Monday, May 12, 2014

BLM Stopped AGAIN! Recapture Canyon; Bundy Ranch; Dr. James Redd – Supporters Band Together Against BLM Lawlessness In Blanding, Utah

The Recapture Canyon BLM protest in Blanding, Utah is yet another embarrassment for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), especially after last month’s victory for the American people at Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada when peaceful protestors freed cattle rightfully owned by Cliven Bundy, as well as freed up the disputed 600,000 acres of land that Bundy has been maintaining since his family first settled in Bunkerville, Nevada in the late 1800′s.  The event also highlighted the BLM’s long history of abuse, excessive force, unlawful conduct and in the case of Dr. James Redd, wrongful and untimely deaths have resulted from the BLM’s power and land grab.

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San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman has been in the Blanding area for four generations, and has been battling the BLM over the past several years as the BLM has incrementally encroached upon local residents by pretending to own the Recapture Canyon, as well as pretending to have law enforcement authority over the people of the State of Utah.

“To describe the BLM’s encroachment as ‘over-reaching’ is an understatement.  For the BLM to be running around with new SUV’s, guns and badges claiming that they are a U.S. Government owned agency is an outright fraud perpetrated upon the public.  To do so in an attempt to or assist in stealing land from the people of any State in the USA is unconstitutional.   They have as much authority and policing power over our sovereign land as McDonald’s Corporation has if they were to stick an AR-15 out the window of a drive thru and demand possession of your vehicle.  The BLM is a private corporation with absolutely no arrest or law enforcement authority over our free people.  They are a corporate entity, and that’s why they were afraid to show their badges yesterday (5/10/14) –  Cliven Bundy and his supporters obviously taught them a Constitutional lesson on April 12th at Bundy Ranch.  The BLM does not own any of the land which they use assault rifles to steal.” says Pete Santilli, radio talk show host and advocate of disarming the BLM and reclaiming the land they currently “manage” unconstitutionally.  MORE

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