Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to prepare yourself for the collapse of the age of human delusion (and the arrival of human spiritual awakening)

From:  Natural News

by Mike Adams


(NaturalNews) The age of human delusion is rapidly coming to an end. A civilization that has deluded itself into believing so many of its own lies on pivotal issues -- agriculture, fossil fuels, economics, finance, water supply, food, pharmaceuticals and more -- sooner or later runs headfirst into reality. All the theatrics of the era fade into history as the day of reckoning arrives, and the self-deluded masses wake up bewildered and disoriented, not understanding why the fabricated world they always believed was real has suddenly vanished, leaving them starving and destitute.

Buoyed by the conveniences of the industrial age (and then the information age), humanity has grown weak and shortsighted. A species that arrogantly believes it has conquered the world through "science" and "industry" actually stands on the verge of being destroyed by its own creations. These include:

* Nuclear catastrophes and nuclear war
* The rise of deadly pandemic superbugs
* The collapse of the global financial debt pyramid
* Self-replicating genetic pollution, superweeds and the collapse of agriculture
* The collapse of the world's fresh water supplies, followed by the desertification of agricultural lands

Death and renewal; contraction and expansion

This is all part of humanity's learning process, of course. It's the path from infancy to maturity, and it's a path the human species must now walk in order to acquire wisdom.

This path will be filled with untold human suffering and death, yet from this collapse will come a renewal -- a rebirth of human civilization with newfound respect for wisdom, sustainability and harmonious living with the natural world.

This transition may take a century to run its course, and it has already begun. The superbugs are taking hold, and runaway Ebola infections are already ravaging West Africa. The Plague has now appeared in Colorado, and superbug infections are rampant across U.S. hospitals.

Large U.S. cities like Las Vegas are running out of water and will soon have to be abandoned, creating a wave of environmental refugees across the United States. Other cities like Detroit are experiencing severe economic collapse, where nearly half of the city's residents can no longer afford to pay for running water.

Unbounded border crossings are pushing the United States of America ever closer to an internal cultural war, and the criminal-mindedness of political operators who run the country is stirring up talk of revolution or revolt. We are plunging into an era of mass political and cultural destabilization where any number of regional events could spark a national shooting war... or a national police state crackdown that denies us all our fundamental human dignity.

One way or another, what's coming to our world is a series of historical eras representing collapse, realization, transition, rebuilding and then expansion. It is my belief that the majority of today's living population will not survive this inevitable sequence. But I want YOU to be among those who survive and prosper through the transition and in the years that follow.

Preparing your mind, body and spirit

To survive this historical awakening and transition, you will need to invoke an internal toughness that encompasses your mental, physical and spiritual bodies:

PHYSICAL toughness: Expect to expend considerable time and energy in physical pursuits largely related to nurturing your own food supply. Gardening, harvesting, animal ranching and mechanical skills will keep you alive in an age when "virtual" skills (like programming websites) may be relatively useless. You'll also need a very strong, adaptable immune system to keep you healthy in a time when infectious disease runs rampant across the world, killing off those with weaker immune systems.

MENTAL toughness: To mentally survive the rapid socioeconomic changes taking place and deal with the mass death happening around you, you'll need to summon a degree of internal mental toughness that you probably didn't know you had. You'll also need the kind of mental toughness that empowers you to protect your family from physical threats, barter with neighbors at a public market, or keep pushing yourself through tremendous hardship where others might give up and die.

SPIRITUAL toughness: During the darkest days of the transition, you will need to discover a spiritual toughness that gives you strength. Beyond the physical and the mental, you will need to connect with the divine for spiritual guidance, and you'll need to find faith in the unseen, even when there is no readily apparent evidence in the world around you that convinces you of its existence. Spiritual toughness will give you the guidance and the internal light to see your way through the most challenging of times, keeping you alive when others have long since given up.

How to prepare yourself starting today

So how do you prepare yourself and increase your physical, mental and spiritual strength? You practice them.

Starting today, make it a point to exercise your body, mind and spirit on a daily basis. It's simpler than you think. You might do a daily practice that's as simple as:

PHYSICAL: Lift weights, shovel dirt, do pilates or go swimming for 15 minutes a day.

