Thursday, July 10, 2014

Real global warming could be unleashed by a hidden technology most people don't even know exists

From:  Natural News

by Mike Adams 


(NaturalNews) Depending on whom you ask, so-called "free energy devices" are either a total hoax or a systematically suppressed technology that's being kept away from the public. There's a lot of interesting ground to cover on this subject of "over unity devices," but that's not the point of this article. Instead, let's look at an unintended side effect of free energy devices that even the free energy proponents don't usually realize exists.

And here it is: if free energy technology were to be developed and openly shared with the world, it would very rapidly lead to runaway global warming. I don't mean by emitting greenhouse gasses because obviously such devices don't burn fossil fuels. What I mean is literal, actual WARMING: the production of heat that's released into the atmosphere. Joules and BTUs, in other words.

Where would all this heat come from? From the work performed by the devices, obviously. And if these devices really produce energy from nothing (or from zero point energy, a parallel universe, or whatever), then they are introducing heat into this world that didn't exist here to begin with. "Over-unity" also means "new heat" that's dumped directly into the environment, and all physical work generates heat, which means engines, pumps, vehicles, generators and everything else that runs on free energy devices simultaneously produces heat.

Water desalination generates heat, too

Here's an example: The world's water aquifers are running dry, leading to what even the mainstream media now admits could cause "billions to starve" as global crops fail. But if free energy devices were a reality, then water would no longer be a challenge: just string every coastline with free energy desalination devices that produce fresh water to be pumped inland. Sounds great, right?

Except there's an unintended consequence: HEAT.

Desalination produces a lot of heat. After all, it's part of the process of turning ocean water into fresh water by removing the salt and minerals. A world that's producing billions of gallons of fresh water each year from free energy powered desalination plants is also a world that's producing a very large number of gigajoules of heat energy each year. Where does all that heat go? Into the environment and the atmosphere, of course, raising the temperature of the entire planet and causing global warming from a whole new perspective.

If you're a skeptical thinker, though, you might think water desalination plants alone couldn't produce enough heat to be a problem. After all, the planet loses a certain amount of heat into outer space, and only some portion of the heat generated on the planet stays on the planet. Right you are, but there's much more to this story. If free energy devices really work, then guess what everybody will drive to work? Electric automobiles recharged by over-unity devices that also generate heat.

The very act of driving your vehicle, in other words, will produce considerable excess heat even if you're driving a 100% zero emissions vehicle. The "emissions" are the heat generated by your car as you drive (using the brakes and motors produces excess heat) as well as the heat produced by the free energy devices used to charge the batteries of those cars.

In fact, if energy becomes "free," suddenly the whole world wants to build and use more free energy devices. Powering huge boats through the ocean is suddenly "free" in terms of fuel. Electric bulldozers and construction equipment can be powered at zero fuel cost, making demolition and construction remarkably cheaper. The transportation of goods across the highways becomes nearly cost-free in terms of fuel.

Every single thing currently accomplished on the planet with the help of a machine or a motor suddenly because less costly. As a result, the pursuit of such activities explodes... and not in a good way.

How free energy would destroy the planet

If you truly understand economics and human behavior, it doesn't take long to realize that free energy devices -- if they were ever truly invented and openly shared -- would destroy our natural world. How would they do that? Let me count the ways:

1) Massive population explosion due to incredibly cheap food production.

2) Explosion of residential and commercial development due to zero-cost fuels.

3) Huge increase in resource extraction (mining, fossil water, etc.) in order to supply the increasingly large population.

4) Huge growth of the number of vehicles on the road, ships in the sea and airplanes in the sky.

5) An abandonment of nearly all energy efficiency efforts as energy prices plummet to near-zero. If electricity costs nearly nothing, after all, then what motivation is there for efficient use of heaters and air conditioners? Why even bother to buy insulation?

Human civilization without limits would be extremely destructive

If you really ponder the issue, in fact, the only thing that prevents unlimited human expansion right now is the cost of energy and resources. The fact that fuel costs money -- and fuel is needed to grow food, build homes, pave parking lots, etc. -- places limits on human expansion. If that expansion is suddenly not limited, then humans, being incredibly shortsighted and stupid, will pursue a path of unlimited greed and expansion that destroys the entire natural world.

In other words, humans are not ready for free energy technology. The species has not yet shown the level of maturity and self-restraint needed to ensure responsible use of it. And even though I have long been a proponent of CLEAN energy, my broad understanding of human history, civilization and behavior leads me to the irrefutable conclusion that free energy technologies must NOT be allowed into the public domain, even if they exist, until humanity advances in maturity.

So far, humanity has only demonstrated pathetic short-term thinking and the sacrificing of future sustainability for present-day profits. That behavioral profile matches the actions of an infant, not an adult, and infants should not be allowed to play with technologically advanced toys for the same reason that children aren't sent to kindergarten with portable nukes in their backpacks.

Humanity, in other words, doesn't deserve free energy technology. The species can't be trusted with it.

Interestingly, many people also believe humans can't yet be trusted with advanced space travel technology either, because we would pollute, exploit and destroy too many neighboring planets if we could reach them more easily. This is not an irrational position. In fact, I agree with it. Until humanity grows up, it shouldn't be engaged in genetic engineering, nuclear weapons development, free energy research, terra forming or planet colonization activities of any kind.

Remember: Modern human civilization is one in which adult members of the species cry like little babies when their soccer teams fail to win. Is this really a population of wise, noble people who are ready to reach for the stars?

While I'm a proponent of free energy technology eventually being made public, it's clear that humanity isn't yet ready for it. We need to grow up a little before we unleash this profound technology on the open world.

Count your blessings that energy isn't free

All this helps explain why we should be quite happy with the fact that energy isn't free. If it were, we would destroy the natural world and human civilization along with it. Even now, with energy being relatively cheap and plentiful, we're at risk of achieving that destruction anyway.

In fact, if energy were far more expensive than it is today, humans would be forced to find a way to live more sustainably. It's simple economics. That's probably why Europeans -- who pay the highest gas prices in the world -- also happen to be the most advanced in terms of clean, renewable energy. Germany, for example, has achieved the remarkable feat of generating about HALF its electricity from renewable sources. (Extraordinary!)

Low energy consumption is wise; high energy consumption is stupid

If you think about the people you know personally, you might also realize that those who live with the lowest consumption of energy tend to be among the wisest. Living with less takes wisdom and maturity, while living large -- with a large consumption of energy -- is the trait of a society with a juvenile mentality.

The worst thing you can do for a civilization that hasn't yet learned how to live within its means is give it free energy technology. It's a lot like handing a suitcase full of cash to a meth addict, or turning over a fresh new credit card to a shopaholic teenager. Modern human civilization is addicted to energy and hasn't figured out how to conserve it or respect it, so until those lessons are learned, humans simply aren't ready for the responsibility that comes with the raw power -- literally -- of free energy.

For the record, I am fan of the late Eugene Mallove and his explorations into breakthrough science. I'm not "anti" free energy. In fact, I've written extensively about the reality of LENR research, and I was a personal friend of the late Dr. Brian O'Leary, NASA astronaut and free energy pioneer. But I'm also wise enough to know humanity isn't yet ready for any of this. We would all be wise to keep this technology carefully reserved and out of the hands of the imbecilic masses until the day comes when we can apply these incredible gifts of the universe with wisdom and maturity.

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