Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Banker's War - Divided No More

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

67. Banker's War - Divided No More 

Left and Right divided us, inciting, hate and rage
Their screeds inflamed our anger, they locked us in their cage 
We trusted, they deceived us, it was banker's war they waged.

We lived on bannered promises, we hoped, we worked, we paid
While bureaucrats reviled us, our trust and hope betrayed. 

Enticing us with credit, enciting us to dream
The mortgages they offered could never be redeemed.
All the time their planning designed to steal the soul.
To suck the wealth we earned by sweat, their focus and their goal.

Both GOP and Democrats, the same beneath the skin
Left and Right, dividing us, they fed, again, again. 

No difference in the parties, no way to enact change
Campaigns of lies and lechery, run for corporate gain. 

The corporations feeding, are indifferent to your pain 
Your just a useless eater, no good if they'd no gain. 

They'd stole away our innocence with elections run in stealth
Took aim on our children, our homes and all our wealth.

Bankers sent our sons and daughters to die in sand and shame
Abandoning them when wounded, they'd no use for the maimed.

Homeless families living in tents and on the street
Lies were all they fed us, we were hollowed by defeat.

Bankers shredded every promise, sneered that we would trust
Sucked out the soul of freedom, leaving only dust. 

When the Bankers game was busted, their fraud exposed at last
Our money was expended in a final, mighty blast

Congress paid to bail them out - they'd not a cent of loss 
Foreclosing on America they laughed. We paid the cost. 

But slowly, all hope gutted, we stood up from sea to sea
Anguish turned to anger, demanding we be freed.

The FED, a sham to own us, a fraud to feed their greed
We saw past lies, their ugly guise, no longer could deceive. 

We cried our NO to Bailouts, we did what must be done
Weapons come in many kinds, not all of them are guns. 

No more left and righting - We learned who we could Trust 
No more left and righting - What we did was just. 

Today we meet as equals, we've bled but we have won
A people come together, to claim what has begun. 

Communities rekindled, in meetings of the mind
The truth, our benediction, now we are more kind. 

The Bankers War is ended, we did what must be done
The cost of freedom marks us, but we're stronger, every one.

And we tell our children, starting when they're young
The left and right united, made us free to live as One.

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