MENTAL: Learn a language or study a difficult subject for 15 minutes a day.

SPIRITUAL: Meditate or pray for 15 minutes a day.

Where many people fall short is in focusing too much time on just one area -- such as physical fitness -- while forgetting to enhance their mental toughness or spiritual expansion.

Incredible exercises for personal development

Here are some tremendously beneficial activities to consider that will help you strengthen one or more of these areas:

* Challenge yourself with self-discipline tests. Can you endure a 4-hour hike? A 60-minute meditation? A 48-hour fast? Do you have the self discipline to turn off the television for 30 days straight? Can you stop eating cheese, or bread, or sugar for 30 days? Most people are so mentally weak that they cannot do any of these things. Find out what YOU can do by setting challenges for yourself and then achieving them through mental and physical discipline.

* Become a volunteer firefighter or EMT. The training and volunteer experience will significantly increase your toughness at many levels.

* Volunteer at a church or local non-profit. Expend your time and effort in connecting with others. Build your practical skills. Commit your time and focus to something larger than yourself.

* Go back to school and learn a new subject or earn a new degree. For example, last year I went back to school to learn how to run an atomic spectroscopy laboratory, and it was an extremely rewarding (and challenging) experience.

* Seek to master a new subject requiring technical expertise. You could seek to become a Master Gardener, for example, or a yoga instructor. Perhaps you wish to master the art of long-range target shooting or the beauty of painting on canvas. Pick an area that speaks to you and dedicate yourself to mastering it.

* Expand your time in nature and time alone with your own thoughts. Practice meditation, spiritual exploration or prayer. Open your mind and spiritual to the realm beyond this physical world, and ask for guidance to gain a greater understanding of all that is.

* Do something you've been afraid to do for your entire life. If you've been afraid of public speaking, seek to gain competence and experience in public speaking. If you've been afraid of socializing with others, seek opportunities to be more social. Work to conquer your fears by facing them with preparedness and training. This will greatly enhance your mental toughness and build confidence in yourself.

* Express your true thoughts. Those who are mentally weak tend to go with the flow and self-censor what they're really thinking. Mentally strong people find ways to express what they truly believe through words, voice, movement, the arts, etc.

* Practice self control of your own mental state. Be conscious of when others are attempting to invoke emotions from you, and make a focused effort to keep your emotions and moods under your own control rather than theirs.

Survival from a whole new perspective

You may wonder what all these have to do with surviving the end of one human era and the rise of another. After all, when it comes to the subject of survival, most people talk about stocking up on food, water, medical supplies, ammunition and so on.

These are all THINGS for survival, but what I'm focusing on in this article is your personal aptitude for survival. If you have the personal aptitude to be adaptable at every level -- physical, mental and spiritual -- you can and will survive almost anything thrown your way. After all, the single most important survival tool you have is the one between your ears. If that tool is functioning well -- and you have the physical stamina to go with it -- you'll do just fine.

There are a thousand activities you can pursue right now that will train you for survival yet have nothing to do with classic "survival" preparedness. These are "Wax On, Wax Off" type of exercises, meaning they prepare you physically and mentally for a future encounter where your personal development will give you a sudden (and often unexpected) edge. (Yes, this reference is from the Karate Kid movie, FYI.)

So I ask you: What are you doing right now for your Wax On, Wax Off practice? Sitting in front of the TV doesn't cut it. Neither does posting comments on Facebook or downing another double grande latte at Starbucks. It's time to reexamine how you are spending your time and effort and ask yourself, "Does THIS activity help prepare me physical, mentally or spiritually for the era of human transition that's coming?"

If it doesn't, change your habits. Pursue the things that train you to be a survivor, and you will ensure your future in a world that's coming where the weak and delusional are gone... and where the future belongs to those of strong moral character. That's a future humanity desperately needs, and it's one the species will eventually come to embrace, but not before the coming collapse causes widespread global death and destruction. It's time for humanity to advance beyond its infancy, but don't expect it to be pretty.

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