Saturday, July 6, 2013

he Snowden Case What You’re Not Being Told – Storm Clouds Gathering Video

Thursday, June 27, 2013 5:08

Is something going on with the Edward Snowden case that Americans still don’t know about? What about this recent revelation from former Congressman Ron Paul, who said on his Facebook page:

“My understanding is that espionage means giving secret or classified information to the enemy. Since Snowden shared information with the American people, his indictment for espionage could reveal (or confirm) that the US Government views you and me as the enemy.”

If nothing else, has this Edward Snowden case confirmed that the American people ARE THE ENEMY of the US Government? That surely would explain the Department of Homeland Security thugs stocking up on hollow point bullets, wouldn’t it? The CRIMINAL ELEMENT of the US government is doing a WONDERFUL JOB exposing themselves in this scandal. My bet is that the majority of politicians mentioned in this video by StormCloudsGathering will soon find themselves in prison and facing treason charges.

When the mainstream media shows you something with their right hand, watch what the left hand is doing.

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