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Are Americans losing interest in global warming? Hardly. (+video)

By , Staff writer / May 22, 2014 

COMMENT - We need to understand who benefits from ignoring the evidence, like that presented in the CSM article below.  

Read this article by life-long NeoCon flack John Fund on global warming.  Then read this abstract from The International Journal of Press/Politics titled, "The Nature and Impact of Global Warming Coverage on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC."
John Fund also wrote, "Stealing Elections," the cover for the Karl Rove as the Neo-Con administration of George W. Bush destroyed America.Until recently, he continued his placement as a political operative for the NeoCons, who are connected intimately with the Kochs.  

The next several articles each goes to this issue so you can see these in one place. - Editor

A study of Google Trends data finds that English-speakers' rate of Googling climate-change-related phrases steadily declined since 2007. But according to polls, Americans are more, not less, worried about global warming.

Have media-fueled events like "Climategate" made people less concerned about global warming? A pair of researchers have set out to answer this question by studying what people are Googling, and found a trend that has generated its own flurry of media confusion.
Since 2007, they found, English speakers have been Googling the terms "global warming" and "climate change" a bit less each year. And two erstwhile media kerfuffles – the hacking of climate scientists' emails at the University of East Anglia, which became known as "Climategate," and an irregularity in an intergovernmental study of the Himalayan glacier melt rate – have caused temporary spikes in searches for "global warming hoax."  But the slow decline of climate-related Google searches has ridden out those disturbances, its angle unchanged.
"We document here a strong decline in public attention to climate change since 2007," conclude the authors, in a May 20 article in Environmental Research Letters.  MORE

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