Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why the “War on Drugs” Will Never Be Won

In Daniel Estulin’s book – “Shadow Masters” – he outlines a number of things that keep the world turning. Of course, the very title of his book refers to those deep in the shadows who seemingly control what happens in the world on many levels.
He specifically discusses the “rape of Russia” when the global elite stepped into create situations where they could easily plunder Russia of her natural resources as well as further enrich themselves by rigging it so that the ruble literally fell apart (during Yeltsin’s term). The fact that it left millions of average Russians with nothing causing them to starve, drink themselves to death, or commit suicide did not matter to the global elite.

Estulin also discusses – in much detail – how the War in Kosovo was artificially created in order to oust Milosevic. Estulin is not an idiot. He includes so much documentation that no one would be able to sue him. It also goes a long way in providing him the credibility needed to discuss such touchy subjects. The same thing is happening now in North Africa and Syria. The global elite wants Assad out, so now the US is trying to show the world that the Free Syrian Army are the good guys. Once Assad is out, the global elite will go in and loot Syria before setting up a puppet government.
Beyond this, Estulin spends a good amount of time discussing the international drug trade. What we learn – if true – is disheartening to say the least. Reading this book should bring everyone to the point of realizing that for too long, the world has been run by a small cadre of men deep in the shadows who have used the CIA, MI6, KGB, and many other secret organizations for their own profit.

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