a heroine as well as being an important intellectual figure.  She was a translator for the FBI.  She’s fluent, of course, in English and Turkish and Farsi and Azerbaijani.  And she got punished for telling the truth within the FBI.  They silenced her for quite a long time.  But she wouldn’t allow herself to be silenced.  She told the truth about what she discovered about various aspects of 9/11, and it’s in her wonderful memoir, Classified Woman.  And we’re, of course, going to link to that.  We’re going to link to all her sites.  She’s director of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition.  We’ll link to her site, Boiling Frogs, and to her YouTube channel, her Facebook page, Twitter and everything else.
But, Sibel, today I wanted to talk to you — you had some very interesting things to say about the Boston bombing, the Chechnyan connection, and the U.S. role in promoting terrorism, which then it pretends to fight.  So talk to us about that.
EDMONDS:  Sure, Lew.  In fact, about a few days after the Boston terror attack, we put out specific video reports and interviews and analyses pointing out that people keep talking about the FBI angle and a lot of semantics in what took place, and that nobody was talking about the CIA angle.  And in our presentation, we brought up everything we have been covering both in the last four years to Boiling Frogs Post, but also during all my interviews in the past 10 years on state secrets privilege and the information that the government, the U.S. government tried to quash, and successfully, within the Congress and the federal courts.  And of course, the mainstream media was the angle that dealt with Caucasus and Central Asia.  If people were to conduct the research on all my previous articles and interviews, including the interview you and I did on my book about almost a year ago, I believe –
ROCKWELL:  Yes.  Yes.
EDMONDS:  We talked about, and I was emphasizing the importance of Central Asia and Caucasus in my case and how the gag orders and the state secrets privilege, they were designed to basically quash that part of my case, what I blew the whistle on, which never saw the light of day because I talked about the CIA/NATO covert operations in Central Asia/Caucasus, both directly but also via our ally and NATO partner, Turkey.  This was the extension of this operation known as Operation Gladio.
A lot of people are familiar with Operation Gladio as the NATO/U.S. covert false-flag operations around the world during the Soviet Union era, during the Communism.  You know, basically we went all over Europe, Eastern Europe, in Central and South America, and we created terror attacks and basically blamed that on the Communists and on the Soviet Union.  Now, people — and the documents surfaced, and this was after the fall of the Soviet Union.  There were some trials and some parliamentary hearings in Italy because Italy, of course, also was and is a NATO ally, and they played a role, not the major role, in these false terror attacks under Operation Gladio.  And based on the declassified documents, it’s already a confirmed — it’s not a conspiracy theory.  It’s not one of those, you know, unconfirmed reports.  It is an operation that, after the fall of the Soviet Union, became known through all these documents that, yes, in fact, for several decades, we carried out — and especially in the 1980s, as this was the height of it, late ’70s until mid ’80s — these false terror attacks under Operation Gladio under the U.S. and NATO.
Now, the false belief is that that operation stopped in 1990, 1991, and that the U.S. and NATO, they shut down the older cells that they had placed in various countries, including Italy, and because the Soviet regime fell and the Communism was gone.  And that is not the case.  And that has to do with my case, with my whistleblowing because one of the most important partners during the initial phases of Operation Gladio was Turkey; again, a NATO member.  And of course, you can see the importance of Turkey strategically where it’s located.  And if you look at the map and look at the — you know, Turkey’s neighbors, sharing borders with countries like Georgia and also with the Balkans.  The one cell that they did not shut down — and this was U.S. and NATO — was the Turkish cell, the Turkish arm of Operation Gladio.  And the reason for that was, again, Turkey’s position in the region and also Turkey’s characteristics, because Turkish people, they speak Turkish, the Turkish language.  And this is the language spoken all over Central Asia and Caucasus, OK, when you’re talking about Chechnya, et cetera.  Turkey is a Muslim nation.  Well, this region, Central Asia/Caucasus, they are Muslim.  Also, Turkish people share the same heritage.  They are the Turkic race, Turkic people with, again, the people of this region, Central Asia and Caucasus.  They are known as Turkic-heritage people.  So the reason the United States, NATO, CIA did not shut down the Operation Gladio cell in Turkey was they actually intensified operations through Turkey for this region.
As we discussed during our last interview a year ago, Lew, if you look at this region, you’re looking at the future of the energy resources.  You’re looking at this region, including Azerbaijan, you know, on the Caspian Sea, the vast reserves of natural gas, oil and minerals.  And as I have emphasized during our interview last time — and maybe you would provide a link for people when you post this interview –
ROCKWELL:  I sure will.
EDMONDS:  Thank you.

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