Sunday, June 16, 2013

Global Governance

From:    Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

by Mark Lerner   (June 12, 2013)
(The proof our government is leading the way towards global governance)
There are many people that speak about a “New World Order”, a “One World Government” and global governance in general terms. In my previous article, I addressed the fact that there are issues where Christians and non-Christians can take a similar position on an issue but for different reasons. It occurred to me that I should provide a clear example of where Christians and non-Christians can reach the same conclusion but based on different reasoning. One subject that both Christians and non-Christians opine on regularly is global governance. I will provide in this document irrefutable evidence that our government is moving towards and promoting global governance. I will not ask you, the reader, to speculate or draw any conclusions but rather judge the evidence I provide on its own merit.
I am asking that each reader read the following language and asks what organization, group, or country is responsible for the wording that comes from the document I will provide.

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