Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Obama’s Abuses Of Power Are Assaults On Constitutional Liberties

From:  Freedom Outpost 


Thinking of the abuses of government being experienced on the Obama watch one can think of the vaudevillian sketch “Slowly I Turned” as the assaults on citizen rights and constitutional liberties is played out front and center. 
First, the commandeering of records of the press which even though national security may be an issue, infringes on freedom of the press whether explicit or covert.  Who is to say that anyone of us will not be next if we write a column or a book or give a speech that questions the validity of government actions?
Second, the assault on the Second Amendment granting citizens the right to own weapons is tilted to gain sympathy for the innocents killed by the mentally ill, terrorists without borders and individuals on their own personal crusades whether vigilantes or jihadists.  But with a slight of hands, this same administration is willing to take aim at individual privacy and rights in the use of drones to spy and attack citizens
without due process provided or allowing these citizens to face and know their accusers as constitutionally mandated.
Third is the misuse of the Internal Revenue Service to limit access to tax exemptions from those groups with Tea, Patriot or Conservative in their names.  Forgotten is that this same effort to overly scrutinize has long been suspected as applying to civil rights leaders or those with views not currently in favor during their time of operation.  But you haven’t seen anything yet; for if the use of the IRS to make citizens comply with Obamacare isn’t halted as Senator Tom Price and others are trying to do, havoc is going to be reeked on individual bank accounts to pay for health insurance that some might not have chosen.  What’s to say the money set aside for rent or other necessities isn’t that same money from your bank account the IRS will take without asking to pay for government mandated health insurance?

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