Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Updated – Pics: Armored Tank Spotted In NH – The Police State Continues To Unfold

I am updating this story this morning to share with you details of an interview I have done with a Sergeant of the Nashua, New Hampshire Police Department. In following up by calling the PD in Nashua, I first spoke with a helpful receptionist whom responded in disbelief when I informed her of an ‘armored tank’ on the streets of Nashua. I informed her that millions of Americans believe that the US govt is preparing for economic collapse and martial law and that military drills are happening now all across the country in violation of what was once known as ‘Posse Comitatus’. She told me she’d pass me on to the Sergeant.

In speaking with this unnamed officer who may be reading this right now, I informed him of the same things and that we had pictures of an armored vehicle on his streets. He, too, claimed to be unaware of any such activities though he did inform me that the Nashua police department DOES drills with SWAT teams in preparation for unforseen catastrophic events in which such machinery and personnel would be necessary. However, he could not confirm any such drill had taken place at the time. The Sergeant was very pleasant to speak with and informed me that I could call him at any time. Though many comments left on this story seek to discredit this ‘armored tank’ as nothing, that alone clearly shows how far we’ve fallen into a ‘police state’ in America via the process known as incrementalism, also used by Adolf Hitler. Original story down much further below. First, a brief and extremely important lesson from history.:

History shows us that as free nations become complacent, they become vulnerable to manipulation. Most dictatorships rise gradually — a step at a time. Smooth talking politicians make each incremental step seem reasonable, because the masses are blind to the tides of change. The wisdom of Wendell Phillips fades away: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

Austria illustrates the power of gradualism. In 1933, it was a free nation. In 1934, its government began to centralize its power and welcome the influence of Nazi sympathizers. By 1938, it had become a Nazi dictatorship .

The downward slide began with one crisis after another. A third of the people were out of work, inflation rose to 25%, and political turmoil caused civil unrest. People longed for a leader to rescue them. Adolf Hitler campaigned in Austria, promising to solve their problems if they were annexed to Germany. A persuasive speaker, he gave them hope and won their hearts. The Austrian people voted him in.[1]

Why? How could the Austrians be so blind? The answer is simple: they faced hard times, so they chose to believe Hitler’s promises. They didn’t see him as we do — brutal, arrogant, narcissistic and ruthlessly ambitious. That image came later, when it was too late to escape his grasp. In the beginning, Hitler appeared as a caring, charismatic, captivating visionary.[2] His words brought hope of prosperity, and his public image was intentionally shaped with pictures of his smiles, benevolent deeds and warm encounters with children and babies.[3]

After the annexation, new government jobs were created and order was restored. The people were encouraged and hopeful, and — for a short while — the nation prospered. Then it crashed. This transformation is described by Kitty Werthmann:[4]

“I lived in Austria under Adolf Hitler’s regime for seven years. Dictatorship did not happen overnight. It was a gradual process starting with national identification cards, which we had to carry with us at all times…. Gun registration followed, with a lot of talk about gun safety and hunting accidents…. Freedom of speech was the next target…. With a large network of informers, people were afraid to say anything political, even in their own homes.”

She tells of other changes, including nationalization of education; indoctrination of children; socialized medicine; government control of businesses; and a lack of respect for human life. Before the annexation, most Austrian mothers stayed at home to take care of their children. Under Nazi rule, both parents had to work, so the children were sent to government-run daycare centers.

Gun control came in two stages. First there was gun registration, and then the people were required to give up their guns. Once the people were unarmed, they had no way of defending themselves against the Nazis. After that, political correctness replaced freedom of speech; taxes were increased to eighty percent (i.e., four fifths of income); the nation was filled with informers; anybody who spoke against the government was arrested; and the people lived in constant fear.

In Austria, the transformation from freedom to dictatorship was incremental. No nation is immune to such things, including the United States. In fact, America seems to be following some of the same incremental stops toward totalitarianism.


A contributor to Beforeitsnews.com, The New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition, put this breaking story on their website yesterday. I am republishing part of it here today due to the fact that for some reason, their RSS feed has stopped working and we haven’t gotten this story in from them. So, what in the world are these men and armored tanks preparing for? Does the NHTPC website have something on it that TPTB wouldn’t want to get out to the world? WHAT is going on with the TOTAL MILITARIZATION of America? Something stinks here and it’s not the NHTPC.

I’d advise that EVERYONE call their Congressmen and Senators and DEMAND ANSWERS NOW!!!!! They have neglected their duties to inform their employers: “WE THE PEOPLE” of America. Part of the NHTPC story is below; please visit the first link above for more. The 2nd link will take you to a contact page for your Senators and Representatives. Do we REALLY need this kind of firepower in the streets of America? This looks like Afghanistan or Iraq; what are they preparing for, civil war? I can assure you, the American people DO NOT WANT WAR IN AMERICA; so, why does the US government and the DHS want war and WHY are they preparing for it, big time? A video report on the militarization of America is below.

A few days ago, a Nashua resident posted these photos of an armored vehicle and the accompanying helmeted personnel riding with them. We know the photographer personally.

He has called the Nashua Police Dept to get some answers as to who these individuals were and why they were roaming the streets in this armored tank-like vehicle.

The White House phone line is 202-456-1111; let’s burn it up with phone calls. Please help to make this militarization of America go viral; the American people deserve answers; NOW!

 Obama DHS Prepares For Civil War/RFID 2013


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