Friday, July 5, 2013

10 Year Old Confronts Burglar & Disarms Him As He Defends Home

From:  Freedom Outpost 


A ten year old boy in Canarsie, Brooklyn, a middle class neighborhood in New York, encountered burglars trying to rob his home. He managed to disarm one of the burglars and take his gun, firing back at him. Both the ten year old and the burglar exchanged gunfire, but no one was hurt. However, this young man defended his home like a man!

According to police, two armed men entered the boy’s home in delivery-type uniforms. Police still don’t know what they wanted, but they definitely got a big surprise.
One of the men took two people, who were in the house, and put them on the floor, holding them at gunpoint. His accomplice began to walk towards one of the bedroom doors. The door was ajar and he saw the ten year old in the room, behind the door.
The burglar put his gun through the door and as he did the ten year old runs toward the door, crushing his arm, forcing him to drop his gun on the floor.
He then picks up the gun and begins firing in the direction of the suspect. The suspect fled, as his accomplice headed towards the bedroom and began exchanging fire with the ten year old.
The second accomplice then fled the scene as well.

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