Saturday, May 31, 2014

Report From Richard Mack in Alaska

From:  CSPOA 

by Richard Mack

Alaska, An Historic Trip for Liberty 
A report from Richard Mack 

During the last 20 years since the filing of Mack v US on February 28, 1994, I have traveled all over the country and have now reached a milestone; I have been to all 50 States! Alaska was the 50th and I just got back yesterday! It has been an amazing and miraculous journey. Since that fateful day I have spoken at freedom rallies and seminars in 46 states, Canada, the District of Columbia, and Fiji, and have been interviewed by news agencies from Japan, England, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. The only States I have visited but have not done a public event are Vermont, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

But this trip to Alaska was so much more than just a visit to one of the most beautiful places in the world where I saw moose, climbed a glacier, and visited Sarah Palin's hometown. I attended two different meetings, one exclusively for public officials and one the next day for the public. Both meetings focused on an historic topic: How does Alaska create the position of elected sheriffs in a State that has never had them and how can the CSPOA help Alaska get them?

That's right, many people and public officers all across the American "final frontier," want to have sheriffs doing in Alaska what some are doing in the lower 48 and what all of them should be doing. The bottom line is, these Alaskans want to choose for themselves the law enforcement representatives that work in their towns and boroughs. Alaskans want to be protected, they want to be defended, and they want to be free. They want the Constitutional Republic that was meant to be. They want Constitutional Sheriffs!

On Thursday the 23rd, there was a meeting in the city of Palmer with 12 public servants; mayors, state reps, town managers, and a town attorney. They wanted to know about the Mack/Printz case and more importantly, how they could get the office of sheriff instituted within their jurisdictions.  Why do these concerned leaders and citizens want to have sheriffs? Because they are tired of the federal government running their lives, controlling their lands, tying up their natural resources and destroying their economy. Yes, the feds think they own 65% of Alaska and these Alaskans want it back. They want the jobs being tied up in EPA regulations and blocked by federal red tape and politics. They want to be independent and they want their schools to be run by Alaska! They want their state to provide the oil our country needs to get out from underneath the thumb of OPEC oil tycoons, some of whom support terrorism and large groups of American enemies! Alaskans are tired of the bureaucratic dictatorship in Washington DC and they want to do something about it: They want Sheriffs!
On Friday at the Wasilla Sports complex, Rafael Cruz (the father of Ted Cruz) gave a tremendous speech, a passionate fiery oration about the corruption in Washington and the need for liberty. He told of escaping Cuba and the dictatorship
Richard Mack and Rafael Cruz 
of Fidel Castro. Cruz warned that Castro's ascent to power was realized by the use of propaganda and political schemes similar to those used in America today. It was an honor to share the podium with this former Cuban who is now a great American preacher and patriot. The message was loud and clear, let's get back to the basics of American liberty, get the federal government out of our lives and out of our way, and let's have Sheriffs in Alaska!

What a great idea and formula for freedom! Maybe this second to the last state can set the example for the rest of us and perhaps even get Connecticut (one of our first states), to wake up and get their sheriffs back! It's all about freedom.


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