Thursday, May 15, 2014

Genius at Work! WSJ Defends Keystone XL with Exploding Trains!

From:  Hart Williams 

by Hart Williams 

Build the pipeline or yer town gets it! See?
Here’s a genius notion for debating whether to build a pipeline whose existence imperils an ancient aquifer [emphasis on nonsense added]:
Stopping Keystone Ensures More Railroad Tank-Car Spills Terry L. Anderson
Wall Street Journal
May 13, 2014 6:43 p.m. ET

The Keystone XL Pipeline got another nail in its coffin Monday, in the form of a Senate energy vote that excluded the pipeline issue. But Keystone was already near death thanks to the Obama’s administration’s recent decision to ignore the evidence of a definitive government study—and instead keep listening to environmentalists’ dubious claims. The upshot will be more political fires in Washington caused by train derailments in the absence of a pipeline to transport oil more safely.
Ah. The “political fires” are the important fires. But Mr. Anderson continues, illogically, with ACTUAL fires:
After the derailment in downtown Lynchburg, Va., on April 30, approximately 30,000 gallons of Bakken crude oil burned or spilled into the James River. On May 9, a derailment north of Denver spilled another 6,500 gallons of oil, which was contained in a ditch before reaching the South Platte River. Fortunately, unlike in the 2013 derailment in Quebec where a 1.3 million-gallon spill killed 47 people and incinerated 30 buildings, no one was injured in Lynchburg or Colorado.  MORE

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