Saturday, June 29, 2013

Government report reveals encryption actually thwarted wiretaps for the first time on record

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Madison Ruppert

According to an official U.S. government report, four wiretaps have been thwarted by encryption, something which has never happened since such records have been collected.

This comes after as it was revealed that the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance program evenspied on European diplomats. Meanwhile, the Army has blocked the Guardian over security concerns related to the information being put out about the surveillance program.

This latest revelation came in a report from the U.S. Administrative Office of the Courts, the agency that oversees federal courts.

“Encryption was reported for 15 wiretaps in 2012 and for 7 wiretaps conducted during previous years,” the report states, highlighting the fact that more people are turning to encryption over privacy concerns.

“In four of these wiretaps, officials were unable to decipher the plain text of the messages,” the report continues. “This is the first time that jurisdictions have reported that encryption prevented officials from obtaining the plain text of the communications since the AO began collecting encryption data in 2001.”  MORE

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