Monday, July 7, 2014

Facebook mind control experiment was nothing compared to the deliberate manipulations of the mass media

From:  Natural News

by Mike Adams


(NaturalNews) The internet erupted in protest last week over the revelation that Facebook ran a psychological experiment on 700,000 users designed to see just how easily information could be used to manipulate their emotions. "Facebook's ill-advised psychological experiment is alarming because it suggests that the Internet, in the wrong hands, can be a powerful weapon to subtly manipulate public opinion and promote a political agenda," wrote David Einstein of

Everyone else chimed in with similar condemnations: The Wall Street Journal, ZDNet, CNN, USA Today and more. Messing with the emotions of people in a "grand social experiment" was wrong, they insisted.

But hold the presses for a second. Facebook may have run a mind control experiment on 700,000 people, but the mainstream media plays mind games on tens of millions every single day.

Every minute spent watching any mainstream media news program -- CNN, Fox News, etc. -- is a minute spent enduring a massive mind control experiment that has been played out on the public for decades. And what experiment is being played out, exactly? It depends on which brainwashing network you're tuned into.

CNN brainwashing runs 24/7

If you watch CNN, then you're being brainwashed into believing Big Government is always good, Constitutionalists are paranoid radicals, and Obama is a god-like savior. If you watched Fox News in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks, you were being brainwashed into believing Bush was our savior, war was a fun "sport" to watch with pizza and beer, and vengeance was morally justified because all those "evildoers" destroyed the Twin Towers. (Never mind that the real evildoers were never publicly identified. The war had already been justified in the minds of the masses...)

Facebook is playing Tiddly Winks compared to the mass social engineering conducted by the mainstream media every single day. The same media that's telling you Facebook should be condemned for playing with your head is rewiring your reality day in and day out. You think you're watching the news, but you're actually watching an elaborate theatrical production being played out on a global stage.

Don't believe me? Watch this totally fabricated CNN broadcast from the first Gulf War, not quite pulled off by CNN reporter Charles Jaco:

 The entire broadcast was utterly fabricated, yet it was broadcast as if it were real news "live from Saudi Arabia."

CNN, of course, has become a lot more sophisticated since then, mastering the art of broadcasting fake news that viewers increasingly believe to be real.

Mainstream media mind control puts the Facebook experiment to shame

Almost everything the masses think they know was implanted into their heads by the mainstream media. These include all the following outright lies which have been absorbed by the brainwashed masses:

* Drinking fluoride is good for your teeth. (Lie)

* Health care in America was made "affordable" by Obamacare. (Lie)

* There is no radiation problem with Fukushima.

* Anyone critical of President Obama is automatically a racist.

* Vaccines always work and have zero side effects or risks.

* Your money is safe in the bank. (It isn't)

* You are stupid to buy gold. Keep your holdings in dollars. (Because somebody has to ride the collapse all the way down...)

* People who think critically about the corruption and failures of government are "anti-government extremists." (They aren't)

* TV news can be trusted because it looks really cool on screen. (Teleprompters mean all the news is scripted.)

* The Federal Reserve is part of the federal government. (It isn't)

* The FDA keeps the food supply safe and protects the interests of consumers like you.

* The greatest threat to America is "home grown terrorism." (It isn't. The greatest threat is unrestrained executive power leading to a dictatorship that commits mass murder against the People. North Korea, anyone?)

* Local police departments need more armored assault vehicles to "keep your communities safe." (Since when was the 'burbs a war zone?)

* Processed food is good for your babies, especially infant formula made with over 50% corn syrup. (Because babies can never have enough corn syrup, you see.)

* Drug companies care about humanity, and their high prices are necessary for more innovation to save lives. (Never mind the FDA-enforced monopolistic drug prices that create a high-profit protection racket.)

Truth-tellers are fired from mainstream media

I could go on, but you get the point: An utterly false network of beliefs has long been pounded into the heads of nearly every American through the mainstream media's elaborate (and incessant) mind warping theatrical productions.

Notice, too, that anyone who dares to tell the truth about the real world gets fired from their jobs. Judge Andrew Napolitano, for example, was booted from Fox News when his opinion speech on the importance of protecting the Constitution simply became too much for the network's corporate fairytale weavers to bear.

MSNBC, at the same time, won't hire anyone to be on air unless their resume is stamped in big red letters, "CLINICALLY INSANE." That's why almost every person featured on MSNBC already has one foot in the loony bin (and the other foot in their mouth).

So where can you find real news? You're looking at it right now: the alternative media where real voices come from real people who can't be fired because they have no bosses. We don't have all the fancy TV sets and teleprompter-reading supermodels, but we do tell the truth. And that's probably why the lying mainstream media continues to lose viewers while the alternative media keeps surging in popularity.

After all, we aren't trying to brainwash you with false information. Here at Natural News, we are working every day to dehypnotize you, clear your head and awaken you to the reality of the world around you...

Welcome to the real world, Neo.

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