Sunday, May 25, 2014

U.S. Press Coverage of the Climate Crisis: A Damning Betrayal of Public Trust

 By Ross Gelbspan    
            I'm a reporter -- not an environmentalist -- so I came to this subject from a very peculiar angle. After I retired from The Boston Globe and was working on my second consecutive unpublished novel, there came to me Dr. Paul Epstein, of Harvard Medical School, with a series of articles he had published in The Lancet on climate change and the spread of infectious disease.

            Since the work struck me as important, we collaborated on a piece for the Outlook section of The Washington Post. While writing the piece, I became very alarmed about the larger issue of climate change and began to consider writing a book on the subject. 

            But after the piece ran in the Post, I received several letters from readers who said that, the disease information notwithstanding, they didn't believe the climate was changing and they referred me to the work of a few.  MORE

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