Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Same Valero that Koch Brothers have a 40% ownership of Subsidiaries was offered Equity Ownership in Keystone XL

After President Obama denied a Presidential permit for the Keystone XL there are more plans for in work with TransCanada applying for a new permit to be applied for and Republican in Congress are trying everything to get this expansion approved. They are plans that if the plan isn’t approved in the United States for TransCanada to go to Asia, but that just doesn’t seem to interest them and the Canadian Government. The ship of the Keystone XL is set for foreign markets.

Your oil companies are very far from an open book. They aren’t like any other business where there are competitors competing against each other. Many are often formed into different companies whether be through corporations or subsidiaries as a Limited Partnership (L.P.). They don’t care to list who their partner are in the open and then when you do find a list , that may not be the list. I find with some of these oil company may have former partners who may be so-call competitor as so it would seem but then another company they are partner with may also involved in a deal with that company. Then they have meetings together. Do we even have to ask can oil companies control the cost.

For example did you know that Koch pipeline LP has been called ONEOK NGL pipeline, but as you see very much Koch Pipeline has a very Koch website and is a subsidiary of Koch Industry. In fact the Koch pipeline is very much involved in the expansin by Valero in Texas. Valero is preparing for the Keystone XL.

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